He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Crash

With the so-called guilty conscience, Xu Jian was startled after seeing Qin Chen. His initial steps towards the husky were in a mess, and his left foot and right foot stumbled and he almost fell to the ground.

After stabilizing his body, Xu Jian hurriedly looked around and then locked his eyes on the bushes next to him.

If he remembered correctly there was a bench behind the bush where he first saw Qin Chen. The location was much hidden.

Qin Chen who was far was getting nearer. Xu Jian had no time to think. He lowered his head and went to the bench, praying in his heart that Qin Chen would not recognize his clothes.

Xu Jian felt that his reaction was fast enough but before he could hide, the anxious Qin Chen had already arrived at his side in big strides.

It’s over, I can’t hide.

Looking at Qin Chen’s slightly wrinkled eyebrows, Xu Jian forgot to breathe for a moment, his mind turned quickly—

After being caught, is it better for me to admit that I am Milk or admit that I am the thief who steals clothes?

The former will be sent to the mental hospital as a brain problem while the latter will be sent to the police station as a pervert.

No matter which one goes in, it’s not a good idea to come out.

How about pretending to be Qin Chen’s sisheng fan?[1]Obsessive fan who stalks an idol; also called sasaeng.

Or perhaps fight to the death, deny it, and find the opportunity to slip away?

Before Xu Jian could make a decision, Qin Chen brushed past him with a quick step. The hair in front of his forehead was raised by the wind brought up by the other party passing by and swayed in the air for a while.

Qin Chen has gone far and Xu Jian remain frozen in place—

You actually walked by just like that?

Xu Jian turned around and looked at the hallway, he could no longer see Qin Chen’s figure. He looked down at his own clothes and blinked.

Didn’t you recognize it?

After being frozen for two seconds, Xu Jian thought about it again. There are several clothes from Qin Chen, many of them are given by major brands, some tags haven’t been taken yet, and some were only worn once, so he not recognizing them was quite normal.

This means that Qin Chen doesn’t often wear this set of clothes.

Xu Jian originally wanted to go to the stupid husky to avenge the ‘fright’ but now that Qin Chen is back, he will soon find that the cat is missing and come out to look for it.

I can’t stay long. I have to leave before Qin Chen comes down.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian had to let go of Pudding first and hurried towards the community gate.


On the other hand, Qin Chen who came back from the hospital with the medicine actually noticed Xu Jian just now, not because he thought his clothes looked familiar but because he thought that the handsome boy amusingly has a dull look on his face.

Moreover, the way the other party looked at him is inexplicably familiar.

But with Milk at home in his mind, Qin Chen only hurriedly swept a glance at Xu Jian and left.

Qin Chen went out anxiously without a mask, the people who recognized him on the way looked at him with excitement or dumbfounded like Xu Jian, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the way the strange boy downstairs looked at him.

After opening the door, Qin Chen immediately opened his mouth to find his precious baby cat:

“Milk, I’m back.”

Not hearing the familiar cat cry, Qin Chen didn’t think much about it. He changed his shoes and took the medicine directly towards the master’s bedroom.


Without seeing the fluffy figure in the cat litter, Qin Chen’s footsteps turned towards the direction of the bed. He knew that Milk often sleeps on the bed when he is not paying attention; he could pick up white cat hair on the bed every day.

When leaving Qin Chen’s house, Xu Jian kept it in mind. He did not only put the quilt back on the bed as much as possible to return it to the way Qin Chen left but he also opened a large gap in the balcony’s floor-to-ceiling window.

Creating the illusion that Milk took advantage of Qin Chen’s absence and ran out from the balcony by itself.

Qin Chen carefully lifted the covers and he naturally did not see the cat he had in mind.

There’s no cat in the cat litter and on the bed. At this time, Qin Chen did not realize that the cat is missing. He thought that Milk in estrus is uncomfortable, so he went out of the bedroom.

However, when Qin Chen took the medicine and searched all over the living room, bathroom, and kitchen without seeing Milk, he gradually panicked—

Where is the cat?

Qin Chen kept calling Xu Jian’s name but never got a response. His heart missed a beat and had a sense of ominous premonition.

Under the sofa, in the closet, on the computer desk… After Qin Chen checked the closed gym carefully and did not see the cat, he finally became completely anxious.

Milk is gone!

Throwing the medicine at the coffee table, Qin Chen with hopes in his mind, tried to look for Milk in some corner while taking out the phone to call his close friend, Tang Li.

“Tang Li my cat is missing!”

Tang Li: “Huh?”

Tang Li is currently in the conference room listening to the managers of various departments report on the work in January. Seeing that Qin Chen called early in the morning, he thought it was something important so he hurriedly called off the meeting to answer the phone.

Only to be told by the other party that his cat was missing.

Tang Li: “……”

If he hadn’t known the importance of Milk to Qin Chen, this plush control, Tang Li would have spat—

You sound like the sky is falling, people who don’t know it’s the cat that’s missing will think it’s your wife who ran away with someone else.

Hearing the anxiety in Qin Chen’s tone, Tang Li asked, “When did you lose it? Where did you lose it?”

Qin Chen is now frowning so much that he can clip a fly to death, “My house. It was still there when I went out in the morning.”

Tang Li: “You left the door open when you went out?”

Qin Shen: “Closed, I didn’t know he—”

Qin Chen suddenly paused and didn’t finish his words because his eyes swept to the balcony’s open floor-to-ceiling window.

Briskly approaching the floor-to-ceiling window, Qin Chen was surprised, “When did I open the window?”

Tang Li on the other side: “……”

That’s your home. You ask me, who do I ask?

The open floor-to-ceiling window broke the last trace of illusion in Qin Chen’s heart and he turned towards the door:

“Milk shouldn’t be far away in the community, I’ll look down there.”

Tang Li reminded, “Call the property management now and ask them to keep an eye on it for you on the surveillance.”

Qin Chen answered with an okay, hung up the phone, and dialed the number of the property management. He didn’t even have time to change his shoes when he went out.

Looking at the ended call, Tang Li looked up and signaled the others to continue, thinking to himself—

Calling me when you can’t find the cat, is it that much of an emergency?[2]meant when you’re gravely ill, you’ll seek out any doctor you can find.

But then again, having known Qin Chen for many years, Tang Li rarely heard such a tone of voice from the other party. He could feel Qin Chen’s anxiety through the phone.

On this side, Qin Chen went out to find his missing cat looking all over the world like a cat on a hot tin roof. While at this time, the other party is about 500 meters away from the community, calling Chen Doudou with a phone lent to him by a kind-hearted person.

The owner of the cellphone borrowed by Xu Jian was a young girl in her early twenties.

A stranger came to her in a daze, somewhat embarrassed, and said that he was in a bit of trouble, asking if he could borrow a phone to make a phone call to a relative.

Originally, the girl did not intend to lend it. After all, there are too many swindlers in the world and this society taught her to be on guard against rashly talking to strangers.

However, the girl’s refusing hand that were all raised and ready to wave but as a result, she paused again after seeing the other party’s appearance—

So, so handsome.

Finally, Xu Jian successfully convinced the girl that he was not a bad guy with his looks and borrowed the phone.

Xu Jian only remembered his uncle Liu Dingxiang and Chen Doudou’s numbers. He didn’t want to worry his uncle so he called Chen Doudou.

Xu Jian didn’t tell Chen Doudou about his current situation, but only that he had encountered some difficulties and wanted to borrow some money from the other party.

After hearing Xu Jian’s voice and making sure it was him, Chen Doudou didn’t ask much and nodded in agreement without hesitation, and asked:

“How much do you need?”

After a few more words, Xu Jian inclined his head to look at the girl who lent her phone with an apologetic smile; he hesitated for a moment and asked:

“Excuse me. Can I trouble you for one more thing?”

Fifteen minutes later, outside the bank’s self-service ATM, Xu Jian received the cash that the girl had just withdrawn and thanked her repeatedly.

“Thank you so much, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Xu Jian currently has no ID card and no bank card, even if Chen Doudou wanted to transfer money to him, he can’t withdraw it. Finally, Chen Doudou first used WeChat to transfer the money to the girl, and then she withdrew the cash.

Xu Jian borrowed 5,000 from Chen Doudou but the other party was afraid that it wasn’t enough so he transferred 10,000 to the girl.

Hearing Xu Jian’s words, the girl blushed and waved her hand.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s just to help you cash out. It’s not a big deal.”


With money on him, Xu Jian felt confident all of a sudden. He planned to go to the police station to ask for a replacement ID card or ask them to issue a certificate to buy a ticket home first.

However, before going to the police station, Xu Jian first went to the mobile phone store. He wanted to buy a phone first to set up a sim card. As a result, the office staff told him that he must now have an ID card to have sim cards.

Xu Jian: “……”

He had no choice but to go to the nearest police station first, hearing that he had to replace his ID card. They ask him to issue a Nanfeng City residence permit or a household register.

Xu Jian now has nothing on him except bulging 10,000 cash, so he said he was a tourist not a local, has no residence permit, and household registration at home.

Finally, the police station let Xu Jian go through the procedures of reporting the loss of his ID card and identity certification, and then they gave him a piece of A4 paper with a printout of his name, ID number, and ID picture.

This piece of paper became his temporary ID card.

The staff told him that he could buy tickets and air tickets with the temporary ID card, and asked him to buy tickets and go home and reissue the ID card in his household registration where he lives.

When Xu Jian walked out of the police station after thanking them, it was already noon.

In the street, he casually found a seemingly clean and hygienic noodle shop on the street and Xu Jian ordered a bowl of beef noodles.

While waiting for the noodles, Xu Jian asked the boss; having known that the train station is in the west of the city, it takes nearly two hours to take the bus, and the bus station is also in the same direction.

After a hastily settled lunch, Xu Jian who was carrying 10,000 cash wanted to immediately go to the train station to buy a ticket home but for some reason, his stomach suddenly began to cramp.

Looking at the empty noodle bowl, Xu Jian frowned in pain: Could it be that the noodle is unsanitary?

After glancing at the busy boss, Xu Jian dared not to ask. He pulled out a few napkins from the noodle shop, gritted his teeth in pain, and walked outside.

He remembered seeing a public bathroom not far away when he came.

The distance between the noodle shop and the public bathroom was only 500 meters but Xu Jian walked out in a cold sweat.

Not only does he have stomach pain but he’s also panicking about his weak legs.

After a difficult walk to the bathroom, he closed the cubicle door. The pale Xu Jian pressed his wildly beating heart, feeling vaguely uneasy.

His current reaction is too abnormal, not at all like eating something bad, more like… how a cat feels when in estrus.

After turning into a human in the morning, Xu Jian was so refreshed that he did not have the difficulty and anxiety of a cat in heat.

Raising his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead and neck, Xu Jian thought to himself—

Is this the aftermath of changing into a cat?

Xu Jian felt that there must be something wrong with his body but he didn’t dare go to the hospital now, afraid that the doctor would find out he had become a cat.

Looking down at his hands, Xu Jian muttered, “I don’t want to be dissected and studied……”

Before his words finished, the sharp pain hit Xu Jian like a tsunami, his two eyes became black, and his body became soft. He fell directly into the toilet cubicle.

Xu Jian’s fallen body hit the partition which let out a ‘crash’ sound, and the fragile partition shook twice.


When Xu Jian came to his sense again, he opened his eyes and saw a fluffy tail.

The tail was still moving on the ground.

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian who was lying on the ground looked at the incredibly familiar white tail in front of him. It took two seconds for him to react and his hair exploded instantly:


Staring from the ground with wide eyes, he stood up and looked down at himself. Xu Jian’s whole person didn’t feel good—

Why is he a cat again?!!

After turning around in the cubicle, Xu Jian found that not only he had turned into a cat but his 10,000 yuan and temporary ID were gone, not to mention Qin Chen’s clothes.

After calming down for ten minutes, Xu Jian was born without love, accepted that he hadn’t been human for a day, and had become a cat again.

Xu Jian felt that if he continues doing this, he will go crazy sooner or later.

The author has something to say:

Qin poop scooping officer: Where is my cat?!!

Public bathroom: I’m here~~

Jian Cat: ……

Don’t ask, asking is wanting to die.


1 Obsessive fan who stalks an idol; also called sasaeng.
2 meant when you’re gravely ill, you’ll seek out any doctor you can find.

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