He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 36

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Bonus chapters part 2

Chapter 36 – Pig Cat

Xu Jian was vexed regarding Pan Min ignoring his thick cat hair and directly saying he was round.

Until Qin Chen was filming again, Xu Jian still looked down at his belly from time to time——

Is it really very fat? I didn’t eat a lot either ah?

Whether he is a human or a cat, Xu Jian doesn’t want to be called fat so while Xiao Nan and Pan Min were not paying attention, he quietly grabbed and pressed his belly, and ultimately came to a conclusion that made the cat sad:

It seems to have a little more meat than before.

Touching his bulging belly, Xu Jian sighed in his heart.

It’s time to lose weight.

Fortunately, the first two experiences proved that the cat’s body doesn’t affect the human body, even if he changes from a white cat into a white pig, his human body is still the same as before.

The so-called fat is Milk, what does it have to do with Xu Jian?

Although the reason is crooked, Xu Jian’s heart was somehow a bit comforted. Anyway, apart from Qin Chen, no one knows that this increasing pig cat is himself.

Xiao Nan looked down to observe Xu Jian’s small movements, then gently tugged at Pan Min’s sleeves and said in a low voice:

“Sister Pan, did he hold a grudge when you said Milk was fat? Look at his little melancholic expression.”

Pan Min was amused when she heard the words, “He’s just a cat, you think too much.”

Looking down at Xu Jian with Xiao Nan, Pan Min continued:

“And I’m telling the truth. It can be visually seen that he has gained at least three jin[1]around 1.8kgin the past half month. He is fed so much every day that Qin Chen is not afraid of him accumulating food.”

Xu Jian, whose ears were quite keen, moved his two pointed ears and silently looked up at the two people who were discussing his weight.

You may not believe it, I didn’t hold a grudge just now but after you emphasized it so, I now hold a grudge.

Really hold a grudge!

If the thoughts in Xu Jian’s mind can be visualized, then he is now a walking expression pack of——

[cat takes out small book.jpg]

Xiao Nan and Pan Min were still discussing his weight and Qin Chen’s old father-like doting feeding. Although their voices were not too loud, they still attracted the other staff around them to join this temporary discussion.

Words like ‘short legs, belly, fat, dumpling’ kept reaching Xu Jian’s ears, and finally, the corners of his mouth twitched and he walked away fuming with his short legs.

Angry, the kind that can’t be coaxed with two small dried fish!

When Xu Jian, who holds a grudge, left, he was extremely petty and stepped on a male staff member who just directly said he was fat.

Unfortunately, even if he is fat, he is also a cat; his foot is insignificant to a grown man, and it was nothing at all through his shoes.

As Xu Jian walked away from the crowd, he thought to himself——

Is it really time to control his diet?

According to the current trend of him continuing to be round, Xu Jian fears that in less than a year, his belly will be able to mop the floor like a pregnant female cat.

After making up a scene in his head, Xu Jian felt a chill in his heart.

He definitely doesn’t want to become so bloated.

When the time comes, Qin Shen would definitely laugh at him.

It seems that after going back this time, he can use the cat climbing tower and cat scratching board.

Seeing his belly trembled as he walked, Xu Jian’s heart became more and more sullen. Thinking about things, he unknowingly walked away.

When he heard ‘isn’t this Qin Chen’s cat’, Xu Jian suddenly came back to his senses.

This voice is a bit familiar. Xu Jian stamped on his feet and looked up, and saw that he had unconsciously walked to the temporary rest area.

And the one who just spoke was He Jia.

For filming requirements, He Jia is now wearing a police uniform accompanied by his agent.

Thinking back to Qin Chen wearing a police uniform, and then looking at He Jia, Xu Jian once again understood what it’s like when comparing your lot to others, you will only torture yourself.

The male lead’s costumes are all tailor-made by the crew according to everyone’s size, and those on He Jia are the same which fits well, but……

He Jia wearing a police uniform can’t be said to be ugly but he’s not in the same league compared to Qin Chen.

The gap shouldn’t be too obvious.

Qin Chen is taller than He Jia, his figure is better than him, and he is more handsome than he is, not to mention his aura is stronger than him. Wearing a police uniform is a plus. He is so handsome that he makes people scream.

And He Jia……lacks the resolute temperament of police officers, with thick makeup and white face, resembling a poached chicken.

He Jia wore a police uniform with a little less flavor but he looks out of place.

Qin Chen is so handsome that he makes people want to cover their mouths and scream. He Jia makes people want to cover their eyes and shake their heads.

It’s not that Xu Jian discriminates against poached chicken. After all, poached chicken with its skin removed is still quite delicious.

He Jia’s agent, a man in his forties, frowned after hearing him and said:

“So what if it’s Qin Chen’s cat? It’s not like Qin Chen himself is here, there’s nothing to make a fuss about.”

He Jia glanced at Xu Jian and explained:

“Brother Qing, you don’t know, Qin Chen cares a lot about this cat and holds it every day like a treasure. Everyone in the crew knows that.”

Xu Jian subconsciously wanted to leave, but when he heard He Jia’s words, he suddenly changed his mind and stayed.

He would like to hear what they have to say.

As it happens, he was also curious as to why He Jia reacted so strangely when he saw him last time. Therefore, maybe he could hear some useful information this time.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian simply half-seated beside him and eavesdropped openly.

He Jia and his agent really didn’t put this slightly fat kitty in their eyes.

The agent who was called Brother Qing stared at him for a few seconds and finally turned his head to He Jia.

“By the way, I forgot to ask you before. You said you saw Xu Jian beside Qin Chen, what’s going on? I have carefully observed these days and I didn’t see Xu Jian ah, were you mistaken?”

Hearing his name, Xu Jian pricked up his ears quietly.

He Jia’s expression became quite subtle for a moment and only then did he slowly shake his head after a pause.

“I’m sure, I’m not mistaken. He got off from Qin Chen’s RV at that time and we also greeted each other.”

Brother Qing: “Are you sure it was him? How could he get entangled with Qin Chen?”

Xu Jian on the side can’t help but spit in his heart——

What get entangled and not get entangled, can you be a little more careful with your wording?

If people not in the know heard it would have also thought that Qin Chen and I have some kind of an unspeakable relationship.

“I also don’t know,” He Jia continued to shake his head and looked at Brother Qing anxiously:

“Brother Qing, do you think it’s possible that Xu Jian already knows what we did? I always felt that the way he looked at me that day wasn’t right.”

Hearing He Jia’s words, Brother Qing glared at him with a bad expression and lowered his voice:

“Keep your voice down, do you want everyone to hear?” 

When He Jia heard the words, he hurriedly shut up and looked around cautiously.

On the other hand, Xu Jian, the person himself, was stunned and looked up at He Jia and Brother Qing, his beautiful cat eyes were full of doubts——

What did you do that I didn’t know?

Xu Jian remembered that he had been in the former company for six years, he and He Jia can be said to have zero encounters. The communication was limited to meeting him with a polite nod and a smile while He Jia walked by with a haughty face, not even giving him a glance.

How come it feels like now that he has become a cat, He Jia and his agent know him as well?

Seeing He Jia’s nervous look, Brother Qing looked at him with a hating the iron for not becoming steel.

“Don’t bother whether he knows or not, he has terminated his contract with the company now, and can’t affect you anymore. You’re the one who stayed and now that there are good resources such as 《The Slayer》, what are you afraid of him for?”

“I know all of that.” He Jia was silent for a moment and felt a little depressed:

“But he suddenly appeared, my heart is a little uneasy.”

At this point, He Jia suddenly straightened his back and looked nervously at Brother Qing:

“Brother Qing, do you think Xu Jian will sign up with Leyu?”[2]company of Qin Chen; literally translated as pleasure, happiness, glee

Brother Qing did not hesitate to shake his head when he heard this.

“Impossible. If he really signed up with Leyu, it’s impossible to have no news at all.”

Xu Jian also shook his head along with him.

He would like to dream of signing a contract with Leyu, but the Leyu as a leader in the industry, how can they see him, this small actor with no commercial value?

Xu Jian looked up at He Jia that means: You praise me too much.

After noticing Xu Jian’s gaze, He Jia stared at the other for a few seconds and was inexplicably flustered by his gaze. He hurriedly looked away and asked again:

“Is it true that as Chen Doudou said, he terminated his contract and went home to farm?”

Xu Jian: I wanted to go home; it’s not that I didn’t come back.

Brother Qing looked at He Jia speechlessly, “Do you believe what Chen Doudou said? If he really went home to farm, how could he appear in Qin Chen’s car?”

He Jia’s expression was a little embarrassed: “T-that, too.”

He Jia: “Looking at the situation that day, it feels like he and Qin Chen are quite familiar with each other, so what do we do?”

The atmosphere stagnated for a few seconds, and finally, Brother Qing sighed and said to He Jia:

“No matter what, if you see Xu Jian here, don’t mention it to him. Everything you have now is what you’ve fought hard for. In case he hasn’t given up, our efforts over the years will be in vain.”

Hearing Brother Qing’s words, He Jia’s face instantly became ugly:

“I know, I won’t tell him.” 

At the same time, He Jia stared at the white cat two or three meters away from him. All the years of repressed resentment and humiliation poured out in his heart, he clenched his teeth and said:

“I will not let him hear the name Xu Jian again.”

Facing He Jia’s expression, Xu Jian’s back was cold and was inexplicably hit with a jolt.

Big brother, I’m not familiar with you ah. Listening to your tone, those who didn’t know would think we have some enmity……

He Jia’s expression makes Xu Jian feel uncomfortable from the heart. Just as he hesitated to listen or leave, there happened to be a staff who called He Jia to shoot a scene.

While He Jia was leaving, he also deliberately turned his head to look at Xu Jian, his temples suddenly jumped——

For some reason, the white cat gave him a bad feeling, too.

After He Jia and the others left, Xu Jian, who was eavesdropping, was still confused and stayed in place.

He could understand every word He Jia and Brother Qing had just said, but when these words were grouped together into sentences, he couldn’t understand a word.

Who is the ‘TA[3]written as it is in the raw. refers to he/she, quite confusing when heard but the differences can be seen with the characters.that He Jia and they are talking about? What does it have to do with him?

What does He Jia fear he knows? What does He Jia have to do whether he terminates the contract or not?

Listening to the conversation of the two, He Jia’s current achievements are closely related to ‘TA’ while ‘TA’ seems to have a connection with himself (XJ).

The amount of information is a bit too much, and Xu Jian feels that his brain is somewhat overwhelmed.

He still didn’t understand why He Jia, this pillar, and his agent cared so much about this transparent little actor who was stuck in the center of the earth.

And from the analysis of the conversation just now, He Jia didn’t like to see him very much.

Could it be that something happened which he didn’t know?

Xu Jian did not expect that eavesdropping not only didn’t solve the puzzle, but it also made the cloud of doubts in his heart even thicker.

Because the crew had too many eyes, He Jia just blurred the important information when they chatted, making it difficult for Xu Jian to even spell out the cause and effect.

But intuition tells him that the blurry cause and effect behind these are very important to him……

It really makes the cat’s head bald.

Thinking about things, Xu Jian didn’t have much spirit when he had lunch.

Qin Chen noticed the withered Xu Jian, gently poked his paw with the other end of his chopsticks, and asked in a low voice that could only be heard by one person and a cat:

“What’s wrong? Still mad at Sister Pan for calling you round? Mr. Xu, are you preparing to go on a hunger strike to lose weight?”

Xu Jian lifted his leg to avoid the chopsticks and raised his eyelids and lazily looked at Qin Chen:

“Meow meow meow. “

I’m annoyed, stop it.

Looking at Xu Jian’s action, Qin Chen slightly raised his eyebrow, “Really upset?”

Xu Jian shook his head to indicate that he wasn’t angry at Pan Min. In order to reassure Qin Chen, he also lowered his head and ate a few mouthfuls.

Looking at Xu Jian with two shredded carrots in his mouth, Qin Chen spoke with amusement:

“Although your fur is white, you are still a cat, so don’t fight over food with rabbits.”

At the same time, Qin Chen grabbed the food from the cat’s mouth, took out the shredded carrots, and placed a piece of beef in between, and said:

“Sister Pan and the others were just joking with you. You’re not fat, no need to lose weight.”

Qin Chan said this not to comfort Xu Jian but because he felt in his heart that the fluffy and round Xu Jian felt better to hug.

Sleeping in your arms at night is a cat-shaped heater that heals the mind and the body.

It’s couldn’t be too awesome.

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Milk is fat, not me. [justified.JPG]

Qin poop scooping officer: En, en. You’re not fat, not fat [feeding crazily.JPG]


1 around 1.8kg
2 company of Qin Chen; literally translated as pleasure, happiness, glee
3 written as it is in the raw. refers to he/she, quite confusing when heard but the differences can be seen with the characters.

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