He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Shock

Qin Chen had a dream:

He fell into a river and drowned, his neck was entangled by the weeds at the bottom of the river and was about to suffocate. He didn’t know what he had caught on to in the panic struggle, and his hand felt slippery and cold……

Before drowning in his dream, Qin Chen opened his eyes abruptly and woke up to find that it was just dawn.

The feeling of suffocation was too real. Qin Chen’s chest rose and fell sharply, and for a moment, he wasn’t able to completely break free from the dream.

After looking at the ceiling for a few seconds, he found that the feeling of breathlessness did not disappear.

Qin Chen moved and found that his neck was really being pressed by something and it felt a little cold to the touch.

And not only could he not move his neck, but even his right hand is also being pressed and can’t move.

Could it be a ghost pressing the bed?

As soon as his eyes turned, Qin Chen subconsciously looked down to see——

His (Xu Jian) bare arm lay across his (Qin Chen) collarbone, near his neck.

Looking at this arm that obviously doesn’t belong to him, Qin Chen’s brain who was frightened from the nightmare hasn’t reacted. He moved faster than his brain, directly touching this arm with his hand.

While touching, Qin Chen thought to himself: Very slippery, just like in the dream.

In the dream?

Qin Chen’s movement suddenly stiffened, where did this hand come from??

Finally realizing what was wrong, he slowly turned his head, and then suddenly encountered a strange face.

Looking at the sleeping face close at hand, Qin Chen’s first reaction was——

This person’s skin is quite good, not to mention his skin is white, he can’t even see his pores from such a close distance.

Taking away the other party’s arm on his body, Qin Chen hurriedly let go of the strange man he was hugging and sat up from the bed with a jolt.

He finally knew why he couldn’t move his right hand just now.

Because the other party’s head is resting on his right arm while his right hand is resting on the side of the other’s waist.

Before Qin Chen reacted to the shock of ‘waking up with another person in his bed’, as he got up, the quilt slipped. He glanced down and found that the other party wasn’t wearing a shirt!

As for whether he was wearing pants or not, the legs inside Qin Chen’s quilt moved……

It doesn’t seem to be either!!!

Looking at the naked man on his bed, Qin Chen’s pupils and heart quaked at the same time, “Who (are) you?!!!”

Perhaps it was the lack of blood congestion in the brain by violently getting up or it was shaken by the other party’s dazzling white skin, Qin Chen felt his eyes went black.

Closing and opening his eyes, Qin Chen’s eyes were full of incredulity at the scene in front of him——

Who is this? Why is he in my bed, what happened last night?

Qin Chen’s brain was in a mess, and he was so shocked that he forgot what he should do next.

Moreover, Xu Jian was tormented in his sleep last night. He felt that he had been lying in the ice cave most of the night, covering the bed for a long time before he warmed up.

Xu Jian, who finally warmed up, was hugging Qin Chen and sleeping soundly. As a result, his arm was thrown off by Qin Chen, and the warm heat source in his arms also instantly disappeared.

Being so tossed by Qin Chen, Xu Jian subconsciously frowned in his sleep——cold.

Raising his hand to rub his eyes, Xu Jian half-squinted at Qin Chen who was sitting against the light and couldn’t see his expression. He rubbed his face against the soft pillow and closed his eyes, muttering in a small voice:

“You are up so early today ah……”

At the same time, Xu Jian pulled the quilt and wrapped himself, thinking——a little ventilation.

Qin Chen saw the other party lifted his eyelids lazily, glanced at him, and surprisingly, continued to sleep like there’s nothing!

Sleeping again!

Under the shock and anger, Qin Chen stretched out his long arm, not wanting to lift the quilt directly, he shouted in a low voice:

“Who are you? Why are you in my bed?”

When the quilt was lifted, the cold air poured in directly. Xu Jian was so cold that his body shivered, and the skin exposed to the air immediately raised small fat grains.

Frowning discontentedly, Xu Jian opened his eyes and just wanted to speak, as a result, Qin Chen covered his head with the quilt again.

Then, Qin Chen’s exasperated voice rang out in Xu Jian’s ears:

“You’re actually naked, not even wearing a pair of pants!”

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian, who hadn’t yet realized what’s going on, thought to himself:

Pants? Since when did cats have to wear pants?

Thinking in this way, Xu Jian came out from inside the quilt and opened his mouth while holding the quilt:

“Wear what pants, I’m not running naked……for a long time……”

Xu Jian’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally, his mouth widened and looked at Qin Chen dumbly, and his head went blank——

How did he open his mouth and spoke human words instead of meows?

With a thump in his heart, Xu Jian slowly lowered his head, and when he saw his arm still holding the quilt, his whole body was stiff like a lightning strike.

It’s actually an arm, not a cat’s leg!

What he feared most happened!

Not only did he turn back into a human being and was seen by Qin Chen, but now, he’s also lying naked in someone else’s bed!

After understanding his situation, Xu Jian looked up at Qin Chen with difficulty; four eyes and two confused faces. Both saw the shock and panicked from each other’s eyes.

Qin Chen was wearing pajamas, a naked Xu Jian topped with a messy hair, wrapped in a quilt, big eyes stared at small eyes——

The scene was once awkward to Xu Jian who wanted to explode on the spot.

Qin Chen scowled at Xu Jian, an uninvited guest as if he wants to stare him out of a flower.

Xu Jian’s skin is very white, with double eyelids and a high bridge nose, and his features are very good-looking. His bone structure is not big, his chin is a little sharp which makes his face smaller and smaller.

Currently, Xu Jian’s chest is covered by the white and soft quilt but Qin Chen can still see his round shoulders, his smooth and protruding collarbones, and his slightly sunken shoulder blades……

When he lifted the quilt just now, Qin Chen’s spirit shook when he saw Xu Jian wasn’t wearing anything. After reacting, he exploded in his heart with foul language, and then quickly covered him with the quilt.

But in those few seconds, Qin Chen also swept at the other party’s naked body under the quilt:

His legs are long and straight, the muscle lines on his legs are smooth and perfect. His waist and abdomen are flat without a trace of fat, overall a bit thin but there seems to be a mermaid line……

Throwing the waste out of his head, Qin Chen looked at the stagnant Xu Jian with a complicated expression and a quite subtle mood, he asked:

“Who the hell are you?”

Facing Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian felt like he had thorns on his back.[1]means to be on tenterhooks (idiom); waiting nervously for something to happenAt last, he brainstormed and opened his mouth to Qin Chen:


Early in the morning, a naked beautiful man suddenly appeared in his bed, still acting cute and obedient. Qin Chen’s pupils quaked once again:

“I asked who you are but you imitate a cat’s meow?!”

Don’t meow like a cat!!

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian curled his lips and was slightly aggrieved: You were obviously quite happy when I meow-ed before……

However, with the sound of Xu Jian’s ‘meow’, Qin Chen suddenly remembered a problem that he had ignored. Looking away from Xu Jian’s shoulder blades with difficulty, he quickly glanced at the room and did not see his Milk, he roared in his heart:

Where is my cat?!!

Didn’t I sleep with the cat in my arms last night? How did you wake up and became a man!

But now that the person is naked on the bed, Qin Chen can’t throw the person here to find the cat, so he stared at Xu Jian for a few seconds and finally spoke:

“I’ve seen you before.”

Xu Jian looked up at him with a jerk, was he recognized?

Qin Chen’s expression was somewhat ugly, “I’ve seen you before in the community where I live in Nanfeng City.”

Xu Jian blinked and before he could react, Qin Chen asked again:

“Did you come here by yourself or did someone asked you to come? What’s the purpose? Did you take pictures?’

Qin Chen’s identity was here, and there was a sea of people who wanted to climb his bed and stuffed people into his bed, and he refused without exception.

He has been very careful, but he didn’t expect that as soon as he overturned a car,[2]to take a turn for the worsehe woke up with one more person in his arms.

It’s even a man!

Qin Chen smashed down a series of questions, and seeing that his expression was wrong, Xu Jian knew that he had misunderstood. He quickly sat up straight and waved his hand:

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad person. Let me explain, I——”

Because of Xu Jian’s action, the quilt slipped a few more centimeters and all piled up to his waist. Qin Chen saw this and hurriedly raised his hand to interrupt his words:

“Wait a minute.”

Xu Jian obediently shut his mouth and looked at him with uncertainty.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at Xu Jian’s innocent eyes, Qin Chen’s temples twitched and looked away uncomfortably, and said:

“Put on your clothes first.”

Looks thin, I didn’t expect there was really a mermaid line.

But he really didn’t have the habit of talking to naked people.

When Xu Jian heard the words and pulled the quilt, he was a little embarrassed:

“I have no clothes……”

Qin Chen was a little surprised, “None?”

He glanced at the entire room and really did not find the clothes of the second person besides him.

Xu Jian’s face was a little hot and nodded silently.

Xu Jian also wanted to vomit, what a strange setting it is to be naked every time he becomes a human ah!

This disgrace has gone to the Atlantic Ocean

Qin Chen: “……”

Did you just walk into my room naked last night?!

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian with a complicated expression:

“Do you know that there is surveillance in the hotel hallway?”

Xu Jian was stunned, “En? Surveillance? I know ah.”

Okay, okay, why are we talking about hallway surveillance again?

Xu Jian answered so quickly that it was hard for Qin Chen to say that it was a very bad thing to run naked in public.

At last, under Xu Jian’s incomprehensible gaze, Qin Chen got out of bed and stepped on the carpet into the bathroom. After a short while, he came out with a bathrobe in his hand.

Throwing the bathrobe on Xu Jian, Qin Chen said:

“Wear this first, get off the bed, and we’ll talk.”

After saying that, Qin Chen turned his back on Xu Jian and went out, ready to take advantage of this time to see if Milk was outside.

Xu Jian quickly put on the bathrobe and felt the wind blowing when he walked. He glanced at Qin Chen’s suitcase next to him.

He knew there were some brand new pairs of underwear inside the suitcase which he had watched Qin Shen put in before.

But Xu Jian is now embarrassed to ask Qin Chen to give him a pair of underwear. It was too embarrassing, so he can only get out of the room with an awkward hanging gap.

After Xu Jian came out of the inner room, he saw Qin Chen looking for the cat in the living room, whispering Milk’s name.

Walking to Qin Chen’s side, Xu Jian didn’t have time to speak, the other party’s peripheral vision swept to him.

Seeing Xu Jian, Qin Chen who couldn’t find the cat subconsciously frowned. After a pause, he sat down on the sofa next to him.

It’s very important to find the cat but the situation is also very urgent.

Out of habit, Xu Jian subconsciously wanted to sit down after seeing Qin Chen sit but when he saw the other party’s cold eyes, he became scared again.

Sitting by himself, it was strange for Xu Jian to stand upright, so Qin Chen pointed to the single sofa on the left-hand side, that meant——

You sit there.

After sitting down, Xu Jian felt windy, so he took a pillow and put it on his lap. After finally having a little sense of security, he looked up at Qin Chen and was the first to speak:

“I know what you’re thinking, I can explain all of this.”

Xu Jian made up his mind when he was wearing clothes. Now it’s the best choice to confessed this situation to Qin Chen.

He appeared naked on someone else’s bed. If he could not explain clearly, Qin Chen will definitely call the police and arrest him as a pervert.

When the time comes, maybe a mosaic picture of him will also appear in the hot search, with the title——

A perverted man surnamed Xu sneaked into the Film Emperor Qin Chen’s room without clothes!

Quite unruly, very problematic work style!

His brain made up a scene where he was hung on the hot search and scorned by all the people. Xu Jian shuddered and thought it was better to confess and be lenient.

Maybe Qin Chen will forgive him for the sake of petting him for two months.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian settled his mind, looked at Qin Chen seriously, and said solemnly:

“What I’m going to tell you next, I hope you don’t tell a second person.”

Qin Chen raised an eyebrow when he heard his words: “Why?”

Xu Jian gravely said, “Because I don’t want to be dissected.”

After hearing this, Qin Chen was stunned, and rarely joked:

“Although it was wrong for you to break into my room, it’s not serious enough to dissect you, and the law does not allow it.”

Xu Jian was not in the mood to joke with him. After pursing his lips, his heart went up and down, and he spoke bluntly:

“Actually, I am your cat.”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Actually, I am your cat.

Qin poop scooping officer: ……


1 means to be on tenterhooks (idiom); waiting nervously for something to happen
2 to take a turn for the worse

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