He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Scum cat

Xu Jian didn’t expect his missing money to be here with Qin Chen, he stared straight at the cash on the ground:


He walked back and felt sorry for his 10,000 yuan but now, he actually saw it here at Qin Chen’s.

Without waiting for the excited Xu Jian to da da da rush over, his body suddenly hung in the air. He moved for a while and his four short legs pedaled in the air: “Meow?”

What’s going on?

Xu Jian raised his eyes in confusion and was confronted with Qin Chen’s surprised and happy face.

It turns out that when Qin Chen saw him, he didn’t bother to pick up the money. He threw the red notes[1]100 yuanon the ground and came over to hold the cat.

Pinching Xu Jian’s cat’s paw, Qin Chen looked him in the eyes and spoke quickly:

“Milk, where have you been? I was worried sick.”

Yet Xu Jian’s gaze kept wandering towards the cash on the ground.

This ground is full of his money ah.

Now, it seems that the clothes he took away from Qin Chen’s place have somehow returned to the closet itself without knowing what happened.

He also stole his money and temporary ID.

Qin Chen hugged Xu Jian, blaming him for running around and worrying him on one side while gently helping him smooth his somewhat messy hair on the other.

After the Old Father scolded Xu Jian for a while, Qin Chen later realized that something wasn’t right with him.

The white cat was lifted in front of his eyes, Qin Chen looked at him with some doubts:

“Milk doesn’t feel uncomfortable?”

It’s only the second day of estrus, how come Milk is like a normal cat?

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian reluctantly moved his gaze away from the money, and tilted his head when he met Qin Chen’s suspicious eyes:

“Meow ~”

Xu Jian didn’t know what was going on, his body returned to normal after he turned back into a human. The estrus period he encountered when he was a cat had no impact on him.

Even now that he became a cat again, he didn’t feel uncomfortable anywhere, and the fire that burned in his heart before just extinguished by itself.

Qin Chen listened to Xu Jian return to normal purring but his expression became serious and he poked him in the face:

“You didn’t sneak out to look for someone else’s female cat today because it was too hard, did you?”

Xu Jian: “Meow?”

Why would I go out to look for a female cat?

Before Xu Jian could react, Qin Chen seriously said again:

“You can’t be the kind of scum cat that runs away after impregnating someone’s female cat ah.”

A cat in heat would be fine if it went out for a while. It was difficult for Qin Chen not to feel crooked.

Xu Jian was stunned for two seconds when he heard the words and finally understood what Qin Chen meant. He (QC) actually suspected that he (XJ) was in estrus and went out to find a female cat!

He did not!!

Annoyed, he waved his claw at Qin Chen. Xu Jian felt that his character was insulted.

He wanted to give Qin Chen a claw for slandering him. Out of the corner of Xu Jian’s eyes, he swept the money on the ground and the sweater he had stolen. He was guilty and short of breath. He only meowed twice to the other party to show his dissatisfaction.

After meowing, Xu Jian deliberately kicked Qin Chen with his hind legs and then broke free from his arms.

Xu Jian’s strength wasn’t worth mentioning to Qin Chen. He watched the cat go straight towards the cash on the ground, and then stretched out his paws to pick up the cash that had not been sorted out in front of him.

Just picking and pulling wasn’t enough, he also hid the cash under the cat’s ass by sitting on it.

In any case, the big stone in Qin Chen’s heart was put down when Milk got home safely.

When he walked to Xu Jian and squatted down, for fear that he might scratch the cash, Qin Chen lifted his paws to free the cash from his claws, and at the same time warmly said:

“Be good Milk, this can’t be played.”

Hence, Xu Jian helplessly watched Qin Chen picked up the money that originally belonged to him one by one and put them away.

In front of Xu Jian, Qin Chen counted a stack of money in his hand and frowned:

“When did I put this money in my clothes?”

When Xu Jian heard him, he scratched the floor with his cat claws, and his soul was shouting—

This is my money! It’s the money I borrowed!!

While Qin Chen was sorting out the cash, Xu Jian was madly admiring his own wit at that time and didn’t put the temporary ID and cash together.

Otherwise, Qin Chen would not only be holding his money but also his temporary ID.

When putting things before, Xu Jian put the cash in the sweatshirt’s pocket and the temporary ID was put separately in the pants pocket for fear of losing it.

Xu Jian carefully scanned the clothes taken out by Qin Chen and was relieved to confirm that he didn’t have the pants he was wearing.

Although Xu Jian didn’t know why Qin Chen had such an impulse to tidy up the closet, he could let it pass if he dug out the cash; it would be bad if he dug up his temporary ID.

Qin Chen’s tops and pants were separated. Before he could open the closet for his pants, Xu Jian came back.

He rummaged through the closet to find the cat but now that the cat is back, Qin Chen stopped tossing about and hung back the clothes he took out as they were.

When Qin Chen carried him out the master bedroom, Xu Jian’s big eyes were fixed on the cabinet where he took his pants before, thinking——

Must find the opportunity to take things out of the pants before Qin Chen finds his temporary ID, otherwise……

Xu Jian imagined Qin Chen wearing those pants one day, and casually reached into his pocket and pulled out a copy of his temporary ID. Suddenly, his entire cat didn’t feel good.


Xu Jian went for a stroll and ate a bowl of noodles, so when Qin Chen fed him, he didn’t eat. He is now half-sitting on the sink, tilting his head to watch Qin Chen put water.

Qin Chen has now learned how to bathe the cat. Seeing that his snow-white cat hair becomes gray, he was ready to give him a bath.

Looking at the well-behaved Xu Jian, Qin Chen smiled. He deliberately raised his hand and bent his slender fingers at his forehead; a few drops of water hit the cat’s face.

Xu Jian’s cat’s face was covered with hair and water droplets hung on the cat’s hair but he reflexively closed his eyes, when he saw Qin Chen’s action.

When he opened his eyes to see Qin Chen’s mischievous smile, Xu Jian: “……”


While complaining about Qin Chen’s childishness in his heart, Xu Jian raised his legs; his meat pad heavily slapped the pool and instantly splashing the water everywhere.

Retracting his wet claws, Xu Jian looked up at Qin Chen and said, “Meow~”

Now, Qin Chen not only had his clothes wet but also had a string of water droplets hanging on his forehead, dripping from his hair and slowly slipping down the bridge of his nose.

Qin Chen froze for two seconds and then raised his hand to wipe the water off his face. He looked at Xu Jian who intended to retaliate against him, feeling amused and helpless:

“Petty cat.”

Xu Jian turned his head and flung his tail behind him ah, which means —— you made a move first.

After putting the water, before Qin Chen spoke, Xu Jian walked into the pool and stood obediently, then opened his mouth at him:

“Meow wu~”

Having washed Xu Jian so many times at home, Qin Chen has been accustomed to his attribute of not being afraid of water, and it’s not surprising to see him take the initiative.

He dutifully applied the cat’s shower gel to Xu Jian’s body and Qin Chen gently massaged his head while asking with a smile:


Xu Jian’s eyes are half-squinted like a boss and enjoyed the film emperor’s personal massage without a meow.

Seeing his appearance, Qin Chen gently pokes his soft belly underwater.

“Little ancestor, the back is finished, turn around to wash the belly.”

Xu Jian walked such a long way to come back, even though he had four legs, he still felt tired and sore, and now, he lazily soaked in the warm water and his discomfort alleviated a lot.

Xu Jian, who was sitting in the pool heard Qin Chen’s words, slightly raised his eyes to look at him, not really wanting to move.

Qin Chen didn’t expect Xu Jian to actually turn around on his own, so his hand underwater held his buttocks to help him turn around.

Xu Jian who was caught off guard having his butt touched: “!!!”

Not waiting for Xu Jian to react, Qin Chen, who raised his leg to wash his meat pad for him, spoke again:

“Where have you been today? Your cat paws have become red.”

Looking at Xu Jian’s meat pads which were even redder than before, Qin Chen was distressed and his actions of wiping his paws were gentler.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian who had been taken advantage of was stunned and looked at Qin Chen who lowered his head and was attentively washing the slit hidden inside the cat’s paw, and some guilt welled up in his (XJ) heart.

Qin Chen treats him very well, he (QC) didn’t know that he (XJ) was trying to leave him (QC) today……

Staring at Qin Chen’s side profile for a few seconds, Xu Jian quickly looked away with a guilty conscience when the other party looked up and he didn’t dare to look at Qin Chen.

Xu Jian suddenly felt apologetic for Qin Chen. He took advantage of the other party’s love for cats to seek shelter. After turning back into a human, his first reaction was to leave without even a word of explanation, causing Qin Chen to look for the cat all over the world over here……

The guilty Xu Jian was lost in thought and when Qin Chen’s hand was placed on his tail, he came to his senses and took a step back to avoid Qin Chen’s hand.

Hiding his tail in the water, Xu Jian tilted his head and yelled at Qin Chen, “Meow meow——”

You don’t have to personally wash this place, I will do it myself!

Qin Chen knew that his Milk is sensitive, so he wouldn’t allow him to touch his buttocks or front even when he was taking a bath. Even if he accidentally touched him, he would meow and raise his claws to scratch him, so he (Qin Chen) did not insist on it but just teased him every day:

“Milk, you said you were a male cat, why are you so shy?”

Xu Jian did not bat an eyelid, silently thought in his heart —— because I want face.

After a good bath and blow-drying his hair, Qin Chen held the fragrant Xu Jian who had just come out of the bath and had fluffy and soft hair. He kissed him twice in his arms before putting him on the bed, and softly said:

“Milk, be good. Dad will clean up the house.”

In order to find the cat, Qin Chen made a mess in his house just like a thief had broken into it.

After Qin Chen went out, Xu Jian got up and arched a cat’s nest over the quilt with his head. He didn’t want to move when he lay down inside.

Thinking of Chen Doudou’s joke when he (Xu Jian) borrowed his 10,000 yuan and said that he (Chen Doudou) would come[2]Means seek shelterto him (Xu Jian) after he had terminated the contract, Xu Jian sighed with melancholy—

Doudou ah, it seems that unless you also become a cat, it’s impossible to come to me.

Today, Xu Jian’s mood went up and down like a rollercoaster, and now lying on a familiar bed, he had the mind to sort out the events of today.

His intuition tells him that his brief change back to human must be due to estrus but he had not thought of what the factor was that induced him to change back.

It can’t be because of that bowl of beef noodles.

Or is there a time limit for turning back into a human being?

Xu Jian did not want to experience the pain of having nowhere to relieve when he was in estrus, let alone the feeling of losing control of his body and mind. But now that he thought of that being in heat has something to do with turning back into a human being, he was looking forward to the next estrus.

But before the next estrus comes……

Thinking of the neutering operation mentioned by the vet, Xu Jian’s unconsciously wagging tail paused and silently thought in his heart——

He must protect himself.

Xu Jian did not expect that in this era, he has to worry about being ka cha-ed by a knife to become a eunuch.

Life is not easy, being a cat is even harder.

Xu Jian sighed in his heart.


When Xu Jian woke up, he heard the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom.

After rolling around on top of the covers and stretching his limbs, Xu Jian stood up and saw that the master bedroom had been tidied up and the sofa and chairs have been put back in place.

Xu Jian jumped out of the bed, opened the door with his head and took a quick look, and saw that the living room was also cleaned up.

Xu Jian was somewhat surprised —— Qin Chen was this efficient?

Turning around and looking at the bathroom, and then at the open closet, Xu Jian’s heart jumped heavily.

He had a bold idea.

While Qin Chen is in the shower, he can sneak off to take out his temporary ID and hide it.

As for where to hide……

Xu Jian looked around the whole house and finally looked up and stopped his gaze on the air conditioner hanging on the wall.

Hide the ID card on the top of the air conditioner, Qin Chen won’t definitely be able to find it. 

With this in thought, Xu Jian held his breath, padding his feet carefully, and quickly approached the closet.

After entering the closet, Xu Jian went straight to the cabinet where he took his pants before. After getting close to the cabinet, he lifted a meat pad and slowly pushed the cabinet door hard.

The design of the sliding door let Xu Jian no longer have to contend with the doorknob this time. He opened the door carefully while paying attention to Qin Chen’s movement in the bathroom outside. He was relieved to hear the sound of running water.

After the cabinet door opened, Xu Jian looked up at the two rows of pants that hung neatly according to the color inside the cabinet. He was dizzy for a moment——

Which one was I wearing before?

Xu Jian, who was submerged in the pile of trousers, now immensely regretted that he left in a hurry in the morning and casually found a cheap-looking one and wore it away, forgetting where he took it.

Unfortunately, not to mention a large number of Qin Chen’s pants, they are also similar in style.

Xu Jian straightened up his body with two front legs struggling to lift the trouser leg: It’s not this black one, this one is ripped jeans……

When Qin Chen came to the wardrobe with a bath towel around him to get clothes, he saw at a glance that his cat was straightened up like a person, playing with his pants with his front paws.

Qin Chen paused, slowed his footsteps, and slowly approached the cat with a light step.

Xu Jian who intently turned over the pants did not discover Qin Chen behind him. After flipping for half a day, he finally turned to the one he wore this morning. He looked up and saw that there was a white corner showing at the pocket.

That’s his temporary ID.

Xu Jian looked delighted, taking a step back on his four legs, ready to run up and jump onto the hanging pole later and then take his things.

While visually measuring the running distance, Xu Jian retreated. However, after a few steps back, he felt that he had stepped onto something, and the next second, his tail swept something, too.

What the hell is this nice and warm stuff?

Xu Jian thought while turning his head, and then saw Qin Chen, who was standing behind him at some point, looking down on him with a smile.

The angle of looking up made Qin Chen in Xu Jian’s eyes instantly enlarged at least ten times. He was caught off guard to see the magnified Qin Chen. Xu Jian’s hair stood up and cried out in horror:

“Meow ao!!”

It’s clear that Xu Jian stepped on Qin Chen, but he is like being stepped on his tail, screaming after a ‘woosh’, and scampered into the wardrobe to hide inside.

Looking at Xu Jian who quickly hid into the closet, only revealing his white butt, Qin Chen was startled by his voice: “???”

The author has something to say:

Guessed someone else’s jio[3]foot Jian Cat: Scared this Lord Cat to death!!!
Qin poop scooping officer: … Sorry, my bad.


1 100 yuan
2 Means seek shelter
3 foot

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