He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Silly Cat

Although Qin Chen said he wasn’t fat, Xu Jian knew how much meat he has in his body, so Qin Chen’s words did not comfort him.

However, Xu Jian wasn’t currently worried about whether he was fat or not. He glanced at He Jia, who was eating with another actor not far away, chewing his beef absentmindedly.

He Jia chatted and laughed with others during the meal but he was also watching Qin Chen without moving his eyes, and he couldn’t help but glance in their direction.

He wanted to see if Xu Jian was around Qin Shen.

“By the way He Jia, when you joined the group, did you greet Qin Chen ah?”

He Jia has been peeking at Qin Chen even the actors who ate with him noticed that he was slow.

The actor who ate with He Jia is called Li Cheng who had been working in the industry for many years and his figure can be seen in many movies and TV dramas. However, he hasn’t been popular. He belongs to the people in dramas who aren’t popular. Therefore, this time, he doesn’t have many roles and he is also a supporting role.

Withdrawing the line of sight placed on Qin Chen, He Jia turned his eyes to look at Li Cheng and nodded:

“I went there when I came, what’s wrong?”

Li Cheng smiled and shook his head, he said in a little subtle tone:

“It’s nothing, I just casually asked. Thinking about being in a crew with Qin Chen, it wouldn’t be good for us to go and greet him first.”

Listening to Li Cheng’s half-joking half-serious tone, He Jia’s mind moved, then smiled and nodded:

“Teacher Qin is my senior, so it’s right to greet him.”

Li Cheng also smiled and changed his tone, “Yes, although Teacher Qin is not that old, in terms of seniority and fame, he is indeed regarded as our Senior Teacher, and we should learn from him.”

“I just don’t know if I have that network of people.”

Everyone has been in the entertainment industry for many years, they are smart people. He Jia can naturally hear the meaning of Li Cheng’s words. It isn’t just to make a sarcastic remark about Qin Chen not being old enough and not qualified, but there are people behind taking shortcuts.

This so-called popularity isn’t much, Qin Chen became a golden double Film Emperor at a young age, and there are many people who are jealous of him openly and secretly.

Although his heart is like a clear mirror, He Jia didn’t wisely agree and just smiled.

He has learned that the more one says, the easier it is to make a mistake, and he tasted it a year ago.

He wanted to be really popular, but he didn’t overestimate himself to go out against Qin Chen.

Everyone knows that Qin Chen has a good backstage[1]behind-the-scene supporterbut no one has dug up who is behind him now; one can imagine how deep the water is.

All he cares about now is only Xu Jian.

He absolutely will not allow Xu Jian to appear in front of that person again.

Absolutely not!

Xu Jian felt a chill for no reason. He shrank his neck and shook his head. He changed from standing to lying on his stomach.

Not using his brain for too long, Xu Jian’s felt that his brain was a little lacking, he can’t think of what he has to do with He Jia.

After thinking for half a day without a clue, Xu Jian simply did not make things difficult for himself, it’s better to take things one step at a time.

Although the act of eavesdropping is not advisable, Xu Jian still decided to wait for an opportunity to secretly go and listen to the conversation between He Jia and Brother Qing later……

Qin Chen saw that Xu Jian was absent-minded throughout the meal today and thought to himself that he didn’t expect this person to care so much about his figure.

And also unexpectedly hold a grudge.

Secretly writing down these two newly discovered points in the bottom of his heart, Qin Chen decided that if Xu Jian really rounded into a ball in the future, he would never mention the word ‘fat’ in front of him.


The afternoon in the filming location, Qin Chen played the male lead that raced on the road to chase criminals.

For these scenes, the crew spent a lot of money to rent a supercar from a car rental company to highlight the superior family status of the male lead.

The rent of the supercar is calculated on a daily basis, and the rent alone is six figures a day. In order to save money, the director focused on filming the supercar scenes today and tomorrow.

Although the road was cleared, there were still many onlookers. As soon as Xu Jian saw the crowd outside, he didn’t move to his nest and decided to stay in the RV and wait for Qin Chen.

For the personal safety of the actors, the tense, frightening, and exciting plot of film and television dramas mostly rely on the later stage. The shooting process is also relatively boring. The close-ups are also supplemented in the green screen.

Once the official shooting started, Qin Chen seldom pays attention to Xu Jian. There are many people outside watching the scene, so he felt that it was good for Xu Jian to not go out of the car.

Before the formal shooting, Qin Chen tore a large packet of beef to Xu Jian and also charged the tablet to help him turn on Tom and Jerry to let him pass the time.

There are food and something to watch, it can be considered to be very thoughtful.

Everything would have been perfect if Qin Chen didn’t try to put earphones into Xu Jian’s cat ears.

Xu Jian looked at the beef jerky and the table in front of him, and then looked at Qin Chen. He meowed at him with complicated eyes that meant——

This is all that is needed, I really can’t hang the earphones on my ears now, your efforts are in vain.

I seriously thank you.

However, Qin Chen did not understand Xu Jian’s meaning and was still trying.

Finally, Xu Jian lifted his paw to grab the earphones cord off his head, helplessly looking at the contemplating Qin Chen, “Meow meow?”

Have you ever seen a cat wear earphones?

Xu Jian thought that Qin Chen wanted him to wear earphones which were even more outrageous than trying to make him wear a skirt.

At this time, Xu Jian was curious about what was going on in Qin Chen’s head all day.

Every cell in Xu Jian’s body was refusing to wear earphones. The cord was pulled down and hung around his neck.

Qin Chen was afraid that his short legs would not be flexible enough and entangle himself around, so he hurried to help him take it out for him.

He was afraid that Xu Jian would become the first cat to be strangled to death by the earphones cord.

Without seeing the expected sight of cats wearing earphones, regret flashed in Qin Chen’s eyes. He put the cord aside and said to Xu Jian:

“Your ears are small, don’t wear it, and don’t wear it. The tablet keyboard is very small, don’t indiscriminately press your paws later. You can turn it off if you’re not watching. Can you always press the power-off button?”

Xu Jian lazily waved his tail behind him and answered, “Meow~”

I can.

In order to prove that he really can, Xu Jian pressed a meat pad in front of Qin Chen and then used the other to touch the power-off button.

The cat’s paw meat is too thick and the power-off button is small. Xu Jian tried several times without success.

Qin Chen was watching from the side which made Xu Jian feel very humiliated, and the frequency of the tail wagging gradually accelerated.

In the end, Xu Jian sat on the sofa with his butt, pulled it with his paws for a good while, and finally, he laboriously stood up on the side of the tablet.

Qin Chen smiled and watched him fiddled. He also didn’t say he would help.

With his face against the tablet to keep it from falling, Xu Jian clamped the tablet with his two hind legs, then slightly squinted, trying to stretch his front legs to press the power-off button.

It was difficult for Xu Jian’s short legs to reach the power-off button. His appearance fell on Qin Chen’s eyes, a white cat sitting with a tablet in his arms.

The scene is too cute.

Qin Chen, who had been ‘watching coldly’, quickly took out his phone to take a picture.

Just when Xu Jian finally touched the power-off button, he was just about to make an effort, when a long and slender hand reached over his head, making him subconsciously look up:

Before he knew it, Qin Chen had already pinched his soft, fluffy paw and pressed the power-off button.

Looking at the blackened screen, Xu Jian: “……”

Now that Xu Jian’s neck is quite flexible, he abruptly turned his head to look at Qin Chen. After meeting the other party’s smiling gaze, he gave a discontented meow, which meant——

I can do it myself!

Qin Chen came to such a moment that made Xu Jian feel that his efforts just now were in vain.

Seeing Xu Jian let go of the tablet he was holding and stood up, Qin Chen asked:

“Why didn’t you just turn off from the other end?”

The power-off button is at the top right side of the tablet. Xu Jian just held the bottom of the tablet so it’s hard for his short legs to reach the top button. If you changed direction……

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s movements stalled, and the next second, he glared at him with widened ice-blue eyes:


Why didn’t you say something so important earlier!

To Xu Jian’s chagrin, Qin Chen’s smile could hardly be concealed but his tone was very innocent:

“I thought you wanted to challenge to a high difficulty so I didn’t remind you.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Although his brain short-circuited and didn’t remember to change directions, after listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian still felt that the other party owed him a little, so he turned his face and did not look at him.


Seeing that he began to point his cat’s butt to him again, Qin Chen silently laughed. He helped him reopen the tablet, and then rubbed the cat’s head:

“Okay, I won’t tease you. I went over to film a scene. You’re a person, not a cat, have fun here. Don’t run around.”

Qin Chen’s advice to Xu Jian has become a habit, even if he now knows that his cat’s body is an adult male soul, he can’t change it for a while.

And he doesn’t want to change it, too.

Qin Chen’s tone was too gentle that Xu Jian, who initially didn’t want to talk to him within ten minutes, softened, and finally, he awkwardly responded with a small hum.

Listening to Xu Jian’s milky voice, Qin Chen couldn’t resist squeezing his cat’s paw again which felt quite good, then got out of the car and left.

Qin Chen deliberately left a slit on the car door to facilitate Xu Jian’s entry and exit.

The tip of Xu Jian’s ears twitched, he made sure that Qin Chen had gone far, and jumped off the sofa. The little short legs ran to the car door to have a look, then with a ‘swoosh’, he ran to the back of the car.

Just now, Xu Jian didn’t have the nerve to show it. In fact, he wanted to solve a cat problem for a long time.

People have three urgencies,[2](excuse the words) the need to urinate, dump, and fart; the phrase can also mean the need to answer the call of natureso do cats.

But Xu Jian is afraid of Qin Chen, who is a perverted plush control and has the whim to study how the cat is using the toilet, so he has been holding back.

Cautiously and carefully squatting on the glossy toilet so as not to fall in, Xu Jian’s cat face seriously pondered whether the cat could get uremia.


When Qin Chen returned to the RV in the afternoon, there was only a small half a bag of beef jerky left, the tablet was also black, and it’s no longer broadcasting Tom and Jerry.

As for Xu Jian, at this time, one paw was blocking his face, a paw bent on his chest like a dog, two hinds legs crossed, and he was almost drooling, sleeping on his back.

Xu Jian’s sleeping posture was not very elegant. Qin Chen inevitably saw something he shouldn’t have seen again.

Looking at the unconscious Xu Jian, Qin Chen shook his head in his heart.

If this person was awake, he would have been meowing and scolding him rogue again.

Xiao Nan was holding Qin Chen’s jacket and her front foot had just stepped onto the RV. Before the person got in, she saw the originally smiling face on Qin Chen suddenly changed and quickly reached for the pillow beside him.

Startled by Qin Chen’s sudden movement, Xiao Nan froze in place neither going up nor down, and forcibly opened her mouth to ask stupidly:

“Wha-what’s wrong, Brother Chen?”

Blocking Xu Jian with a pillow, Qin Chen pushed Xu Jian with his hand while he replied to Xiao Nan:


Xiao Nan had questions marks on her head, thinking——nothing, what’s with your big reaction?

Xu Jian was pushed awake by Qin Chen and before he was fully awake from his sleep, he heard Qin Chen’s low voice:

“If you don’t wake up, you’ll be seen by Xiao Nan.”

Xu Jian’s spirit instantly awakened when he heard the words, he quickly stood up.

Looking at the pillow in front of him, Xu Jian, who was completely aware that he was being watched by Qin Chen, cast a grateful smile towards the other, which meant——

Thanks, bro!

If Qin Chen could read Xu Jian’s meaningful eyes, he would certainly think:

Why is this cat so silly?

The author has something to say:

Qin poop scooping officer: I can see, others can’t.

Jian Cat: ????

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1 behind-the-scene supporter
2 (excuse the words) the need to urinate, dump, and fart; the phrase can also mean the need to answer the call of nature

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