He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Premonition
In the evening, Qin Chen had dinner with everyone from the crew. It wasn’t convenient to take Xu Jian with him so Xiao Nan took him back.

According to the previous stickiness of Xu Jian to Qin Chen when they were in Xincheng, Xiao Nan thought Xu Jian would not go with her easily, so she had planned to use delicious foods such as small dried fish and canned cat foods to lure him.

However, what Xiao Nan did not expect was that today, Xu Jian did not only stick to Qin Chen and didn’t move, but he even took the initiative to jump into the back seat, and his long tail wagged at the people outside the car. That means——

Goodbye to you.

Seeing Xu Jian’s abnormal performance, Master Xiao Nan who learned from the world of television, touched her chin without a beard, pretending to frown and ponder. Then she turned her head and looked at Pan Min:

“Sister Pan, isn’t Milk unaccustomed to this ah?”

Why are you so proactive and happy today?

Pan Min looked at Xiao Nan with amusement, “What are you thinking about every day?”

How can a cat be unaccustomed to it?

Xiao Nan chuckled while dodging Pan Min’s outstretched hand like a loach, stuck her tongue out, and got into the car.

Qin Chen had a dinner party, Pan Min naturally followed along so only Xu Jian and Xiao Nan returned to the hotel.

Knowing that Xu Jian is well-behaved and will not scratch the sofa and damage the furniture, Xiao Nan carefully checked the doors and windows to confirm that they were tightly closed, then she bent down and propped up her knees to look at Xu Jian and said in a coaxing tone:

“Milk, be good, and sleep here. Dad will come back after a while, okay?”

The Dad in Xiao Nan’s mouth naturally refers to Qin Chen.

Hearing Xiao Nan’s words, Xu Jian subconsciously wanted to nod, then reacted with a sudden pause and opened his mouth at her with his head up:


Although he knows that his face was as round as a plate and there was no chin to speak of, Xu Jian still insisted the action he just did was not to raise his head but to lift his chin.

Seeing Xu Jian’s well-behaved cat face, Xiao Nan wanted to touch the cat but as soon as her restless hand was raised, Xu Jian sharply tilted his head away:

“Meow wu…”

Xu Jian’s ice-blue cat eyes looked at Xiao Nan, the meaning in his eyes:

Say it, don’t take liberties. A single cat and a single woman are not too good.

If word got out, then there’s a problem with his cat’s style.

Seeing Xu Jian avoiding her hand again, Xiao Nan was a little dejected and was slightly aggrieved with a flattened mouth:

“We have known each other for so long, you still won’t let me touch you. Stingy!”

“Milk, you don’t really dislike me, right?”

Xiao Nan felt that she was targeted by a cat.

Xu Jian thought to himself that this is not a matter of being petty or not. If he was born a cat, he definitely will not refuse other people’s kisses and hugs or even holding him high.

Unfortunately, his soul is a twenty-four-year-old adult male, and when he thought of being touched by Xiao Nan’s motherly smile……..

Xu Jian’s cat whiskers were shaking——he was awkward all over.

Every cell in his body is resisting the image to come true.

However, looking at Xiao Nan’s aggrieved and lost expression, Xu Jian reflected in his heart whether he had gone too far.

Xiao Nan was so good to him and he wouldn’t even let the other touch him.

When he thought of this, Xu Jian also felt quite apologetic, so he raised his paw and touched it on the finger that Xiao Nan hadn’t retracted.

Xu Jian: “Meow~”

Xiao Nan who was caught off guard and shook a paw with a cat: “!!!”


Although it was only a brief touch but to round it up, she also got to touch the cat!

Xiao Nan left with satisfaction.

With the sound of Xiao Nan closing the door, Xu Jian who had been initially nestled on the sofa bounced in place like being injected with chicken blood with his eyes glowing. He walked inside in such a good mood like he was about to fly in place——

The cat grandpa is free! 
The room Qin Chen stayed in this time was a luxurious suite with a Karaoke room, balcony, living room, kitchen, bar counter, and so on.

In addition to a double bed, sofa, bathroom, and other basic facilities, there is also a small terrace with a recliner and a sandbag in the corner, which is very suitable for lying down and watching the stars and talk about life when you are tired of boxing.

Both entertainment and fitness can be said to be very well thought out.

However, Xu Jian’s goal is not the small terrace, but the desktop computer inside.

When he came in just now and passed by the inner room, he saw this super large screen computer at a glance.

Jumping to the gaming chair, the internet addict cat Xu Jian, stretched out his paws and pressed the power button on the CPU.

As a result, because his legs were too short to reach, Xu Jian also fell off the chair due to the unstable center of gravity the next second after touching the power button. The Wanxiang’s[1]company namechair wheels slid back a few centimeters by him.

Xu Jian, who didn’t fall in pain, shook his tail, looked up at the screen that lit up successfully, he decided not to argue with the chair and jumped on the table in two to three steps.

The hotel’s computer doesn’t have a boot password and is automatically connected to the Internet after it’s turned on which allowed Xu Jian to save a lot of trouble.

The desktop has a mouse which is much more convenient than using a touchpad on a laptop. Xu Jian pressed a meat pad on the mouse and pulled it twice to successfully align the cursor with the penguin icon.[2]QQ

With one paw back out of Jianghu, Xu Jian logged in his penguin with difficulty. Because the keys of the mechanical keyboard were sensitive, it took him to log in at the same time he logged in on Qin Chen’s laptop.

But Xu Jian wasn’t in a hurry today. Qin Chen went out for a social gathering, it was impossible for him to come back in two to three hours, and he didn’t have to worry about the power issue today.

Nowadays, there are very few people who use Penguin to chat, so Xu Jian received few messages after he successfully logged in. Apart from those from his uncle and Chen Doudou, the rest were all group messages that can be seen or not.

Two meat pads held the mouse that was too large for his current hands. Xu Jian first clicked on his uncle Lu Dingxiang’s chatbox.

The message’s date was sent more than ten days ago, he said he was relieved to know that he was safe but why was his cellphone could not be reached and was always prompted to shut down, asked him to take care of himself alone, and talk to his uncle if he has no money;

Did you receive the grapes I sent last time, if you like to eat them, he will send two more boxes over. You can rest assured that the ones grown at home don’t have chemicals……

Liu Dingxiang said all the trivial things with the usual rambling of elders but Xu Jian’s eyes were hot.

Since his parents died in a car accident, there are only a few people who are genuinely kind to him.

His uncle counts as one, Chen Doudou counts as one, and now——

Qin Chen also counts as one.

After sniffing, Xu Jian saw a tissue on the table, so he spread the mouse and ran over, rubbing his whole face against the tissue.

Real men don’t cry easily,[3]A real man does not cry at the drop of a hat just because life is not going his way.he just had bricks in his eyes.

After somewhat calming down his emotions, Xu Jian ran back to the keyboard and started typing one key at a time.

If the hotel room had a camera, the hotel staff will be able to see a cat sitting in front of the computer with a serious expression, constantly lifting his legs to poke at the keycaps.

Xu Jian lied that he was in a closed training recently, that the company management strictly confiscated mobile phones so it’s usually turned off, the grapes are very sweet, and the money is enough……

When the words ‘enough money’ were typed, Xu Jian thought of the 10,000 yuan he borrowed from Chen Doudou that is now in Qin Chen’s hand, his heart was dripping blood.

When returning the message to Liu Dingxiang, in order to prevent letting the cat out of the bag, Xu Jian double-checked to confirm that there are no typos before sending it.

After replying to Liu Dingxiang, Xu Jian opened Chen Doudou’s chatbox again.

Chen Doudou said that his agent gave him a supporting role in an online costume drama. The role isn’t much but after the performance, excluding the company’s cut, it comes down to more than 200 a day.

Their company earns 70% which means a daily salary of nearly a thousand.

One thousand yuan a day is very low in the whole industry but for people like Chen Doudou and Xu Jian, such 10086 lines,[4]One of the most commonly used phone numbers in mainland China. Customers of China Mobile dial 10086 or send messages to it for services.who have such no person in the circle, the price is very high.

Xu Jian can feel Chen Doudou’s joy from the words between the lines.

Xu Jian is also happy for Chen Doudou. Although it was extremely troublesome and difficult for him to type now, he still sincerely sent a long message to congratulate the other.

In the entertainment industry, everyone says that Xiao Hong depends on praise and Da Hong depends on fate,[5]Success, no matter how small or big it is, it all depends on fate.this saying is not without reason.

It is not impossible for an artist to become popular at once by relying on a photo, a clip, or a cameo, so people who are still struggling at the bottom of the circle have a lucky thought in their hearts——

What if?

What if one day I become popular from an insignificant role?

Xu Jian has and so does Chen Doudou.

It’s this kind of thought that they are not willing to let go of any opportunity.

After the congratulations, Xu Jian talked about the 10,000 yuan. He told Chen Doudou that something had happened to him and that it might take some time to pay him back.

Chen Doudou may be busy and others are not online like Chen Doudou.

Xu Jian was afraid that they would see him online later when they are free and then would ask some questions that were difficult for him to answer, so he hurriedly went offline after sending a message to report his safety.

After exiting the Penguin account, looking at the computer screen, Xu Jian felt a sense of loss.

After the hurt in spring and sadness in autumn for a long time, Xu Jian pressed his heart that was beating faster and faster. He reacted like half a beat slower to the fact that this was a precursor to his estrus, not a sense of regret.

But today is only the 18th, the day after tomorrow is the 20th. There are still two days so Xu Jian shook his head and didn’t care.

With Xu Jian’s current four meat pads to the computer, it wasn’t convenient to do anything. He originally wanted to go to Weibo for a while to stroll around but he didn’t want to search the web, so he stared at the screen for a while, and finally, resigned to shutting down the computer.

His Weibo account ‘Xu Jian’ originally didn’t have two live fans, and now the grass on his Weibo must be two meters high, and the ‘Milk is Super Cute’ account that was said was his but Qin Chen has been the one taking care of it. He doesn’t know the account number and password.

Moreover, with the Milk account, Qin Chen posts every day, he is forced to look at the Weibo page every day.

In addition to the comments about wanting to steal cats and group souls wanting to transmigrate into a cat, there is nothing special.

After turning off the computer, Xu Jian jumped off the computer desk and rubbed his meat pad on the soft carpet a few times before jumping on the bed.

Approaching estrus, Xu Jian has begun to feel a little panicky.

Climbing into the still cold quilt, Xu Jian hugged his tail and formed himself into a circle.

In fact, Xu Jian is quite worried that he won’t be able to return to normal in the future, so he switched back and forth between human and cat, making him neither a human nor a cat……

But in any case, his priority now is to deal with the upcoming 20th. If he reacted strongly tomorrow night, he must be ready to turn back into a human again.

He had to leave the room before Qin Chen discovers his human self……

With a burst of heart throbbing, Xu Jian closed his eyes and frowned, enduring the physical discomfort while calculating his next move in his mind. He didn’t know when he fell asleep while thinking.

In his sleep, Xu Jian felt a cold wind blowing in the darkness which forced him to wrap his quilt tightly and shrink his head into the quilt before he felt warmer.


At eleven o’clock in the evening, Qin Chen who had been dragged by Pan Min to a social gathering was finally put back to the hotel.

After swiping his card into the room, Qin Chen’s first reaction was to look for his cat.

At last, he approached the inner room and turned on the light. He saw a small ball protruding from the bed.

Looking at the small bulge in the middle of the bed, Qin Chen couldn’t help but smile:

The little guy is quite good at finding a place to sleep, right in the middle.

Walking over lightly, Qin Chen reached out and slowly lifted the quilt.

He thought Xu Jian would wake up when he felt his movement but he didn’t.

After Qin Chen lifted the quilt, he saw a cat with his two front paws holding the corner of the pillow, body bowed like a shrimp and sleeping soundly.

After taking out his phone and taking two pictures, Qin Chen helped Xu Jian cover the quilt and then took his clothes to the bathroom outside to wash up.

When Qin Chen finished washing and lifted the quilt and went to bed, Xu Jian was still not awakened by his movement.

After lying down for a few seconds, Qin Chen looked at the sleeping white cat and his heart felt itchy so he took an inch and carefully fished the cat into his arms and hugged him.

Xu Jian moved his head from the bed to Qin Chen’s arm.

However, even in the whole process, Xu Jian did not open his eyes once; he was fast asleep, snoring.

Seeing this, Qin Chen rubbed Xu Jian’s face, and his heart was soft—— didn’t wake up after being tossed and turned like this, he seems to be really tired today.

Qin Chen is also tired after a busy day, staring at Xu Jian for a few seconds, and then contentedly closed his eyes with the cat in his arms.

He needs to get up early for tomorrow’s filming, he should go to bed soon, or he won’t have energy tomorrow.

Sleeping in a daze in the middle of the night, Qin Chen heard the sound of teeth colliding. He subconsciously hugged the cat in his arms tightly and thought in a trance——

Since when did Milk grind its teeth when he goes to sleep?


The more Xu Jian sleeps, the colder he felt, like falling into an ice hole. He tried to open his eyes but his eyelids seems to have a thousand pounds of weight so he could only stick his teeth chattering to the only heat source around him, wishing to become an octopus to be wrapped directly.

As he approached, Xu Jian who fell asleep with his tail in his arms wondered:

When did my tail become so big?

How come I didn’t find my tail so comfortable to hold before?

So warm…

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Is my tail so comfortable? Weird.

Qin poop scooping officer who almost choked out of breath: Sweet burden.


1 company name
2 QQ
3 A real man does not cry at the drop of a hat just because life is not going his way.
4 One of the most commonly used phone numbers in mainland China. Customers of China Mobile dial 10086 or send messages to it for services.
5 Success, no matter how small or big it is, it all depends on fate.

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