He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42.1 – President Jiang

It’s not that Qin Chen wanted to lift the quilt to do something to the sleeping Xu Jian; he just simply wanted to help Xu Jian with the quilt. 

Perhaps because of the cold, Xu Jian hugged the quilt tightly that Qin Chen pulled a few times before it pulled a corner out of his arms.

Xu Jian seemed to twist his brows with his eyes closed, said something incomprehensible in a low voice, and turned over to go back to sleep.

When Xu Jian turned over, Qin Chen’s heart was in his throat, fearing that he would suddenly open his eyes.

Although he acted openly, he was kind enough to cover Xu Jian with a quilt even if he was discovered by the other party.

But he was inexplicably guilty.

Seeing that Xu Jian showed no signs of waking up, Qin Chen quietly breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to cover him with the quilt that he had fought so hard to get.

Before going to bed, there was a small drum[1][drum: can also mean bulge like when XJ was just a cat, the quilt only had a small bulge. (I felt like the need to explain lol) (E/N: not the bulge like bulge, biantai* – perverts T/N: welp)]on the sofa. After sleeping and waking up, the small drum became a bass drum.

After covering and tucking in the corner of the quilt, Qin Chen swept a glance on Xu Jian’s messy hair, and finally turned around and went back to bed.

When he lay down, afraid that Xu Jian would kick the covers again, Qin Chen deliberately raised the air conditioner’s temperature by a few degrees.

After turning off the lamp, Qin Chen once again stared at the ceiling, vacantly lost in thought—

Milk’s weight is increasing day by day but Xu Jian is still as thin as the last time we met.

What is the rationale behind a fat cat but not a fat man?

Is it true that all the delicious food was fed to the cat’s stomach before and Xu Jian didn’t absorb any of it?

That’s too stupid……


When Qin Chen woke up again, Xu Jian was already fully dressed and standing by the bed.

Seeing Qin Chen wake up, Xu Jian’s eyes lit up. Not waiting for the other party’s eyes to focus, he said excitedly:

“Mr. Qin, I’m human again!”

Xu Jian isn’t only happy that he has finally become human again, but that he didn’t feel much discomfort this time. When he woke up, he found himself human again.

And when he woke up, the quilt was wrapped properly around him and he didn’t kick the blanket!

Qin Chen’s eyes turned and looked at the excited Xu Jian for a few seconds, then got up and nodded:


I know you turned back into a person because I am the one who covered you with the quilt.

Qin Chen’s performance was too calm making it seem like Xu Jian was making a fuss about nothing. He froze and touched the back of his head sheepishly and foolishly chuckling at Qin Chen.

Qin Chen got up and went to wash. Xu Jian tugged at the clothes he’s wearing and followed him like a small tail, and said:

“Thank you for the clothes. I will wash them and return them to you after I wear them.”

But forget the underwear. Xu Jian silently added in his heart.

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen also didn’t know what came to mind, he smiled very lightly and said:

“After you turn back into a cat and I still let you do the laundry, the Animal Protection Association would probably seek me to find trouble.”

Hearing this, Xu Jian thought——that’s true too, oh.

He didn’t have to wear clothes until he turned into a cat and at that time, he couldn’t wash his clothes at all.

I can’t use my four legs and I also can’t reach the washing machine.

“When did you wake up?” Qin Chen squeezed the toothpaste while looking at Xu Jian in the mirror, then asked:

“Here are the new toothpaste, toothbrush, and towel. Have you used them?”

Qin Chen had bought Xu Jian a small toothbrush for cats but after he knew that Xu Jian would turn human, he asked Xiao Nan to buy new sets of toiletries to provide.

He was worried that Xu Jian hadn’t seen the new toothbrush and was still using the same small toothbrush used for Milk before.

Xu Jian nodded. “Used it and it wasn’t long since I woke up.”

His first reaction when he woke up was to get dressed, and then he went straight to the bathroom. 

When he was almost done, Qin Chen also happened to wake up.

Qin Chen nodded after listening and didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and began to wash his face. Xu Jian retreated to the door frame and stared at him.

It must be said that Qin Chen has a face that every man would envy. It has a clear outline and doesn’t appear too cold, hard, and unreasonable.

Facing Qin Chen with Xu Jian’s face, in the end, Xu Jian was still a little awkward in his heart. Qin Chen didn’t speak and he also doesn’t know what to say. He just simply sat on the sofa, turned on the TV to ease the embarrassment with the TV’s background sound.

Listening to the sound of the TV coming from outside, Qin Chen smiled silently.

As usual, Qin Chen asked Xiao Nan to bring a double breakfast. After seeing Xu Jian in Qin Chen’s room, Xiao Nan blinked first then greeted him with a familiar smile:

“Brother Xu, you’re here again ah. Are you feeling better?”

Xiao Nan still remembered the last time she met Xu Jian being supported by Qin Chen to leave.

As for why Xu Jian is wearing Qin Chen’s clothes again today and why he appeared in Qin Chen’s room early in the morning, Xiao Nan wisely didn’t ask.

Just pretend to be blind and didn’t see everything.

It was much easier to get along with Xiao Nan than with Qin Chen. Xu Jian smiled as well:

“Well, it’s all right.”

Xiao Nan had already eaten. She put the breakfast box on the table, looked at this and that with her hands on her cheeks, and finally, her eyes looked at Xu Jian and asked:

“Brother Xu, are you still following us to the set today?”

With the matter of He Jia on his mind, Xu Jian raised his eyes to look at Qin Chen and silently asked:

“Can I go?”

The human expression is much easier to understand than the cat. Qin Chen accurately received Xu Jian’s message and calmly said:

“If you want to go, you can go.”

Xu Jian bent his eyes and smiled and turned to look at Xiao Nan. “Going!”

Xiao Nan just quietly watched the two ‘exchange flirting glances’ and thought:

You even have to report where you go and ask Brother Chen’s opinion. This kind of love is so beautiful, ze…….

I simply didn’t see it.

As a single dog, Xiao Nan decided not to abuse herself, no longer looking at the two, and was ready to watch the TV to pass time.

As a result, Xiao Nan looked intently and saw that what was played on the TV was actually a very happy《Tom and Jerry》.

Xiao Nan: “……”

Xiao Nan’s mood was complicated——I didn’t expect you guys like to watch this.


When Qin Chen and Xu Jian both finished packing and were ready to go out, Xiao Nan looked at Qin Chen and felt that he was missing one thing but she couldn’t remember what it was for a while.

After looking around Qin Chen twice, Xiao Nan slapped her forehead and finally remembered what was missing. She asked Qin Chen with wide eyes:

“Brother Chen, where did Milk go?”

Qin Chen used to hold a white cat in his arms whenever he went out but today, Xiao Nan didn’t even see a cat’s hair.

Hearing Xiao Nan’s question, Xu Jian replied in his mind: I’m next to you.

Qin Chen glanced at Xu Jian and without batting an eyelid, Qin Chen calmly spoke:

“Picked up by a friend.”

Xiao Nan was surprised. “It was picked up by that friend again?”

“En.” Qin Chen nodded. “My friend also quite likes cats. He called last night and insisted to come to suck cats.[2]not literally. just to admire and suchAfter I agreed, I rushed to pick them up at night.”

While walking, Xiao Nan asked, “Brother Chen is your friend a plush control just like you?”

Qin Chen: “No, he’s only a cat control. The four bodies are not diligent, and the grains are not divided,[3](derogatory) eat all day long and doing nothinghe doesn’t know how to raise cats. He can only often borrow other people’s cats for fun.”

Qin Chen answered like a stream, saying that there’s a nose and eyes. Not to mention Xiao Nan who believed, even Xu Jian almost believed.

If he hadn’t been the cat himself.

The simple Xiao Nan was convinced of her Brother Chen’s words, with sympathy in her eyes:

“Brother Chen, your friend is also too pitiful.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Although Qin Chen’s description was a bit tragic.


Xu Jian is a familiar face. Pan Min only raised an eyebrow when she saw him again. She nodded politely and didn’t say much.

Although Pan Min is Qin Chen’s cousin and agent, except for Qin Chen’s work and romantic issues, she never asked much.

The kind of friends Qin Chen wants to make is his freedom. She has no right to interfere.

Pan Min is very busy. Although she followed Qin Chen into the group, she can’t ignore things outside the window like Qin Chen. She shouldn’t only be concerned about Qin Chen’s situation in the crew but also pay attention to the various trends on the Internet. She should also get in touch with major brands and directors……

Therefore, Pan Min has to leave the group twice in three days and fly around to talk about work. She didn’t guard Qin Chen all the time and her schedule was even fuller than Qin Chen.

As for Xu Jian, when he saw Pan Min, he naturally greeted her in a well-behaved manner.

After becoming human, you can’t wander around like a cat. Xu Jian stood with Xiao Nan but his eyes were searching everyone present.

He wanted to find He Jia in the many faces.

Xu Jian’s eavesdropping plan didn’t succeed because in the last few days, He Jia went to the B group shooting led by the assistant director. He was not in the same shed as Qin Chen, he didn’t meet him.

Xu Jian doesn’t know He Jia’s filming schedule nor did he know which group He Jia would be with today, so he could only take his chances.

Hoping that the blind cat will meet the dead mouse.

On the other hand, He Jia, who was doing his makeup, looked at himself in the mirror and had a bad feeling in his heart.


1 [drum: can also mean bulge like when XJ was just a cat, the quilt only had a small bulge. (I felt like the need to explain lol) (E/N: not the bulge like bulge, biantai* – perverts T/N: welp)]
2 not literally. just to admire and such
3 (derogatory) eat all day long and doing nothing

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