He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Short Legs

Tang Li felt that he couldn’t understand Qin Chen more and more.

He really couldn’t understand why Qin Chen would introduce him to a cat in a straight-faced manner.

After a few seconds, Tang Li looked at Qin Chen with complicated eyes.

“……introducing me to him, can Milk understand or what?”

As soon as the words fell, Tang Li heard Xu Jian gently ‘meowed’.

The timing was too coincidental as if Milk was responding to him. Tang Li was stunned for a few seconds and turned his head to look at the white cat: “Meow?”

Qin Chen timely translated, “He’s saying ‘hello’ to you.”

Tang Li: “……”

Brother Chen, wake up. Although you claim to be Milk’s father, this is a cat; it’s not really your son ah.

Cats can’t understand the human language!

Has his Brother Chen’s plush control disease got worse again?

Standing up with the teasing cat stick, Tang Li looked at Qin Chen with a sympathetic gaze.

“Brother Chen, there is a cure for illness. I’ll pay for it.”

Xu Jian’s identity can’t be exposed. Qin Chen also didn’t say more, ignoring his gaze to change the topic:

“How many days are you planning to stay here?”

Tang Li’s eyes widened with exaggeration:

“I’ve just arrived and you’re driving me away? Heartless!”

Putting the teasing cat stick into Qin Chen’s hand, Tang Li the drama queen, took a step back and did a ‘Xishi clasps at her heart’,[1]fig. a woman’s lovely looks, despite the pangs of illnessand said with a sad tone:

“After getting off the plane, I specially went around to the pet store to buy you the cat teasing stick you wanted.”

Xu Jian’s ears twitched, grasped the point of Tang Li’s words. He narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look at Qin Chen, the meaning in his eyes:

You asked him to buy this green thing?

As soon as he threw the cat teasing stick, Qin Chen threw the pot[2]to shirk responsibility and shift the blame to otherswithout a red face and jumping heart:

“I only asked you to see if it was sold, who asked you to buy it?”

Tang Li: “???”

No, what you meant by letting me see, isn’t it asking me to buy it for you?

Tang Li had a reason to suspect that Qin Chen doesn’t want to reimburse him for the money of this cat teasing stick, so all the crappy reasons came out. 

The world’s morals are simply getting worse day by day!

And Xu Jian just quietly looked at Qin Chen and the words ‘I’ll watch you make it up’ were almost written on his head.

Xiao Nan recognized Tang Li; and Pan Min, as Qin Chen’s cousin, naturally knew Qin Chen’s friends since childhood.

Pan Min, who knew Tang Li had arrived, came over and asked if he had booked a hotel.

After seeing her, Tang Li first stood upright and obediently called Sister, then smiled and said that the secretary had booked it for him, same with Qin Chen’s hotel.

Qin Chen took Xu Jian, who was staring straight at him, into his arms and scratched his chin and rubbed it as a consolation, and then looked at Tang Li:

“Not busy lately?”

Tang Li: “It’s okay.”

Having raised a cat for so long, Qin Chen learned a lot of tricks and techniques in stroking the cat online, and Xu Jian enjoyed it every time. 

This time is no exception, Xu Jian’s head lying on his small arm, and comfortably hummed twice.

What cat teasing stick? I don’t remember.

Then, Qin Chen continued to shoot scenes, and Tang Li on the side, teased the cat, playing happily.

They all say that knowing someone by their reputation can’t compare to meeting them in person, and Tang Li was deeply convinced.

When looking at the photos Qin Chen sent across the screen, listening to him say how cute and beautiful Milk is, Tang Li, who isn’t cat control, didn’t feel much in his heart. He just sighed a few words:

This cat is really white.

These blue eyes are really big.

These legs……are really short! 
So now, the feeling of a real cat is more directly perceived through the senses than in the picture. Tang Li felt that Milk is indeed considered good-looking as a cat.

Stuffing the dried squid that was rejected by Xu Jian for the nth time into his mouth, Tang Li turned his head and asked Xiao Nan:

“Milk is still a picky eater ah?”

Xiao Nan was used to it. “No, he’s not a picky eater, he’s picking people.”

Tang Li’s mouth movement paused. “Hmm?”

What do you mean by picking people?

To Tang Li’s confused look, Xiao Nan explained:

“Milk recognizes people. Except for Brother Chen, he won’t eat anything given by others.”

Tang Li smiled when he heard the words and raised his eyebrow. “So magical?”

Tang Li had heard Qin Chen say many times before that Milk only stuck to him, but Tang Li didn’t believe it at all and thought it was just Qin Chen’s illusion.

After all, every poop scooping officer has the illusion that the master likes him very much and only likes him.

Now, after hearing Xiao Nan’s words, Tang was very surprised:


Xiao Nan nodded. Afraid that Tang Li didn’t believe it, she also handed him a packet of small dried yellow fish and said:

“This is Milk’s favorite small dried fish. If you don’t believe it, try it.”

Tang Li doesn’t believe in such abnormalities, so he went to get the small dried fish. He put the small dried fish in front of Xu Jian’s nose and shook it:

“It’s your favorite food. Doesn’t it smell good? Do you want to eat it?”

Xu Jian, who wasn’t hungry at all, glanced at Tang Li and was unmoved.

Seeing that Milk has no intention of eating it, Tang Li persisted:

“If you take a bite, uncle will buy you a lot of small dried fish.”

Xu Jian simply turned his head and didn’t look at him that meant——not eating.

Tang Li’s eyes turned, “After you eat it, uncle will introduce you to a beautiful and soft female kitten, and you can have as much as you want!”

Xu Jian: “……”

I didn’t expect you to be such a person!

Crooked? Evil spirit? Here is a pimp!

Taking a deep look at Tang Li, Xu Jian jumped off his chair and da da da towards Qin Chen.

The teacher said not to play with pimps.

Seeing Xu Jian go, Tang Li subconsciously left an ‘eh’, and when the cat had only a round butt, he realized that the cat had really left.

Thinking of the way Milk looked at him as he left, Tang Li slowly turned his head to ask Xiao Nan:

“Am I……disliked by a cat?”

Although she wanted to laugh, Xiao Nan held back and comforted him:

“It’s okay. I’m often disliked by Milk too, I just got used to it.”

Tang Li: “????”

Are all cat masters so arrogant now?!

During Qin Chen’s halftime break, Tang Li snitched on him, saying that Milk abandoned him, but he was kind enough to introduce him to female kittens!

Don’t mention female kittens now, there isn’t even a male kitten!

After listening to Tang Li’s words, Qin Chen first looked around and did not find Xu Jian’s figure, then looked at him:

“You said you wanted to introduce him to a female kitten, if he didn’t scratch you, you earned it.”

There was no need to ask. Qin Chen can guess how frightened and speechless Xu Jian was when he heard Tang Li said ‘female kitten’.

Qin Chen still remembers when he mentioned he wanted to find a companion for him, Xu Jian was so angry that he howled at him:

It almost ran and jumped all over the place.

Tang Li’s eyes widened. “You actually want him to scratch me!”

Is this what people do?!

Patting Tang Li’s shoulder, Qin Chen kindly said:

“Milk isn’t like an ordinary cat. He is very smart, it’s best not to mess with him. Be careful that he really scratches you.”

Tang Li’s mouth was fast. “Apart from having shorter legs and a better-looking appearance, where is it different from other cats? Isn’t your father’s filter also too thick?”

Not far away, with a small sweet tangerine in his mouth, he ran over and wanted Qin Chen to peel it for him. Xu Jian, with excellent ears, just heard Tang Li righteously say that his legs were short.

In an instant, Xu Jian’s whole cat wasn’t good, and he glared at him through the crowd——

What’s wrong with short legs? Did short legs eat your small dried fish?!!

With anger in his heart, Xu Jian didn’t pay attention to the strength in his mouth. As soon as his teeth were pushed, the orange peel of the sweet tangerine in his mouth was punctured by his fangs, and the bitter taste of tangerine peel instantly filled his mouth.

Xu Jian felt so bitter that the cat’s face wrinkled into a ball, wanting to throw out the tangerine yet felt it will be a waste, so he hastened to Qin Chen with such bitterness.

Out of the corner of Qin Chen’s eyes, he only saw a white shadow like a small cannonball rushing in front of him. When he lowered his head and stared down, he saw Xu Jian scurry over.

With a sweet tangerine in his mouth, Xu Jian couldn’t meow. He could only lift his right paw to pat Qin Chen’s instep that means——

So bitter, quickly help me take it out!

Seeing Xu Jian so anxious that he kept pulling his small paws, Qin Chen was stunned at first, then squatted down to look at the sweet tangerine in his mouth and asked:

“Is this your new look? Four-legged swallowing tangerine beast?”

Xu Jian’s patting stalled, and the next second Qin Chen welcomed the other party’s higher frequency of patting:

New look my ass, meow ah!

Qin Chen stretched out his hand to Xu Jian’s mouth, watching his anxiety, he held back his laugh:

“It seems that I guessed wrong.”

With great effort, he tried to open his mouth and put the tangerine in Qin Chen’s palm. Xu Jian glanced at it twice when he put it down. He was relieved when he saw that there was no other unidentified liquid on the tangerine except a few more teeth marks.

The tangerine’s peel is too bitter, Xu Jian was afraid that he’d paste cat saliva in Qin Chen’s hand.

Holding the tangerine and looking at it, Qin Chen raised the corners of his mouth after seeing the tooth marks on top and asked:

“Is it for me to eat or asking me to help you peel it? Meow once for the former, twice for the latter.”

Xu Jian licked his still somewhat bitter fangs and meowed twice without hesitation.

Qin Chen gave a ‘tsk’ and spoke:

“I knew you wouldn’t be so kind to bring me food.”

Although he was complaining, Qin Chen’s hand didn’t stop. He peeled the tangerine twice and put the two skins in the palm of his hand:

Xu Jian looked at the tangerine slice then looked at Qin Chen again without moving.

One person and one cat looked at each other for a few seconds. Qin Chen angrily and amusedly added, “……I just washed my hands, it’s clean.”

Xu Jian leaned over to pick up the tangerine slice in Qin Chen’s palm.

The hair on Xu Jian’s face is a bit long, it was a bit itchy when it swept Qin Chen’s palm.

Tang Li, who witnessed the whole process from the side, hadn’t closed his mouth from the moment he saw Xu Jian come over with a tangerine in his mouth because of shock.

And now, he watched Qin Chen just feed the whole sweet tangerine to Milk one by one, and his heart was as blank as his expression:


One person, one cat, asked, and two meows, what is this situation???

A crooked evil spirit? There’s a cat here suspected of becoming a spirit!

He seems to really understand human language…… 
After eating the sweet tangerine, Xu Jian finally had no bitter taste of tangerine peel in his mouth. He turned his head at the dumfounded Tang Li beside him.

The tangerine pulp was very sweet, but he didn’t forget that this person said he has short legs!

Meeting Milk Xu Jian milky fierce eyes, Tang Li moved to Qin Chen’s side, terrified.

Tang Li pulled Qin Chen’s sleeve and lowered his voice:

“What to do Brother Chen, I feel like Milk seems to really want to scratch me.” 

Tang Li’s voice was very low but Xu Jian still heard it clearly. “Meow meow meow.”

Who told you to attack the cat’s body?

Qin Chen weighed between his good friend and fluff, and quickly made a choice, looking at Tang Li:

“Don’t worry. I’ll discuss it with him. I’ll ask him to scratch gently to make sure that there’s no blood.”

Tang Li: “????”

Are you still human?

Tang Li, with an injured face, pointed to Xu Jian, his fingers pretentiously shook and shook ah, and accusingly looked at Qin Chen:

“After so many years of knowing each other, I still can’t even match up to this little fairy that you’ve only known for two months?”

Not waiting for Qin Chen to speak, Tang Li, like performing in an opera, flung his sleeve, turned his face sideways, and looked down on him. When he spoke again, it was a theatrical accent with a long note:

“This family’s slave has been sincere for many years, at long last, it was…….mistakenly handed over~”

Tang Li’s set of movements were very smooth and natural,[3]lit. moving clouds and flowing water [idiom] with the back of his hand still blocking the side of his face as if he couldn’t bear to look again. Xu Jian stared at him in a daze.

He was still immersed in Tang Li’s theatrical play just now.

Xu Jian hasn’t studied opera nor did he understand it but he felt that the line Tang Li said just now was quite good.

It still sounded very standard.

But this did not prevent his cat face from looking foolishly at Tang Li, who seemed to be possessed by a famous actor.

Seeing Xu Jian’s little dumbfounded expression, Qin Chen took the initiative to explain.

“His grandfather is a famous opera great master, Mr. Tang Shi.[4]venerable sirHe learned it from a young age.”

Xu Jian nodded with a face of ‘so it’s like this, so awesome’.


Being interrupted by Tang Li’s unexpected theatrical play, Xu Jian had forgotten the other saying his legs were short.

However, Tang Li was going to die. He took advantage of Xu Jian’s inattention, touching his tail without saying anything, and muttered:

“Although the legs are short, the tail is really long.”

Xu Jian, whose tail was touched, jerked his head to look at him:

“Meow ao——”

You’re the one with short legs!

Whether it’s tolerable or not, uncle can endure but the cat can’t endure. Even if you’re the grandson of a great master of opera, I’m going to scratch you today, too! 

Right now, at this moment!

Seeing Xu Jian who suddenly became fierce, Tang Li’s spirit lifted and ran towards Qin Chen, and shouted:

“Brother Chen, save me, your cat is really going to claw me!”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: You have short legs! [angry.jpg]

Qin poop scooping officer: Your legs are 1.8 meters long! [Smooths hair.jpg]

Tang Li: All I know is that tiger’s butt can’t be touched but I didn’t know that cat’s tail can’t be touched ah!


1 fig. a woman’s lovely looks, despite the pangs of illness
2 to shirk responsibility and shift the blame to others
3 lit. moving clouds and flowing water [idiom]
4 venerable sir

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