He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 35

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Bonus chapters part 2

Chapter 35 – Lazy Cat

Qin Chen wanted to buy a skirt for Xu Jian because of his indefinite frantic refusal.

A few days later, the crew’s filming got back on track, Qin Chen officially began his two points and one line[1]traveling between two places like home and work, school and homelife on the hotel.

Xu Jian also followed Qin Chen to work on time every morning and finished work irregularly in the evening.

Because he was going to shoot a scene before dawn in the early morning, Qin Chen got up at four o’clock today. When he picked up Xu Jian, the other party was so sleepy and dazed, humming a few times and twisted on the bed, not letting him hold him.

Although he know that the lump twisted in bed is essentially a fully grown man, Qin Chen still found it cute, he silently took out his phone to video record.

When Qin Chen knew Xu Jian’s real identity, in order to avoid embarrassment, Xu Jian consciously wrapped himself in a blanket and slept on the sofa for a few days. However, when he woke up one day, he found himself in bed again, with Qin Chen lying next to him.

Xu Jian didn’t have the habit of sleepwalking, so he knew it was Qin Chen who carried him to bed while he was asleep.

At that time, he moved outside and continued to sleep, and then one person and one cat tacitly slept in the same bed again as before.

Xu Jian’s fur was warm on his bed, and someone covered him in the middle of the night. Qin Chen, a plush control, was covered all over in fur.

Both taking what they need in complete mutual understanding.

The temperature is cooler at four o’clock in the morning. Xu Jian, who was carried out by Qin Chen, trembled by the cold air blowing in his arms.

Netizens often make complaints about their (cat’s) body fat and are ignorant, serving good food and drink every day, but they don’t warm their masters (cat) in the winter, which is not mature at all.

And now, Xu Jian also wants to spit at his own cat hair, it looks long and warm but unfortunately, it’s letting the air in, not warm at all!

He used to laugh when bloggers wrote about cats and dogs burn their fur in winter, and now he can’t laugh.

Cold. It’s really cold.

Noticing Xu Jian’s movements, Qin Chen silently pulled his jacket out to shield him from the wind.

Outside the hotel, there were fans waiting in twos and threes. They saw the tall Qin Chen with a cold face coming out with a cat in his arms. The great contrast made them want to scream.

But now, most of the people in the hotel are sleeping, they are afraid to disturb the other guests, so they are all restrained.

Fans took pictures, recorded a short video, and said in low voices, ‘Jiayou[2]similar to Fighting in Korean; come on; cheer up, Brother Qin’ and ‘Take care and rest well’.

Qin Chen heard the words at the tip of his ears ‘Wow, Milk is really well-behaved ah, I want to rua!’. Sighing, he stopped in his tracks when he had walked far away.

Xiao Nan, who followed to protect him, paused and looked at Brother Chen who suddenly turned back, not knowing why:

Why aren’t you leaving?

In full view of the public, Qin Chen held the cat in his arms and walked to the girl who had just whispered praises about Xu Jian, with a smile in his eyes:

“He said you can take pictures, not rua.”

Xu Jian, who was suddenly held up: “Meow meow?”

When did I say it was okay to take pictures?

In the envious eyes of the rest of the fans, the girl looked at Qin Chen dumbly, picked up her SLR, and dizzily took some pictures of Xu Jian, who was also confused with a stupid cat face.

When Qin Chen got in the car and walked away, the girl who was hit by the huge surprise slowly asked her companion:

“Did Brother just talked to me?”

The companion envied that lemon grew in her eyes, and she was more excited than her, “Yes ah!!”

The girl covered her mouth and screamed in hindsight, “Ahhhhh, I got it for real?!”

After Qin Chen left, the fans squatting outside the hotel were about to retreat, but a smiling staff member came out from inside the hotel.

The staff told them they just knew that they (fans) had all come from other places overnight. Qin Chen asked the hotel to prepare some hot food and let them go in to eat something and rest.

Several fans were flattered, surprised, and moved; someone posted it on Weibo sighing at the scene——

Brother wu wu wu, why is he so good, also extremely spoiling the fans bah!

In the dressing room, Xiao Nan was browsing Weibo when she saw a popular Weibo post in Qin Chen’s super topic:[3]his own community where fans can talk about him, similar to Reddit, I guess. Though I’m not familiar with both sites/app; E/N: also similar to Twitter topics that users can also follow to see … Continue reading

Qingqing Zijin: Sisters! Want to know how to stand out in the fan base? Do you want to know how to attract Brother Chen’s attention? Now, let me tell you a secret: Praise Milk and that’s it! Praise hard! As long as you praise the cat well, Brother Chen will turn around for you!  

The video posted by the blogger was just outside the hotel. Qin Chen, who had already gone far, heard someone praise Xu Jian and turned back on the process.

The comments were learning and envious of the fans that were turned back.

Seeing this, Xiao Nan looked up at Qin Chen, nodded silently in her heart, and gave this Weibo a like.

Getting up too early, Xu Jian, a cat, seized the chair at this time, and fell asleep with a lump of tail in his arms, with his unfinished breakfast on the napkin next to him——

A half small dried yellow fish.

If it weren’t for his makeup, making him hard to move around, Qin Chen really wanted to take the small dried fish and shake it in front of his nose to see if he would wake up when he smells the fish.

But Qin Chen didn’t bother Xu Jian until he finished his makeup. He knew that Xu Jian did not sleep well last night.

After becoming a cat, Xu Jian also has some cat-like habits such as suddenly getting up in the middle of the night to parkour……

Last night, Qin Chen was confused when he heard Xu Jian busy in the house for at least half an hour.

When he was ready to go out, Qin Chen also took off his jacket and conveniently covered the round cat.


When Xu Jian woke up from his sleep, it was bright, the light was blinding and he squinted slightly to get used to the brightness.

When he got up, he felt the weight on his body. Xu Jian turned his head and saw Qin Chen’s jacket on his back.

After being stupefied for a few seconds, Xu Jian lightly jumped off the chair from under the clothes.

Qin Chen’s clothes were hung in the air with most of his actions and it looked like they were about to fall to the ground.

After looking around and confirming that there was no other soul in the dressing room besides himself, Xu Jian walked under the chair and tilted his head to bite Qin Chen’s clothes, and stepped back.

Qin Chen’s clothes were very expensive, and Xu Jian dare not to put force, afraid to bite two holes in his clothes, so he had to carefully drag his clothes to the sofa with a grin.

After dragging around the floor, Qin Chen’s black coat was stained with a lot of dust, and there were obvious two cat paw prints.

Xu Jian guiltily raised his paws to pat the dust but his meat pad wasn’t much clean, and the more he patted it, the dirtier it became.

Looking at the messy stain marks, Xu Jian was silent for a while then had a flash of inspiration. He turned around with his butt on the clothes and then began to shake his tail.

Although he doesn’t have a feather duster, he has a cat feather duster ah.

So the snow-white and fluffy tail was miserably treated by Xu Jian as a feather duster.

While dusting with his tail, the little villain in Xu Jian’s heart gave himself a thumbs up——

I’m so resourceful.

Qin Chen’s clothes were cleaned with a cat-shaped feather duster. Xu Jian jumped off the sofa and turned his head to look behind him: His tail was a little sour.

Smelling the dried fish that he hadn’t eaten earlier, Xu Jian da da da ran to the closed door and squeezed out through the narrow slit of the door.

With half of the dried fish in his mouth, Xu Jian wagged his tail and slithered towards where the crowds gathered.

With physical advantage, Xu Jian smoothly squeezed into the front row of the crowd, and accurately went to Xiao Nan and Pan Min, lifting his paw and pulling Xiao Nan’s trouser leg.

Xiao Nan, who noticed it, looked down and saw Milk whom she didn’t know arrived, was half-sitting at her feet, with a small part of the dried fish’s tail left outside his mouth.

Xiao Nan smiled in an instant, squatting down to ask Xu Jian who had a well-behaved cat face in a low voice.

“Milk, when did you come ah?”

Xu Jian had something in his mouth that it’s difficult to answer. He raised his leg and stepped on the floor tiles twice which means——just now.

Xiao Nan also didn’t expect Xu Jian to really answer her and her index finger pressed against her lips, giving a light ‘shh’:

“Milk, be quiet later ha, Brother Chen is shooting fighting scenes.”

Xu Jian, who was busy chewing the small dried fish, thought:

My actions of chewing the small dried fish should not affect Qin Chen, right?

Xu Jian turned his head and saw that Qin Chen was following the martial arts coach’s action not far away.

《The Slayer》 is a police and gangster film, Qin Chen plays the male protagonist who used to be a special forces soldier. After retiring, he became a police officer fighting every day with the villain.

There are many fight scenes in the movie, of which Qin Chen’s fight scenes account for 70% of all the fight scenes in the film.

Qin Chen’s figure is already good, and now dressed in a police uniform with important responsibilities to shoulder, and has an air of dignity and hormones that assaults the senses.

In the less reserved words on the Internet, it’s too handsome that people can’t close their legs.

Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen’s increasingly slender and stylish legs wrapped in a police uniform, and then looked down at his furry little short legs……


What do you call a leg of 1.8 meters long, this is it.

Qin Chen exercises all year round, his limbs are proportioned and strong enough, and his movements are neat and handsome.

Watching Qin Chen’s cold face kick on the cannon fodder, Xu Jian, like most of the people present, swallowed hopelessly.

Although he is a man, Xu Jian also had to admit in his heart that he had just been dazzled by Qin Chen’s handsomeness.

His ice-blue eyes blinked, Xu Jian removed his widened eyes from Qin Chen’s body. Although no one noticed he just gulped, he was still embarrassed, raising his meat pad to pat his face, despising himself in his heart:

You are a straight man, a big old adult man. What are you going crazy about Qin Chen, did you become a stupid cat?

Moreover, Qin Chen had long noticed Xu Jian but didn’t have time to greet him. When he suddenly patted his cat face with his paw, he still had some doubts in his heart:

The lazy cat is finally awake? What’s wrong with him?

Why are you hitting yourself without rhyme or reason?

After the scene, the director smiled and came over to Qin Shen:

“Your present state is better than before, keep it up.”

The staff came to fix Qin Chen’s makeup using a spray bottle to spray water on his face and neck as sweat while he stared in Xu Jian’s direction.

When he met Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian paused and finally followed Xiao Nan, walking towards him with elegant steps.

Xiao Nan handed Qin Chen the thermos cup to drink water while Xu Jian tilted his head to look at him after walking to his feet:


Why were you staring at me just now?

After taking a sip of water, Qin Chen squatted down and raised his hand to him.

Xu Jian thought he was going to pet him a few more times and he was ready to be pet but as a result, the other party wiped the corners of his mouth with his thumb, his voice was full of laughter:

“Don’t you wipe your mouth after eating? Is this saved for lunch?”

Xu Jian subconsciously looked down and saw that there was a small dried fish residue on Qin Chen’s thumb. It should be that he didn’t notice it on his face when he ate just now.

It’s not good to have too much hair on your face, you can’t feel anything on your face.

Hearing the teasing in Qin Chen’s voice, Xu Jian’s cat whiskers on both sides flicked, lifting his meat pad and slapped it on his hand.

Slapping the fish residue on the ground, Xu Jian looked down and used his meat pad to get rid of it, and the next second, he didn’t know where the meat residue was swung by him.

After eliminating the evidence, Xu Jian raised his eyes to look at Qin Chen that means——

There is nothing, you didn’t see anything just now.

Seeing Xu Jian’s action, Qin Chen felt amused. He reached out and rubbed the cat’s head:

“Trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous.”

Xu Jian’s two furry pointed ears were knocked back by him, and his face became more round and round at first glance and it seemed empty above his head, which was somehow funny.

Looking at such a Xu Jian, Qin Chen couldn’t hold back and ‘pfft’ laughed out loud.

Pan Min, who had been scrutinizing Xu Jian for a long time, was puzzled and said:

“Is Milk much fatter than before? How come it looks so round?”

Being touched comfortably, Xu Jian who was half-squinting in enjoyment abruptly opened his eyes when he heard Pan Min’s words.

Although Xu Jian’s expression on a cat’s face wasn’t obvious, Qin Chen still saw his expression stiffened.

Xu Jian surreptitiously looked up at the questioning Pan Min, and cried out in protest:

I’m not round, I’m furry, just furry!

I’m not fat!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: angry, JPG

Qin poop scooping officer: You’re not fat, you’re not fat [rubbing head]


1 traveling between two places like home and work, school and home
2 similar to Fighting in Korean; come on; cheer up
3 his own community where fans can talk about him, similar to Reddit, I guess. Though I’m not familiar with both sites/app; E/N: also similar to Twitter topics that users can also follow to see related tweets

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