He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 30

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Bonus chapters part 1

Chapter 30 – Confession

Xu Jian told Qin Chen very seriously that he is Milk, the cat he raised.

Qin Shen, who heard his words: “……”

Felt like being fooled.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xu Jian was still a stranger to Qin Chen, he would have definitely touched Xu Jian’s forehead to see if it was hot.

Started talking nonsense early in the morning, either the person had gone silly from fever or has brain problems.

But looking at Xu Jian’s behavior, he doesn’t seem to be out of his mind or delirium, so Qin Chen’s face directly turned dark, looking at him:

“I didn’t call the police because I wanted to hear your explanation, but are you kidding me now?”

Qin Chen thought in his heart that Xu Jian was the one who climbed into his bed but the moment he lifted the quilt just now, he clearly saw that the other party’s body was clean, and there was no ambiguous trace.

Therefore, he was sure that nothing had happened to them last night.

It was because of this that he had the patience to sit here and listen to Xu Jian’s explanation.

However, the other party did not seem to think so and even used the reason that he was a cat that even a three-year-old child would not believe that he was a cat.

And Xu Jian knew that what he said was unbelievable. It was also unrealistic to think that Qin Chen would immediately accept that he was a cat after hearing it. When he decided to tell the truth, he had more or less guessed Qin Chen’s current reaction.

By now, Xu Jian calmed down instead. He looked at Qin Chen in the eye who had a look of displeasure and frankly said:

“I know you can’t accept it for a while, but what I said is true, I am Milk. The reason why I appeared on your bed yesterday was that I was lying on the bed after I came back with Xiao Nan.”

Qin Chen was silent for two seconds and asked him:

“Do you want me to call a doctor for you?”

Seeing that Xu Jian was eloquent, Qin Chen began to doubt whether he was really out of his mind and have a disorder.

Or is afraid of calling the police, deliberately pretending to be crazy in front of him, trying to get away with it? 
Hearing Qin Shen’s words Xu Jian: “……”

I thank you, ah, but I’m not sick, no need to hire a doctor.

Xu Jian took a deep breath, and then like pouring beans, he told the whole story:

“My original name was Xu Jian. I was fired from the company in August when I had a car accident on my way home, and then I woke up and became a cat. I know it’s very xuanhuan-like[1]mysterious fantasybut the truth is that when I became a cat, I didn’t mean to break into your neighborhood and meet you. You scared off my ham sausage at that time, you took me to get vaccinated and took a bath, and the doctor also praised me for not being afraid of water…”

“……You thought you lost your cat in heat in August, but at that time, I suddenly became human. I confess that I secretly wore your clothes while you were not at home, which is the one you later found with 10,000 yuan in it.”

“You said you saw me in the community, so then you must have remembered that the clothes I wore were yours. I just happened to meet you when I came out.”

“You said I scratched five holes in your two pants. In fact, I was taking the temporary ID I had inside the trousers, and now, my temporary ID is still on top of the air conditioner in your guest room. I managed to put up with the curtains, if you don’t believe it, you can go back and have a look next time.”

“Moreover, I used your laptop while you weren’t home. I remembered the password ‘qin0811’ when I saw you typing it before. Actually, your laptop is fine, it’s that I used it and ran out of battery……”

Xu Jian said everything regardless. At first, Qin Chen was still leaning on the sofa looking at him with ‘you make up, continue to make it up’ expression. However, the more he listened, the more serious his expression became, and the body leaning on the sofa also unconsciously leaned forward, and his eyebrows extremely wrinkled——

The power-on password is correct.

0811 is the date when he picked up Milk. It was newly changed by him, even Xiao Nan and Pan Min did not know.

He didn’t tell anyone about Milk scratching his two pants, let alone the details of five holes, and the 10,000 yuan……

Thinking of this, Qin Chen’s eyes changed, and the eyes looking at Xu Jian became dark and unclear.

Xu Jian’s upper lip touched the lower lip and ‘de de de’ talked for several minutes, but he didn’t stop until he felt his mouth dry.

After taking a long breath, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen expectantly and apprehensively:

“Now you believe it, right?”

Qin Chen, whose lips had been taut the entire time, paused for a few seconds and then slowly spoke to Xu Jian’s nervous little eyes:

“Do you know that it’s illegal to install cameras to spy on other people’s homes without the owner’s permission?”

After listening to Qin Shen’s words, Xu Jian: ” ????”

Well, what he said just now was in vain.

Qin Chen not only didn’t believe it, but he also thought he had installed surveillance in his house.

After brainstorming, Xu Jian decided to try another way and said:

“How about this, you also said that the hotel corridor is monitored. You can go ahead and see if there was another person who came in last night since you entered the room.”

The surveillance can prove that he was not a pervert who slipped into the room while Qin Chen was sleeping.

Xu Jian: “I will explain again after watching the surveillance so that the credibility is higher.”

After saying that, Xu Jian paused, and then added uneasily:

“But no matter what, before you believe me, I hope you will keep quiet about this and not tell anyone about my existence.”

Although there are doubts about Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen thought it was a good idea to look at the hotel surveillance, but watching the surveillance…

Looking up and down at Xu Jian wearing a bathrobe, Qin Chen’s expression was inexplicably uncomfortable.

This person came to his room naked, what did he look like on the surveillance video?

However, seeing that Xu Jian looked calm and persistent, Qin Chen felt that he will not die until he reached the Yellow River,[2]persevere until one reaches one’s goal; to keep going while some hope is lefttaking any chances, so he nodded:

“Okay, let’s look at the surveillance first.”

Before leaving to check the hotel surveillance, Qin Chen found a set of clothes for Xu Jian to change and let him (Xu Jian) go with him (Qin Chen).

Although he knew that Qin Chen is afraid that he will take advantage while he was under surveillance to escape, Xu Jian was still grateful when he received the clothes handed over by the other party——

This cat master finally doesn’t have to be worried about the gap!


Qin Chen took Xu Jian, using the excuse that he heard someone frantically knocking on his door last night, he asked the hotel security room to help him adjust the surveillance of last night.

Not everyone can see the hotel surveillance but when the security room saw that the person is Qin Chen, he dared not slack, and immediately agreed.

Xu Jian looked at the smile on the face of the security personnel, thinking that the identity of a Film Emperor is really good to use, everyone is polite to such a degree.

Half an hour later, Qin Chen, who returned to his room after watching the surveillance, looked at Xu Jian sitting opposite him, frowning:

“Who the hell are you?”

On the surveillance of the corridor last night, from the beginning to end, there was no Xu Jian’s figure but Milk disappeared early in the morning. The surveillance did not capture the shadow of Milk, indicating that Milk did not come out of this room at all.

Knowing that Qin Chen must now be doubting life in his mind, Xu Jian patiently said again:

“I am Xu Jian. After being a man for twenty-four years, I suddenly became a cat in two months. Although the name ‘Milk’ is very common, you came up with it yourself. At that time, you said my hair was very white so you called me Milk.”

“You always ask me not to go to the bathroom to drink the toilet water. In fact, I go there not to drink water but to go to the toilet and wash my face. Cat food is really not delicious, I didn’t want to use the cat litter pot but I was afraid of your suspicion, I will occasionally use it, so you don’t need to go online to check whether I’m just eating and have indigestion……”

This time, Xu Jian said a lot of details about Qin Chen’s relationship with him, the latter frowned, listening more and more firmly——

He had an impression of everything Xu Jian said, exactly the same.

He couldn’t even remember many details like Xu Jian did say.

If he is not a perverted peeping Tom, then 80% of what he said is true.

Moreover, their community’s security is very strict, it’s quite difficult for Xu Jian to install cameras in his house without anyone noticing it, it’s quite difficult……

After realizing this, Qin Chen’s heartbeat gradually accelerated. He looked at Xu Jian with a clear and handsome face, and his thoughts began to change——

Could he really be Milk?

Milk really became a spirit?

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression relaxed, Xu Jian knew he already believed a little, so he took another effort to roll up his sleeve to show him his left wrist:

“Milk has a small black cat hair on its left front leg which corresponds to my mole here.”

Hearing this, Qin Chen looked down and saw that Xu Jian really had a mole the size of a half sesame grain on his wrist.

Subconsciously, he touched Xu Jian’s wrist, and then Qin Chen confirmed that it was a real mole, not painted or temporary.

When he looked up at Xu Jian again, Qin Chen’s eyes were quite complicated and hesitantly said:

“So……you’re really Milk?”

Xu Jian nodded, “More real than pearls.”

Qin Chen was dumbfounded for a moment and felt that the world was really xuanhuan.

He needed time to digest this outrageous news.

After a while, Qin Shen asked again:

“So, you’re not a real cat? Me thinking several times that you can understand human language is not an illusion?”

Xu Jian was a bit helpless, “I have said that I am a human being, I naturally understand what you say.”

Qin Chen’s silence this time lasted longer than the last time.

The cat he raised for two months, saying that it becomes a human, and didn’t even give him any preparations.

In addition, when he was a child, no animal was willing to get close to him, so how could he suddenly meet a cat who not only did not avoid him but is also unusually sticky to him……

Thinking of this, Qin Chen swept a glance at Xu Jian’s smooth and white face and neck, having mixed feelings in his heart——

I thought I could finally raise a fluffy one but as a result, it’s still smooth.

While Qin Chen digested the matter of ‘Milk turning into a refined adult’ alone, Xu Jian is actually also very perturbed in his heart.

Having encountered such an unscientific thing, he didn’t know what Qin Chen would do next.

Will he tell others his true identity? Or will he pack his bags and scram?

Or perhaps……call the police to arrest him?

Xu Jian’s nerved have been tight, his heart felt uncertain.

As if a century had passed, Qin Chen finally stopped being silent and looked at Xu Jian and asked:

“You just said you will become a cat again?”

Xu Jian nodded unsurely, “According to past experience, it should change back today.”

Qin Chen: “Is there any basis between you becoming a human and becoming a cat?”

Xu Jian told Qin Chen his previous guesses, and the latter nodded after hearing it:

“It makes sense to change back into a human during estrus, and the time is also right……”

Seeing Qin Chen’s thoughtful expression, Xu Jian endurance finally couldn’t hold back and asked:

“Do you believe what I said?”

Qin Chen glanced at him and nodded, “Temporarily believe it.”

Hearing what Qin Chen said, Xu Jian’s hanging heart did not completely fall. He clasped his hands nervously and anxiously looked at him:

“Then you……What are you going to do next?”

Facing Xu Jian’s meaningful gaze, Qin Chen asked, “What should I do?”

Xu Jian was anxious. He raised his hand and pointed to himself:

“Me ah. You already know my secret, what should I do?”

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen paused and threw the question back to him:

“What’s your next plan?”

Xu Jian shook his head honestly, “I don’t know.”

It was likely that he would still turn into a cat, so he couldn’t go anywhere for the time being.

Qin Chen thought about it and came up with a plan:

“Stay here until I fully believe you.”

If he wants to fully believe Xu Jian’s words, he could only wait until he saw Xu Jian change from a human to a cat with his own eyes.

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up and he excitedly went up to hold Qin Chen’s hand:

“Really? Are you still willing to take me in?”

He won’t call the police to arrest him and put him away for research?

Xu Jian’s hand was a little cold. Qin Chen, who was caught by him, was stunned at first, and then pulled out his hand rather uncomfortably:

“For the time being, we’ll discuss what to do in the end after I find out.”

Xu Jian nodded when he heard the words.

“Good good good, it’s just as you say.”

As long as he is not driven away now, everything will be fine.

As for later……

Xu Jian felt that when he turned back into a cat, Qin Chen, as a heavy plush control, would not be willing to drive him out as long as he meows at Qin Chen and threw a delicate expression. 

He’s so smart!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m so smart!

Qin poop scooping officer: I want to be quiet, really……


1 mysterious fantasy
2 persevere until one reaches one’s goal; to keep going while some hope is left

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