He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Join the Group

Qin Chen wanted to take Xu Jian to go hiking and to also let Du Zezhou see how cute his family’s Milk cat is.

Not only was he (Xu Jian) unwilling but he also closed the door and even nestled in the cat’s litter, and Qin Chen watched the cat’s butt all night, ignoring him.

Qin Chen was helpless. He didn’t consider that his Milk’s temper wasn’t small.

Qin Chen had no choice but to give up the idea of taking the cat out to show off and focus on coaxing the cat.

Listening to Qin Chen rejecting the Saturday’s hiking plan, Xu Jian’s heart didn’t feel much better——

Refusing to go hiking with President Du, they won’t be angry and make things difficult for Qin Chen, right?

Thinking about it, Xu Jian thought he might be brain dead.

He didn’t feel well if Qin Chen goes hiking and he wasn’t happy when the person didn’t go……

It is said that cat masters are moody and difficult to serve. Xu Jian thought that after becoming a cat, his emotions are somewhat catlike. 

Xu Jian’s dissent lasted only one night. In the next morning, he saw the small dried fish on the table and forgot all about it. 

Watching the short legs skillfully jump on the table, Qin Chen thought to himself——fortunately, he wasn’t angry enough to go on a hunger strike.

Sure enough, cats are still cats. Unlike people who hold grudges, they will be coaxed with just a few small dried fish.


The cat food advertisement shot by Xu Jian was quickly edited and promoted to major video sites, and the advertiser’s official Weibo immediately released the video.

There was no splash at the beginning of the video until Qin Chen logged on the account of ‘Milk is Super Cute’ that he applied for Xu Jian and forwarded it:

Milk is Super Cute: Look what I found [hold glasses] // Porter Yuan Official Weibo V: Ingenious quality, six high-quality deep-sea fish born for the cat master, @Milk is Super Cute .

After Qin Chen forwarded it, he liked it on his main account. Soon, some fans found the video and left messages one after another:

Milk is already a mature cat and he has to learn how to make money to buy cat food.

Ah, I’m dead. This is too cute bah!

Just in time to change my cat food for my cat master, arrange it right away!

Milk works well hahahaha. The cat of the Film Emperor is different, look at his little expression of enjoyment, full marks!

Who doesn’t like the milky little cutie!

Wow. Milk unexpectedly received advertisement, excellent!

What kind of exceptional cutie is this, I want to kiss him now!

It’s difficult for everyone to say good things,[1]Meant it’s difficult to please anyonenaturally there are also bad things to say. Some people say that Qin Chen is crazy about money. He even sucks the blood of his pet[2]ot literally, just used him to earn money, something like thatand pushes his cat out for business.

Qin Chen didn’t get angry when he saw this kind of brainless spraying,[3]scolding he directly blocked and reported it.

It was a waste of time and life getting angry with internet trolls.

With Qin Chen’s like, the advertiser’s official Weibo has reached all-time high popularity in history. Looking at the increasing orders online, the head of the sales and operation department’s mouth was almost grinning to the back of his head.

How much is the Film Emperor Qin Chen worth? Although it’s only a like, this is also heat traffic ah.

Only spent money to invite Qin Chen’s cat and as a result, half of Qin Chen’s popularity was given during the publicity.

This publicity fee spent is worth it!

Qin Chen put an email address he doesn’t often use within the account profile he applied for Xu Jian, stating that this email address is for business cooperation.

Pan Min also posted on her Weibo and forwarded the advertisement ad taken by Xu Jian, saying:

Milk has grown up, he’s been able to receive his own advertisement, but I really am not his agent. Don’t contact me if you have any collaboration plans. I can’t make the decision [covers face and cry] // Milk is Super Cute: Look what I found……

Since applying for a Weibo account specifically for Xu Jian, Qin Chen’s sharing cat position has moved from his Weibo to here, and he posted three Weibo posts in one day to show off his family’s cutie openly and secretly.

Still using Xu Jian’s tone, like:

Today’s ham porridge is very delicious, I ate a whole bowl! [Cute]

The picture shows Xu Jian half-sitting on the dining table eating porridge with a very cute heart-shaped sticker on his head.

Another example:

Today’s bath water is a little hot, I suspect @Qin Chen is trying to scald my hair off.

The accompanying picture shows Xu Jian who has taken a bath and is wrapped in a blue towel.

Xu Jian, who clearly saw Qin Chen’s Weibo, said: “……”

So it turns out you knew that the last bathwater was a little hot!!

Qin Chen sends Weibo posts so frequently that his followers increased rapidly. In addition to Qin Chen’s fans, there are a lot of passer-by fans who came to cloud suck cats.[4]cloud = internet; suck = liking it so much. Thus, like watching cats on the internet a lot [E/N: *IT ME.]

After all, Xu Jian is beautiful and cute, very suitable as the object of the cloud-raising cat.

Originally, everyone thought that ‘Milk is Super Cute’ Weibo was managed by Qin Chen’s staff like Pan Min or Xiao Nan.

As a result, during a certain interview, a reporter chatted with Qin Chen and asked him what he did with his cat while he was working, and his fans were saying that his cat was very active on Weibo and asked him who usually took care of Weibo.

Qin Chen replied, “The cat follows me, I take care of it.”

After the video of the interview came to light, people realized that it had been Qin Chen who had been personally taking care of Xu Jian’s Weibo, which was quite unexpected.

Some fans ran to Xu Jian’s Weibo (Milk’s) and howled:

We can’t wait for ten days and a half for Brother Qin to go online. Who knew he’s active here every day like a high-imitation account? [5]like how counterfeit products are always being made

Although Xu Jian started to receive advertising, there is a lot of cooperation behind the door but Qin Chen did not agree to any of them after careful screening, so Xu Jian was happy to be idle.

However, he has a growing number of fans, and there are even people who have set up a fan group specifically for him.

When he learned that he also had a fan group, Xu Jian had mixed feelings in his heart——

The fan group sounds organized and disciplined, and even more so classy.

When he was a human being, he didn’t have this treatment!

Once again, he sighed that people are worse than cats.

In every way.

Every morning is Xu Jian’s busiest time, he has to go to the guest room while Qin Chen is still asleep to see if his ID card has fallen, then go to the bathroom to solve a cat problem and wash up.

In order to prevent Qin Chen from getting suspicious, he has to use the litter box a day or two.

However, even so, one time after dinner, when Qin Chen finished shoveling poop and sat on the sofa to watch TV with him, Xu Jian still saw him searching:

What to do when cats have indigestion and don’t always poop?

At that time, Xu Jian saw Qin Chen pursing his mouth and looking through various answers with a serious face: “……”

You don’t have to be so serious.

However, Qin Chen also checked while touching Xu Jian’s stomach, thinking——

If Milk ate without pooping, how come that there is no accumulation of bloating mentioned on the Internet? 

Xu Jian was rubbed comfortably, meowed in a low voice, and lazily rolled over. His hind legs also stirred, leaning over with his chin upturned, that means——

Scratch my neck, too.

Qin Chen obediently scratched his neck.


After a period of peace, Xu Jian was a little flustered to see that the date was gradually approaching ‘10.20’.

He doesn’t know how often ordinary cats have estrus but he isn’t the same as other cats, his estrus seems to be very regular.

His first estrus was ‘8.20’. Although he was not in estrus in September, he was inexplicably agitated in those days, as if the precursors of girls on their period.

Originally, Xu Jian had been psychologically prepared to avoid Qin Chen when he turns back into a human last month but he was only mildly irritable and didn’t have the hard and uncontrollable behavior in August when he was really in heat.

When he didn’t become a human in September, Xu Jian was both lost and glad——

He wanted to contact his uncle after turning back into a human but Qin Chen was closely guarding him after the last time and he was afraid that his secret would be discovered……

While Qin Chen went to the toilet, Xu Jian poked out his furry head inside the quilt and used his paw to press the tablet on the pillow to look at the date. It’s already the 18th today.

The day after tomorrow is the 20th. In a twinkling of an eye, he has been in Qin Chen’s house for more than two months.

Thinking of this, he pressed his heart which was slightly beating faster, Xu Jian felt some apprehension——

It’s starting again, a sign of restless estrus.

Xu Jian is expecting and uneasy, he doesn’t know if he will become a human being this month.

After Qin Chen changed his clothes and came out, he walked lightly to the bed and suddenly reached out his hand and lifted the quilt, and then he saw the cat lying on all fours on the bed, shaking. He raised his head, staring at him with wide eyes.

Xu Jian: “Meow—”

Looking at the frightened round eyed-Xu Jian, the corner of Qin Chen’s mouth rose to a smile:

“Lazy cat, get up. We’re going to leave soon.”

Xu Jian, who had been thinking about things was so frightened by Qin Chen that he instantly threw behind the back of his mind what he was just struggling with, jumped from the bed, and pounced on Qin Chen, hitting him with a meaty cat paw——

Why are you walking without a sound! You scared me!

Qin Chen held the cat’s butt and let him (Xu Jian) hit himself (Qin Chen) with a soft force.

After being carried out of the bedroom by Qin Chen, Xu Jian realized that Pan Min and Xiao Nan had arrived at some point and were in the living room.

Xiao Nan who had bought breakfast and came over and looked at the cat in Qin Chen’s bosom and joked:

“I really envy Milk, getting this treatment every day.”

Xu Jian looked at them with open eyes, and then turned his head to look at Qin Chen: “Meow meow?”

Xu Jian: Do you have any work schedule?

Pan Min and Xiao Nan rarely come to Qin Chen’s house, and there is only one situation in which the two will come at the same time——

Qin Chen had work. They came to pick him up to go to the airport.

Sure enough, while Xu Jian was licking the porridge, Pan Min who was sitting next to him with a black leather notebook said to Qin Chen:

“This time, the schedule is a bit rushed. After arriving in Hexing City in the afternoon, you will attend the opening ceremony, and then have dinner with the director and producer of the crew in the evening but you can’t drink alcohol. You will start filming early tomorrow morning.”

Xu Jian blatantly eavesdropped with his ears and knew from the conversation between the three of them that Qin Chen was going to join the group again.

This time, it’s not a friendly cameo but the male lead of the big movie 《The Slayer》.

Xu Jian knew the movie 《The Slayer》 because it was adapted from a novel, and the original novel was very popular. He had read a little bit of the original work under Chen Doudou’s encouragement.

But because he wasn’t interested in the novel, he didn’t finish reading it.

The news that the novel was going to be filmed was circulated two years ago and there was also a hot search on the casting issue before that.

Big IP, big director, good production crew, before the film is shot the original (novel) has its own traffic, and countless artists and agents are tearing up these resources both openly and secretly.

Xu Jian even heard Chen Doudou’s gossip that their company’s pillar wanted to play the Male Three, and was asking the company agent to find a way to help him get an audition.

Because it had nothing to do with him, Xu Jian didn’t care when he saw the hot search at that time but he didn’t expect that the final casting of the male lead to be Qin Chen.

In this sensitive period when Qin Chen joins the group to film, Xu Jian is undoubtedly the happiest. This is a good thing for him.

Because intuition tells Xu Jian that he is likely to turn back into a person this month.

And Qin Chen will definitely not be able to take care of him when filming.

In this way, whether or not he will turn into a cat afterwards, he doesn’t have to worry too much about Qin Chen discovering his secret.

The hotel on the set had so many people that it was convenient for him to slip away. Even if he had bad luck and suddenly turn back into a cat like last time, by the time Qin Chen finished work, he had changed back unnoticed.

Simply perfect!


Xu Jian thought quite beautifully, so when Qin Chen and they were packing up, he looked around happily and he couldn’t wait for his paws to help Qin Chen fold his clothes.

After being checked in a few times, Xu Jian’s airsickness symptoms also alleviated a lot. Although the flight took a long time, there was no chattering parrot or excited golden retriever like before. Xu Jian slept on his stomach and had a good sleep.

After getting off the plane, Qin Chen and the others didn’t even have time to put their luggage and were pulled to the set by the crew’s car.

The opening ceremony is about to begin and banners with blessings and original lines from the novel are hung all over the set. In addition to the crew and media, there are also various artists’ fan groups.

Among them, the number of fans holding banners and light signs with Qin Chen’s name is the most spectacular.

Because of the opening ceremony, Qin Chen stayed busy during the rest of the time,[6]uching the ground [idiom]either being pulled over by the media for an interview or being called by the director to chat.

Seeing Qin Chen like this, Xu Jian who followed Xiao Nan was happy in his heart——

Qin Chen has no time to care about him!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m free!!!

Qin poop scooping officer: I have a bad feeling.


1 Meant it’s difficult to please anyone
2 ot literally, just used him to earn money, something like that
3 scolding
4 cloud = internet; suck = liking it so much. Thus, like watching cats on the internet a lot [E/N: *IT ME.]
5 like how counterfeit products are always being made
6 uching the ground [idiom]

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