He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 33.1

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Bonus chapters part 1

Chapter 33.1 – Solid proof

Xu Jian and Qin Chen finished their lunch and did not immediately leave the RV. Qin Chen is waiting for Xu Jian to turn into a cat.

Being stared at by Qin Chen like this, Xu Jian inexplicably felt sorry if he didn’t change back into a cat today.

Xu Jian didn’t want to change back into a cat after he became a human before, but now…….

He even wanted to quickly change back to Milk in front of Qin Chen so as to prove that what he said was true.

Perhaps he sensed that his eyes were too hot, Qin Chen reined in slightly.

Looking at the ever so uncomfortable Xu Jian who touched his nose and neck for a while, Qin Chen slowly spoke:

“You’re nervous?”

Qin Chen’s tone was certain, not inquiring.

Xu Jian, who was pretending to observe the internal structure of the RV, turned his head to Qin Chen, who had an inquisitive face. Finally, his shoulders slumped and looked at him helplessly, and replied:

“It’s not strange to be nervous being stared at by you like that, right?”

Qin Chen: “Are you afraid of me?”

Xu Jian’s eyebrows almost pulled together, “I’m not afraid……”

Although it is rumored that Qin Chen is indeed grumpy and difficult to get along with, after two months of contact, Xu Jian found that he was very different from what the outside world said.

The current Qin Chen is actually quite complicated for Xu Jian.

Qin Chen was kind to Xu Jian. Originally, Xu Jian received benefits from the other, leaving him unable to remain fair but Qin Chen gave him kindness when he didn’t know his true identity, so he felt he was wrong.

Always felt like a scumbag who cheated Qin Chen’s feelings.

Seeing Xu Jian’s tangled expression, Qin Chen probably had an answer in his heart, and changed the subject:

“You terminated your contract with your previous company, what do you plan to do after that?”

The topic changed too abruptly that Xu Jian pondered for a while before saying:

“To be honest, my current situation is too unstable so I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Qin Chen: “Are you still planning to develop in the entertainment industry?”

Xu Jian smiled at his words and asked instead of answering, “I have terminated the contract so how else can I develop?”

Qin Chen: “You can change companies, your conditions are not lacking and you’re young. It is better to sign you than to sign an inexperienced newcomer.”

Xu Jian shook his head, “I’m twenty-four years old.”

Most of the entertainment industry takes young people. Although twenty-four is not too often, it does not have an advantage compared with a group of fresh teenagers who have just reached adulthood.

Qin Chen wanted to sign Xu Jian in the entertainment but it was embarrassing to think now that his relationship with Xu Jian is quite awkward, so he didn’t say it and just said:

“Twenty-four is still young.”

Hearing Qin Shen’s words, Xu Jian smiled and didn’t say anything.

Even though he is fairly unwilling, Xu Jian knows in his heart that he signed for Ancient (Entertainment) while in university, and now two years after graduating from university, he hasn’t yet made a splash in the circle which may mean that he isn’t suitable for this line of work.

When he thought of this, Xu Jian thought of Qin Chen who is only two years older than him, yet the gap between the two was so big.

Indeed, the same people from the same workplace have different fates.


After staying for more than ten minutes, Qin Chen did not wait until Xu Jian said he was uncomfortable, but instead, waited for Xiao Nan to knock on the car window.

Qin Chen leaned over and his long arm crossed Xu Jian to pull the car door.

The moment Qin Chen came over, Xu Jian subconsciously held his breath and tilted his head back.

Looking at Qin Shen, who was close at hand, Xu Jian didn’t have the time to sigh twice in his heart, and the distance between the two people widened again.

Glancing at Xu Jian who suddenly became nervous, Qin Chen turned his eyes to Xiao Nan and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Nan quickly glanced at the two men in the car and saw their extremely close knees. She pursed her lips and smiled, then immediately flattened the corners of her mouth with a businesslike tone:

“Brother Chen, He Jia brought gifts to the crew and wants to personally deliver it to you. Are you free now?”

He Jia?

Hearing this name, Xu Jian couldn’t help but raise his eyes and look out —— was it the He Jia he knew?

Nevertheless, Qin Chen frowned, “Who is He Jia?”

Xiao Nan replied, “It’s the actor who plays male three.”

He Jia has just arrived at the set because of his schedule and was unable to attend the opening ceremony and the morning shoot, so he brought special welcome gifts for everyone.

Once Xiao Nan’s words fell, Xu Jian immediately confirmed that it was the He Jia he knew.

He Jia, Xu Jian’s former company’s pillar, had long heard that he was fighting for the role of male three in the movie《The Slayer》; he didn’t expect it to really happen.

Qin Chen saw Xu Jian’s expression out of the corner of his eyes and asked him:

“You know (him)?”

Xu Jian glanced at Xiao Nan somewhat nervously, then lowered his voice to Qin Chen and said:

“He’s an artist from my previous company, I know him.”

Afraid of being heard by Xiao Nan, Xu Jian’s voice was very low; in order to clearly hear what he said, Qin Chen had no choice but to slightly lean over.

Xiao Nan looked at the two people who didn’t shy away from whispering in front of her and looked at the sky——

Maybe I should be under the car.

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen nodded his head but didn’t mind it:

“If you know each other, you know each other. It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong.”

Xu Jian heard the words and thought, right oh, what am I so nervous for. I don’t owe He Jia money, so what if I know him?

Besides, he knows the pillar He Jia but the latter doesn’t know him. What is he worried about?

Qin Chen let Xiao Nan bring He Jia over. Xu Jian noticed that the distance between himself and Qin Chen was too close so he sat inside.

Qin Chen saw his movement and didn’t say anything, putting the insulated lunch box to the side.

Under Xiao Nan’s lead, He Jia approached the RV with a smile on his face. As soon as he saw the figure inside the car, he started to call out:

“Hello, Teacher Qin, I’m He Jia. Thank you for your kindness and the privilege to play a role in 《The Slayer》; it’s my honor to work with you, teacher. Please take care of me in the future.”

He Jia’s respectful and courteous attitude is different from the arrogant appearance in the company before; Xu Jian looked at him with great interest.

With the lunch break ending soon, Qin Chen got out of the RV, swept his eyes at He Jia, and spoke in a flat tone:

“You’re welcome. The selection is the casting director’s business. It has nothing to do with me.”

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian thought that his rumored image from the outside world could be strangely good.

However, Qin Chen got off the car and Xu Jian could no longer stay in it, so he can only follow him behind.

When he saw Qin Chen, He Jia was all smiles as he handed over the welcome gift he had prepared, but before he could open his mouth, he saw Xu Jian get out of the car after him.

He Jia was visibly stunned, and his words turned into:

“Xu Jian? Why are you here?”

Hearing Xu Jian’s name from He Jia’s mouth, Xiao Nan was dumbfounded, even Xu Jian was also surprised, looking at He Jia:

“You know me?”

Qin Chen noticed that after He Jia looked at Xu Jian, his expression went blank for a few seconds, and (QC) raised his eyebrows slightly.

He Jia reacted and quickly adjusted his expression and smiled awkwardly, suppressing the surprise in his heart:

 “I’m an artist from Ancient, you used to be in the same company as me. Don’t you know me?”

Xu Jian honestly said:

“I know you, but I didn’t expect you to know my name.”

Looking at Qin Chen on the side, He Jia sneered, “Don’t mention it. We used to be brothers in the same family,[1]meant in the same company; as if being a family.how could we not know each other?”

Xu Jian stared at He Jia. He felt that He Jia’s reaction today was a bit strange, but what exactly was strange, he couldn’t say.


1 meant in the same company; as if being a family.

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