He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Support the family

Xu Jian who stepped on Qin Chen’s foot was startled by him and his first reaction was to hide. Finally, he was held out of the wardrobe by Qin Chen who didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Qin Chen was also slightly aggrieved, “Do I look so scary?”

After the frightened Xu Jian who hid in the wardrobe reacted, he also felt he had lost face, and found his face in his mind:

It was frightening that it can’t be filmed. For a moment there I thought I saw a giant.

Qin Chen’s body is covered by a bath towel. Xu Jian could feel the enthusiastic and vigorous heartbeat coming from him without hindrance, beating and beating……Xu Jian was a little embarrassed.

Xu Jian felt that as long as he turned a little, his face would be on Qin Chen’s naked chest.

Twisting in Qin Chen’s arms, Xu Jian unnaturally lifted his meat pad to cover his eyes.

Qin Chen who didn’t know Xu Jian’s psychological activities looked at the wardrobe opened by him, and his tone was full of indulgence:

“I bought you a cat climbing tower and instead of playing there, you run here to wreck my clothes?”

When Qin Chen reminded him of this, Xu Jian suddenly remembered that he was still doing his work. He lifted his face from his paws, his heart raised in an instant——

Oh no, his temporary ID!

Xu Jian nervously looked up at Qin Chen but from his angle, he could only see the other party’s sexy collarbone and Adam’s apple, as well as a sharp chin.

When looking up, Xu Jian almost forgot to move his eyes. It was only when Qin Chen carried him towards the wardrobe did he come back from the other party’s charm and struggled to get off the ground.

Looking at Xu Jian who was suddenly excited, Qin Chen stretched out his long arm, pulled the wardrobe door close, and looked down at him:

“What’s wrong with this?”

While talking, Qin Chen opened the cabinet door on the other side and casually picked out a set of soft quality home wear inside.

Seeing that Qin Chen hadn’t noticed that there was something more in his pants and closed the door, Xu Jian was relieved, and thought at the same time——

Sure enough, it’s better to take something like this when Qin Chen is not around.

This happened several times today and his little heart couldn’t stand it.

When he saw that Qin Chen placed his hand on the bath towel and was about to pull it off and put on his clothes in front of him, Xu Jian said, “I’m going to die ah,” and hurriedly turned and ran away.

Xu Jian didn’t want to relive the scene he had seen when he mistakenly broke into the bathroom, so he da da da slipped away as fast as he could.

Previously, his uncontrollably licking of Qin Chen’s neck during his estrus was already much unreserved, Xu Jian didn’t expect Qin Chen to change his clothes in front of him nonchalantly.

Erotic and still doesn’t know how to behave!

Qin Chen who was changing clothes is completely unaware that his cat was criticizing him for acting like a scoundrel. While changing clothes, he was still thinking:

Is it possible that Milk prefers hanging things that can be shaken with his paws than a cat climbing tower?


Maybe it was because Xu Jian secretly ran out once, the following days, wherever Qin Chen went, he would take him (Xu Jian) with him (Qin Chen).

Soon, everyone knew that when Qin Chen was working, there wasn’t only an assistant and agent next to him but also a beautiful and cute white cat.

Xu Jian never found a suitable opportunity to take his temporary ID and didn’t have the opportunity to contact Chen Doudou and his uncle.

The only fortunate thing is that Qin Chen hadn’t been wearing those pants, so his ID card wasn’t found.

But that piece of paper is like an indefinite time bomb buried in Xu Jian’s heart, always worried about when it would suddenly explode, and his heart was hanging uneasily.

During this period, Qin Chen took Xu Jian to fly out to other places twice, a back and forth flight, Xu Jian felt that his airsickness alleviated a lot.

That is, every time he checked in, he always hated the noisy pet next to him. Once, when he came back, there was a green-headed parrot in the airline box next to him. Its beak, ba ba ba,[1]denotes a sound or sharp noisedidn’t stop all the way, opening and closing its mouth:

“Hello,[2]Polite greeting welcome.”

“No bargaining, no bargaining.”

“Come again next time.”

Xu Jian felt that 90% of this parrot’s owner has a shop and sold things.

In this way, half a month later, Qin Chen finished filming in another city and took Xu Jian back to Nanfeng City. As soon as he got home, one person and one cat had just finished dinner when Qin Chen’s agent, Pan Min, called.

After answering the phone and saying a few words, Qin Chen glanced at Milk, who was nestled on the sofa, watching TV, and said to Pan Min:

“Okay, ask the crew to send them, and then I’ll forward it on Weibo.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Chen went over and sat down. With skillful movements, he placed Xu Jian on his lap, and rubbed his forehead against the cat’s nose with a smiling expression:

“From now on, Milk you will be the cat with its own extra highlight.”

Pan Ming just called and said that the TV series that Qin Chen had shot in Xincheng has been finalized and the drama crew is ready to spend some money to promote it.

The director felt that the scenes filmed by Qin Chen and Xu Jian were good behind the scenes and Milk is very well-behaved and cooperative and wanted to release a highlight reel.

Qin Chen couldn’t wait for the whole world to know that he has a cat that was so clever and cute, so he naturally agreed.

And Xu Jian who was immersed in the TV heard the words and raised his eyes to look at Qin Chen: “Meow?”

What extra highlights?

Then, Xu Jian watched Qin Chen take his phone to enter on Weibo. As soon as he refreshed the home page, several new updates popped up, and he scrolled down to find the new video just posted by the drama’s official blog.

Xu Jian half-squinted to clearly see the video with the caption: The film’s specially invited guest star @Qin Chen’s cat, behind-the-scenes feature broadcast [cat head].

Xu Jian: ” ????”

What the hell?

Qin Chen was in no hurry to forward it but clicked on the ten-minute video, and then Xu Jian saw himself rolling around and selling meng[3]acting cuteon the sofa.

Xu Jian: “……”

To tell you the truth, Xu Jian didn’t feel ashamed when he was filming the scene at that time, but now looking through the mobile phone, his shame value suddenly exploded.

Looking at himself holding Qin Chen’s wrist at the video, Xu Jian couldn’t bear to look straight into his face and turned away.

This is too……Milk, right?

Xu Jian himself didn’t want to look a second time and he also pressed a paw on Qin Chen’s phone screen, forbidding him to see it.

Qin Chen took away the meat pad and laughed, “Don’t make trouble.”

Xu Jian pressed it again, “Meow—”

Don’t look!

After repeating this several times, Qin Chen was finally defeated. He soothingly stroked the cat’s head and the other hand forwarded it:

Qin Chen V: Milk had fun in the crew [cute] // TV Series Blazing Sun Official Weibo V: Film’s specially invited guest star @Qin Chen’s cat……

Hearing the prompt sound of successful forwarding, Xu Jian cat’s face looked at Qin Chen in shock, with the meaning in his eyes:

You didn’t just watch and let it be, you actually even forwarded it!

Xu Jian couldn’t resist lifting his leg and stepping on Qin Chen’s stomach.

After Qin Chen forwarded it, his fans were the first to arrive at the scene, and the comments were brushed up quickly:

Ah ah ah, brother, you finally posted!

Milk is so cute ah. Oh my God, for a moment, I didn’t know whether to envy the cat or the person [lemon][4]the lemon simply means being jealous

The film emperor’s cat is better at acting than I am, dead.

I think Milk is well trained by brother, so obedient ah.

I was betting with my friends yesterday, guessing if your next Weibo post is related to Milk. I didn’t expect you to post today!

Brother Qin is so gentle with Milk, bah. Every day, wanting to be Milk in brother’s arms and act coquettishly wu wu wu.

Previously in Xincheng, many people on the crew have taken Xu Jian’s photos and videos. With Qin Chen’s forwarding, everyone turned out their inventory in succession.

Then a surge of netizens saw the following short videos:

Qin Chen was filming. The white cat crouched cleverly on the chair and stared intently. Qin Chen moved a little and the cat’s head followed in turn.

No matter how much the white cat was coaxed with dried fish in other people’s hands, the white cat was unmoved. Qin Chen held the small dried fish in his hand without making a sound and the white cat da da da ran towards him. 

The white cat scratched Qin Chen’s trousers’ leg and Qin Chen who was retouching his makeup looked down and smiled tenderly at him.

During the lunch break, the white cat lay on Qin Chen’s chest, which is resting with his eyes closed, his tail dangling in midair.

During the meal, the white cat sat on the chair next to Qin Chen, eagerly waiting to be fed……

Some netizens edited these small videos together to make a compilation, and their praises quickly reached ten thousand, everyone’s views were surprisingly consistent ——

Cute, want to play!

Maybe this is someone else’s cat, I admire it.

There’s also another well-known pet blogger who forwarded this compilation, leaving a heartbreaking question:

Why is Qin Chen’s cat so clingy? And the one in my home doesn’t usually let me touch it and only clings when eating, drinking, and pooping? Did I raise a fake cat?

The drama side saw the high level of discussion, pushing the boat along the current[5]to take advantage of the situationto buy some heat. So the topic of #Qin Chen’s cat quickly appeared in the hot search, attracting a lot of cloud-sucking cats.[6]cloud-sucking cat: people who like cats and watch them on the internet

Xu Jian made his debut a few years ago, not to mention hot search, he didn’t even have a hot topic, and his uncle doesn’t know him. He didn’t expect to go through a hot search after becoming a cat.

At this moment, Xu Jian’s mood is……quite subtle.  

Indeed. People aren’t as good as cats.

The topic hung on the hot search for several hours, Xu Jian became popular. Now, everyone knows that Qin Chen’s cat is super cute and clingy.

However, in Qin Chen’s words, his family’s Milk is not clingy to people. To be precise, he (Xu Jian) is clingy to him (Qin Chen).

When there is heat, there are business opportunities. After Xu Jian became popular, advertisers soon came to the door and wanted to hire Xu Jian to film an advertisement for cat food.

Pan Min did not expect to receive an invitation for cooperation with cat food in her private message one day, and the other side’s pay wasn’t low. As a result, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and told Qin Chen about it.

Qin Chen naturally didn’t need that little money but he didn’t immediately refuse. Instead, he held Xu Jian and asked him whether to shoot or not and regardless of whether the other party understood.

Xu Jian: “Meow~”

Xu Jian thought, I answered, do you understand? But he was really excited to shoot a cat food commercial.

It’s not that he didn’t think he was famous when he was an artist and it’s good to be an internet celebrity cat, but he thought he’s been eating and drinking for nothing in Qin Chen’s home for so long, so it’s not bad to be able to generate income for the family, and it can be regarded as doing his part.

Although he knew that an advertisement for cat food would come to his door, he was also helped by Qin Chen’s halo.

Qin Chen naturally couldn’t hear Xu Jian’s meow whether he agreed to refuse or simply didn’t understand at all but he thought about it and still took this job for Xu Jian.

After receiving Qin Chen’s reply, Pan Min looked a little surprised and asked with uncertainty, “Really?”

Qin Chen nodded, “En.”

Qin Chen has thought about it. Although he’s not short on money, he can donate this advertising fee to a stray animal rescue station.

Since Qin Chen has decided, Pan Min also didn’t say anything more, and joked while replying to the advertiser:

“I’m not going to be Milk’s part-time agent in the future, am I?”

Pan Main just casually said it but Qin Chen’s eyes lit up, “I can be Milk’s agent.”

Pan Min and Xiao Nan heard him and opened their mouths and looked at him at the same time. “Huh?”

Qin Chen is a man of action. Soon, he registered a Weibo account for Xu Jian—— Milk is Super Cute.

Pan Min and Xiao Nan: “……”

Looking at Qin Chen uploading a photo of Milk as his Weibo avatar, Xiao Nan was dumbfounded, “Brother Chen, are you serious?”

Qin Chen said as a matter of fact, “Milk is raised by me, so naturally, I should be his agent.”

Xiao Nan: Brother Chen, don’t worry, no one is competing with you for the position of Milk’s agent!

No, that’s not what I meant……

The sleeping Xu Jian who didn’t know he had a new Weibo account and Qin Chen also became his agent only learned it in the evening.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that after hearing this news, the dried fish in Xu Jian’s mouth was almost frightened.

How could he go as far as to let the Film Emperor Qin Chen be his agent?

No, he’s just a cat. How can he have an agent? Did he really make his debut in C position[7]Center positionwith a cat body?

Looking at the dazed Xu Jian, Qin Chen smiled and stroked his cat’s head, and said solemnly:

“Milk, ah. From now on, Dad will rely on you for support.”

While speaking, Qin Chen also took out his phone and showed it to Xu Jian:

“Look, in one afternoon, your Weibo has more than 3,000 followers.”

Xu Jian was caught off guard and shouldered the burden of making money to support his family, “Meow meow meow?”

I’ll raise you? No, are you serious??[8]you – formal/courteous, XJ being sarcastic

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I have shouldered the burden I shouldn’t have at my age.

Qin poop scooping officer: You can do it!

Jian Cat: No, I can’t…


1 denotes a sound or sharp noise
2 Polite greeting
3 acting cute
4 the lemon simply means being jealous
5 to take advantage of the situation
6 cloud-sucking cat: people who like cats and watch them on the internet
7 Center position
8 you – formal/courteous, XJ being sarcastic

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