He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Relationship

After making everything clear, all the three people present felt that the misunderstanding was a bit big.

Qin Chen asked Jiang Linxie, “In the past six years, you have felt so guilty that you haven’t seen him once?”

Jiang Linxie thought about it and asked, “Does peeking count?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jiang Linxie received two disgusted looks.

“You’re also big-hearted.” Qin Chen looked at him speechlessly.

“If life is a novel, you would definitely be ridiculed by the readers for not meeting the IQ standards.”

After delaying Xu Jian for six years in doing good intentions that resulted in bad things, Jiang Linxie was also in the wrong and couldn’t refute it. He didn’t have the confidence to speak.

“It’s my fault.”

The entertainment industry is full of rumors. With a mere brief encounter, it can be said that it’s a secret affair with each other, so for the sake of Xu Jian, it isn’t good for Jiang Linxie to be too special to him.

Jiang Linxie is worried that Xu Jian will fall into rumors such as ‘support’, ‘golden master’[1]patronand others.

Jiang Linxie felt that he had been very careful but he didn’t expect that Xu Jian under his eyes in his company could be calculated and cut off by others.

Moreover, it was also concealed from him for six years.

Before today, Jiang Linxie has always felt that Xu Jian refused resources probably because as he grew older, his thinking has changed compared to when he was a child, and he became less urgent about becoming an actor.

Therefore, Jiang Linxie was tangled at first then went straight to him. He thought that he was tired of filming. If he didn’t take it, he wouldn’t take it bah. Anyway, even if Xu Jian didn’t work from now on, he could also ensure that he had no worries about food and clothing and was secure for a lifetime……

However, it’s a foregone conclusion, and no matter how much regret and entanglement, it can’t change the outcome.

After being depressed for a while, Jiang Linxie raised his eyes and looked at Xu Jian solemnly:

“I will investigate the matter carefully and give you a satisfactory explanation. Since you don’t want to terminate the contract, then we can sign the contract again. Perhaps you want to open a studio directly, I’ll fully support you, and so……”

Jiang Linxie decided. Anyway, the words are out in the open. This time he won’t also take the euphemistic route. The company’s whole resources will be sent to Xu Jian. If someone questions it, if worst comes to worst, he can directly say a ‘this is my cousin’.

“Who said he’s going to sign on your company?” 

Before Jiang Linxie finished his words, he was suddenly interrupted by Qin Chen’s voice.

Xu Jian and Jiang Linxie turned to look at him when they heard his words.

Qin Chen pulled the person towards him and said to Jiang Linxie:

“Before you want to sign him, President Jiang should take care of your company’s affairs first. As for him……”

Glancing at Xu Jian, Qin Chen continued after a pause:

“I think our Leyu, whether in terms of resources or development route, is more suitable for him.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian looked at him in surprise while Jiang Linxie frowned and asked:

“Xiao Jian hasn’t said anything yet, so who are you to make a decision for him?”

Jiang Linxie has been very concerned about it just now, since when did Qin Chen and Xu Jian have such a good relationship?

Jiang Linxie knows that Leyu has a large scale and has good resources, which is not comparable to Ancient. However, although Qin Chen is an artist under Leyu, it’s not up to him to decide whether the company signs or not.

He said he will sign Xu Jian in the company? The company isn’t opened by Qin Chen’s family.

Taking another ten thousand steps back, to say the least, even if Leyu values Xu Jian’s ability to sign with him, but there are more than one person in Leyu, the good resources still have more wolves and little meat, and how much Xu Jian could get in the hands of many artists?
And he’s the one who’s different here, he can use the power of the entire company to support Xu Jian alone, and the company can revolve around him. Comparing the two, of course, it’s better to come to his company.

Qin Chen calmly replied, “It’s just that my relationship with him is better than your relationship with him.”

Jiang Linxie finally asked the question he had wanted to ask, “What’s your relationship?”

A sentence suddenly popped in Xu Jian’s mind——

The relationship of having slept together.

Don’t misunderstand; Xu Jian is referring to the time when he was still Milk.

“You don’t have to worry about this,” Qin Chen spoke indifferently.

“You don’t have to worry about his affairs in the future, it’s impossible for him to go to your company again.”

After intently looking at Qin Chen for a few seconds, Jiang Linxie finally looked at Xu Jian.

“Xiao Jian, what do you say? I respect your opinion.”

Xu Jian didn’t consider the other two so much and said, “No, I——”

Before the words were finished, Qin Chen suddenly lowered his head close to his ear and whispered in a volume that only the two of them could hear.

“Don’t forget your current situation.”

As Qin Chen’s hot breath hit his ear, Xu Jian shrank his neck sensitively, but he didn’t notice that the two of them are now at an extremely close distance. After Qin Chen reminded him, he remembered an important thing in hindsight——

Yes, he is now a man and a cat. How can he sign to a company?

He can’t show everyone a big man turning into a live cat on the filming set or on stage, right?

When he thought of this, Xu Jian’s heart stirred. He looked up at Jiang Linxie with an embarrassing smile.

“I’d better not. I just terminated my contract. It’s not good to go again so soon.”

Jiang Linxie didn’t expect Xu Jian would refuse and asked,

“Then, do you want to go to Leyu?”

After listening to this, Xu Jian waved his hand right after. “No, no.”

Xu Jian wondered how Leyu could value him but his mouth said, “I’m fine the way I am now. I have no plans for signing again with a company for the time being.”

Now that he is like this, he doesn’t know if he can still completely become a normal person, so he really doesn’t plan to sign on any companies again.

As for Qin Chen mentioning Leyu……

Xu Jian knew that with Qin Chen’s double gold Film Emperor’s status in the company, he might be able to help him put a few good words but he didn’t want to bother Qin Chen either.

He also never wanted to hug his thigh.

He owes Qin Chen enough already.

The most important thing is…

He doesn’t want Qin Chen to go and say good things in front of ‘President Du’ because of him.

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Jiang Lin’s face was a little lost, but he said,

“That’s fine. Let’s leave contact information for each other. When you change your mind afterwards, you can always call me.”

While speaking, Jiang Linxie felt his clothes then remembered that the secretary held his phone. He raised his voice and asked the secretary outside the door to bring the phone in.

The secretary stood next to a sweaty Ou Qing, who stood up after hearing Jiang Linxie’s voice and gently knocked on the door before pushing it in.

When he entered, the secretary glanced at Ou Qing’s stomach and thought to himself——it isn’t that fat, how can he sweat so much in the early winter?

Owen[2]I guess this is author’s another name for him saw Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian from the crack in the door he pushed, his heart which had been half-cold instantly felt like falling into an icehouse.

It’s really over…

However, Xu Jian didn’t have a mobile phone. When he heard Jiang Linxie say that he wanted to leave contact information, he declined,

“I don’t have my phone with me.”

Jiang Linxie originally put the interface of a certain micro-scan QR code to add a friend but after listening to Xu Jian’s words, he paused and then smiled again,

“It’s okay. Leave a phone number, as long as I can contact you.”

Xu Jian, whose phone number has been out of credit for eight hundred years, hesitantly said,

“Is Penguin number okay?”

Although with Qin Chen’s help, Xu Jian has been able to log in to a certain chat[3]WeChaton the computer, he had to ask Qin Chen to switch the number to scan the code for him with his phone every time he logs out, which makes Xu Jian feels troublesome.

Now, his commonly used chat software is also Penguin.

But who gives Penguin as their contact information nowadays ah? After adding friends to each other, we step on space to leave messages[4]refers to Qzone/QQspace where you can post texts, photos, videos, etc. They can visit each other’s space and they can also leave a message there.or steal vegetables?[5]refers to QQFarm, a game in Qzone where there’s a stealing feature inside

As soon as Xu Jian’s words fell, not only was Jiang Linxie was stunned, even his secretary stilled—

Pe-penguin number?

Only Qin Chen knew that a certain cat often squatted in front of the computer, the cat’s serious face poked the keyboards with his paws. Listening to Xu Jian’s words, he silently hooked the corners of his mouth.

Jiang Linxie silently took back his phone, sighing, and looking at Xu Jian,

“It’s normal if you don’t want to give it, I understand.”

Without waiting for Xu Jian to open his mouth, Jiang Linxie took out a business card and a pen, writing a string of numbers on the back of the card, and handed it to him,

“This is my personal phone number. You can call me if there’s anything.”

Seeing that Jiang Linxie had misunderstood, Xu Jian hastened to explain after taking the business card,

“It’s not that I don’t want to give it, it’s just that for some certain reasons, I often use Penguin. You can contact me through Penguin.”

Jiang Linxie & the Secretary: “……”

After staring at Xu Jian for a few seconds and seeing that he didn’t look like he was lying, Jiang Linxie paused and finally went to get his phone again,

“Wait a minute, I’ll go and see what my Penguin number is……”


Jiang Linxie originally came as the boss to see the work of his employees but unexpectedly met Xu Jian, and then found that he had been lied to for six years.

After leaving the lounge, he glanced at the sweaty Ou Qing and thought of Qin Chen’s reminder that He Jia and Ou Qing’s attitude towards Xu Jian was strange. Jiang Linxie stopped in front of Ou Qing.

Wiping a handful of sweat from his forehead, Ou Qing struggled to pull out a smile that was even uglier than crying, “President Jiang.”

Jiang Linxie looked at him and spoke coldly,

“Does Xu Jian’s matter have anything to do with you and He Jia?”

Ou Qing was stunned, and then hurriedly shook his head. “No, absolutely not.”

Although the secretary didn’t know what happened, he still shook his head for him in his heart after hearing Ou Qing’s words.

This answer was really too stupid.

When people with no ghost in their hearts heard this from their boss’s words, their first reaction should be to ask what is it rather than hurriedly denying it.

Jiang Linxie naturally thought of what the secretary could think of. He gave him a ferocious look, dropped an ‘it better be’, and left.

The secretary had never seen his boss’s expression extremely ugly, so he winced and didn’t remind him of the original purpose of this visit to the group.

They were supposed to meet He Jia and the director.

The secretary couldn’t be more curious about ‘Xu Jian’s matter’ in Jiang Linxie’s mouth. On the contrary, he is scratching his heart and liver like a cat living in his heart.

But even if he is curious, the secretary doesn’t dare to ask Jiang Linxie at this juncture. He will not touch this bad luck.

On the other hand, the director finally ended the lecture. When He Jia rushed over, he saw Brother Qin sitting on a chair with a defeated face, eyes listless, and didn’t know what he was thinking.

After looking around and not seeing Jiang Linxie, He Jia asked anxiously,

“Brother Qing, where is President Jiang? Hasn’t he arrived yet?”

Hearing He Jia’s voice, Ou Qing turned to look at him faintly and replied,

“Came and went.”

He Jia froze and before he could ask again, Ou Qing said again,

“He knows everything about us.”

He Jia stiffened. “He saw Xu Jian? Didn’t I ask you to stop him?”

At the end of He Jia’s words, his tone was uncontrollably high and seemed a bit sharp. Many people around heard his voice and turned their heads to look at him curiously.

By now, Ou Qing didn’t care about anything. He got up and pulled He Jia away from the crowd then lowered his voice and yelled at him,

“Qin Chen is protecting him, how can I stop him? Besides, if you hadn’t done a clean job, how would there be so many things today? Didn’t you say at that time that everything was foolproof?”

“It was you who said everything was done properly and that he would never show up, so tell me, who is this person in the crew now? A ghost?” (T/N: Xu Jian be like: belated Happy Halloween, I guess?)

After hearing Ou Qing’s words, He Jia’s face turned from green to white. Finally, he clenched his fist and squeezed out a sentence from his teeth,

“I watched the car he was sitting in crashed…”

The author has something to say:

Looking at the comment section in the previous chapter, hey ya, if President Jiang knew everything, I wouldn’t have repeatedly said that he is a salted fish and carefree. Moreover, if he did everything, what would our Qin poop scooping officer do?

Always give him the opportunity to show off to chase his wife, right?

Touches your head, little angels, don’t be angry, and remember all supporting characters are assists!

Jiang Linxie: S-suddenly, I understand why I’m not the main character. I’m just a fool wu wu wu.

last line…


1 patron
2 I guess this is author’s another name for him
3 WeChat
4 refers to Qzone/QQspace where you can post texts, photos, videos, etc. They can visit each other’s space and they can also leave a message there.
5 refers to QQFarm, a game in Qzone where there’s a stealing feature inside

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