He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – I’m here

Listening to He Jia say that he watched Xu Jian’s car crash on that day, Ou Qing was silent for half a day before asking,

“Now that Xu Jian can appear here unharmed, what about the person you’re looking for? Is he dead or alive?”

He Jia shook his head, “I saw the crash through the car’s surveillance. The camera was scrapped at the moment of the collision. I don’t know what happened behind it, but I went to check it after and it is said that the car’s fuel tank was broken after the accident. It didn’t take long before the car exploded on its own……”

When the police and firefighters arrived, the car was burned and only the frame remained, which was a pitch-black pile that made it impossible to distinguish the car or person.

Ou Qing frowned, “It all exploded, so even if he was a fortune-teller, he wouldn’t be unscathed, right? How long has it been that he is already alive and kicking?”

He Jia also thought the same thing in his heart.

After the crash, he didn’t contact the driver he was looking for. For such a long time, the man didn’t come to him for the final payment. He thought that Xu Jian, like the driver, had no bones left.

That’s why He Jia thought things were foolproof. He thought Xu Jian had disappeared from this world.

As a result——he saw Xu Jian on the set!

When he saw Xu Jian walking down from Qin Chen’s RV, He Jia was completely stunned, his mind was blank, full of only one thought——

He is not dead!

His parents died in a car accident and he also died in a car accident. He Jia originally thought that Xu Jian’s was also a kind of alternative perfection.

That’s right, He Jia had long known about the matter between Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian.

Including how Xu Jian’s parents died, he also knew.

He Jia is twenty-nine this year. He came to Ancient two years earlier than Xu Jian but didn’t debut earlier than Xu Jian, and then his agent wasn’t Ou Qing at that time.

After signing the contract, He Jia, like other newcomers, took classes and practiced in the company, eagerly waiting for a chance to debut. Initially, everyone was suffering the same way and there were also no extra ideas.

As a result, two years later, Xu Jian suddenly came to live in the company’s best dormitory.

In Ancient’s staff dormitory, there is a special dormitory. It is said that it’s bigger than the three rooms they lived in combined and the appliances are complete.

An artist who entered the company early said that he took a look at it when he was passing by during the renovation. The decoration inside wasn’t at all inferior to that of a star-rated hotel and it was still particularly a warm one.

The dormitory is well-furnished but no one has ever lived in it. Everyone is guessing if there are high-level people who are going to live in it to supervise their practice.

Or the company is ready to sign a certain big shot.

The day before Xu Jian came to the company, the door of the luxury dormitory was finally opened. Several people went in and out to clean up and worked all day.

Everyone was guessing whether it was a high-level or a big shot.

However, what made the crowd fall in disbelief was that the one who lived in it the next day was Xu Jian, a newcomer who had just started his freshman year and was only eighteen years old.

It is neither a big shot nor a popular star, just a newcomer who is too new to be a newcomer.

Before everyone could recover from the shock that Xu Jian had occupied the luxury dormitory that hadn’t been habituated for many years, there was a rumor that the newcomer was going to play as the male lead of an MV.

Early the next morning, Chen Doudou watched with a bewildered expression as the company suddenly assigned him a luxury dormitory, and Xu Jian was picked up by a car.

He really went to shoot the MV.

He Jia waited for two years without a chance to make his debut but Xu Jian made his debut as soon as he came and he is also the male lead of the famous powerful singer’s MV’s new album…….

How can he be reconciled? How can he not be jealous?

What the entertainment company does not lack is gossip. Soon, everyone is spreading that Xu Jian has a background and is a relative of the company’s top management.

For the airborne Xu Jian, the others were sour and said a few words of envy, but He Jia wasn’t reconciled. He began to check Xu Jian’s details.

Xu Jian’s family background is innocent and isn’t complicated, so it wasn’t difficult to find out. Therefore, He Jia quickly found out that both his parents died and he had lived with his uncle since junior high school.

After checking Xu Jian, he checked all the company’s senior management and finally found Jiang Linxie.

In an early interview, Jiang Linxie revealed that his life was saved by others. If it weren’t for that couple, he would not be who he is now.

He Jia kept an eye and went down this line. The year Xu Jian’s parents died in order to save others and were in the local newspaper, Xu Jian’s age was also correct.

All kinds of clues piled up together. He Jia immediately determined that Xu Jian is the son of the couple who saved Jiang Linxie.

If a normal person finds out, they will think——

It turns out to be the son of a lifesaver, no wonder he was treated differently.

However, He Jia is different. His mind was deep and also quick. His first reaction was—this may be his chance. 
He didn’t want to continue waiting for the opportunity to make his debut that he didn’t know when would appear.

He Jia didn’t originally want to steal Xu Jian’s resources to achieve his objectives through underhanded means; he just felt that Xu Jian was special. The company’s resources would certainly be tilted towards him and there must be more resources available from his agent to choose from, so he paid attention to Xu Jian’s agent at that time, Sister Shang.

He Jia looks like a clingy little puppy in the words of the Internet. Under his delicate approach and ingratiation, despite the company’s explicit prohibition on agents and artists to fall in love, Sister Shang quickly fell.

Then from Sister Shang, He Jia learned more about Xu Jian.

For example, Sister Shang complained that Xu Jian wouldn’t come and didn’t tell her that he had been paid for playing the male lead in the MV.

It’s not news in the circle that the agent in turn took the artist’s rebate. In order to have more exposure, some small actors have to please their agents. Not only will their advertising fees be drawn by the company but they also have to ‘express’ to their agent.

For example, Xu Jian himself doesn’t seem to know that he and President Jiang have another layer of relationship, and President Jiang has no intention of explicitly saying it.

He Jia knew his chance had come.

Humans die for wealth, birds die for food. Not to mention how He Jia not only wants to be rich, but he also wants to be popular and famous.

Under the temptation of fame and fortune, He Jia started his plan while hanging to Xu Jian’s agent, Sister Shang.

As the messenger between the company and Xu Jian, Sister Shang plays the most important role in He Jia’s entire plan.

Deliberately let Xu Jian read the lines to Jiang Linxie, distorting Jiang Linxie’s meaning, taking the resources to reveal that there are company executives who want to do the unspoken rules……

The plan is going smoothly. Since Xu Jian doesn’t want and can’t waste the resources that the company has already secured, it will be allocated to other artists.

In order to avoid suspicion and also because he is a newcomer, He Jia didn’t fight for the third male lead of the 《Youthful Years》, but later, with Sister Shang’s help, he successfully grabbed an advertising shoot originally prepared for Xu Jian.

With this advertisement, He Jia successfully made his debut.

Under the step-by-step approach, He Jia became more and more popular, and his agent changed to the current Ou Qing. He felt that the time was about right. He kicked Sister Shang away, who was thinking of everything for him, and successfully broke up with her.

Under He Jia’s elaborate design, Sister Shang, who really liked him, has always thought that the other party was also sincere and He Jia broke up because she also didn’t do well enough……

However, the man she deeply loves wants to break up with her. Sister Shang certainly wants to keep the entanglement news bomb. Gradually, Ou Qing soon learned what he had done.

Ou Qing was shocked at first but the financial benefits that He Jia brought him every year are quite considerable. Hence, after several internal struggles, he finally chose to go along with him.

Regarding the matter of signing the contract renewal, He Jia used some tricks to accompany Sister Shang for a night full of affection, so that the other party willingly lied for him.

Xu Jian stayed in Ancient for six years so He Jia was worried for six years. He was afraid that once the things came to light, his six years of painstaking management would be completely ruined.

So in the end, although Xu Jian had terminated the contract with the company and left, He Jia was still uneasy.

Only when Xu Jian died could he rest easy.

In his opinion, because of Xu Jian, he had to commit himself to Sister Shang, who was more than ten years older than him, and sleep with an old woman. It was the shame of his life.

Therefore, He Jia went around his connections looking for a desperate person who wanted money but not his life—the black car[1]meant unlicensed vehicle/illegal taxi; taxi operating without a licensedriver who pulled Xu Jian that day.

He Jia originally wanted to let the other party solve Xu Jian on the way back, but he didn’t expect to end up crashing the car.

A torch burned both of them. He Jia saved a sum of money, not to mention that the only informed driver was also dead, he completely had no worries.

But what He Jia didn’t expect was that Xu Jian did not die.

Xu Jian’s appearance caught He Jia off guard. Before he could think of a countermeasure, Jiang Linxie stepped in again.

After a moment of panic, He Jia forced himself to calm down and said to Ou Qing, who was also panicking,

“Let’s not mess with ourselves first. President Jiang doesn’t know about the car accident. That old woman Zhou Shang likes me. She won’t necessarily give me up right away.”

Zhou Shang is Sister Shang.

He Jia has many eyes. When he used to make requests with Zhou Shang in the past, he was always in bed. He spoke tactfully and guided step-by-step, never directly telling Zhou Shang what to do.

He also never expressed his dissatisfaction with Xu Jian in front of Zhou Shang but the recording saved a lot of bad evidence of the other party complaining to him about Xu Jian.

Zhou Shang said Xu Jian is obviously close to the golden master and also arrogant. The first time she met him; she only touched his neck and was glared at by him. After a few days, her complexion didn’t look good, she didn’t understand at all……

There are recordings in hand, so even if Jiang Linxie investigated it and the truth is exposed, He Jia can also insist that it has nothing to do with him. It was because of personal reasons that Sister Shang felt that Xu Jian isn’t sensible and couldn’t get a rebate, so she didn’t give him resources……

As for Xu Jian’s resources, not all of them were eaten by him. The other artists in the company also benefited.

The worst thing he did is break one of the company’s rules: To fall in love with an agent.

Now that he is the pillar of the company and a cash cow, he doesn’t believe that Jiang Linxie will do anything to him because he and Zhou Shang had a relationship.

Hearing what He Jia said, Ou Qing was also a little relieved and said with delight,

“Fortunately, Zhou Shang loves you to death.”

At the mention of Zhou Shang, He Jia remembered the days when she had a vigorous smile on her face. His face looked rather unsightly, he knit his brows, and said,

“Things have happened. Brother Qing, you can ask the people in the company to pay attention to the company’s movements. If there is anything to tell us as soon as possible, we can also make preparations in advance.”

He Jia doesn’t actually like Ou Qing in his heart. He is greedy for money and cowardly. He panics first at the slightest whiff of trouble.

He is a standard pig teammate.


On the other side, in Qin Chen’s lounge, Xu Jian has been silent since Jiang Linxie left.

Qin Chen also didn’t bother him, giving him plenty of private space to think about what happened today.

When the break was almost over, Qin Chen knocked on the door and came in, still holding a glass of water in his hand.

Xu Jian raised his head when he heard the movement, and smiled when he saw it was him.

Handing Xu Jian the water at the right temperature, Qin Chen asked,

“Have you thought it through?”

Xu Jian smoothly took it and said thanks, then raised his head and asked:


What has been thought through?

Sitting down next to Xu Jian, Qin Chen looked at him,

“Do you want to sign with Leyu?”

Xu Jian was stunned when he heard the words, “Ah?”

Seeing his expression, Qin Chen paused and asked, “Do you still want to sign with Ancient?”

Xu Jian subconsciously shook his head. When did he say he wanted to sign with Ancient?

No, why did you suddenly talk about signing with a company?

“Now that you know it was all a misunderstanding, it proves that you’re not as unsuitable for acting as you say.” Qin Chen said.

“Since being an actor has been your dream since you were little, do you just give up?”

Xu Jian was silent for a few seconds and said,

“I’m twenty-four……”

He was interrupted by Qin Chen before he finished his words. “In our profession, there are many actors whose names are remembered by the audience only at the age of 40. You are only 24 years old, still very young.”

What Qin Chen said was true and Xu Jian also knew it, but in the end, he sighed and shook his head.

“I know but you also know my current situation.”

“At present, the person is neither a person nor the cat is a cat, so it’s not convenient to sign to a company.”

Qin Chen was amused by Xu Jian’s statement of the person is neither a person nor the cat is a cat and said,

“Your situation is indeed troublesome in other companies but in Leyu, you don’t have to worry.”

Xu Jian didn’t even want to ask. “Why?”

The smile in Qin Chen’s eyes became a bit thicker and he slowly said,

“Because Leyu has me here.”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Why? Your family doesn’t own the company.

Qin poop scooping officer: Sorry, but it’s really owned by my family.

target locked: thighs of Qin poop scooping officer


1 meant unlicensed vehicle/illegal taxi; taxi operating without a license

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