He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Wiping Mouth

Thank you so much for the ko-fi, Hedgeboar! ♡♡♡•·················•·················• Tang Li yelled exaggeratedly. Xu Jian, who was chasing after him, moved quite fast on his four legs but until the end, Xu Jian didn’t really scratch or bite him.

First, it is because Tang Li is Qin Chen’s friend. Second, he found that Tang Li’s clothes are pretty expensive.

At a glance, it was a price that this poor cat couldn’t afford to bite.

But he still stepped on Tang Li’s feet as if he was relieved, the front and back feet stepped on his shoes.

After stepping on Tang Li, Xu Jian turned to look at him, meowed at him threateningly, and then walked away.

Tang Li: “……”

Qin Chen, who was acting with other actors, took the time to listen to Tang Li and looked at him rather helplessly:

“Do you have nothing to do, touching his tail?”

Qin Chen knew that Xu Jian had never liked others touching his tail, and even he could only fulfill his amusement while the person is sleeping or not paying attention.

Tang Li was unreasonably stubborn.

“He himself used his tail to dangle in front of my eyes, which makes my hand itchy.”

Qin Chen slapped Tang Li’s arm with the script when he heard his words:

“I think you owe your hand.”

Qin Chen’s strength wasn’t much. Tang Li carelessly rubbed the arm that was hit, somewhat laughing at the owed:

“Your family’s cat looks aloof. You can’t help but want to tease. Typical mensao,[1]cold on the outside but passionate on the insideit is fun to watch him blow up his hair.”

Hearing Tang Li’s words, not knowing what came to Qin Chen’s mind, he also followed him by pulling the corners of his mouth.

Seeing his expression, Tang Li beamed. “Do you also feel the same way?”

Reining on the smile on his face, Qin Chen looked at him. “No.”

Tang Li waved his hand and gave a ‘tch’. “Hypocrite.”

Tang Li felt that Qin Chen is the same as his cat, mensao.

Qin Chen was on the scene and Tang Li didn’t want to delay his work much, so he greeted them and then went to prepare to harm Xu Jian. 

Looking at his good friend who was ready to tease the cat in high spirits, Qin Chen was still a little worried and reminded:

“He bears grudges. You don’t want to really provoke him, he’s not easy to coax.”

Tang Li turned his back on Qin Chen, raised his hand, and waved that means——

Don’t worry, I know it very well.

Seeing Tang Li’s departing back, Qin Chen helplessly shook his head. He could see that this person wasn’t here to visit the group at all, but to tease the cat.


So the next few hours in the afternoon, Xu Jian didn’t bother to watch Qin Chen filming. He spent all his energy on Tang Li, who could pop up anytime and anywhere.

Xu Jian felt that Tang Li was too capable of tormenting.

Tang Li wanted to hold his paw for a while, he also wanted to hold him to take a picture together, and he even carefully studied his ice-blue cat’s eyes, what color corresponds to cosmetic contact lenses…….

Watching Tang Li, who suddenly sprang out from the side while he wasn’t paying attention, holding a few sweet tangerines in his hand, Tang Li laughed and said to him that he could eat as much as he wanted with three meows. Xu Jian was so frightened that he powerlessly look at the sky——

Why would Qin Chen have such a childish and difficult friend?
How come no matter where he hides, this person can find him within ten minutes?
Is this person equipped with radar? Following everywhere?
It’s really……
It’s really killing the cat!

Looking at Tang Li and then at the fresh tangerines in his hand, Xu Jian deliberately went against him and only meowed twice which means…….

Not eating!

Tang Li frowned. “There is no such option. Classmate Milk, please answer the question again.”

Xu Jian: “……”

He’s really going crazy!

After more than three hours of fighting with wits and valor, Xu Jian has been worn out by Tang Li.

If Xu Jian could talk now, he would definitely beg Tang Li for mercy:

You won. I’m sorry big brother, I was wrong. I was really wrong.

I shouldn’t have stepped on your foot, can you stop following me? Can you give me some private cat space, okay?

Xu Jian felt that Tang Li was definitely the Waterloo of his cat’s life. If this continues, he will become anti-social.

Fortunately, a second before Xu Jian was about to be annoyed to death by Tang Li, Qin Chen finally finished filming his afternoon scene and the big director announced dinner with a wave of his hand.

When he heard the director’s words, Xu Jian’s eyes lit up like an amnesty. After glancing at Tang Li, without a meow, he turned and ran towards Qin Chen——

Qin Chen, help ah!

Truth be told, Xu Jian felt that the voice of the middle-aged fat director has never been as pleasant as it is now.

It’s simply the sound of heaven!

It’s God who saved him.

Xu Jian left Tang Li to escape for fear of being entangled by Tang Li a second later and then studied why the cat whiskers on his mouth were not the same length and whether they should be trimmed.

Qin Chen, who had just finished the scene, wasn’t yet completely out of the scene. He saw Xu Jian rushing towards him as if a ghost was chasing behind him and then circling around him while meowing.

Xu Jian was complaining to Qin Chen, his mouth kept meowing and meowing, but in fact, there was only one central idea——

Qin Chen, can you control your friend? It’s really annoying the cat!

Qin Chen looked down at Xu Jian who was furiously circling around him then looked at Tang Li who was coming over with the abandoned small tangerines in his hand and a smile on his face.

What’s the situation now?

Xu Jian also saw Tang Li; his spinning short legs paused and then twisted his head and went to Qin Chen’s trouser legs to climb on him.

Ever since Qin Chen knew that he was a human, Xu Jian hasn’t taken the initiative to climb on Qin Chen. It was Qin Chen who takes the initiative to hold him.

So seeing Xu Jian being so active now, Qin Chen was stunned at first. His hands held the other’s fluffy body faster than his brain.

After raising his hand to touch the fur, Qin Chen looked up at Tang Li who had approached and asked:

“What did you do to my cat?”

The smile in Qin Chen’s eyes could no longer be hidden.

Tang Li held the abandoned tangerines and replied with a benign face:

“I didn’t do anything ah. I just asked him if he wanted to eat tangerines.”

Xu Jian, who was in Qin Chen’s arms, heard the words, turned his head, and glowered, “Meow meow!”


Seeing Xu Jian’s reaction, Qin Chen hurriedly patted his back to show comfort, and then pretended to look at Tang Li solemnly:

“I told you not to tease him but you just bullied him since he can’t talk now.”

Tang Li stretched out his index finger and shook it. “No, we’re just cultivating feelings.”

Xu Jian was spitting out in a storm in his heart——who wants to cultivate feelings with you ah!

Qin Chen knew Tang Li’s nature, fearing that the world wouldn’t be chaotic. As soon as he shook his head and was about to open his mouth, Pan Min came over and called them for dinner.

After being interrupted by Pan Min, Qin Chen didn’t dwell on this issue with Tang Li and went to eat with the cat in his arms.

Qin Chen walked ahead holding the cat and asked in a low voice that only he and Xu Jian could hear:

“Tang Li pestered you?”

Hearing the words ‘Tang Li’, Xu Jian still had lingering fears, and his ear trembled, nodding to Qin Chen.

Qin Chen thought to himself that this is really the case. After pinching Xu Jian’s cat paw, he said:

“He’s been like this since he was young. He meant no harm, don’t take it to heart.”

Xu Jian only felt that Tang Li was too curious, his skill of annoying the cat was first-class, but he wasn’t really angry.

However, after listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian grasped a key point——

Has been like this since he was young?

Xu Jian looked at Tang Li and thought to himself:

It seems that this person is not only Qin Chen’s friend, but they’ve also known each other since childhood.

Qin Chen was such a steady person but he has a friend with this kind of personality.

However, Xu Jian thought for a moment again. Qin Chen recently knew he was human, his curiosity was also too much. He wanted to see a cat wash his face and also see how a cat used the toilet……

The saying birds of the same feather flock together is indeed an eternal truth.

Tang Li met Xu Jian’s sizing eyes; he smiled at him with his eyes bent.

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian silently shrank back into Qin Shen’s arms.

They didn’t go to the RV to eat dinner instead they ate at the simple folding table built by the crew.

Tang Li sat on Qin Chen’s right side. Xu Jian saw it and moved to Qin Chen’s left side, this posture—— the farther away the better.

Seeing Xu Jian’s action, perhaps the dislike in his eyes was too obvious, Tang Li looked hurt and said:

“I played with you all afternoon yet you still dislike me.”

Xu Jian’s cat face was indifferent: Play what? Play hide-and-seek with the cat?

Tang Li: “You little white-eyed wolf.”

After saying that, Tang Li felt that his wording was inaccurate and corrected, “White-eyed cat.”

Although the two have only been together for a short afternoon, Xu Jian has fully realized that Tang Li, this person, is full of drama.

The cat was forced to hide from Tang Li for an afternoon. Xu Jian was already hungry and bowed his head to eat his meal, no longer caring about him.

Xu Jian’s bowl was bought by Qin Chen for him, it’s in the shape of a cat’s head with two ears on top, just enough to hold water or vegetables.

Tang Li swept a glance at Xu Jian’s special bowl and asked Qin Chen. “Can cats eat this?”

The food in Xu Jian’s bowl was similar to what Qin Chen and the others were eating.

Qin Chen smoothly put a piece of stewed soft brisket into the ears of Xu Jian’s cat bowl and replied:

“Milk is not a picky eater and is in good health. He can eat most of what we can eat.”

Xu Jian has told Qin Chen before because he is a human, he can also eat the food that humans can eat without any adverse reactions.

The cat had a small appetite. Before Qin Chen and the others had eaten halfway, he meowed at Qin Chen and jumped off the table.

Qin Chen drew a tissue while others weren’t paying attention, then took it and put his hand under the table.

Under the wooden table, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen’s hand hanging below. His heart skipped a beat twice and he hesitated for a moment without moving.

A few seconds later, Qin Chen’s hands shook which means——hurry up.

Finally, Xu Jian looked around to make sure that no one noticed them before slowly moving towards Qin Chen.

The closer to Qin Chen’s hand, the faster Xu Jian’s heart beats.

Even Xu Jian himself doesn’t know why his heartbeat is suddenly beating faster.

After moving ah moving, he finally got close to Qin Chen. Xu Jian raised his two front paws and pulled his legs. After a pause, he stretched his neck to put his face on the tissue in his hand, and then…….


Xu Jian’s cat ears touched Qin Chen’s palm.

After waiting for half a minute with his left hand hanging down with a tissue, Qin Chen finally waited until a certain cat came to wipe his mouth.

Feeling Xu Jian’s pointed cat ears sweeping back and forth on his hand, Qin Chen smiled silently, his heart becoming soft.

He can imagine how cute Xu Jian’s wiping his mouth now.

If it weren’t for the people around, Qin Chen really wanted to bend down to look or take a picture of Xu Jian now.

And Xu Jian, who wiped his mouth with the tissue in Qin Chen’s hand, heart beat like a drum.

Qin Chen would always have some small actions that were unexpected but made his heart warm.

Maybe it was because there are people around but no one noticed his and Qin Chen’s small movement under the table. Xu Jian inexplicably experienced the pleasure of sneakily ‘flirting’ in public.

As soon as the word ‘flirting’ popped out of his head, Xu Jian’s mind subsequently burned like fire. Not to mention his head was dizzy, his body also began to become light.

In a trance, as if demons and gods were at work, Xu Jian licked Qin Chen’s palm twice.

Just as he finished, Xu Jian’s consciousness instantly returned. After reflecting on what he had just done, his whole cat froze and stared at Qin Chen’s palm, full of daze:

Who am I? Where am I? What did I just do to Qin Chen?

After questioning in succession, Xu Jian’s first reaction was to count the days.

Did he reach the period where his body was starting to get out of control again?

Xu Jian mentally counted the time, and then found that there was still more than a week before the 20th.

Xu Jian: “……”

So was I just possessed by a ghost? Why would he open his mouth to people?

Xu Jian began to doubt his cat character again:

The person was kind enough to wipe your mouth but you took advantage of the other…….

The cat’s character is very problematic ah!

In contrast to the shocked Xu Jian, Qin Chen is much calmer.

The cat’s tongue has many barbs. Qin Chen didn’t feel it when he was licked, but he thought that Xu Jian accidentally touched it when he wiped his mouth, so he didn’t take it to heart.

The mouth was wiped, it was already imposed upon. Xu Jian felt like he wanted to leave after he realized it. As a result, Qin Chen’s originally wooden-like hand suddenly moved——

Qin Chen’s hand accurately placed to his head and rubbed it, and at the end, he also gently pinched his ears.

Xu Jian, who had calmed down with great difficulty, heart jumped again and the two paws holding Qin Chen’s trouser legs unconsciously loosened.

After Qin Chen’s hand had been withdrawn for a while, Xu Jian still crouched under the table like an ostrich, covering his unusually excited heart and thinking about cat life:

Is there… something wrong with him?

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I didn’t do anything, don’t look at me. [cat doesn’t know anything.jpg]

Qin poop scooping officer: I don’t care. You can even use your mouth on other parts of me. [Stretches face and pouts.jpg]

Tang Li: Milk is really funny eh, hey.

E/N: *lick lick lick


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