He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Rely on meng
Qin Chen explained more and drove away with Xu Jian. Pan Min told the crew about the situation while Xiao Nan was waiting outside for Qin Chen’s news.

Everyone thought that Qin Chen was anxious to send Xu Jian to the hospital which would take an hour or two for a round trip that would definitely delay the shooting.

As a result, to Xiao Nan’s surprise, she saw Qin Chen coming back in the RV more than ten minutes later.

Xiao Nan, who knew Qin Chen was driving, was initially struggling to call him but as soon as she looked up, she saw the car coming from afar.

Her eyes lit up, Xiao Nan put down the phone and went up. Before she opened her mouth, she saw Milk in Qin Chen’s arms.

After a momentary astonishment, Xiao Nan searched behind Qin Chen and saw that there was no one in sight in the RV. She instantly asked doubtfully:

“Brother Chen, where is Brother Xu?”

Qin Chen looked down at the unusually peaceful Xu Jian in his arms and explained:

“He is not feeling well so I asked my friend to send him to the hospital first.”

Xiao Nan quickly responded, “The friend who fostered Milk last night?”

Qin Chen nodded, “Mm.”

Xiao Nan understood, “No wonder you came back so quickly Brother Chen. It turned out that it was the friend who picked him up halfway ah.”

Xu Jian raised his eyes and looked at Qin Chen, thinking——

He is indeed worthy of being a Film Emperor, neither lying without blushing nor his heart jumping.

Qin Chen’s expression was too calm and his tone was also very calm. If it hadn’t been for Xu Jian, the cat in question, he would have believed Qin Chen’s words like Xiao Nan.

To sum it up, Qin Chen did not delay for long. He returned to the dressing room with the cat in his arms; the female lead hadn’t yet finished her makeup.

Pan Min saw him and the extra Milk in his arms, and didn’t ask too many questions but just asked:

“How is your friend? Is everything all right?”

Putting Xu Jian on the sofa next to the backpack, Qin Chen casually talked nonsense:

“Nothing serious, he’s been a picky eater since he was a child and there’s something wrong with his stomach. He must’ve had stomach problems just now.”

When it came to the words ‘picky eater’, Qin Chen deliberately accentuated his tone, and also looked at Xu Jian with a smile that is not a smile.

Xu Jian, who was forced to have stomach problems on the side, met his eyes: “……”

It was only today Xu Jian realized that Qin Chen was so petty. He even remembered that his cat’s meal was unpalatable.

Xu Jian opened his mouth and meowed twice at Qin Chen, which means: You obviously found it hard to eat and dumped it in the trash! 
Seeing Xu Jian meowing angrily, Qin Chen knew he must have understood, a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth——

Always felt that Milk is more interesting than before.

Qin Chen’s adaptability is also strong. If another person saw his cat become a human, even if he won’t be too frightened to call the police, he wouldn’t also dare to continue keeping the cat around.

Moreover, besides being shocked and ridiculous at first, Qin Chen gradually accepted Xu Jian’s setting.

When Qin Chen sat down again to put on makeup, Xiao Nan and a staff member crouched in front of the sofa to tease the cat, looking at Xu Jian’s empty neck, Xiao Nan turned her head and asked Qin Chen:

“Brother Chen, why is the collar on Milk’s neck missing? There are so many people in the crew; you don’t need to put him on a leash?”

Although he knows that Xu Jian is well-behaved and won’t run around, Xiao Nan is still a little worried that he will be lost if there are many people.

Qin Chen already knew that every change in Xu Jian is the same as restoring the factory settings which is why he woke up naked in his bed.

Now, the collar should be at home in Nanfeng City, and Xu Jian was wearing his clothes when he left the hotel this morning, so then the clothes are in the hotel room without any problems.

Since he knew that Xu Jian is a human being, Qin Chen wasn’t afraid that he would run around and said:

“No need, it won’t run away.”

Since Milk’s poop scooping officer Qin Chen said so, Xiao Nan also no longer said anything more, nodding and smiling.

“Also, in Xincheng, Milk didn’t run around and was sticking to you all the time. I even suspect that he can distinguish your smell, Brother Chen.”

It was good that Xiao Nan didn’t say these words. As soon as she mentioned it, she instantly pulled Xu Jian back to his memory of relying on meng while Qin Chen didn’t know his identity and he sell meng to survive in those memories…

Thinking of this, Xu Jian looked up at Qin Shen and met the latter’s teasing gaze in the mirror.

Xu Jian, who was originally sweeping his tail back and forth on the sofa, finally slowly raised his right paw to cover his face——

Black history has remained, now it’s too late to drill a hole in the ground.

Xu Jian’s action of using his meat pad to cover his face happened to be caught by Xiao Nan’s phone. The more she looked at it, the cuter it felt, so she asked Qin Chen’s opinion if it could be posted on Weibo.

After hearing this, Qin Chen half-jokingly and half-seriously replied:

“Why are you asking me what to do about posting Milk’s picture, ask him ah.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Xiao Nan: “En?”

Which photo to post still needs to ask the cat’s opinion, can the cat understand human language or nod its head?

In the end, Xiao Nan still posted the photo, and the words on Weibo simply speaks Xu Jian’s current thoughts——

Life is not easy, cat sighs. …………

Now that Qin Chen already knows his real identity, Xu Jian did not shy away from him in his action. He also doesn’t follow him closely except for going to the toilet like he did last time in Xincheng, instead, he scuttled around in the set on his own.

At first, Qin Chen was worried about his cat’s safety, later, when he saw that he was as happy as a fish in the water, he didn’t bother much about him.

The entire crew knows that Xu Jian is a cat raised by Qin Chen. He is very clever, not running and jumping around. When he sees him, he was willing to smile and tease him twice and also doesn’t make things difficult.

After being independent from Qin Chen in the set for a few days, Xu Jian had no harvests but his ears were full of gossip.

It’s not that Xu Jian deliberately eavesdropped, but because he is a cat, everyone in the crew wasn’t guarded against him and said nothing to avoid him, many of these he overheard when he passed by:

How did the supporting role of female N obtain it through improper means, the assistant director scolded the general director and producer for being stupid, there are two groups of actors who are dating privately, the actress playing the female lead actually has been together with his boyfriend outside the circle for many years, and at the clapperboard, she dared not say a word when she was bossed around like a cow by a staff member in a higher position than her……

There were even people striking, paid attention to Xu Jian, wanting to make a breakthrough to have a closer relation to Qin Chen.

Of course, Xu Jian ignored the outsiders, and the breakthrough has always been a failure.

Xu Jian rarely received a drama before, even if the lucky agent gave him a job opportunity, it was a small role who was killed in a few scenes, so he never knew that the water in the crew was still so deep.

It’s simply a mini social circle.

Veteran employees bully newbies, newbies bully fresh graduates and interns, while directors, capitalists, and big-name actors are at the top of the food chain.

Therefore, although Xiao Nan is only Qin Chen’s assistant, the supporting actors are also courteous to her.

As soon as Qin Chen came out after a shower, he saw Xu Jian lying on his back on the bed, thinking about the look of a cat’s life.

Wiping his hair and approaching the bed, Qin Chen raised his hand and poked the cat’s belly, and kindly reminded:

“Mr. Xu, please pay attention to your lying posture. You are now a cat, showing dew point.”[1]showing one of the intimate parts

Xu Jian, who was originally looking at the ceiling vacantly, moved his eyes and saw Qin Chen who he didn’t know when had sat down by the bed, his pupils shrank slightly, and then the cat rolled over and stood up.

Wagging his tail, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen with dissatisfaction, “Meow——”

Rogue, where are you looking!

As if knowing what Xu Jian was thinking, Qin Chen looked at him and smiled:

“We’re all men, are you still shy?”

Before Xu Jian could say anything, Qin Chen added, “Besides, you’ve also seen me before, so let’s call it quits.”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, remembering that he had unintentionally barged in when he was taking a bath, Xu Jian huffed and puffed and started poking the keyboard with a meat pad to type.

Since he knew that Xu Jian was a human, Qin Chen bought him a laptop to type and have communication between one person and one cat easier.

Qin Chen also specially ordered an oversized external keyboard for him to press the keyboard with a cat’s paw. However, the manufacturing is still in the process to make it, and he has to wait for the arrival of the goods.

Xu Jian’s ‘one paw flick’ typing is already slow, and he always pressed the key next to it so just as he typed the first two words of the sentence ‘I didn’t mean to watch you shower’, Qin Chen asked again:

“But now that I think about it, did you break in on purpose last time?”

Xu Jian’s center of gravity was unstable when he heard the words. He pressed a meat pad on the keyboard and two rows of periods instantly appeared on the screen.

Looking at the screen, thinking that he would delete it one by one later, and then looking at the instigator who had a smile on his face, Xu Jian let go of the keyboard, da da da run to Qin Chen’s side and heavily stepped on his hand with his foot.

Xu Jian looked up at Qin Chen, “Meow!”

Don’t talk nonsense!

Typing is too slow, not effective. Xu Jian thinks it’s more useful to suppress by force.

The suppressed-by-forced Qin Chen not only wasn’t angry, but also had a thoughtful look, and said to himself:

“Is my guess correct that you became ashamed into anger?”

Unable to endure it, Xu Jian’s four short legs jumped into Qin Chen’s bosom, confirming that the sharp claws had been hidden within the meat pad, he then scratched Qin Chen.

Scratching and meowing at the same time which means——

I want you to talk nonsense again!

Frankly, Xu Jian originally thought that Qin Chen knew he was a cat when he was a human, his attitude towards himself would definitely change, and indeed it did.

But the direction of this plot is completely different from what he had expected.

He thought Qin Chen would alienate him but it turned out that Qin Chen not only didn’t do so but instead, Qin Chen was also keen to make him ‘perform’, such as:

Why don’t you turn off the faucet and let me see?

Can you turn off the lights?

Or would you like to learn how to eat with chopsticks?

How did you wash your face when I wasn’t paying attention before……?

And so on.

What suffocated Xu Jian the most was that Qin Chen earnestly wanted him to perform a cat using the toilet and even asked him how he usually wipes his butt.

After listening to Qin Chen’s words at that time, Xu Jian couldn’t wait to scratch his face, indignantly typing on the computer——Pervert!!

To no avail, Xu Jian typing is really too slow that by the time he finished typing, Qin Chen had already been laughing comfortably on the side, and a large part of his anger was dispelled.

Looking at Qin Chen who was leaning on the doorframe laughing without regard to his image, Xu Jian sighed helplessly.

Qin Chen’s original persona in his heart collapsed once more.

What can he do, he is also very desperate ah.

Not only that, but Xu Jian also found a small change in Qin Chen. In front of outsiders, Qin Chen still called him Milk, but not in private, he would either say ‘you’ or ‘Mr. Xu’.

The former is relatively used higher and only when Qin Chen wanted to tease and make fun of him will he call him Mr. Xu in a serious manner.

Xu Jian’s heart rejoiced, being called Mr. Xu is always better than that Xu Cat…….

And now, Qin Chen held Xu Jian, who was making a scene in his arms, clasped his front paws with one hand, and said:

“Okay, okay, I was wrong, little ancestor.”

One person and one cat made eye contact, Xu Jian read out the meaning from the other’s eyes at a glance ‘I was wrong but I dare do it next time’.

The whiskers on Xu Jian’s mouth moved and he yelled at Qin Chen.

Xu Jian: You’re just bullying me now that I can’t speak human language and still typing so slow!

Seeing Xu Jian turned his face and not looking at him, Qin Chen knew that he would really explode if he continued teasing him, so he knew when to stop and began to remedy the situation:

“If you’re really shy, how many cat clothes shall I buy for you?”

After listening to this, Xu Jian turned his head and felt that this was possible.

However, Qin Chen shook his head again.

“It’s better to forget it. I heard cats will feel uncomfortable when wearing clothes and will restrict your movement.”

After saying this, before waiting for Xu Jian to react, Qin Chen’s familiar derisive smile emerged on his face to Xu Jian.

Looking at the smile on Qin Chen’s face, intuition tells Xu Jian that things were not going well, and he subconsciously wanted to retreat. However, Qin Chen held him firmly by the leg and there was no way for him to retreat.

Xu Jian has a bad feeling in his heart, cautiously looking at Qin Chen. “Meow meow meow?”

What do you want to do again?

Seeing Xu Jian’s nervous appearance, Qin Chen held back his smile, cleared his throat, and solemnly asked:

“Perhaps…….do you mind wearing a skirt?”

Xu Jian: ” ???”

Xu Jian:” !!!”

Of course not!

Don’t even think about it!

Hearing what Qin Chen clearly said, Xu Jian began to struggle frantically and was once again meowed into anger by Qin Chen.

Only girls wear skirts, he is a big man, he won’t wear a skirt!

After breaking free, Xu Jian glared at Qin Chen and then ran to the computer to type——


The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Director, I don’t think the script is right!

Qin poop scooping officer: I think it’s right.


1 showing one of the intimate parts

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