He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Show off

Xu Jian received an advertisement and the filming process went very smoothly. Naturally, Qin Chen didn’t forget to brag about it in his friends’ group.

Hearing the continuous message tone on the phone, Du Zezhou, who was looking at the finished picture of the new version of the game model, frowned a little and signaled the design department head to continue while he took out his phone and took a look.

As soon as he opened the group, he saw Qin Chen showing off and praising his family’s Milk, brushing the screen.

Even the few whiskers on the white cat’s face were praised by him to the Heavens as if there’s nothing like it on Earth.[1]praised his cat to the extreme

Du Zezhou: 【… Old Qin, to go as far as to there? 】

Tang Li: 【Du-zi,[2]Suffix added to a name to show a close relationship.don’t pay attention to him, he has gone crazy.】

Du Zezhou: 【Just took an advertisement. Old Qin, you calm down.】

Qin Chen: 【How can I? I think you guys are just jealous that I have a cat that can make money to support the family.】

Tang Li: 【Earn money to support the family? Brother, are you serious? Do you expect Milk to support you or something? 】

Qin Chen: 【Milk supports the family, I support him.】

Du Zezhou: 【Old Qin ah, I’m thinking about a problem now.】

Qin Chen: 【? 】

Du Zezhou: 【I wonder who will you save if your girlfriend and Milk fell into the water at the same time.】

Tang Li: 【Now the girlfriend has been reduced to competing with the cat for favor? 】

Qin Chen: 【This question is too lacking, it’s impossible for Milk and my girlfriend to fall into the water.】
Du Zezhou: 【What if? Just answer who do you save ba.】

Tang Li jeered beside him: 【I think he will definitely save the cat then let his girlfriend swim on her own.】

Tang Ying: 【As soon as I left the lab, I saw you guys talking about girlfriends. Who is it? 】

Tang Li: 【Sister, you’re just in time. We’re giving Brother Qin a life-saving question, asking him whether he chooses the cat or his girlfriend.】

Tang Ying, now 30 years old, Tang Li’s elder sister, a few years older than Qin Chen and them. She is a Ph.D. student in biological sciences and she is unwilling to take care of her family’s large company. She wants to dedicate herself to scientific research for the motherland.

Currently, about to graduate, she’s going bald from the various papers and experiments every day.

Because they always played together when they were young and their age gap isn’t too big, she, Qin Chen, and Du Zezhou had a good relationship as always, they also chat together, and usually made time to get together for a drink.

Tang Ying: 【Cat? What cat? Did Qin Chen raise a cat? 】

Drown in the laboratory all day, Tang Ying’s news lagged behind.

Du Zezhou: 【Sister Ying, you go up.】[3]asked her to back read/scroll up

Tang Ying replied with a “Good” after seeing it, but before she could go up the chat logs, Qin Chen had already sent several pictures of Xu Jian.

Qin Chen: 【This, his name is Milk.】

Tang Ying looked at the photos, sent several exclamation points first, and said: 【Milk is so beautiful ba! Cute! Want to rua!】[4]to touch and rub a furry thing affectionately. Thus, if you like something or an animal, you can touch or rub it with your hands. This action is usually rua, if you see a cute cat. You can say so … Continue reading

It’s difficult for a girl to resist a fluffy, cute, and beautiful animal. Tang Ying and Qin Chen talked about dozens of messages around Xu Jian, and at last, they agreed to go to Qin Chen’s house to pet the cat when the experiment in Tang Ying’s hand was over.

Tang Li & Du Zezhou: Completely unable to intervene……

After talking about cats, Tang Ying said:

【By the way, Qin Chen, what is your relationship with Liu Qianqian ah?】

Seeing the three words ‘Liu Qianqian’ Qin Chen froze for a moment and replied: 【Nothing. What’s the matter, Sister Ying? 】

Tang Ying: 【Nothing? Then why did she find me here, I thought she was your girlfriend.】

Tang Li took a look and hurriedly asked: 【What? Sister, that woman came to see you? Did she make things difficult for you? 】

Du Zezhou: 【Liu Qianqian? The name sounds familiar, isn’t it the girl who has been madly chasing after Old Qin these days? 】

Tang Ying: 【Didn’t make things difficult for me, just suddenly came to school to find me, said a bunch of inexplicable words, and left. That’s why I asked.】

Only after listening to Tang Ying’s explanation did Qin Chen knew, which three people already knew, that last week Liu Qianqian somehow found her school and was stopped at the laboratory door.

At that time, Tang Ying has been in the laboratory for a week and her whole person was listless like a ghost. As soon as she stepped out of the laboratory door, she met the brightly and beautifully dressed Liu Qianqian.

Tang Ying did not care, her eyes were lifeless as if she could ascend to heaven at any time, and her voice was light as a feather:

“Sorry……excuse me……”

After saying that, Tang Ying was about to pass on her side but was stopped by Liu Qianqian’s hand.

Liu Qianqian glanced up and down at Tang Ying who was facing the sky with her hair tied and bare face, her eyes were provocative and domineering, she said:

“Are you Tang Ying?”

Hearing her name, Tang Ying, who wanted to hurry back to bed and sleep, raised her head and slowly spoke:

“I am. May I ask who you are……”

After listening to Tang Ying’s words, Liu Qianqian sneered with some disdain in her eyes, and said to herself——

I thought it was some kind of a goddess but it turned out to be just like this, sloppy.

Before Tang Ying’s tired and sluggish brain reacted, Liu Qianqian crossed her arms and gave her a sideways glance, then opened her mouth like pouring beans and crackled a lot of words[5]basically she said a lotwhich is summarized as follows:

Stay away from Qin Chen in the future. Although you have a good father, your conditions are just like this. You are not worthy of him at all. You should see your position clearly and don’t make an ugly mess in the future.

After saying that, she didn’t wait for Tang Ying to answer. Liu Qianqian stepped on her stiletto ‘ka ka ka’[6]click click clickand left, leaving Tang Ying in place without knowing why the other party was there.

Later, when she returned to the dormitory, Tang Ying fell asleep as soon as she touched the pillow. When she woke up, she remembered Liu Qianqian and regained her clarity. Only then did her mind realize that the other party was there to demonstrate.

After talking briefly about what happened before, Tang Ying asked:

【But I’m a little confused, why did she come to me? What does this have to do with my dad? 】

After listening to Tang Ying, Qin Chen didn’t say anything but Tang Li couldn’t sit still at first:

【That woman is sick, what’s wrong with her?】

What do you mean his sister’s conditions are like this? His sister is a famous bare-faced goddess in their school!

Not to mention that makeup isn’t allowed in the experiment, even if without wearing make-up, his elder sister is way better than Liu Qianqian, okay?! [7]T/N: Tanjiro vibes lmao

Qin Chen did not expect that Liu Qianqian went to Tang Ying to find trouble. He felt guilty and apologized, and then briefly told her about Liu Qianqian.

Tang Ying was surprised when she heard it:

【That girl even found a private detective to check on you.】

Du Zezhou: 【Looking at this situation, it is estimated that not only Old Qin but also Sister Ying, she found someone to find your school.】

Tang Li was half a beat slower: 【The reason why Brother Qin suddenly moved out before was that she visited you and stopped you at the door? 】

Qin Chen: 【En.】

Du Zezhou: 【This is no longer a fanatic fan, it’s a lunatic ba.】

Qin Chen’s face is as deep as water: 【I didn’t think much of her dad’s face, but she pushed her luck.】

Tang Li: 【But the private detective she hired should have found out a little about my family, but she didn’t seem to find out about yours.】

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said Tang Ying has a good father.

Liu Qianqian has always thought that Qin Chen is just an actor born in an ordinary family. His father holds 4.2% of the Entertainment’s shares. Although it wasn’t much, he was also a shareholder.

And Qin Chen is an artist in the entertainment industry, so Liu Qianqian, as the daughter of the Entertainment’s shareholder, is so fearless and thinks that Qin Chen will be hers sooner or later.

Tang Li: 【It’s better to deal with this matter as soon as possible and it’s not a solution to put it off like this.】

The group messages in the group came in one after another, Qin Chen who was thinking, unconsciously roughly tapped several times on the phone screen, and then slowly typed:

【Don’t worry. I’ll have someone have a good chat with her. 】

When he heard Qin Chen knocking on his phone, Xu Jian, who was lying on the armrest of the sofa watching TV, turned his head to look at him. Seeing that his expression didn’t look good, he thought——

Who messed with this grandfather?

Naturally, the person Qin Chen said is Liu Qianqian. As to who he wants to chat with Liu Qianqian and what to talk about, they don’t know.

Not wanting to waste time on Liu Qianqian, Du Zezhou pulled away from the topic, said he was going to hike over the weekend, and asked Qin Chen and them if they wanted to join.

Du Zezhou: 【By the way, Old Qin, you can take your cat with you. Let me finally see where the goblin came from that it unexpectedly doesn’t dislike you.】

Tang Li said he had no time to work overtime on the weekend and Tang Ying bitterly said that she couldn’t leave the lab on the weekend. 

Qin Chen also didn’t immediately agree and said to go through the schedule to see if there were no arrangements for the weekend.

Du Zezhou suddenly had the illusion that everyone is very busy and only he was the idlest in the world.

Du Zezhou: 【Life ah, is so lonely】


After staying at home for so long, Qin Chen also went out for activities. After asking Xiao Nan and knowing that there was no schedule for Saturday morning, he held Xu Jian in his arms and smiled:

“Milk, Dad will take you to hike on the weekend and take you to see your Uncle Du.”

Xu Jian who was watching TV with great interest: “Meow meow???”


However, Xu Jian did not dwell on the matter of ‘Qin Chen was going to take a cat for mountain climbing’, his attention was quickly drawn to the other person Qin Chen said——

Uncle Du?

Xu Jian’s eyes turned, is it the mysterious President Du?

The person behind Qin Chen?

After realizing who Uncle Du was in Qin Chen’s mouth, and then looking at the smile in Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian’s heart felt inexplicably unpleasant.

Perhaps it was because he was too comfortable in Qin Chen’s home during this time that he had almost forgotten that there was a person like President Du.

Lifting the meat pad and pressing his face, Xu Jian’s originally good mood became bad for no reason.

He struggled a bit, then came down from Qin Chen’s bosom with his head down, and went straight to the other end of the sofa and lay down on his stomach.

When Xu Jian was leaving, Qin Chen subconsciously raised his hand to stop him and thought——just held it for a while, where are you going?

Facing Qin Chen’s outstretched hand, Xu Jian suddenly got angry. He raised his leg and slapped him on the back of his hand with his meat pad, and then glared at him:


Xu Jian meant: Don’t want you to hold, don’t touch me.

Qin Chen was stunned by Xu Jian’s paw, he just watched him walked up to the end of the sofa, even his tail with meat pads clumped into a ball without looking at him.

Xu Jian’s rejection was so obvious that Qin Chen, although he didn’t understand cat language, could see from his expression and movement——

His little ancestor was angry.

Qin Chen did not understand why Xu Jian was suddenly angry, and Xu Jian’s heart was also in turmoil, he didn’t know where his sudden discomfort was coming from.

Qin Chen went to see President Du, what was he had to be upset about?

Remembering the smile on Qin Chen’s face just now, Xu Jian’s cat’s face wrinkled and thought:

Qin Chen is certainly not forced, judging from his expression just now, he likes that President Du, and also definitely not…….

Du Zezhou, who was far away on the other side, suddenly sneezed and rubbed his nose, thinking thoughtlessly ——

Who misses me?

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he was. In the end, Xu Jian felt that he couldn’t stay on the sofa any longer. He got up and jumped off the sofa, and went to the cat’s litter without looking back.

And Qin Chen, who looked at the sudden tantrum of Xu Jian, was confused: What is the matter with this?

Thinking back on what he said just now, Qin Chen then @Du Zezhou in the group:

【Milk doesn’t seem to like going on hikes, he suddenly ignored me after I told him that.】

Du Zezhou: 【???】

Tang Li: 【……Brother, are you serious? 】

Milk doesn’t like to go mountain climbing. Can you understand cat language or can you read the cat’s paw language?

Du Zezhou: 【Old Qin, if you’re not available or don’t want to say it directly, you don’t have to find such a far-fetched reason.】

Qin Chen turned around and glanced in the direction of the master bedroom, and sent a voice message:

“Really, Milk went back to the cat’s litter by itself.”

Tang Li: 【Is it strange for a cat to go back to the cat’s litter? 】

Du Zezhou was speechless and laughed:

【Old Qin, your excuse is not good ah. To say that Milk doesn’t like mountain climbing, it’s better to say that he doesn’t like me to be credible.】

Qin Chen: “Although Milk is sticky to me, he has never seen you. It’s impossible to hear your name and dislike you.”

So, it still has to do with not liking mountain climbing.

After Xu Jian entered the master bedroom and heard Qin Chen’s words, he could think of who he was talking to with his cat’s tail.

Xu Jian who was lying on the cat’s litter rolled in annoyance, thinking to himself:

We’re going to see each other on Saturday. Is there so much to talk about? Can’t talk about it when you meet?

In the living room, Qin Chen was still sending voice messages. Xu Jian frowned and finally got up from the cat’s litter, da da da ran to the door and then pushed against the door with his head. His head hurt and then replaced it with his two front paws to push.

Qin Chen was discussing the possibility of cats hating mountain climbing with Du Zezhou when he suddenly heard the sound of the door ‘bang’ slam behind him.

The movement wasn’t small, Qin Chen’s hand shook, and the words were sent out like this before he had yet to finish.

Looking back at the closed door, Qin Chen: “?” [8]T/N: cattitude problems. E/N: /facepalm

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Angry!

Qin poop scooping officer: ? ? 


1 praised his cat to the extreme
2 Suffix added to a name to show a close relationship.
3 asked her to back read/scroll up
4 to touch and rub a furry thing affectionately. Thus, if you like something or an animal, you can touch or rub it with your hands. This action is usually rua, if you see a cute cat. You can say so cute, I really want to Rua!
5 basically she said a lot
6 click click click
7 T/N: Tanjiro vibes lmao
8 T/N: cattitude problems. E/N: /facepalm

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