He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Returning home
In the morning, Xu Jian who had turned back into a human went out joyfully and by noon, he became a poor little cat sighing at the door handle of a public bathroom cubicle.

He was locked up inside this small cubicle.

This doorknob isn’t like at Qin Chen’s home where he can hang his whole body on it and then use his body weight to press the doorknob down to open the door. This is a thick piece of metal that can be rotated and the door opens inwardly.

Xu Jian stood upright and leaned on the door, trying to reach the handle with his paw but he could only touch the metal piece at most and didn’t have the strength to turn it.

Lifting his meat pad and failed to pull the metal piece many times, finally, Xu Jian had to give up his frustration.

A little irritable, after turning around the cubicle a few times, Xu Jian moved his eyes on the gap between the door and the floor tiles.

The gap is only as wide as an adult’s palm. After looking at the gap and then looking down at his growing fat cat body, Xu Jian was thinking about the possibility of escaping from his analysis.

If it was in the past, Xu Jian can certainly squeeze himself out but he was recently raised by Qin Chen into a rounded ball. He was afraid that he won’t be able to get out by then, what if he gets stuck?

He doesn’t want to be stuck in the toilet door in a disgraceful manner.

Xu Jian walked into the gap, first stretched out his paw to compare the size of the gap, and then pressed the meat of his abdomen, weighing in his heart—

It seems……possible to give it a try?

The two pointed ears on the top of his head moved. As a result, driven by the idea that ‘cats are liquid in nature’, Xu Jian decided that it was better to try than to sit and wait for death.

If he, unfortunately, gets stuck, as long as someone comes in later and sees him, they probably wouldn’t abandon this poor little kitten alone.

With this in mind, Xu Jian slowly approached the door, looked at the dirty toilet floor tiles, he only hesitated for two seconds, closed his eyes, and lay down.

Xu Jian first stretched a cat’s paw to find it, followed by the head, then another cat’s paw……

After Xu Jian squeezed out from the gap below, he turned his head to look at his back. When he came out just now, his back was badly scratched by the door panel, and for a moment, he suspected that his back had been shaved bald.

However, Xu Jian took a look and found that it was fine. Although he had lost a lot of hair, he was far from being bald.

He swiftly jumped onto the public sink specifically for the children’s sink, pulling himself to the sink hurt his back so much that Xu Jian grimaced.

Looking at the dirty white cat in the mirror, Xu Jian was helpless and angry—

Had I known that I will turn back into a cat so soon, what did I toss[1]squander timeabout for a long time?

Thinking about it for a long time, he borrowed a cellphone and cashed out to issue a temporary ID card. The result is now good, in addition to his hair, he had nothing left.     

Xu Jian’s heart was bleeding at the thought that he had only eaten a bowl of noodles and lost the rest of the 10,000 he had borrowed.

If he had known that 10,000 wouldn’t have been enough, he shouldn’t have wronged himself just now. What eating beef noodles, isn’t it better to eat steak ma?

Xu Jian even specially asked the noodle shop owner to find him a few coins in order to easily take the bus to the train station, but now he didn’t even have a dime left.

As well as the difficulty to get a temporary ID card, Xu Jian has been basically busy with that piece of paper for half a day since he became human, but it was lost.

While washing the hair on his belly with his paws, Xu Jian thought about what happened today:

When he woke up, the cubicle door was still locked from the inside, proving that no one had come in during his unconscious state and that everything he had on him had been picked up and disappeared into thin air.

Xu Jian felt that everything that happened to him was such a mysterious fantasy, and he was a little confused about what he should do next.

He only knew Qin Chen in Nanfeng City but he left without saying goodbye, and also went along with a set of clothes and lost them!

Xu Jian’s heart ached even more when he thought of Qin Chen’s clothes that were probably worth more than 10,000 yuan.

He felt that he had lost a lot on this trip.

Even before Xu Jian cleans up his hair, a middle-aged man came in from outside, clutching his stomach and looking to be in a hurry. As soon as he opened the curtain, he saw a white cat squatting on the sink with the faucet on. The white cat’s meat pad was placed under the faucet to catch the small stream of water……

Xu Jian also turned his head when he heard the movement, and then he and the middle-aged man stared at each other, big eyes and small eyes.

Xu Jian cat paws are still raised in mid-air. He saw the middle-aged man clutching his stomach, his tail dangling under the sink, then tilted his head and opened his mouth at the man:

“Meow meow?”

Uncle, do you also have a stomachache, are you going to become a cat?

Uncle: “……”

It’s strange that the middle-aged man can understand Xu Jian’s cat language, so he looked at Xu Jian and paused for two seconds, then went on walking inside, and muttered to himself:

“Whose cat came to the toilet to play with water? It doesn’t stink either.”

Xu Jian, who was washing his hair, stiffened: “……”

You’re playing with water in the toilet!

Xu Jian stood up and shook the water on his body, then patted the tap and turned off the faucet with his cat paw.

Walking out of the public bathroom, a gust of wind blew by, Xu Jian trembled all over, and his wet belly was a little cold by the wind.

After jumping twice in place to shake off the water droplets on his body, Xu Jian looked at the streets left and right. He was homeless, and in the end, he prepared to go back to find Qin Chen.

After all, in the huge City of Nanfeng, he only knows Qin Chen.

When he came to the police station in the morning, the kind girl who lent him her cell phone not only gave him directions, but because it wasn’t far away she also intended to help him sweep a shared bike[2]Bicycle-sharing system is a shared transport service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a short-term basis for a price or fee. Linkon the side of the road.

At that time, when riding a bike, Xu Jian felt that it wasn’t far but now, walking back with four legs isn’t so easy.

Going back by memory, while walking, Xu Jian regretted and sighed in his heart—

If I had known it would be like this, I shouldn’t have left the community!


Just as Xu Jian was back at the community with his miserable legs, Qin Chen, who couldn’t find the cat was going anxiously crazy, looking at the property management, and said:

“How could you not see it? He clearly ran out from the balcony.”

The property management also feels a little strange but even more so helpless:

“Mr. Qin, you[3]Italicized you/your – courteous/formalhave also watched the surveillance video. In the time period you mentioned, your cat wasn’t seen anywhere else in the community.”

Because the owners of their community are either rich or wealthy, there are many public figures like Qin Chen. In order to protect their privacy, no surveillance cameras were installed after getting out of the elevator

So the scene of Xu Jian coming out[4]to stick one’s head out and look around [idiom]from Qin Chen’s home wasn’t recorded by the surveillance.

Qin Chen was anxious and asked the property management to replay the surveillance again. He didn’t turn his eyes off the video taken by various cameras during the time he went out and got home but still found nothing.

Seeing the loss on Qin Chen’s face, a property owner couldn’t help but try to say:

“If it’s nowhere, could your cat never left the room at all?”

Another property management also nodded, “There is this possibility, it could be in a corner sleeping in which Mr. Qin did not find?”

Hearing their words, Qin Chen frowned.

“I have looked under the sofa, it wasn’t there.”

Property management: “What about the discarded cardboard boxes, washing machines, and things like that? Cats like to play in these places.”

Qin Chen’s eyes lit up at the words, he hadn’t seen the washing machine.

After bidding farewell to the property management, Qin Chen, who had a bit of hope in his heart, rushed home, hoping that his Milk was asleep somewhere in the house at the moment just like the property management have said.

After Qin Chen left, a property owner turned around and said to his colleague with a sigh:

“I didn’t expect Qin Chen who usually looks cold and icy still cares so much about his cat, so worried and angry after the cat went missing.”

The colleague nodded approvingly:

“I can see that he is really anxious. I have seen his cat before, quite beautiful. It would indeed be a pity to lose it like this.”

“But it’s also a mystery. There is basically no dead spot in the surveillance of our community except for the inside of the building. Why can’t we see a cat? It’s reasonable to say that it shouldn’t be ah.”

“Maybe the cat really didn’t go out ba.”

After Qin Chen came home, he almost turned the house upside down and didn’t see Xu Jian’s cat shadow. He even moved out the washing machine and almost dismantled it but did not see a single cat hair.

Qin Chen doesn’t believe in the paranormal. He ran to the closet, ready to look for each wardrobe to see if there’s any cat in the corner.

When taking the clothes out one by one, Qin Chen’s hand touched a thin sweatshirt that looked familiar.

When was this dress bought? It looks familiar as if I’ve seen it somewhere?

With this in mind, Qin Chen took out the sweatshirt and shook it. Following the movement with ‘ding ding’ sounds heard a few times, the coins fell on the floor.

Qin Chen was stunned for a moment. He looked down and saw that a coin had fallen by his feet and another one had rolled away from his feet.

Qin Chen was doubtful: “How can there be coins in my clothes?”

While speaking, Qin Chen carried the sweatshirt and shook it twice, this time no coins fell but a stack of red banknotes fell.

Seeing the hundred yuan bills that fell out of the pocket of the sweatshirt and spread all over the floor, Qin Chen is now really shocked—

How can there be so much money in this sweatshirt?

Qin Chen squatted down and looked at a few flowers and greens in the ten thousand yuan: “The denomination is 50 or 20.”

Qin Chen looked at the clothes in his hand and frowned. He didn’t remember when he wore these clothes and put so much cash it in ah……

After looking at the sweatshirt for a few seconds, Qin Chen had a flash of light and finally remembered why he felt this dress looked familiar.

This sweatshirt is the same as the one he saw on the boy downstairs in the community this morning.

And even the color is the same.

While Qin Chen stood inside with the pile of money and wondered what a coincidence it would be, Xu Jian who had walked for almost an hour and hurt his four meat pads, finally returned.

Xu Jian originally thought he would scratch the door for a while before Qin Chen could hear the noise and open the door for him, but when he came up, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the door was open.

Opening the door with his head, Xu Jian was shocked when he saw the mess in the house—was there a thief at home?

Was there such a mess in the house when he left? Where’s Qin Chen?

Hearing the noise from inside the master bedroom, Xu Jian’s heart trembled—

The thief hadn’t left yet? Are they looking for valuables?

Xu Jian subconsciously held his breath and approached the master’s bedroom, thinking that if he saw the thief later, he would immediately go up and scratch their face to scare them away.

Walking to the door of the master bedroom, Xu Jian took a deep breath, and then his four legs rushed in:

“Meow ao—”

I’ve found you, quickly put down what’s in your hands!

In the next second, Xu Jian, who bared his teeth and pretended to be ferocious met Qin Chen who is picking up the money on the floor, and looked at each other.

Qin Chen was first startled by Xu Jian who sprang out and burst out of his throat. After seeing that it was him, he froze, and then got up in ecstasy:


As soon as Qin Chen reacted, Xu Jian had already seen the sweatshirt he threw next to him and a large amount of cash on the floor that had not been cleaned up.

Xu Jian: “!!!”

His 10,000 yuan!!!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: So it was you who took my money!

Qin poop scooping officer: ?? It’s not me, I didn’t, let me explain.

Jian Cat: I won’t listen. I won’t listen. [Two meat pads covering the ears, lying on the bed]


1 squander time
2 Bicycle-sharing system is a shared transport service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a short-term basis for a price or fee. Link
3 Italicized you/your – courteous/formal
4 to stick one’s head out and look around [idiom]

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