He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Baby

Xu Jian just got off the ground, four short legs followed Qin Chen back da da da, so his meat pad was dark, and he stepped on Qin Chen’s clothes, leaving a footprint.

With a guilty look at Qin Chen, Xu Jian raised his paw on Qin Chen and patted, “Meow.”

I can’t afford it. I’ll give you a pat, okay?

However, Xu Jian’s paws are dirty, so the more he pat, the dirtier it gets.

Looking at the footprints on Qin Chen’s clothes, Xu Jian’s movements went stiff and fell silent.

Qin Chen wasn’t angry, holding and rubbing Xu Jian, he laughed. “It’s hard for you to pay for it. Be careful or I’ll deduct your small dried fish.”

Xu Jian looked at the roof of the car and thought——you deduct it, deduct it ba. Anyway, it cost your money to buy dried fish.

Later, Xu Jian wanted to go down from Qin Chen’s lap but as soon as his legs touched the seat’s cushion, he was fetched back by Qin Chen before he could stand still.

Lying on Qin Chen’s arms, looking at the cat’s paw prints on his sleeves, Xu Jian said in his heart——

You brought this up to yourself. It has nothing to do with me.

Qin Chen doesn’t know that Xu Jian was madly clearing the relationship in his heart. He took out a wet tissue and gently wiped the cat’s paw for him.


After returning home, Qin Chen took his clothes and went to take a shower. Before entering the bathroom, he smiled and asked Xu Jian if he wanted to wash together.

Qin Chen thought that he had to take a bath anyway, so just bathe together and help Xu Jian wash and rub.

After listening to this, Xu Jian went away without looking back, and his soul was spitting:

Rogue, who wants to take a bath with you ah!

Seeing the white ass wriggling away, Qin Chen smiled and shook his head and went by himself.

Hearing the sound of Qin Chen closing the door, his original expression was still indifferent, Xu’s eyes lit up, his spirit rose in an instant like an arrow drawn from the string directly shot towards the closet.

These days, as long as there is a chance, Xu Jian will make an effort for his temporary ID, and today is no exception.

After opening the cabinet door, Xu Jian did not waste much time. After looking at the pair of trousers he was looking for, he jumped——

When the jump wasn’t high enough, his body fell quickly. In a panic, Xu Jian grabbed one of the rows of trousers and pulled wildly on his four legs in an attempt to climb up.

However, before Xu Jian climbed up, the clothespin could not bear his weight.

The trousers shook with Xu Jian, and then with a ‘click’ the clothespin came loose, and even the cat and trousers directly fell down.

Fortunately, the height wasn’t high, Xu Jian wasn’t hurt when he fell down but his head was empty for a few seconds. Before he could react, the trousers he pulled down earlier just fell over his head.

After the invisible Xu Jian struggled for a while, a fluffy head came out of the trousers.

After getting up, Xu Jian looked intently. It was a pity that the one he dragged down was not the one he was wearing before.

But……this gave him a new inspiration.

He can’t go up, so why can’t he get the trousers down?

With two front paws on the ground, he pushed the trousers aside. Xu Jian looked at the black pants, lightly leaped and grabbed the trousers’ leg, his whole body hanging on it, and then——

Xu Jian began to frantically twist, trying to shake the pants down.

After a few seconds of shaking with no effect, Xu Jian stretched his hind legs in an effort to kick the closet wall, using the force, and began to swing on the trousers with his long tail dangling on the ground.

Just when Xu Jian felt his legs were going to cramp, his body suddenly fell, and the trousers were finally tossed off by him.

Shaking his head and standing up from the ground, Xu Jian couldn’t care less about his painful ass. He immediately went through the pockets and was delighted to see the temporary ID inside:

He finally got this ticking time bomb!

After taking out his ID with his mouth, Xu Jian also didn’t bother cleaning the battlefield, so he turned around and ran to the guest room.

He thought it was dangerous to hide the ID card on the air conditioner in the master bedroom but it’s safer to hide it in the guest room.

No one sleeps in the guest room, it’s empty, and Qin Chen won’t go in if nothing is wrong.

There are very few things in the guest room. The air conditioner was on the wall near the window. Xu Jian looked around with his ID card and finally found that only the curtain could be used as a lever for him to climb on the air conditioner.

After kicking a few times in place like a bullfight, Xu Jian revealed his sharp claws and grabbed the curtains, and started to climb.

There is not much time left for him. According to past experience, Qin Chen should soon come out of the shower.

If Qin Chen found out, all his previous efforts will be wasted……

When he finally climbed to the same height as the air conditioner, Xu Jian was in a difficult position again——how to go above the air conditioner?

Looking down at the height of him and the ground, Xu Jian’s heart trembled, and his four claws gripped on the curtain tightly that he dared not loosen his claws at all.

He was afraid of falling down by accident.

Jumping back on the air conditioner is a five-star degree of difficulty for Xu Jian.

Hanging on the curtains, there was a stalemate for a while, until the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and Xu Jian who kept preparing himself, made up his mind:
Jump early and late to get it, jump!
Anyway, this height can’t kill the cat.

Xu Jian took a glance at the distance between him and the air conditioner. As soon as he closed his eyes, his front paws loosened while twisting, and his two hind legs suddenly kicked against the wall——landed safely.

Standing on the air conditioner, Xu Jian’s eyes were tightly closed and his four legs are shaking. He waited a long time to be sure that he really jumped.

After slowly opening his eyes and seeing where he was, Xu Jian blinked his beautiful cat’s eyes and finally sighed in his heart:

No blow, no black,[1]to be honest[tbh]; frankly speaking; not gonna lie[ngl] the flexibility of the cat’s body is really good.

His body just twisted like that but he didn’t sprain his waist!

Carefully lowering his head and putting down the temporary ID, Xu Jian lifted his meat pad and patted the ID card, thinking—

Just a light piece of paper, don’t blow it.

Fortunately, the guest room’s window is basically closed, the air is not circulating, and the air conditioner’s position is high. The possibility of his ID card being blown off is somewhat low.

But Xu Jian felt that just in case, he would have to pick up a few pebbles and press it up next time he had a chance.

Afraid of being discovered by Qin Chen, Xu Jian didn’t dare to stay long, so he slid down the curtains after putting them down.

After his limbs fell, Xu Jian bounced in place and moved his legs that were about to cramp, thinking that it was much easier to come down than to go up.

After solving the ID card, this ticking time bomb, Xu Jian felt comfortable all over, and when he went out of the guest room, he walked out of the step of disowning six relatives.[2]ruthless or heartless; XJ stepped out of the room ruthlessly/without care.

In the closet, Qin Chen who had taken a bath was holding and looking at the trousers Xu Jian just yanked off.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the white figure passing outside the door, and Qin Chen’s voice was high:

“Little ancestor, how did my pants provoke you, two pairs of pants had five holes scratched by you.” 

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s brisk paced stagnated——

What? Five holes?

Xu Jian raised his claws and tapped on it, feeling a little guilty.

He hadn’t cut his toenails in a long time.

Xu Jian who knew he was in the wrong, didn’t have the heart to turn around and walked towards the sofa as if nothing had happened.

As long as he acted well enough, Qin Chen can’t say he did it.

Besides, what’s wrong with a few holes? Torn pants are popular now.


No more.

Xu Jian who had a guilty conscience didn’t notice that he had become a shunguai[3]reaching out or walking with your hands and feet on the same sidewhen he walked and he also didn’t see Qin Chen in the closet, otherwise, he would be able to harvest a shunguai cat.

Xu Jian didn’t know what to do with the last two pairs of trousers, and he dare not ask.

Of course, one person and one cat have communication barriers. Even if he asked, Qin Chen would not understand.


In a blink of an eye, the day came when Xu Jian was scheduled to shoot a cat food advertisement. The advertiser was very sincere in letting the team come to Nanfeng City to shoot with Xu Jian who was inconvenient to travel.

The studio advertiser rented for a day and when he saw that Qin Chen personally accompanied Xu Jian, everyone was a little flattered.

They all thought Qin Chen would find someone to bring the cat to film but they did not expect him to come directly. The atmosphere in the studio became tense and serious.

A staff member hesitated for a while before he made up his mind to come over. With a cautious smile on his face, he asked Qin Chen to give him the cat, and he took it over to do the preparatory work.

Qin Chen naturally avoided outstretched hand and said:

“Milk is shy with people, you say what to do, and I’ll do it.”

Xu Jian in Qin Chen’s arms gave a very cooperative meow, that means——

I’m shy with strangers, don’t let them hold me.

The staff was stunned for a moment, and then hurriedly nodded.

“That’s good. Milk is more familiar with Teacher Qin. It’s over here.”

The staff led Qin Chen to walk inside, wanting to talk but did not dare to talk along the way, and his expression was quite wonderful.

Xiao Nan, who was worried about following Qin Chen, saw the staff’s expression and smiled in her heart.

In fact, Xiao Nan is also somewhat confused. Brother Chen is such a nice person, how can he feel that everyone is so afraid of him?

Xiao Nan naturally knows that there are many rumors about Qin Chen from the outside world and it’s true that a reporter cried at the interview site, but who told the reporter’s mouth to be unobstructed[4]derogatory term. speaking at will, regardless of the occasion. and unprofessional, he only asked some harsh and sharp-edged rubbish questions.

At that time, it happened to be the exact time when it was rumored that the people behind Qin Chen were the craziest. In front of many media at the scene, the reporter actually asked Qin Chen whether he liked men because he never had a love affair.

The implication is that Qin Chen was being kept by someone.

Although the reporter used a half-joking tone, the noisy scene was silent for a moment, and Qin Chen’s unsmiling face also suddenly sank, coldly looking at the reporter.

This was different from what was agreed beforehand. Pan Min’s face was also somewhat unpleasant after hearing the reporter’s question so she didn’t stop Qin Chen.

After the reporter cried out through Qin Chen’s few words, Pan Min unhurriedly smooth things over.

Although the fault lies in the entertainment record, Qin Chen scolded the reporter to tears, and had a bad temper that spreads outside and inside the circle……

When Xiao Nan came back from her thoughts, she saw that Milk was already wearing a black bow tie around his neck while Brother Chen was holding his mobile phone, madly taking pictures of Milk with no unconcealed smile on his face.

Xiao Nan: “……”

Seriously, we should let those who say that Brother Chen has a bad temper see this scene.

And Xu Jian who was wearing a bow tie instantly turned into a gentleman cat. He was quite unaccustomed to raising his paws and pulling the bow tie on his neck, thinking to himself ——

Film an advertisement. What’s the point of putting a bow tie on a cat when you’re filming an advertisement ah?

The advertisers also paid attention to this shoot. Not only did they prepare the bow tie in advance, but they also had clothes and toys for the cat to wear.

But in the end, Qin Chen took a look and only chose the simplest black bow tie.

As for the toys to coax the cat, Qin Chen refused:

“No need, Milk is very good.”

Although Qin Chen still had an indifferent expression, everyone present felt a surge of pride in his tone.

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, the photographer silently spat in his heart:

Sure enough, the poop scooping officer looks at his master with a ten-meter filter, and even the Film Emperor Qin can’t be exempted from this.

The photographer has been in the business for many years and has filmed many animals. Before filming, the majority of the owners say that their pets are very well-behaved. As a result, it didn’t take long for the pets to make hens flying and dogs jumping,[5]utter confusion; disorder; turmoil like wild horses running off without their reins. It didn’t cooperate no matter how much they’re coaxed and slapped their owners in the face.

The uncontrollable nature of pets makes the photographer feel that every pet’s shoot is a battle without gunpowder smoke.

He felt that this time was no exception. Because Qin Chen didn’t say it, he just prepared for a protracted war in his heart.

Ten minutes later, looking at Xu Jian who was holding the cat food bag in front of the camera, the photographer said incredulously:

“This is….. so obedient?”

Xu Jian was asked to hold the cat food bag first, and the photographer originally wanted to have someone coax him with toys or put a small fish in the cat food bag to attract him.

However, as soon as he finished saying his request when the staff just placed the cat food on the designated location, the white cat da da da ran to hold the cat food.

The photographer rubbed his eyes, a little suspicious of his eyes.

The staff next to him had the same thought as the photographer——is this cat a spirit?

Only Qin Chen who was incomparably calm quietly raised his chin, and his eyes were full of pride——

I told you, Milk is extremely well-behaved and intelligent.


The advertisers rented the studio for a day but it only took a total of more than two hours from the start to the end, including the time to prepare the equipment and props.

After Qin Chen got into the elevator with the cat in his arms and Xiao Nan, the photographer looked at the camera assistant beside him, and said in a daze:

“Is it true that such an obedient cat exists?”

It turns out that the original pain in the face is the person himself.

The camera assistant also felt it was inconceivable, “After filming so many animals, Teacher Qin’s cat should be the most cooperative.”

So well-behaved that he wondered if the white cat understood their words.

Several other staff members were looking at each other and thought——

Call it a day?

Can we call it a day without jumping up and down all over the room to catch the cat?

After a few seconds of silence, in the end, no one knows who suddenly broke the ice and asked:

“We rented the studio for a day; can we get a half-day refund now?”

Someone replied.

“It should be…….shouldn’t be, right?”


On the other hand, Qin Chen who got on the car, hugged Xu Jian and took a big bite on his furry cat’s head, and his smile overflowed from his eyes:

“Baby how are you so great!”

Xiao Nan in the driver’s seat silently nodded. Milk did a great job just now and is indeed worthy of being rewarded with two small dried fish.

And Xu Jian who was kissed thought to himself:

“Was it too much for me to hold on to the cat food and not let go just now?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: There are many shortcomings in the first advertisement which need to be improved in the future.

Qin poop scooping officer: In, in the future?


1 to be honest[tbh]; frankly speaking; not gonna lie[ngl]
2 ruthless or heartless; XJ stepped out of the room ruthlessly/without care.
3 reaching out or walking with your hands and feet on the same side
4 derogatory term. speaking at will, regardless of the occasion.
5 utter confusion; disorder; turmoil

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