He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 43.1

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Chapter 43.1 – Pressure Play

The President Jiang in He Jia and Brother Qing’s mouth is the president of ‘Ancient’, Jiang Linxie.

Jiang Linxie is currently 33 years old. ‘Ancient’ was founded from scratch after he graduated from university.

From scratch to there, Jiang Linxie’s ability naturally goes without saying. As for why the development of ‘Ancient’ in recent years hasn’t been good, that even now the pillar He Jia doesn’t even count as a third tier in the circle, some insiders have analyzed it. The final conclusion is that—— 

The company’s boss is too unambitious.

To put it nicely, Jiang Linxie is too carefree. To put it bluntly, he is simply a salted fish.[1]has no intention of doing anything

Jiang Linxie didn’t fight or grab. When a suitable cooperation project came to the door, he will find out about it without interest. Even if there’s none, he would go to work every day. If he wanted to get off work, he would leave with his bag.

At first, everyone guessed that with Jiang Linxie’s temper, Ancient will be finished sooner or later. The company’s bankruptcy was also a matter of one or two years.

However, almost ten years later, Ancient is still standing there. Although it has little presence, it didn’t collapse. Every day, the employees work conscientiously.

Ancient once became popular with few people, but now those few people have either retreated behind the scenes or have been scouted to better and bigger companies.

Unknowingly, the company’s pillar now turned to He Jia, the third-tier and half shoulders.[2]means half of it is his responsibility to bear/to shoulder

Later on, people who knew Jiang Linxie said that other people who set up their companies want to make a lot of money, and they all want to share a bite wherever there is a piece of cake.

However, Jiang Linxie is different. He started a company and probably just graduated to get a job or he just didn’t want to work for others.

Some people also joked that it was simply a miracle that Jiang Linxie’s company hasn’t collapsed yet. When the words reached his ears, he just laughed indifferently:

“Yes, my little company hasn’t collapsed yet.”

The others who heard: “……”

Everyone thinks that Jiang Linxie is more amazing than his company……

And now, the amazing Jiang Linxie is sitting in the backseat of the car playing with his mobile phone. Besides him, there is only the secretary in the driver’s seat.

While tapping the black and white squares on the phone, Jiang Linxie said to his secretary without looking up:

“Slow down, I’m a little dizzy.”

The secretary glanced at his boss from the rear-view mirror, he was used to it. “You will get dizzy if you play with your phone in the car.”

Jiang Linxie happened to accidentally click the white block by mistake and the sound effect of the game over came from the mobile phone.

Throwing the phone aside, Jiang Linxie didn’t have any spirit to speak.

“What’s so good about filming? It’s noisy like there’s a lot of fighting and killing, and there are a lot of people.”

Secretary: “He Jia is filming a police gangster movie this time, not a war martial arts drama.”

Rubbing his temples, Jiang Linxie replied: “It’s all the same. Isn’t it good to have this time to go back to the hotel and sleep? I’m sleepy.”

The secretary ruthlessly exposed, “Boss, you went to bed at nine yesterday and woke up only at eight this morning.”

There is another sentence the secretary didn’t dare to say

Sleeping for eleven hours a day and still feel sleepy, Boss, are you a pig?

Seeing that Jiang Linxie wasn’t interested, the secretary earnestly and patiently persuaded again:

“He Jia is also the top card of our company. Since you’re here on a business trip, just stop by and take a look, Boss. You won’t delay anything.”

As soon as Jiang Linxie heard He Jia’s name, he felt a headache:

“Don’t mention him anymore. I want to go back if you mention him.”

The secretary was very clear in his heart on He Jia’s thoughts about Jiang Linxie. When he heard this, he shut up and didn’t say anything. The car drove Jiang Linxie towards the filming site.

Because there are ghosts in their hearts, He Jian and Brother Qing wanted to tell Jiang Linxie not to come but unfortunately, they didn’t even dare to make a phone call and lie to stop him, not to mention ordering Jiang Linxie to turn around.

Watching the (clock’s) hand slip away, He Jia finally suggested to Brother Qing:

“Since there’s no way to stop him, then lure Xu Jian away.”

Brother Qing was so anxious that his forehead was sweating and hurriedly asked, “How to lure? Where to lure? Who’s going?”

The last question is tantamount to asking in vain. He Jia can’t leave from filming, so naturally, only Brother Qing can personally go.

Under He Jia’s gaze, Brother Qing nodded with a sullen face:

“Okay, I’ll think of a way. You focus on filming later. In a moment, President Jiang will arrive, perform well.”

Hearing Brother Qing’s words, He Jia nodded heavily and said, “I will. Thank you, Brother Qing.”

Brother Qing waved his hand. “We are grasshoppers on the same rope.[3]fig. both on the same side and tied to each other. What happens to the other will also happen to anotherIf there’s an issue on you, I am no better.”

As the saying goes, when one suffers, everyone suffers and when one prospers, everyone prospers.


Xu Jian and the others gathered around to see Qin Chen’s new look. He was listening to Xiao Nan’s fancy compliments about Qin Chen when he suddenly felt someone had tapped him on his shoulder.

Xu Jian subconsciously turned his head and saw that He Jia’s agent, Brother Qing, was standing behind him at some point.

To Xu Jian’s puzzled gaze, Brother Qing smiled with yellow teeth:

“Hello, may I ask if you’re Xu Jian, Mr. Xu?”

Seeing Brother Qing, Xu Jian’s sense of vigilance began to work. He nodded at Brother Qing and deliberately asked:

“You are?”

He Jia had just seen him and this Brother Qing came. Xu Jian didn’t think that the other party wanted to chat with him.

Seeing Xu Jian’s appearance, Brother Qing thought he didn’t know him, so he took the initiative to introduce himself:

“Mr. Xu, don’t be nervous. I’m Ou Qing, He Jia’s agent.”

“You know He Jia, right? You used to be in the same company.”

Xu Jian nodded his head as if he had suddenly realized, and then asked:

“Hello, Mr. Ou. Are you looking for me for something?”

The smile on Brother Qing’s face thickened a little more:

“It’s a little trivial matter. Is it convenient to take a step to talk?”       

After hearing this, Xu Jian thought to himself that this is a weasel wishing a Happy New Year to the chicken,[4]wolf in sheep’s clothingno good intentions ah.

Looking at Ou Qing, Xu Jian opened his mouth and was about to refuse when his arm was suddenly pulled by someone.

Xu Jian was pulled back a small step by the force, his back against a meat wall. He turned his head to see Xiao Nan on his side whom he didn’t know when was changed into Qin Chen.

Holding Xu Jian’s arm, Qin Chen calmly looked at Ou Qing and spoke unhurriedly:

“He has something to do later, if there’s anything, you can say it here.”

Qin Chen is slightly taller than Xu Jian. From Xu Jian’s angle, he happens to see the other party’s Adam’s apple.

Qin Chen’s aura is powerful, especially when he stares at you and doesn’t have the slightest smile on his face in an imposing manner.

Brother Qing’s plan was suddenly disrupted by Qin Chen, who suddenly stepped in, but in the end, he was older and a more knowledgeable person. He panicked for a moment then quickly calmed down and said with a smile:

“It’s not a big deal but there are too many people here, and the filming will start soon. It’s not a place to talk.”

Qin Chen once again spoke before Xu Jian:

“Xu Jian and you aren’t familiar with each other. Since it’s not a big deal, then don’t say it.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, the smile on Ou Qing’s face had a crack.

He couldn’t hold on any longer.

Ou Qing hadn’t been in contact with Qin Chen before. He only knew that Qin Chen wasn’t easy to get along with, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

With so many eyes around, Qin Chen unexpectedly didn’t even show any mercy.

Xu Jian also didn’t expect Qin Chen to speak so directly and looked at him in surprise.

But Qin Chen waited for a few seconds without hearing Ou Qing’s words, so he pulled Xu Jian’s wrist and walked to the other side. He didn’t say a word when passing by Ou Qing, but Xu Jian reacted and dropped a sentence, “Sorry, we’ll be going first.”

Qin Chen and Xu Jian left, naturally, Xiao Nan can’t stay in place. When she passed by Ou Qing, she peeked at his expression and found that the other’s face was ashen.

Obviously, he was very angry with Brother Chen.

Xiao Nan secretly stuck out her tongue and thought—It’s been a long time since I heard Brother Chen scold someone, and what’s wrong with me being a little nostalgic?


1 has no intention of doing anything
2 means half of it is his responsibility to bear/to shoulder
3 fig. both on the same side and tied to each other. What happens to the other will also happen to another
4 wolf in sheep’s clothing

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