He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 32

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Bonus chapters part 1

Chapter 32 – Extremely terrified

Qin Chen looked at Xiao Nan’s surprised expression and knew that she had misunderstood, but he couldn’t directly tell her about Xu Jian’s matter, so he glanced at Xu Jian then looked at her:

“What kinds of nonsense are you thinking in your head every day? It’s just that he just came here and is unfamiliar with the place.”

Xu Jian did not see Xiao Nan’s dreamy expression* behind at all but was suddenly glanced at by Qin Chen and thought to himself:

[*to indulge in fantasy (idiom)]

What are you looking at me for, are my eyes bigger than anyone else?

In one night, Qin Chen was surrounded by another person he had never seen before. Not only did Xiao Nan felt strange, but even Pan Min asked a few more questions.

Xu Jian had met Pan Min several times when he was a cat before but this time, this is the first time he met Pan Min with his human body, and he was still inexplicably a little nervous.

Xu Jian’s former agent had many small artists like him under his hands and couldn’t care less about him. In the past, he used to see his agent less often, let alone talk to him. 

Moreover, Pan Min is a famous ace agent in the industry, chatting with such a powerful agent for the first time, Xu Jian also feels quite pressured.

He was afraid that the discerning Pan Min would see something.

Fortunately, Pan Min believed Qin Chen’s words and didn’t think much of it, but just instructed him not to run around when he arrives at the set later.

Xu Jian nodded repeatedly after hearing this, promising that he would never cause any trouble to the crew.

After saying that, Xu Jian silently added in his heart:

If I become a cat at that time, I will definitely find a hidden place.

Qin Chen glanced at Xu Jian who was chatting with Pan Min and Xiao Nan next to him, and thought in a subtle mood——

Milk only sticks to me, is this person in front talking and laughing with others is really Milk?

Listening to Xu Jian and their conversation, Qin Chen had the illusion that the cat he kept ran off with someone.

Inexplicably upset.

Don’t you dislike being touched by others? Is it possible that even the personality has changed after becoming human? How can you talk to anyone?

Although Xu Jian was chatting with Xiao Nan, he was also distracted by Qin Chen’s movement. He could feel the air around Qin Chen suddenly cooled down.

Silently sweeping a glance at Qin Chen, Xu Jian quietly moved aside to move a little away from him, thinking——

It is said that Qin Chen’s temper fluctuates and is unpredictable, it seems to be true.

It was clear that he was fine just now, but his face suddenly turned cold. Indeed, it’s not easy to get along with the other.

In the past, he was patient and easy to talk with, which should be all because of his furry cat form, but now that he has become a human, Qin Chen has also revealed his true colors.

Comparing the change in Qin Chen’s attitude before and after he became a human being, Xu Jian’s mouth twitched——

Running away after playing, and now you even put on a look of an Antarctic iceberg face, scum man!!

And Qin Chen, who found that Xu Jian was a little far away from him, looked even more unsightly and thought to himself:

When he was a cat in a tight spot, he acted well-behaved and cute, and now he can’t wait to be ten meters away from himself when he became a human, scum cat!

No, scum man!

The two people who called each other scum in their hearts had different thoughts until the car drove into the set.


Qin Chen went to changed clothes and put on makeup, before leaving, he also did not forget to make it clear to Xu Jian:

“Don’t go too far and let me know if you feel uncomfortable.”

Before Xu Jian changed into a cat or a human, there were signs which would be very uncomfortable, Qin Chen heard him say.

To Qin Chen’s uneasy eyes, Xu Jian nodded with a serious face, “Okay.”

He certainly won’t let himself turn into a cat in public.

While Xiao Nan, who listened to the two people talking, had no expression on her face, the little villain in her heart fell to the ground with a ‘squeal’.

They’re all in the same crew, just went to change clothes, Brother Chen is so worried about Brother Xu!

She had never seen Brother Chen care so much about others in all this time.

What a beautiful brotherhood!

Thinking of this, Xiao Nan looked at Qin Chen with firm eyes and solemnly said:

“Brother Chen, don’t worry, I’m here. I’ll definitely take good care of Brother Xu.”

Although not knowing why Xiao Nan suddenly had an expression of being hit with chicken blood, Qin Chen still nodded to her and told her to look after Xu Jian.

Qin Chen and Pan Min went to the dressing room. Xiao Nan had a heart for gossip, so with no words to find, he chatted with Xu Jian and curiously asked:

“Brother Xu, how long have you known Brother Chen ah? I haven’t seen you before.”

Xu Jian smiled and said, “Not long.”

Counting the days of being a cat is only two months, as for the person, today is the first day of knowing each other.

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Xiao Nan immediately concluded, it didn’t take long to get to know how good the relationship was, did Brother Chen also met the plot of love at first sight?

The little villain in Xiao Nan’s heart covered her face——this is too romantic ba.

In the dressing room, Pan Min leaned in front of the makeup mirror and looked at Qin Chen:

“Your state is a bit off today, what happened?”

The makeup artist was applying makeup for Qin Chen, and the latter whose eyes were closed, replied:

“It’s fine.”

Everything is normal except that his cat has become extremely fine*.

[*also meant spirit, demon, refined since it’s something supernatural.]

Pan Min slightly narrowed her eyes, “Didn’t sleep well last night?”

Qin Chen, who has been held all night by the human-shaped ice cube Xu Jian, Adam’s apple slipped, he paused and said:

“The air conditioning temperature was too cold yesterday.”

Pan Min was somewhat nervous, “Is it uncomfortable somewhere? You’ve caught a cold?”

Listening to Pan Min’s tone like confronting a mortal enemy, Qin Shen opened one eye to look at her and smiled:

“Sister Pan, don’t worry, I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well on the first night. It won’t affect the filming later.”

Pan Min looked at him helplessly when she heard his words and said in a good mood:

“Is that what I’m worried about? I’m worried that you’re sick and won’t be able to tell your parents, okay?”

Qin Chen smiled hearing the words and closed his eyes again, and when he closed his eyes, his mind was full of Xu Jian. The cat face and human face flashed back and forth in front of him.


After Qin Chen finished his preparatory work, his first reaction after coming out of the dressing room was to search for Xu Jian’s figure. When he saw him standing obediently next to Xiao Nan, he was relieved——

Fortunately, he didn’t sneak out while he was putting on his makeup.

Xu Jian was taken aback at the sight of Qin Chen from afar, then raised his hand and waved at him with a smile.

Qin Chen paused after seeing this. He pursed his lips, turned around, and followed the staff without saying a word.

The smile on Xu Jian’s face stiffened for a moment, and then he angrily put down his greeting hand and curled his lips:

People are not as good as cats. In the past, he used to kiss, hug, and held him high when he meowed at him but now, not only he doesn’t smile, he also has a look like others owe him five million.



When the shooting officially started, Xu Jian, Xiao Nan, and Pan Min were standing by as onlookers.

Previously, Xu Jian watched Qin Chen acting in Xincheng before, so he can see that he is not in his state today, forgetting his words twice.

However, because today is the first day, not only the actors, even the staff did not immediately enter the state, and several actors were cut several times, so Qin Chen forgetting his line twice was also quite normal.

[*Bolded word written in English in the raw.]

While Pan Min, who was watching from the sidelines, secretly frowned. She slightly tilted her head close to Xiao Nan, lowered her voice, and asked:

“What’s wrong with Qin Chen today, how come he’s even distracted during the shooting?”

Qin Chen has been intentionally or unintentionally looking toward the place where Pan Min and they are standing when filming the scene. Although the others didn’t notice, his small movements couldn’t be hidden from the fierce-eyed Pan Min.

When Qin Chen looked over for the fifth time, Pan Min even turned her head to look behind her. Except for Xu Jian standing half a step behind, there was nothing special about it.

There wasn’t a single flower growing behind her.

Hearing Pan Min’s words, Xiao Nan’s spirits lifted, intuition told her that she couldn’t say that Brother Chen was looking at Brother Xu. Therefore, she pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled, and spoke for her Brother Chen:

“Maybe because he just got here and hasn’t entered the state yet.”

Pan Min felt that what Xiao Nan said was reasonable and nodded gently, “That, too.”

Xu Jian, who had been stealing from the teacher openly, met Qin Chen’s frequent glances and was helpless and amused.

Had it not been for the circumstances, he would have rushed up, grabbed Qin Chen by the collar, and shouted:

Don’t worry, I won’t run away. Give me good acting, take out those professional standards at the level of a Film Emperor! 

But Xu Jian only dared to think in his heart, even if the conditions allow, he didn’t dare grab Qin Chen’s collar and shout like this.

For one, he is terrified, two because he is extremely terrified.

Especially now, Qin Chen also knows his secret.

Now Xu Jian is undoubtedly a ticking time bomb for Qin Chen. He was afraid that Xu Jian will not know when to ‘call out’, and become a cat in full view of the public, so he can’t help but observe the situation on his side.


In this way, he spent the morning in a complicated and apprehensive mood. Nearing twelve o’clock, the director waved his hand and said that the morning shoot is over and to have lunch first.

Knowing that the last time Xu Jian became a cat was after lunch, so when eating, Qin Chen took the lunch of the two people and took Xu Jian to the RV allocated for him by the crew.

Looking at the closed doors and raised windows, Xiao Nan’s expression is a bit torn——

In broad daylight, the set is full of people, is Brother Chen too brazen? What if it’s seen by someone else?

Inside the soundproof RV, Qin Chen stared at Xu Jian for a few seconds, and then asked:

“Is it uncomfortable?”

Xu Jian paused and replied, “It wasn’t uncomfortable, but you staring at me like this, I am quite uncomfortable.”

To prevent Qin Chen from misunderstanding, Xu Jian added another sentence:

“You staring at me like this, I’m under pressure.”

Xu Jian felt that Qin Chen was almost stuck with the words ‘quickly turn back into a cat’ on his face.

Qin Chen: “……”

Looking away, Qin Chen said, “All right, eat.”

The crew prepared a sumptuous lunch box for the group of actors, and the one prepared for the main actor was better than the group of actors.

However, Mother Qin didn’t want her son to eat lunch boxes when he’s filming so hard, so she specially explained it earlier. Thus, except for the particularly difficult conditions of the crew, Qin Chen’s meals were packed by Xiao Nan from the hotels near the crew.

This time is no exception, five layers of an oversized insulated lunch box, three dishes and a soup, and one compartment for rice.

Now the rice is divided into two, half in front of Xu Jian and half in Qin Chen’s bowl.

Although he ate at the same table with Qin Chen every day before, when he regained his human body and ate with him, Xu Jian felt that something was wrong all over.

He just wanted to eat with Xiao Nan and the others but before he could say anything, he was pulled into the RV by Qin Chen, and he didn’t even have a chance to refuse.

Seeing Xu Jian’s expression a bit restrained and kept pulling the white rice in front of him, Qin Chen paused and pushed the fried shrimp and scrambled eggs in front of him.

“What are you being so reserved for, don’t you quite like to eat shrimp?”

Hearing Qin Chen’s slightly teasing remarks, Xu Jian’s brain twitched and blurted out without thinking:

“Are you talking about the shrimp and chicken breast cat meal you made?”

Xu Jian’s words fell and there was silence in the RV.

Thinking of the cat meal that he had made with great enthusiasm but ended up going to the garbage because it turned out to be unpalatable, Qin Chen glanced at Xu Jian angrily and gave him two shelled shrimps with the public chopsticks, and said:

“Eating can’t even shut your mouth.”

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