He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44.1 – Past

Jiang Linxie didn’t expect to see Xu Jian here. He walked up quickly with surprise and joy. As a result, the other party looked blankly and didn’t say anything, watching him approach and even took a step back.

Jian Linxie’s expression stiffened and his footsteps stopped.

Blinded by the joy of seeing him again, Jiang Linxie momentarily forgot that the other party hated him.

Looking at the guarded Xu Jian, Jiang Linxie’s eyes flashed with sadness, and finally sighed:

“That thing, although that wasn’t my original intention, in the end, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hide it from you. It was right for you to blame and hate me……”

Jiang Linxie’s secretary had followed him for nearly four years. He had never seen his boss speak to anyone in this tone, so he couldn’t help but look at Xu Jian more.

While Xu Jian looked at Jiang Linxie, who suddenly began to talk to him and apologize, his head was full of question marks. He couldn’t find the opportunity to interject several times.

Finally, while Jiang Linxie paused to breathe, Xu Jian hurriedly interrupted him:

“No, I’m sorry sir, may I ask, you are……”

This is?

Jiang Linxie spoke after a pause, looking at him with a stiff expression. His expression was even more hurt than it had just been:

“You……don’t remember me?”

Seeing Jiang Linxie’s expression, Xu Jian blinked confusedly. After a while, he tried to sound out:

“We’ve……met before?”

Jiang Linxie: “……”

Looking at his boss then at Xu Jian, the secretary felt that the atmosphere was a little subtle and retreated silently.

After staring at Xu Jian for a long time, confirming that he wasn’t intentionally pretending and really didn’t remember who he was, Jiang Linxie introduced himself in a complicated mood:

“I’m Jiang Linxie.”

Jiang Linxie?

After reciting his name in his heart, Xu Jian’s eyes widened abruptly:

“President Jiang?”

Although Xu Jian is not popular, he still knows the name of the boss of the company he has been in for six years.

Jiang Linxie looked at him. “Remember me?”

Xu Jian shook his head very honestly. “No, I just heard a lot about you.”

After a pause, Xu Jian asked curiously, “But how do you know me, President Jiang, ah?”

Moreover, what do you mean sorry about what you said earlier?

Seeing that he was talking about this point, Xu Jian still doesn’t understand. Jiang Linxie, who had been slow for ten thousand years,[1]can also mean for a long period of timewas also anxious and said:

“I, Jiang Linxie, am the Mr. Jiang who you scolded in the staff dormitory three years ago. If I say it like this, do you have an impression?”

Xu Jian was also anxious when he heard Jiang Linxie’s words and even waved his hand:

“President Jiang, you… don’t talk nonsense ah. Although I’m no longer an employee of Ancient now, I still respect you very much. I’ve never scolded you in the dormitory.”

He doesn’t carry the black pot[2]can also mean the blame/fault of insulting the company’s leader, he isn’t to be blamedof insulting the company’s leader.

Looking at Xu Jian’s resolute expression which didn’t look fake, Jiang Linxie was stunned. Finally, he realized where the problem is:

“Do you have amnesia?”

Xu Jain: “???”

Xu Jian’s gaze towards Jiang Linxie gradually became strange, and replied, “I don’t ah.”

Xu Jian had reason to suspect that this Jiang Linxie was……not bright?

Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian looked at each other and both could read the deep confusion from the other’s eyes——

What the hell is the situation now?

“What are you doing here?”

Just when the situation fell to a standstill, a voice came from behind Xu Jian to break the deadlock.

Xu Jian hurriedly turned around and saw that it was indeed Qin chen.

With Xu Jian’s look for help, Qin Chen walked to Xu Jian and then looked at Jiang Linxie. The first sentence of his words was the same as Xu Jian just now:

“This is?”

The secretary subconsciously wanted to introduce his boss, but as a result, Jiang Linxie grabbed him and spoke ahead of him:

“Jiang Linxie. I know you, Qin Chen.”

When Qin Chen heard him, he spoke in a flat tone and replied neither salty nor light. “Thank you. There are a lot of people who know me.”

At such a serious moment, listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian couldn’t help but ‘pfft’ and laugh out. As a popular Film Emperor, there are naturally many people who know Qin Chen.

Xu Jian didn’t expect Qin Chen to still have cold humor.

After laughing, he saw that Qin Chen, Jiang Linxie, and the secretary all looked at him. Xu Jian knew it was inappropriate and hurriedly pursed his lips that means——

You guys talk, I won’t laugh.

Qin Chen and Jiang Linxie were both secretly sizing each other up. In the end, Jiang Linxie was the first to speak:

“Do you know Xu Jian well?”

Qin Chen replied, “I know better than you.”

Jiang Linxie choked and glared at him angrily.

With the 20-minute break, Qin Chen didn’t want to waste his time on this stranger in front of him, so he spoke bluntly:

“Why are you looking for Xu Jian?”

Jiang Linxie deliberately ignored Qin Chen. He turned his eyes to Xu Jian and suggested:

“I think we should talk.”

Qin Chen also turned to look at Xu Jian when he heard the words.

With the two people’s gaze, Xu Jian inexplicably felt great pressure.

Xu Jian felt that he and his former boss didn’t seem to have anything to talk about so he shook his head. He was just about to say no when he heard Jiang Linxie slowly say:

“It’s about your parents.”

Xu Jian’s shaking head abruptly stopped and suddenly raised his eyes at Jiang Linxie:

“My parents? You know my parents?”

Even Qin Chen was stunned when he heard Jiang Linxie’s words.

Having known each other for such a long time, he only heard Xu Jian mention his uncle, who grows and sells tea. As for his parents, Xu Jian didn’t mention a word and it was difficult for him to ask.

There must be a reason behind not talking about his parents. Qin Chen was afraid of poking Xu Jian’s scars if he didn’t pay attention.

Jiang Linxie didn’t immediately answer him, instead, he asked:

“Are you willing to talk to me now?”

Xu Jian nodded hurriedly. “Yes.”

Looking at Xu Jian who was like chicken pecking rice, Qin Chen sighed helplessly in his heart:

Believing everything other people say, he also didn’t even ask the other their parents’ names to determine whether the other party really knows, so silly and hurriedly answered. After being sold by others, he may even help to count their money.

With the words being said, Qin Chen spoke:

“Let’s go to the lounge and talk.”

As Ou Qing said before, there are many people here. It’s not a place to talk; only the lounge is closed and quiet.

Xu Jian has no opinion. Jiang Linxie naturally had no opinion either, so he nodded.

Qin Chen led the two to the break room. Xiao Nan happened to come over to deliver a message, saying that there was a temporary problem and that the shooting would be delayed for another 20 minutes.

After passing the director’s words, Xiao Nan curiously looked at Jiang Linxie and his secretary, and thought to herself——

Where did these two people come from? Are they Brother Chen’s friends again?

Nodding to Xiao Nan to indicate that he understood, Qin Chen was the first to approach the lounge.

Xiao Nan originally wanted to ask Xu Jian what’s the current situation but once she saw that his face wasn’t quite right, she held back again.

When the door of the lounge closed in front of her, Xiao Nan blinked: Are you preparing to say private words behind closed doors?

Jiang Linxie’s secretary tactfully didn’t follow. He found a random chair to sit down outside.

Just a few minutes after sitting down, the secretary saw Ou Qing running towards him, looking panicked.

After standing in front of the secretary, Ou Qing held his waist first to breathe evenly. He didn’t bother to greet him and directly asked:

“Jiang, where is President Jiang?”

The secretary glanced behind him and was a little surprised not seeing He Jia, he thought to himself:

Ou Qing is here, He Jia must have also known that the Boss has arrived. He unexpectedly held back and didn’t stick for the first time.

After thinking about it, on the face of the anxious Ou Qing, the secretary raised his finger and pointed to the lounge behind him, and said:

“Talking to someone inside, do you know?”

Following the direction of the secretary’s finger, Ou Qing looked up, then saw the nameplate posted on the door of the lounge—Qin Chen.

Thinking about whom Xu Jian has been with today, Ou Qing’s eyes were black: It’s over…


1 can also mean for a long period of time
2 can also mean the blame/fault of insulting the company’s leader, he isn’t to be blamed

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