He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 31

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Bonus chapters part 1

Chapter 31 – Embarrassed

Although he believed that Xu Jian was Milk for the time being, Qin Chen still asked him a few questions about his original body in which Xu Jian also said everything about him.

When he heard Xu Jian say that he was also an actor, Qin Chen unexpectedly raised his eyebrows:

“So we’re still in the same business.”

As a small actor who found no such person in the circle, Xu Jian was embarrassed to say that he was Qin Chen’s colleague, so he waved his hand awkwardly:

“No, no, I’m just a small actor.”

Moreover, it’s not even his turn to be in a cameo role with a few seconds.

While Xu Jian was speaking, Qin Chen’s distinct bony fingers clicked on a few times on his mobile phone and clicked on his (XJ) Weibo, and he saw that his Weibo authentication is——signed artist of Ancient Culture.

Qin Chen filtered through his mind, and as a result, there was no such company in his memory, and have never heard of this name.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he accidentally scanned Qin Chen’s phone screen and saw that it was his Weibo profile. Xu Jian rubbed his neck, feeling quite embarrassed:

“I haven’t logged in to Weibo since I became a cat, its grass has grown.”

When Xu Jian lowered his eyes, Qin Chen found that there was a small mole of a very light color on his right eye, just on the eyelid.

However, because Xu Jian has double eyelids, he can’t see it when he opens his eyes and can only see it when he closes his eyes.

Looking away from Xu Jian’s eyes, Qin Chen asked again:

“You said that you were fired from the company and had a car accident on your way home? Did you terminate your contract with the company?”

Xu Jian knew what Qin Chen wanted to ask, so he nodded and said:

“En, but because of the sudden incident, the Weibo authentication hasn’t been changed.”

Perhaps because the person in front of him was Milk who had been living with him for two months, so Qin Chen, who has never cared about other people’s affairs, did not refrain from asking one more question:

“Why did you terminate your contract?”

Xu Jian smiled and spread his hand, “I can’t stand out in the circle. The company felt that I have no commercial value, so the contract was terminated.”

Qin Chen raised his brows at his words and looked at him:

“According to your terms, even if it wasn’t popular, it’s not so bad to be terminated because it has no commercial value, right?”

Qin Chen has seen many handsome men and women over the years. Although Xu Jian’s appearance is not top-notch, he is also very eye-catching, the kind that one would feel comfortable at a glance. 

It’s hard to see this kind of connection,[1]The feeling that one is ‘connected to another person by fate’ upon seeing their appearance for the first time; the feeling that one is attracted to another personbut Xu Jian’s looks are at least in line with Qin Chen’s kind of connection.

This is also an important reason why Qin Chen did not kick the other out of the bed when he caught sight of a naked man in his bed early in the morning.

Xu Jian looks pleasing, not like a bad guy.

After talking about his face and then talking about his figure, recalling the sight he saw before, Qin Chen said in his heart——

Apart from losing a little weight, everything else is good.

In fact, his heart is also very confused. Obviously, in these past two months, Milk has been rounded up by him, how come Xu Jian was still so thin?

There seems to be no meat or two except for the butt……

After flipping through Xu Jian’s Weibo, Qin Chen found that not to mention the drama publicity, he didn’t even have an advertising post on his Weibo after turning two pages, which was thoroughly unclear.

That’s why he was curious. Xu Jian has a face value and a figure. In today’s entertainment industry, as long as the company gives some resources, it will not be so transparent.

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s eyes flashed as if he remembered something, and then smiled after a two-second pause:

“My condition is mediocre, it’s normal that I’m not popular. There are countless people in the industry like me.”

Qin Chen keenly caught Xu Jian’s brief pause and did not pointed out, and changed the subject:

“You disappeared for two months without a word, aren’t your family and friends worried?”

Xu Jian: “I used your laptop to contact them online. Last night, while you were away, I also used the computer in the room to log on to Penguin to send them a message to let them know I was fine.”

Listening to this, Qin Chen nodded, “It turned out to be like this.”

Similar to checking the account,[2]Like checking the bank account, registered residence, or residence permithe asked Xu Jian a few more questions, and when the conversation was over, more than half an hour passed.

Qin Chen has to film this morning. Xiao Nan will come over at exactly 7:30 to wake him up and now it’s almost 7:20.

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and finally asked the question that had been on his mind from the beginning:

“When will you become a cat?”

Xu Jian shook his head, “I’m not sure, but the last time was after lunch.”

Worried that Xu Jian would be alone in the hotel, Qin Chen thought about it and said:

“Come to the set with me later.”

Xu Jian smiled and looked at him, “Are you afraid that I will run away while you’re away?”

Qin Chen didn’t answer, and when he got up, he handed his phone to Xu Jian.

Xu Jian held the phone that still carried Qin Chen’s temperature and looked up at him with uncertainty:

“Why did you give me your phone?”

Standing up and looking down on Xu Jian, from this angle, Qin Chen actually saw a little bit of Milk’s shadow from him.

The way Xu Jian looks at him now is very similar to the way Milk usually looks at him.

Usually, the cat is used to petting, looking at this Xu Jian with his head tilted and a harmless expression, Qin Chen almost couldn’t control his hands to rub the other party’s head.

The hand hanging at his side moved, Qin Chen’s expression was calm:

“Didn’t you just say you wanted to make a phone call for your uncle? You know the password, right?”

Although Qin Chen is also curious why Xu Jian first thought of calling his uncle instead of his parents, this involved Xu Jian’s privacy so he didn’t ask more questions.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian was stunned at first then reacted, his eyes lit up, and after thanking him repeatedly, he took his phone to make a call.

Although Qin Chen’s phone is unlocked by fingerprint, it also has a digital password. Xu Jian knows his unlocking password.

Seeing Xu Jian who didn’t even try to unlock his phone directly, watching his movements, Qin Chen raised an eyebrow——

It seems like there’s a lot of peeking ah.

Not only the laptop power-on password but even his phone’s password can also be accurately entered.

Qin Chen completely forgot that he usually had to hold the cat when looking at the phone, swiping the phone with one hand and rubbing the cat with the other.


Listening to Xu Jian whispering on the phone by the floor-to-ceiling window, Qin Chen frowned slightly:

If it is confirmed that Xu Jian is indeed Milk, what should I do?

The reason why Qin Chen can still comfortably kiss the cat, hug, and lift it up was entirely because he didn’t know that the cat had a human soul and now……

Even if Xu Jian changed to Milk later, he felt that it was impossible for him to suck the cat[3]not literally, it means liking/appreciatinghappily without any obstacles in his heart.

Thinking back to his previous kisses and touches on Milk, Qin Chen felt that he was molesting Xu Jian.


When Xiao Nan received a message from Qin Chen, she was still quite puzzled when she bought breakfast for two and wondered: Why is Brother Chen’s appetite so good today?

When she came up to see Qin Chen next to Xu Jian, Xiao Nan understood. It wasn’t that Brother Chan had a big appetite, but that there was another person.

Looking at Xu Jian, Xiao Nan blankly turned her head to look at Qin Chen, and the meaning in her eyes——Brother Chen, who is this?

Qin Chen swept a glance to Xu Jian who looked a little nervous, and said lightly: 

“A friend of mine came over to play and just arrived last night.”

Xiao Nan looked up and down at Xu Jian, and then said with some hesitation, “The clothes on his body……”

As a qualified assistant, Xiao Nan saw at a glance that the obviously larger set of clothes belonged to her Brother Chen, could it be……

Before Xiao Nan’s eyes at Xu Jian became strange, Qin Chen said:

“He came in a hurry, sent his clothes to be washed, and temporarily wore mine.”

Seeing Qin Chen revealing his background, Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief. He went forward and took two steps towards Xiao Nan, and said with a smile:

“Hello, I’m Xu Jian.”

In the end, Xu Jian didn’t have the heart to say the last sentence ‘I’m Qin Chen’s friend’.

Looking at Xu Jian’s smiling face, Xiao Nan briefly froze, and then also raised a big smile:

“Hello, I’m Brother Chen’s assistant, Xiao Nan. You can call me Xiao Nan.”

Xiao Nan’s lively and familiar personality, Xu Jian already knew it, so he smiled:

“Good, you can just call me Xu Jian.”

But Xiao Nan shook her head, “How can this be, although you look about the same age as me, you are Brother Chen’s friend, so I’ll call you Brother Xu.”

Graduated for more than two years, Xiao Nan and Xu Jian are the same age, and she is two months older than Xu Jian in terms of months.

Xu Jian didn’t dwell much on the title and quickly nodded, “That’s fine, too.”

Qin Chen and Xu Jian had a relatively silent breakfast. Xiao Nan walked around the room and then asked Qin Chen suspiciously:

“Brother Chen, how come I don’t see Milk? Where did he go?”

Hearing Xiao Nan’s words, Qin Chen glanced at a certain someone who guiltily lowered his head to drink milk, before he slowly replied:

“Because of the inconvenience of filming, I asked my friend to pick him up last night and placed him in foster care.”

Xiao Nan did not doubt him but she just said:

“Milk is so sticky to you; won’t he make trouble if he’s in foster care? When will you pick him up?”

A certain someone’s eyes called as clingy and still stuck in foster care, began to drift. He was inexplicably guilty and dare not to look at Qin Chen.

He also forgot the sticking. Xu Jian’s earlobes turned red at the thought of relying on his cat body to be pampered and rubbing his neck against Qin Chen.

I have no face to see anyone.

Seeing Xu Jian’s evading and uncomfortable expression, Qin Chen suddenly felt somewhat amused, and the bad taste in his heart began to emerge, so he deliberately said:

“Yes ah. Milk is too sticky that it fiercely meowed a lot when it was being carried away, it didn’t like it.”

Listening to Qin Chen’s nonsense, Xu Jian whose head has been lowered, suddenly looked up at him in shock. The little man in his heart frantically waved his hands, and almost shook his head off:

I’m not, I did not, don’t talk nonsense!

Unfortunately, Xu Jian’s three denials in his heart can’t be heard by Xiao Nan. When she heard Qin Chen’s words, she nodded and said seriously:

“Milk likes you a lot that he must be reluctant to leave you.”

Xu Jian: ……

I really did not……

Xu Jian couldn’t say anything and had no choice but to suffer in bitter silence, he can only stare with big eyes and madly wink at Qin Chen which meant——Don’t talk nonsense!

Ruined his innocence!

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s almost round eyes, and found something similar to Milk from him: His eyes are big and very good looking.

Xu Jian is very much like Milk that was teased to the point of his hair exploding.

Xiao Nan didn’t notice the surging tide between the two and asked again:

“So when is Milk coming back?” 

Retracting his sight, Qin Chen unhurriedly and calmly opened his mouth:

“I’m not sure. Maybe he’ll come back when he’s in a good mood.”

Xiao Nan: “Whaat???” The cat in a good mood?

Xiao Nan: ……

Looking towards the sky and taking a sip of milk, Xu Jian felt his heart was so tired.

For a moment, he even felt that instead of telling Qin Chen the truth, he might as well be caught by the police as a pervert and be locked up for a few days.

After breakfast, the car arranged by the crew also arrived. Seeing Xu Jian followed them out, Xiao Nan asked:

“Brother Xu, you’ll also follow Brother Chen to the set?”

Xu Jian nodded and just as he wanted to use the reason of ‘a rare opportunity to watch Qin Chen filming’, in the end, Qin Chen opened his mouth ahead of him:

“Next, he will follow me every step of the way.”

Hearing his words, Xu Jian helplessly looked at Qin Chen: ……

Don’t say something so misleading!

Xiao Nan was stunned when she saw Qin Chen’s serious expression and slowly opened her mouth wide after reacting.

Taking a step back and covering her mouth to look at Qin Chen and then at Xu Jian, Xiao Nan blinked, and her eyes are full of incredulity which means——

It turns out that Brother Chen, you really have that kind of relationship!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: My heart is so tired orz

Qin poop scooping officer: I can’t happily pet the cat any more.


Jian Cat: Because you can’t happily pet the cat so you happily tease the cat?! Are you still human!!

Qin poop scooping officer: Really fragrant.[4]a meme from a TV show “X-Change” where it describes as someone doing something that they had previously sworn would never do. The meme behind it was that he said ‘I, Wang Jingze, would rather … Continue reading


1 The feeling that one is ‘connected to another person by fate’ upon seeing their appearance for the first time; the feeling that one is attracted to another person
2 Like checking the bank account, registered residence, or residence permit
3 not literally, it means liking/appreciating
4 a meme from a TV show “X-Change” where it describes as someone doing something that they had previously sworn would never do. The meme behind it was that he said ‘I, Wang Jingze, would rather starve, die outside, or jump out of this building than eat food you give!’ at first, but after only 2 hours he said 真香 (zhēn xiāng, “really fragrant”) when he was having supper. Later on, people started to screenshot this scene to express the meaning mentioned earlier. link]

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