He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Conceal

Because of guilt, Xu Jian’s parents’ death was a boulder that weighed on his heart, so Jiang Linxie hadn’t had the courage to face Xu Jian all these years. Today, he was relieved when he accidentally met him and told the truth.

Xu Jian was still digesting what Jiang Linxie said. He was startled when he saw him bending ninety degrees. He quickly stood up from his chair, stretched out his hand to help Jiang Linxie, and after a pause, he silently retracted.

After a long time, Xu Jian sighed. “Back then, you were also a victim of the incident. President Jiang, you don’t have to feel sorry for me.”

Xu Jian knew that Jiang Linxie didn’t have to bear any responsibility in this matter. When it was a close call, his father rushed up voluntarily.

When Jiang Linxie heard the words, he looked up at him:

“You don’t hate me?”

Xu Jian shook his head. “Thank you for telling me the truth about that year.”

Moreover, after listening to Jiang Linxie, Xu Jian finally understood why the unknown him, who had just been admitted to the art school at that time, as soon as he entered the campus, a person in Ancient took the initiative to find the school, saying he wanted to sign him.

At that time, Xu Jian thought he met a swindler. Later on, the people around him, including himself, felt that a pie had fallen from the sky and hit Xu Jian on the head.

Now that he thinks about it, him being able to sign to Ancient should also be Jiang Linxie’s instruction.

Qin Chen, who hadn’t spoken, watched Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian go back and forth and suddenly opened his mouth:

“Since it was his parents who saved you, why did you terminate your contract with him?”

In Qin Chen’s view, Xu Jian’s parents were very kind to Jiang Linxie, but anyone with a little conscience wouldn’t dislike that their savior’s son has no commercial value and would terminate his contract.

What’s more, Qin Chen went to check later on. Over the years, let alone hype Xu Jian, he didn’t even give him decent resources, occasionally appearing in a role so small that he didn’t even have his name in the end credits.

Otherwise, with Xu Jian’s condition, how could he be so thoroughly muddled?

And what makes Qin Chen puzzled is that since Jiang Linxie doesn’t want to support Xu Jian, why did he sign him?

After hearing Qin Shen’s words, Jiang Linxie turned to look at him. “Huh?”

Terminate the contract?

Xu Jian was stunned at his words and his smile was a bit awkward as he smoothed things over:

“No, the termination of the contract is my problem. I also haven’t had any splashes in the circle for five to six years, and with no commercial value, it’s only a matter of time before I terminate the contract. It has nothing to do with President Jiang……”

Work has to be separated from private feelings. Xu Jian doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with Jiang Linxie’s clear distinction between public and private.

“No……” Jiang Linxie couldn’t help but interrupt Xu Jian’s unfinished words and asked:

“Wasn’t it you who proposed the termination of the contract? Wasn’t it you who said that you would rather go home and farm than stay in the company anymore?”

When Xu Jian’s five-year contract expired, Jiang Linxie had long arranged for people to talk to him about renewing his contract, but the result was that the people under his hands reported that Xu Jian was unwilling to renew his contract and wanted to go home and farm.

Jiang Linxie has been paying attention to Xu Jian’s situation all these years. He naturally knows that he (XJ) has a lot of properties under his name, and it’s normal that he doesn’t want to waste his years in the entertainment industry because he doesn’t have to worry about his food and clothing.

Yet, in the end, Jiang Linxie didn’t forget Xu Jian’s dream of being an actor, so he asked his subordinates to persuade him, even if he stayed for another year.

Later, there was the sixth year of what Xu Jian thought of as ‘humanitarian’.

There was still more than a month away in the sixth year, and a message came to Xu Jian’s agent, saying that Xu Jian could not stay.

Forcibly breaking a melon is not sweet.[1]fig. if something isn’t meant to be, it’s no use trying to force it to happenSince Xu Jian repeatedly said to leave, and Jiang Linxie also couldn’t tie people in the company, he agreed.

Although Ancient was indeed opened for Xu Jian, Jiang Linxie didn’t want Ancient to be his shackles.

After hearing Jiang Linxie’s inside story about the termination of the contract, Xu Jian dumbly looked at him:

“But I didn’t say I wanted to terminate my contract ah. As soon as the five-year contract arrived last year, I received a notice of termination. Finally, Sister Shang said she had won me another year……”

Sister Shang is Xu Jian’s former agent, and besides Xu Jian, she also brought several artists.

Jiang Linxie was stupefied when he heard this. “You received a termination notice?”

Xu Jian nodded. “Yes ah.”

Looking at the two people who were staring at each other, Qin Chen instantly thought of what Xu Jian told him that He Jia and Owen[2]not sure if this was a typo/mistake since they don’t sound/written the same or Qin Chen simply doesn’t remember his name, it should be Ou Qing. It can also be the author’s another name for … Continue readinglooked very wrong when they saw him, so he said solemnly:

“Someone must’ve made trouble in the middle of this and spread false news.”

Jiang Linxie now also understood the problem, his expression was ugly:

“Who is so bold?”

Jiang Linxie didn’t expect that there were people who dared to deceive their superiors and delude their subordinates under his nose but was kept in the dark throughout.

The first thing he thought of was Xu Jian’s agent at that time, but then he thought that she was just a small agent and shouldn’t have the courage to deliberately distort his meaning.

Qin Chen: “This, I don’t know, but President Jiang, if you go back this time, you can properly clean up your company.

“But I’m curious,” Qin Chen looked at Jiang Linxie, “Why didn’t you go to see Xu Jian yourself to talk to him?”

In those six years, if Jiang Linxie went to see Xu Jian once, he wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of this loophole.

Xu Jian is also very curious. Six years is not a short time. Obviously, Jiang Linxie had many opportunities to tell him the truth back then.

However, the other party did not.

Jiang Linxie sighed. “I didn’t know how to face it at first, later……”

When Jiang Linxie stopped here, Xu Jian couldn’t help but ask, “What happened later?”

Jiang Linxie helplessly looked at Xu Jian:

“Later, when I finally gathered up the courage to come to the staff dormitory to look for you, I happened to hear you cursing inside, saying that seeing a man surnamed Jiang was disgusting, never wanting to see me for the rest of your life. How can I see you?”

Xu Jian’s face was full of questions marks. “When did I say that?”

He doesn’t remember this pot. When he was in the company, Xu Jian only knew that the boss of the company was called Jiang Linxie, and the rest, he didn’t know. How could he curse him in the dormitory?

Jiang Linxie answered without hesitation. “Three years ago.”

Jiang Linxie always remembered that when he hesitated for a long time and finally made up his mind to find Xu Jian, he heard Xu Jian’s angry voice from inside before he could even knock on the door.

When he heard the word ‘disgusting’, Jiang Linxie’s courage was instantly wiped out and he left in frustration.

Xu Jian frowned. “Three years ago?”

After a hard search in his brain, Xu Jian finally tried to ask:

“What you’re saying, is it something that happened three years ago in April?”

Jiang Linxie looked at him. “You finally remembered?”

Regarding Xu Jian cursing him and still forgetting about it, Jiang Linxie has been brooding about it since just a moment ago.

Xu Jian felt that he was more wronged than Dou’e:[3]The story follows a child bride turned widow, Dou’e, who is wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official for actions perpetrated by a rejected suitor, Zhang the mule. Read more here: … Continue reading

“I wasn’t cursing you ah, but Sister Shang suddenly came to me and said there’s an audition opportunity but she wanted to test my ability first and gave me a few lines to read. I read them all as written on the paper.”

The reason why Xu Jian remembers the date so clearly was because there were only four lines. Sister Shang repeatedly let him read it for almost an hour making his voice hoarse.

As it turned out, the chance of a good audition was lost in the end. For this reason, Xu Jian was also depressed for most of the day but Chen Doudou pulled him out for a meal before turning the page.

Jiang Linxie didn’t expect the truth to be like this. He looked at Xu Jian for a moment and didn’t know what to say.

After a long time, Jiang Linxie slowly said, “So……it’s all a misunderstanding?”

When Xu Jian was about to open his mouth to answer, Qin Chen, who was beside him, said:

“Even the last name is the same. Rather than saying it a misunderstanding and coincidence, I’m more convinced that someone deliberately set up Xu Jian to act this scene.”

And the audience is naturally Jiang Linxie.

Jiang Linxie is a slow person, but now after listening to Qin Chen’s words, he only felt angry and gritted his teeth:

“This person better not let me find out who he is.”

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and Jiang Linxie, and finally, his gaze stopped at Jiang Linxie:

“Let’s not ask bit by bit like squeezing toothpaste, President Jiang, I’m curious. Since you signed Xu Jian, why didn’t you give him resources and exposure?”

Now it was Jiang Linxie who felt wronged. He turned his eyes and asked Xu Jian:

“Why don’t you want the resources I gave you?”

Jiang Linxie started the company for Xu Jian, long before Xu Jian was admitted to art school. He had formulated Xu Jian’s development plan for the next three years.

He runs an entertainment company and Jiang Linxie knows the routines in the entertainment circle very well. He knows that Xu Jian can’t be held too high at the beginning. Otherwise, it is likely that the hype will not be popular but it may also be killed directly. He has to take it one step at a time.

However, when the newcomer is exposed for the first time, the resources couldn’t be too poor, so to balance, Jiang Linxie asked Xu Jian to be the male lead of a powerful female singer’s new song’s MV.

The first step went well, Xu Jian did go and act, the response was also all right.

But the second step of the plan didn’t work. Xu Jian didn’t want to play the third male in the campus drama, and the resources that Jiang Linxie prepared for him, later on, were all rejected by him.

Xu Jian has lived for twenty-four years, today is probably the most confusing day he ever had:

“When did you give me resources?”

As soon as Jiang Linxie heard Xu Jian’s words, he instantly understood——it was cut off.

Now, Jiang Linxie’s brows wrinkled so much that he could kill a fly:

“You didn’t receive the script of 《Youthful Years》 back then?”

Xu Jian didn’t shake his head this time but was stunned. “You gave me that script?”

Qin Chen also looked at him. “Youthful years? You acted?”

When Qin Chen searched for Xu Jian’s information on the internet, he didn’t find any news that he was in this drama.

Xu Jian: “No.”

Jiang Linxie was puzzled. “You received it? Then why did you refuse?”

At that time, it was not that Jiang Linxie didn’t have a male lead script in his hand but 《Youthful Years》 was the script he could find and was the most suitable for Xu Jian.

Xu Jian’s expression was a little complicated. After a few seconds of hesitation, he said:

“I didn’t know it was from you because at that time Sister Shang told me that a senior executive of the company had taken a fancy to me and wanted to support[4]to be keptme…”

When talking about the word ‘support’ Xu Jian suddenly thought of ‘President Du’. He subconsciously lowered his voice and carefully glanced at Qin Chen beside him.

He was afraid that Qin Chen would think too much.

But Xu Jian found that when Qin Chen heard the word support, there was no special expression on his face.

For a moment, Xu Jian didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Qin Chen seemed to have sensed a head turning. Before Xu Jian had time to retract his gaze, he (QC) slightly raised his brows with questioning eyes:

“What’s the matter?”

Xu Jian shook his head wordlessly that means——


When Jiang Linxie heard Xu Jian’s words, his eyebrows flew high:

“What the hell? Support??”

Xu Jian nodded.

At that time, Xu Jian believed in Sister Shang’s words. Several of them entered the company at the same time, but he was the only one who could act in the MV as soon as he entered the company. After the MV, he was immediately given the script of a third male of the campus drama……

One should know that when he shot the MV, he was still in class and training at the same time and hadn’t been officially exposed yet.

He had heard about the chaos in the entertainment industry long before he joined the company, but he didn’t expect such a thing as unspoken rules and that it would be his turn so soon.

Sister Shang said so, Xu Jian certainly can’t take this drama ah, so he then righteously refused.

Ever since the refusal of the third male, the resources behind Xu Jian have been pitifully scarce.

He has always thought that it was his refusal to why he was targeted by the company’s executive in retaliation.

Unexpectedly, there was an inside story here.

wtf (T/N & E/N both angery):


1 fig. if something isn’t meant to be, it’s no use trying to force it to happen
2 not sure if this was a typo/mistake since they don’t sound/written the same or Qin Chen simply doesn’t remember his name, it should be Ou Qing. It can also be the author’s another name for him.
3 The story follows a child bride turned widow, Dou’e, who is wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official for actions perpetrated by a rejected suitor, Zhang the mule. Read more here: link
4 to be kept

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