He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Oh, crap.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian looked at his four short legs in shock. He thought that if he (Qin Chen) really depended on him (Xu Jian) to support the family, Qin Chen’s arms would be as thin as his.


Xu Jian glanced at the Weibo page called “Milk is Super Cute”, the little villain in his heart was scratching the wall angrily—

He has been in the entertainment industry for so many years but the number of Weibo followers is not as many as he had in one afternoon when he was a cat!

He hates it!


In any case, Xu Jian’s acceptance of the cat food commercial as a pet actor is already decided. When signing the contract, Qin Chen happily signed his name.

When Xu Jian tilted his head to look at Qin Chen’s signature, his right front palm was suddenly lifted. He turned his head and saw Qin Chen holding his meat pad and gently pressing it on the red stamp pad.

Xu Jian: “Meow meow?”

What are you doing now?

Qin Chen took Xu Jian’s meat pad to leave a cat pawprint on the contract’s signature.

Qin Chen let go and Xu Jian still held up his paw. He looked at the signature and the word ‘Qin Chen’ alongside the cat’s pawprint, and then look at his own cat’s paw, thinking——

So particular? The cat also has to press its handprint.

No, it should be a pawprint.

Qin Chen used his ID card to open a bank card belonging to Xu Jian. After signing the contract, the advertiser quickly made the deposit agreed on the contract.

After receiving the money, Qin Chen lifted Xu Jian and shook him, and his eyebrows were full of pride:

“Milk is really awesome, earning the first bucks of money in his cat’s life so quickly!”

Pan Min saw Qin Chen’s proud expression and looked at him with some amusement:

“Your endorsement fee is at least two zeros more than Milk. Why haven’t I seen you so happy when you signed a contract?”

The smile under Qin Chen’s eyes hasn’t disappeared. He turned his eyes to look at Pan Min, “The two are incomparable.”

Although Qin Chen didn’t think about letting him go out to make money when raising Xu Jian, now that he had this opportunity, Qin Chen’s heart suddenly rose with a kind of gratification belonging to an old father——

The son I raised has grown up and is making money.

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Pan Min shook her head helplessly while Xiao Nan came in holding her phone with a clear voice:

“Brother Chen, I have already contacted the stray animal rescue station you asked.”

Xu Jian, who was lying on Qin Chen’s lap, raised his ears: A stray animal rescue station?

Qin Chen squeezed Xu Jian’s meat pad and asked, “Have you verified it?”

Xiao Nan nodded, “I have verified it. This rescue station has a Weibo account. Every time a donation is received, the station manager will announce its source and destination in the platform, and will also update the living conditions of the small animals daily.”

Pan Min listened and asked casually, “You really want to donate the entire advertising fee of Milk?”

Xu Jian, who was eavesdropping openly thought instantly— what? Donate it?

Didn’t you say it’s for supporting the family?

Pan Min meant that, after all, it’s Milk’s hard-earned money. Won’t you leave some for the family?

But Qin Chen shook his head, “The money earned from Milk is to buy his small dried fish, not to donate it.”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, two people and a cat were stunned. Pan Min and Xiao Nan glanced at each other, and saw doubts in each other’s eyes:

Not donating again?

Xu Jian also looked at Qin Chen, not understanding what was on his mind.

Looking at Qin Chen who suddenly changed his mind, Xiao Nan froze and said, “Then, Brother Chen, you asked me to contact the rescue station……”

Since they won’t donate any more, what’s the point of contacting the rescue station?

To the eyes of the two, Qin Chen calmly opened his mouth, “The money is drawn from my account.”

Qin Chen’s explanation was brief but Pan Min and Xiao Nan instantly understood what he meant——

The money earned from Milk won’t be moved but his money will be used for donation in Milk’s name.

Xiao Nan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Although the donation depends on his personal wishes, she was really afraid that Brother Chen would change his mind and say that he wouldn’t donate.

When she just contacted the station manager, the latter knew they were going to help the little animals, their voice was full of joy and gratitude, and thanked them repeatedly. 

The station manager said that with this money, it would be possible to improve the living environment and the food and drink of the small animals.

She didn’t want to disappoint the station manager’s expectations.

After the cooperation was reached, in addition to advertising fees, the advertiser also sent Qin Chen a bunch of cat foods, which was visually sufficient for a cat to eat for a year and a half, which is said to be a gift for Xu Jian.

However, Xu Jian didn’t like to eat cat food. Looking at the several large bags of cat food, Qin Chen asked Xiao Nan to send more than half of it to the rescue station, and then put the rest in the car’s trunk.

Pan Min looked at Qin Chen who was wearing a mask and holding the cat, preparing to go out, and cautiously asked:

“Where are you going?”

Qin Chen pointed at the remaining cat food, “To feed the cat.”

Pan Min: “Huh?”

Xu Jian looked up: “Meow?”

I’m right here, why do you still need to go out?

Pan Min thought the same as Xu Jian, looking at Xu Jian and then at Qin Chen which meant——

To feed the cat you have to go outside? What’s the point?

Qin Chen smiled, “Feeding stray cats. Sister Pan, if you don’t feel at ease, you can go with me.”

Xiao Nan: “Brother Chen, are you going to the rescue station?”

Qin Chen shook his head, “No.”

Xiao Nan: “Then this?”

Qin Chen: “You’ll know when we get there.”

Xiao Nan and Pan Min followed Qin Chen into the car. Qin Chen sat in the back seat with Xu Jian in his arms. Xiao Nan followed the navigation in front of her and drove to buy a few bags of dog food.

Half an hour later, Qin Chen, three people, and a cat left downtown to Nanfeng City’s old town.

The community here is old, and there is another area with resettlement houses. The streets are narrow and it’s more like a village in the city; the walls and the telephone poles are covered with various advertisements.

Basically, apart from the elderly who lives here, there are young people who just entered society and have little money.

If the bustling downtown gives the impression of vibrant and energetic youth, then this place gives the impression of a late old man with a cane.

Qin Chen’s car slowly drove in. Pan Min looked out of the car window and occasionally saw one or two stray cats and dogs next to the trash cans by the side of the road.

She finally knew why Qin Chen came here.

The old city is poorly managed and the street sanitation is not that good, so there are a lot of stray cats and dogs.

Xu Jian heard Qin Chen familiarly directing Xiao Nan to turn right at the intersection ahead as if he had been here many times.

Within two minutes, under Qin Chen’s command, Xiao Nan pulled over to the side of the road.

Getting out of the car with Xu Jian in his arms, to be safe, Qin Chen put a leash on Xu Jian before he was rest assured to put him on the ground.

Qin Chen asked Pan Min to help him hold Xu Jian while he opened the trunk and unpacked the bag of cat food, and took two small bags out of it.

Xu Jian followed Qin Chen inside and then saw him unpacking the two small bags of cat food and pouring them into the cat bowl in the corner.

While pouring the cat food, Qin Chen explained to them:

He inadvertently knew this place when he drove out to relax. He found that there are a lot of skinny stray cats and dogs here, so he bought more than a dozen of cat and dog bowls.

Qin Chen placed these bowls in various corners where stray cats and dogs might appear and then he would drive over to feed them when he had time.

Due to his busy work schedule, Qin Chen was uncertain when he’ll be here but every time he comes, he can make most of the stray cats and dogs here have a good meal.

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Pan Min and Xiao Nan were silent for two seconds before Xiao Nan slowly asked:

“Brother Chen, how long have you been feeding the cats and dogs here?”

She couldn’t believe she didn’t even know anything about this.

Qin Chen pondered for a moment and replied, “It started the summer before the last.”

After hearing this, Xiao Nan’s mouth grew wide, “It’s been so long.”

Xu Jian also felt surprised. He looked up at Qin Chen who was half-squatting on the ground. He had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

He always thought that although Qin Chen is a plush control, he was limited to cloud-sucking cats and cloud-raising dogs to buy plush toys. He didn’t expect that Qin Chen had been feeding the stray cats and dogs silently for nearly two years.

This corner is dark and damp, and there is a rotten musty smell, which even Xu Jian who has been wandering a few days finds it pungent.

While Qin Chen seemed to have suddenly lost his sense of smell, his expression naturally filled several bowls with cat and dog food.

Staring at Qin Chen for a while, Xu Jian suddenly returned to his senses when the other party got up.

He really didn’t expect Qin Chen to be so caring and patient.

Qin Chen clapped his hands and said to them, “Okay, let’s go to the next place.”

Looking at Qin Chen who was walking back, the other party’s image was instantly elevated in the hearts of two people and a cat.

After getting into the car, Xu Jian glanced at Qin Chen’s side profile, and then raised his paw to cover his thumping heart——

Oh, crap. What’s wrong with this little heartbeat?

Is this the so-called caring, animal-loving man is the most attractive?

Unaware of Xu Jian’s thoughts, Qin Chen was directing Xiao Nan to go to the next feeding spot. Pan Min looked back and asked:

“Just leave? Will there be cats to eat it?”

Qin Chen nodded, “They will go over when we’re far away. They are wary and won’t come near if someone is around.”

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s two pointed ears twitched. He really felt the presence of few cats around him just now.

When Pan Min heard him, she was silent for two seconds, and then suddenly said:

“Is there someone who can’t come near or it’s you, who can’t come near?” 

Pan Min’s words made Xiao Nan in the driver’s seat unable to hold back and ‘pfft’ laughed out loud.

On the other hand, Xu Jian froze then remembered that Qin Chen also has a dislike by animals’ physique.

The corners of his mouth moved, Xu Jian controlled the urge to laugh out loud. He was afraid that his mouth would sound like a gloating ‘meow’.

Looking up sympathetically at Qin Chen, Xu Jian thought to himself——

Qin Chen who has both plush control and is disliked by animals at the same time is too miserable.

For real.

Qin Chen looked at Pan Min helplessly which meant—

Jie, can you not poke at my scars anymore?

In fact, when he came alone, Qin Chen tried to squat next to the cat bowl and found that as long as he didn’t leave, there won’t be cats and dogs coming.

He once pretended to leave and in the distance, he saw a black cat coming back after peeking out for cat food. Before he could get close, the black cat glanced at him, pulled its legs, and ran away as fast as it could, not even leaving a cat’s hair.

Later, after a few more attempts, Qin Chen stopped his fearless struggle and retreated every time he finished putting cat and dog food.

With this in mind, Qin Chen hugged and rubbed Xu Jian on his lap and thought—

Sure enough, my family’s Milk is the best.

Xu Jian, who was comfortably rubbed by Qin Chen, subconsciously rubbed his head against the palm of his (Qin Chen) hand:



After reaching the next feeding place, Pan Min and Xiao Nan also helped, with one end of the leash tied around Xu Jian’s neck and one end tied to Qin Chen’s wrist.

When the last cat bowl was filled with cat food, the cat food they bought was just all used up.

When driving back, Xiao Nan’s expression was somewhat excited:

“I feel like I’ve done something so meaningful today, I can come more often in the future!”

Pan Min smiled and did not say anything.

Qin Chen looked down at his clothes, bent his fingers and gently knocked Xu Jian’s cat head, and deliberately said with a stern face:

“Milk, look what you’ve done.”

When Xu Jian heard the words and looked down, he saw Qin Chen’s dark clothes were full of his footprints.

Xu Jian: “! ! !”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Oh, crap!

Qin poop scooping officer: Pay for it. 

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    Very sad fact is that those cats and dogs arent gonna be the ones eating tge catfood and theyre never going to be full nor are they ever going to get nutrition from it because majority of stray cats n dogs have worms and they gon be the ones eating it, it would also be safer to castrate stray pets because of those sicknesses they’re just going to give birth to more stray cats and spread the bugs n worms to them 🙁
    Also animal shelters usually dont have enough money for the stray cats theyre keeping nor the medecine etc so they get rid of (as in k#ll) the ones who dont get adopted for a really long time or if they cant afford their meds and care :((


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