He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 42.2

Chapter 42.2 – President Jiang
While the makeup artist changed the makeup work, He Jia turned his head to look at his agent, Brother Qing:

“Brother Qing, my eyelids have been jumping since I got up this morning. I feel a little flustered.”

Brother Qing was playing Fight the Landlord with his phone. After listening to He Jia’s slightly worried words, he asked without raising his head:

“Left eye or right eye?”

He Jia: “Left eye.”

Brother Qing: “Left eye jumping for money and the right eye jumping is for disaster. Your left eye jumping shows something good is going to happen, you should be happy.”

He Jia frowned when he heard the words. “Is that so?”

How come he remembered it was the left eye jumping for disaster?

After losing a hand of cards, Brother Qing cursed mother[1]profanityin a low voice then looked at He Jia, who was worried between his eyebrows and said:

“You are in the crew. If you don’t intimidate and bully and don’t beat the car scene, where will there be any disaster? Don’t think too much.”

The make-up artist also smiled and spoke:

“Eyelid jumping is just a nervous reaction. What disaster ah wealth are all said casually by old people in the past. There is no scientific basis. Just listen to it and don’t take it seriously.”

At present, you have to believe in science.

Hearing what Brother Qing and the make-up artist said so, He Jia felt a little relieved.

After putting on his makeup and changing his clothes, He Jia heard someone calling his name as soon as he walked out of the dressing room. His voice was familiar. It was Li Cheng who had a meal with him before.

He Jia turned subconsciously, his eyes swept back, and then the whole person froze in place as if struck by lightning.

Li Cheng also approached, raised his hand, shook it in front of He Jia’s eyes, and asked confused, “What are you thinking about, so absorbed?”

He Jia naturally did not see Li Cheng have such a big reaction but saw Xu Jian standing together with Xiao Nan not far away.

There are so many people on the set, but He Jia saw Xu Jian at a glance.

When Xu Jian heard Li Cheng calling He Jia’s name, he also looked for the voice and looked straight into He Jia’s shocked and a little angry eyes.

Seeing He Jia’s reaction, Xu Jian felt cold in his heart.

He Jia saw that he had this expression. If he said that there was no inside story, beating He Jia, Xu Jian wouldn’t be convinced.

Now that their eyes met, Xu Jian smiled at He Jia from afar. He raised his foot and was about to walk towards him but was pulled by Xiao Nan’s arm.

Xiao Nan pulled Xu Jian towards the opposite place, her eyes shining:

“They said Brother Chen has changed into a new costume. Brother Xu, let’s go and see it!”

Xu Jian was dragged away by Xiao Nan, watching himself farther and farther away from He Jian. His heart was anxious ah:

I didn’t say I was going to see Qin Chen. You’re pulling me for what, see it for yourself ah!

Thinking in this way, Xu Jian’s body very honestly followed Xiao Nan, and there were no fewer steps to take.

Forget it. Looking at He Jia and that Brother Qing’s taboo look, even if he directly asked the other party, he would definitely not recognize it.

There is no hurry about this matter, might as well go see Qin Chen first……

What will Qin Chen’s new look……be like?

Xu Jian doesn’t deny that his heart is actually quite curious.

He Jia watched Xu Jian go with Xiao Nan while Li Cheng followed his gaze and also saw Xu Jian.

Li Cheng asked, “Did you also notice that person?”

Hearing his words, He Jia abruptly returned to his senses and withdrew his gaze to look at Li Cheng. “What?”

Li Cheng thought he was pretending to be confused, so he smiled and said, “It’s the man who was with Qin Chen’s assistant just now.”

He Jia was stunned and asked, “You know him?”

“Don’t know.” Li Cheng shook his head and spoke after thinking about it.

“But I heard the others discuss that he is a newcomer that Leyu is ready to sign. What is his name……Xu Jian? I heard that this time, it was brought out by Qin Chen to recognize his face. He may want to borrow the name of Film Emperor Qin Chen to help him hype it.”

“And I don’t know if that’s the name.”

He Jia’s heart trembled. “Is the news true?”

His previous worst speculation came true. He didn’t expect Xu Jian to really sign up with Leyu.

Li Cheng shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent look.

“Not sure. I also heard it from others but if you only look at his appearance, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he signed up for Leyu and I would be surprised to say that he is an amateur.”

As everyone knows, when signing a contract in Leyu, they first look at the ability then look at the appearance. If the appearance is particularly outstanding, the first item can be relaxed as appropriate.

After all, it’s a face-seeking society nowadays, not to mention in the entertainment industry where the face is everything.

Without noticing He Jia’s sunken face, Li Cheng added as if talking to himself:

“If he really signed up for Leyu and the company throw some money on it, he should be popular soon, right?”

Not knowing which of Li Cheng’s words stimulated He Jia, he clenched the back of his teeth, his hands hanging on his side gripped his trousers, and the force was so hard that his knuckles turned white.

He said why his eyelids were jumping early in the morning and it turned out to be because of Xu Jian.

He Jia’s face was very ugly, Li Cheng realized it in hindsight, and he opened his mouth in doubt:

“What’s wrong with you, He Jia?”

He released his hand as if he had just woken up in a dream. He Jia intently looked at the direction of Xu Jian’s direction, then let go of his excessive force. He laughed and said to Li Cheng:

“Oh, you don’t know. Xu Jian is not a newcomer. He used to be in our company but our company doesn’t keep idle people, and he hasn’t been popular……”

After adding oil and vinegar[2]fig. adding details while telling a story to make it more interestingto Xu Jian’s previous affairs with Li Cheng, He Jia finally felt a little better. Looking at Li Cheng with a ‘so it’s like that’ face, he smiled and said:

“But Xu Jian didn’t say it, probably because he didn’t want others to know that he used to be an Ancient artist. I only told you this, so Brother Li has to keep it a secret ah.”

After He Jia’s words, the two looked at each other with a smile, and both saw the meaning of ‘I understand’ in each other’s eyes.

He Jia knew that in less than half a day, Xu Jian’s newcomer’s ‘past events’ would spread throughout the crew. Li Cheng also knew that He Jia must have told this matter to more than one person.

Li Cheng patted his chest to assure. “Don’t worry, I’m not a busybody. This kind of thing won’t be talked about everywhere, and there’s nothing to say.”

The speaker had no intention to listen and the smile on He Jia’s face faded a little when he heard the word ‘busybody’. After taking a deep look at Li Cheng, he excused himself for going to the toilet and left.

As soon as he turned around, the smile on He Jia’s face disappeared and silently cursed ‘what a fool’.

He Jia thought in his heart that people like Li Cheng were stupid and jealous and that they couldn’t hide their stupid little poisonous thoughts. Only when there is popularity, can there be ghosts in one’s life.

He Jia walked a short distance and saw Brother Qing trotting towards him with his phone.

When he saw Brother Qing, He Jia just wanted to tell him that he saw Xu Jian but just as he opened his mouth before he could say anything Brother Qing beat him to it:

“Guess who I just got a call from?”

Brother Qing’s tone was full of excitement and the corners of his mouth grinned to the back of his head, revealing his black and yellow teeth caused by years of smoking.

Seeing the joy between Brother Qing’s eyebrows, He Jia paused and temporarily swallowed the words in his mouth and asked:

“Who is it?”

Brother Qing’s eyes were uncontrollably slit and he slapped He Jia’s shoulder hard, overjoyed:

“President Jiang’s secretary called me and he said that President Jiang came here on business and would stop by to look.”

After hearing Brother Qing’s words, He Jia’s body stiffened again, and was so shocked that he reached out and grabbed his arm hard:

“You said he’s coming to the set today?”

Seeing such a big reaction from He Jia, Brother Qing thought he was happy that he scratched his hand. He just frowned and said with a smile:

“Yes, I heard that he’s already on his way here. It is estimated that he’ll arrive in another hour or so.”

“I said your left eye jumping is a good thing yet you still don’t believe it. You see, President Jiang attaches great importance to you……”

Brother Qing talked endlessly. He Jia couldn’t hear what he was talking about anymore, his brain was blank for a few seconds and his heartbeat gradually increased.

Xu Jian is here, he can’t come. How can he come today?
The two of them must not be allowed to meet!

In the panic, He Jia only had this thought in his mind. He suddenly grabbed the still chattering Brother Qing, his nails almost pinching into Brother Qing’s flesh.

In the slight ringing in his ears, He Jia heard his own resolute voice:

“He can’t come, Brother Qing, call back and tell him not to come.”

Brother Qing was originally hurt by He Jia’s nails. He was just about to tell him to let go when he heard his words. After a pause, he frowned and heavily slapped his hand away:

“What crazy thoughts do you have?”

Regardless of why President Jiang can’t come, President Jiang wants to come over. Where can he be stopped by a phone call from a small agent?

If President Jiang wanted to come, he can’t be happy yet, so how could he go against him?

Brother Qing’s original good mood was stirred by He Jia’s neurotic behavior and he looked at him with a puzzled face, waiting for him to explain it.

Looking at Brother Qing’s expression, He Jia knew that he was already angry but he couldn’t care less about that now.

After taking a deep breath, He Jia looked at Brother Qing solemnly and slowly spoke:

“Jiang Linxie can’t come, Xu Jian is here.”

He Jia had tried to make his tone as calm as possible but Brother Qing still heard the trembling in his voice.

He was afraid.

Brother Qing froze after hearing this. It took a long time to find his voice:

“Who did you say is there?”

He Jia closed his eyes and felt quite powerless:

“Xu Jian, I just saw Xu Jian again.”



1 profanity
2 fig. adding details while telling a story to make it more interesting

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