He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Indecent

Xu Jian hid under the table like an ostrich, so guilty that he dare not look at Qin Chen.

When Qin Chen finished their meal and cleared the table, Xu Jian finally found a reason for his abnormal behavior in his heart just now——

It’s a cat’s nature to cause mischief.

After all, Qin Chen has raised him for so long that it’s normal for him to have a sense of dependence and be a little bit intimate with him once in a while.

It was Milk’s mouth and he, Xu Jian, has nothing to do with it.

Thinking like this in his heart, Xu Jian felt better, and shook his head, ready to come out from under the table.

However, Xu Jian’s body hasn’t completely gone out of the table’s shadow when he inadvertently tilted his head and swept it out of the corner of his eyes, facing a pair of small green eyes in the corner of the wall not far away.

Looking at the black mass in the corner, Xu Jian subconsciously narrowed his eyes and thought:

What the hell are those eyes glowing?

Just as he was about to take a closer look at what it was, another pair of small eyes suddenly appeared next to the small eyes which startled him, and at the same time he also heard a——‘squeak squeak squeak’.


Xu Jian was stupefied, and then he realized that the black thing was two mice.

There are many people in the studio and things are chaotic. There are often sundries piled up in the corners, and it’s strange that there are mice.

The two mice obviously also saw Xu Jian, the mutual exchange of ‘squeak’ stopped, and they unexpectedly ran towards Xu Jian along the corner of the wall.

Not knowing whether they are frightened by Xu Jian, the cat, or didn’t pay attention to him at all, the two mice ran very fast.

After all, some mice have never seen a cat in their lives, even if they have a natural fear of cats in their bones, they can’t stop being bold.

Xu Jian has seen many pet cats meowing when they were frightened by mice on the internet before. At that time, he also laughed and told Chen Doudou that the world is changing. Today’s cats aren’t only not catching mice but were also too scared to do it.

Now, for the second time, Xu Jian understand whys some cats are afraid of mice——

Because the mouse in the cat’s eyes is really too big!

Xu Jian had this realization the first time when he had just turned into a cat two days ago and had a narrow encounter with a fat mouse in his broken cardboard box.

So now when he saw these two mice approaching him, Xu Jian was frightened and cold hairs stood up. When the mice were less than half a meter away from him, with a ‘meow ao’ a cry of misery, he once again crawled up to Qin Chen’s calf.

After crawling to Qin Chen, Xu Jian’s head also arched twice in the person’s arms.

The two mice were so menacing that for a moment, Xu Jian even felt that the other party was trying to bite him twice.

Qin Chen, who was originally chatting with Tang Li, was shocked to hear Xu Jian’s scream. He immediately looked down to see what had happened.

In a panic, Xu Jian didn’t pay attention to the strength under his paws. Although he was across his trousers, Qin Chen’s leg still hurt a bit by his grasp. He was also paying attention. While holding the terrified cat, he lowered his head and happened to see two black unidentified objects running past his feet.
Not only did Qin Chen saw that there were two mice running by just now, even Tang Li and the others also saw them.

Looking at the direction of the mice that have slipped out of sight, and then looking at the frightened Xu Jian in Qin Chen’s arms:



Wasn’t that a mouse just now, not a tiger? Classmate Milk, you’re a purebred cat, aren’t you?

Xiao Nan on the side was silent for a few seconds, having the same doubts as Tang Li, but it’s just that she said it bluntly:

“Cats can also still be frightened by two mice like this??”

I’m afraid it’s a fake cat, right?

Only Qin Chen knew Xu Jian’s background. He looked down at the cat in his arms, gently patted Xu Jian’s back to coax him while laughing softly:

“He is timid.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s body stiffened. He also felt that his current appearance is quite a pussy (pun intended) but he still retorted in a low voice in his heart:

It’s not that I’m timid. Anyone who sees an oversized version of a mouse running towards them will be startled, okay?
Let alone two of them!

Tang Li: “But this is too small, right?”

Tang Li still thinks that the scene of a cat shivering in its owner’s arms in fear at the sight of a mouse is too surprising, and……

Tang Li saw the way Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and was powerless to complain:

“Brother Chen, Milk is just a little cat. He can’t feel the tender, watery look in your eyes.”

Tang Li felt that his Brother Chen was too deeply poisoned that he really took Milk as his cub. Look at those gentle and doting eyes.

With a ‘ze’[1]to click one’s tongue; similar to ‘tch’ or ‘tsk’in his heart, Tang Li touched his chin without a beard, with a faint guess in his heart:

Could it be that Brother Chen has been single for too long that he feels it’s so good-looking when he looks at the cat?

On the other hand, Qin Chen saw that Xu Jian’s mood had gradually regained calmness. After scratching his neck, his index finger and thumb pinched his ears, then leaned close to his ear and whispered:

“Is it time for you to cut your nails? The scratch hurt me a little bit just now.”

Xu Jian heard the words, regardless of his ears still being held by Qin Chen, he reflexively looked at his claws, and then found that his claws should indeed be cut; it’s a little long.

Recalling the strength of his grasp of Qin Chen’s trousers, Xu Jian felt a little guilty. He raised his head and opened his mouth, he just wanted to meow twice to show that he didn’t mean to just now and as a result, he heard Qin Chen speak in a low voice:

“And, aren’t you heavy?

Xu Jian: !!!!

Isn’t it you who fed!

After being called timid then fat, the words of apology were swallowed by Xu Jian, who jumped off Qin Chen’s lap and left in a puff of anger.

Qin Chen watched Xu Jian wiggle his white ass and walk away. He couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth.

After withdrawing his gaze, facing Tang Li, who was looking at him with complicated eyes, Qin Chen casually asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tang Li slowly shook his head. “……nothing.”

Brother, I’m glad you’re happy.


Tang Li didn’t stay here for long. On the fourth day early in the morning, he got on the plane back to Nanfeng City. When he left the house in the morning, he ignored Xu Jian’s objection and forcibly shook his paws. He smiled and said:

“When you and Brother Chen come back, I’ll find you guys to play and buy you small dried fish.”

Xu Jian was tormented by Tang Li these days. He felt that he had lost a lot of furs and his soul was refusing completely, refusing to hear his words——

Forget it. I don’t really like small dried fish that much; you can also consider mailing it.
In short, the small dried fish can come, you, the person, can forget about it. Afraid, afraid.

After shaking paws with Xu Jian, Tang Li looked at Qin Chen again and said:

“President Du has signed a big order. When you’re free, we’ll go out for a drink to celebrate with him.”

President Du?

The originally still absent-minded Xu Jian heard this name. His spirits instantly rose and suddenly looked up at Tang Li.

Does Tang Li also know that President Du?

Just when Xu Jian was surprised, he heard Qin Chen’s smiling voice over his head:

“Good. I’ll tell you when I’m on vacation.”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, dull pain of indefinable origin burst from Xu Jian’s heart which made him frown.

Qin Chen’s voice has always been quite nice and low enough, and there are even many fans who claim to be his ‘voice fans’.

But now Xu Jian quite hoped that he quickly shut up and stop talking.

One word of President Du, he was inexplicably upset hearing it, and he also didn’t know what was funny.

It simply annoys the cat.

After returning from sending off Tang Li into the elevator, Qin Chen saw Xu Jian turned on the TV and nestled on the sofa to watch. He took a closer look and saw that the TV remote control is hidden under his meat pad.

It wasn’t easy to have half a day off, Qin Chen sat down beside Xu Jian. Just as he wanted to speak to Xu Jian who was formed into a ball, the cat suddenly got up, and after pulling the remote control to the side a bit with his paw, Xu Jian lay down again to watch TV.

Seeing Xu Jian who had moved away and obviously didn’t want to pay attention to him, Qin Chen was first stunned, and then softly asked:

“What’s wrong with you? Who provoked you?”

Obviously, it was fine just now. How come I just went out and came back then you ignored people?
What’s wrong?

In fact, Xu Jian also didn’t know why he was like this. Since he saw Qin Chen and Tang Li talking and laughing about President Du, he felt uncomfortable and a little confused.

Xu Jian himself didn’t figure it out, so he simply didn’t answer.

Qin Chen looked at his appearance and reached out to rub his head. As a result, Xu Jian silently turned his head away that means:

No touching.

Qin Chen, who was left empty in his hand, wasn’t angry. He stared at Xu Jian for a few seconds, thinking in his heart what happened to him all of a sudden, and then he remembered an important thing.

Qin Chen’s eyes became a little nervous and asked with concern:

“It’s still only a few days before the 20th and you’re going to turn back into a human again. Are you already starting to feel uncomfortable now?” 

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian froze. He turned to look at him and finally opened his mouth, “Meow?”

Xu Jian counted the days in his mind. Indeed there are less than two days before he turned back into a human.

Could it be that his current unexplained irritability is a precursor to becoming human? It’s not because of that what’s-their-name, President Du? 

Seeing Xu Jian’s reaction, Qin Chen was surer of his suspicion and asked:

“Last time, you turned back into a human ahead of schedule. Will you also change in advance this time?”

Xu Jian hesitated for a while and shook his head, unsure.

Qin Chen looked at him. “Shaking your head is not or don’t know?”

Before Xu Jian could answer after he spoke, Qin Chen took his laptop for typing and opened it for him, he said:

“Type it ba. “

So Xu Jian typed on the keyboard with his paws: [I don’t know.]

Seeing this, Qin Chen asked, “Where are you uncomfortable?”

Xu Jian: [Upset.]

Qin Chen frowned. “Upset?”

Xu Jian nodded.

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian solemnly. “You were ahead of schedule last time, this time you feel upset today. It’s very likely that you will also be ahead of schedule.”

When Qin Chen said this, Xu Jian also temporarily forgot President Du, and also felt that they are the premonition of becoming human, and thought——

When changing to a human period, how come it’s as inconsistent as a girl’s aunt?[2]women’s period

Having personally seen how difficult it is for Xu Jian when he becomes human, Qin Chen looked at him with some concern.

“Why don’t you stay in the hotel these days, don’t go to the set first.”

Xu Jian thought about it and nodded. “Okay.”

In the next two days, to avoid the embarrassing scene of waking up naked from Qin Chen’s bed last time, Xu Jian consciously ran to sleep on the sofa at night.

It was really too awkward last time. Xu Jian didn’t want to go through another four-eyes-two-faces-confused situation again.

Qin Chen gave Xu Jian a quilt without a word and also put a set of clothes on the sofa.

He was also worried that he would wake up in the morning and see Xu Jian sleeping naked on the sofa again.

When Qin Chen put his clothes, Xu Jian also saw him place underwear in between.

Xu Jian’s cat face blushed and hurriedly averted his eyes as if he didn’t see anything.


Yet, Xu Jian stayed in the hotel room for three days, slept on the sofa for a few nights, and did not turn into a human.

Qin Chen didn’t sleep well these days and often got up in the middle of the night to check Xu Jian’s situation. Every morning, when he sees the cat huddled into a ball on the sofa and fast asleep snoring, he didn’t know whether he was happy or lost.

Qin Chen had a faint expectation in his heart that he wasn’t aware of. He, kind of, hope to wake up and see a person, not a cat.

On the evening of the 19th, before Qin Chen went to bed, he looked at Xu Jian, who was patting the quilt with the cat’s paws on the sofa and asked:

“Tonight, you should become human, right?”

Xu Jian can’t be sure himself. Since that day, he hasn’t been distraught until now.

The matter of turning into a human can be advanced, and maybe it can also be delayed.

But when meeting Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian hesitated for a few seconds and nodded. “Meow—”

Xu Jian thought without confidence: It should be?

Seeing Xu Jian hesitant, Qin Chen thought he was nervous and told Xu Jian to call him if he feels uncomfortable at night but when he thought about this kind of thing, it was like a woman giving birth to a child. He can neither do it for him nor help him, so he didn’t speak.

Qin Chen did not speak, the room instantly quieted down. It was so quiet that Xu Jian could hear his own heartbeat.

In the end, Xu Jian got under the covers and covered himself up tightly.

Looking at the small bulge on the sofa, Qin Chen pursed his lips, and finally, didn’t say anything.

After both lay down, one person and one cat weren’t sleepy. Qin Chen opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling brewing for a long time before falling asleep.
Xu Jian, with excellent ears, listened to Qin Chen’s gradually becoming long and steady breathing. His mind was chaotic as if there were a lot of things going on in his head, it was just like emptying the brain and thought of nothing.

He didn’t know how long it took but finally, sleepiness came over him. Xu Jian’s last thought in his mind was to pray in his heart that he wouldn’t kick the covers in bed tonight.

If he turns back to human and kicks the quilt restlessly, the scene Qin Chen sees when he wakes up is also a bit embarrassing.

Perhaps thinking about things, Qin Chen woke up very early the next day. It was still dark when he opened his eyes.

Qin Chen’s first reaction was to look in the direction of the sofa. In the end, the room was dark and it was impossible to see whether the one on the sofa was a person or a cat.

Touching around for his phone next to the pillow, Qin Chen narrowed his eyes to see the time —5:28.

Rubbing his dry eyes, Qin Chen got up and turned on the bedside lamp, and then raised his eyes to see Xu Jian.

With the warm yellow light of the lamp, the first thing Qin Chen saw was an arm hanging on the edge of the sofa and was almost next to the carpet.

Although his heart was well prepared, Qin Chen was stunned for a few seconds when he looked at the man sleeping soundly on the sofa holding the quilt and stared at Xu Jian without blinking.

The narrow sofa isn’t very friendly to the 181cm tall Xu Jian, resulting in his sleeping posture not being quite good, too.

At this time, Xu Jian bent his knees and turned his back to the backrest of the sofa, facing the direction of Qin Chen. His right leg on the quilt, his right hand on his chest, holding the quilt while his left hand is exposed like his left leg on the quilt, his arm hanging on the edge of the sofa, his head pressed against the quilt with a messy hair, and his face was pressed and deformed……

After staring at the deeply sleeping Xu Jian for a long time, Qin Chen’s first reaction after finally coming back to his senses was——

He will catch a cold if he sleeps like this, right?

Although the room is air-conditioned, in Xu Jian’s sleeping position, most of his body was exposed to the air, so it’s strange to sleep through the night without catching a cold.

Qin Chen could have woken Xu Jian directly but instead of doing so, he got up and walked towards the sofa.

For fear of waking Xu Jian, Qin Chen moved so lightly that he didn’t make a sound when he walked.

After approaching the sofa, Qin Chen subconsciously looked at Xu Jian. He paused as his gaze swept over half of his exposed butt cheek, and the next second, he quickly moved away as if he had been burned by something.

Qin Chen held his breath and gently pulled the quilt in Xu Jian’s arm, while repeatedly chanting in his heart——

See no evil, see no evil……

ang Li and Mice are no no.


1 to click one’s tongue; similar to ‘tch’ or ‘tsk’
2 women’s period

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