He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Like

It’s almost three o’clock in the afternoon and he still hasn’t turned back into a cat. This discovery made Xu Jian’s heart begin to get excited as his eyes shone.

Qin Chen walked around his (XJ) excited face. After taking a closer look, he tapped his elbow (XJ) twice with the fingers of his right hand holding his left arm, and finally concluded with a serious expression: 

“Indeed, no cat ears and a cat tail are running out.”

Qin Chen’s tone was too serious that Xu Jian blinked and didn’t react for a moment. Only then did he realize that since just now, the other party’s gaze has been sweeping over his head and behind him.

Sensing Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian quickly raised his hand to cover where his tailbone is, his face was hot:

“No, it can’t be there……”

Under Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian was tongue-tied.

Don’t stare. No matter how you look at it, there will be no tail growing out!

In the end, Xu Jian also added a word in his heart——Rogue!

Qin Chen withdrew his gaze, then looked at his face and sincerely asked:

“Every time you turn into a cat, do you grow ears or a tail first?”

Qin Chen hadn’t paid attention to this question before, but now he cared about it a lot when recalling it.

Qin Chen’s question baffled Xu Jian. He froze for a moment, and then his tone was full of uncertainty:

“It should be together……right?”

Does this kind of thing also have to be divided into which comes first and later?

Every time before the change, Xu Jian was either uncomfortable and want to bite a person or was in his sleep. He simply didn’t notice this kind of detail.

So Xu Jian himself didn’t know what comes out first, the cat ears or the tail.

But when Qin Chen mentioned it, he was also suddenly incredibly curious.

After thinking about it, Xu Jian added, “It’s also possible that the whole body change in a ‘whoosh’.”

Just like in a mysterious fantasy TV, ears, tails, and four legs appear at the same time.

Speaking of ‘whoosh’, Xu Jian brought his voice dubbing at the same time his index finger also made a short gesture in the air.

A very vivid ‘whoosh’.

Qin Chen was amused by him, the smile in his eyes melted. Before he could open his mouth, Xiao Nan knocked on the door, peeking half of her head inside, and spoke in a low voice:

“Brother Chen, can I come in?”

Although she knocked on the door, Xiao Nan’s eyes were closed when she came in, thinking of Qin Chen and Xu Jian alone inside.

Closing her eyes didn’t count. Xiao Nan also covered her eyes with her hands for double insurance.

It’s just that the gap between her fingers is a little big.

Qin Chen turned his head hearing the sound, looking at Xiao Nan whose eyes are closed and started playing tricks again. He asked amusedly:

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Nan opened one eye and saw that Qin Chen and Xu Jian were neatly dressed and maintained a proper distance. She shrugged, secretly spitting with her tongue out, thinking:

I wasn’t thinking that there are some inappropriate scenes for children and it’s easy to grow a sty when you look at them.

There’s nothing else for Xiao Nan to do coming here, that is to say, Ancient had a temporary replacement. He Jia’s work was urgently called off by the company and Shen Xi will replace him in the group to play the third male lead.

Hearing Shen Xi’s name, Xu Jian was as surprised as the director, “Shen Xi is willing to play the third male lead?”

Xiao Nan nodded, “Yes, he’ll be joining the group tomorrow. I heard that the director is going crazy with joy because of the reduction in the film salary.”

Xiao Nan didn’t know what happened in the end, she frowned and said:

“This was filmed well, how can you say change people at once and change people? I also don’t know what happened.”

Qin Chen didn’t speak after hearing this.

Jiang Linxie’s powerful ability this time refreshed his understanding in Qin Chen’s heart.

Ever since he learned that Xu Jian’s incident had something to do with He Jia, Qin Chen knew that He Jia wouldn’t be able to finish the film 《The Slayer》 smoothly.

After hearing Xu Jian say that something was wrong with He Jia and Ou Qing, Qin Chen asked someone to check these two. He didn’t move in the past two days because he’s just waiting for the results of the investigation.

So this time, even if Jiang Linxie didn’t do it, he will not stand by and watch either.

But what he didn’t expect was that Jiang Linxie moved so fast.

Qin Chen raised his eyebrow and instead of answering Xiao Nan, he asked:

“Shen Xi is not an artist of Ancient, right?”

When he asked this question, Qin Chen’s eyes were looking at Xu Jian. When he met his gaze, Xu Jian, who was still in shock, recovered his sense and shook his head:


If Shen Xie was in Ancient, how could He Jia become the pillar of the company?

Qin Chen nodded, “Then he came over to help. President Jiang’s connections are quite extensive.”

Knowing the truth in the morning with only a few hours past, Jiang Linxie was able to get Shen Xi to fill the vacancies.

The point is that Shen Xi is not even an artist of his company.

Although she doesn’t know who ‘Jiang’ is in Qin Chen’s mouth, after hearing his words, Xiao Nan spoke:

“He should have been given a lot of benefits. Otherwise, with Shen Xi’s position, how could he be willing to match it? It’s not even their own company to promote newcomers.”

Xu Jian thought about it. Although Ancient is not big, it’s an entertainment company after all. President Jiang has contacts and it’s not surprising that he knows Shen Xi.

Qin Chen has no opinion who will replace He Jia, only Xiao Nan is anxious:

“I can already imagine how much Shen Xi’s fans will explode once it’s announced.”

After all, Shen Xi hasn’t taken up supporting roles for many years, and this time, without a word, not to mention it’s still the third male lead, it’s no wonder that fans wouldn’t blow up.

It’s not that Xiao Nan cares about the mood of other fans, she’s just worried that when Shen Xi’s fans explode, they will attack indiscriminately and throw gunfire into their backyard.

In a film and television drama, it’s not necessarily a good thing to have more big-name actors and actresses. It’s a bloodbath for the fans of each family, tearing up their positions.

The only thing that makes Xiao Nan feel fortunate is that Shen Xi’s replacement of the third male lead is a sure thing this time, and the fans couldn’t tear it apart.

After talking about business, Xiao Nan gossiped, looking at Qin Chen and then at Xu Jian, her eyes are full of curiosity:

“Brother Chen, you said that He Jia was suddenly removed, did something happen ah? Could it be that he offended some big shot?”

He can’t tell Xu Jian’s matter to Xiao Nan. Qin Chen looked at her:

“You’re asking me, how would I know? It’s not like I asked someone to remove him.”

Xiao Nan looked at Xu Jian in a flash, who also nodded with an innocent face that means——

I’m the same as the one next to me, I also don’t know anything, don’t ask me.

Xiao Nan’s gaze swept over the two men and said suspiciously:

“Why do I feel that you guys are weird today?”

It’s mysterious, and those two people who came out of nowhere in the morning……

Before Xiao Nan could ask again, Qin Chen spoke unhurriedly, “You’re quite idle?”

Actually dared to question the Boss.

To Qin Chen’s smile but not a smiling gaze, Xiao Nan cautiously took a step back, and then laughed dryly twice:

“He Jia was removed, Brother Chen, your shooting schedule will also change. I’ll go to the staff and ask for your new schedule!”

After speaking, Xiao Nan turned and ran away in a flash without waiting for Qin Chen to answer.

The kind that left without a trace to remember.

Looking at Xiao Nan’s fleeing back, Qin Chen shook his head in amusement.

“Her guts are getting fatter and fatter.”

Xu Jian suddenly said, “On the contrary, I think Xiao Nan is quite good like this.”

Qin Chen turned to look at him, “Hm?”

Xu Jian smiled, “Xiao Nan is lively and cheerful which I think it’s quite good.”

Before coming in contact with Qin Chen, Xu Jian, like everyone else, thought that Qin Chen was such a difficult person to get along with and the relationship with the staff around him must not be good either.

However, after being in contact with him, Xu Jian found out that the facts were the opposite. Whether with his agent or assistant, Qin Chen has a good relationship with them.

Xiao Nan and Qin Chen get along quite naturally and would occasionally tease him.

In fact, when you think about it carefully, even after he becomes human, Qin Chen treats him very well:

Not to mention the all-inclusive food and lodging, he allowed him to wear his clothes, let him follow to the set, and even wanted to sign him in Leyu.

Listening to Xu Jian’s slightly sighing tone, and then looking at his smiling side profile, Qin Chen’s thoughts deviated and asked after a moment of silence:

“Do you like that type?”

Xu Jian was absent-minded while counting all of Qin Chen’s kindness to him in his heart. When he suddenly heard the word ‘like’ from his mouth, his (XJ) whole person jolted, and abruptly turned his head to look at him and subconsciously replied:


I was just merely reminiscing about it, what’s with the ‘do you like’, like?

Catching the panic in Xu Jian’s eyes for a moment as if his thoughts were revealed, Qin Chen couldn’t help but frown and repeat the question he had just asked:

“Do you like Xiao Nan’s personality?”

Hearing Xiao Nan’s name, Xu Jian was confused, “Huh? Xiao Nan??”

Oh, it turns out that Qin Chen was talking about Xiao Nan……

No, when did he say he like Xiao Nan?

Xu Jian sigh of relief was raised again, looking at Qin Chen with his eyes wide open:

“No, when did I say I like Xiao Nan?”

Seeing the dazedness in Xu Jian’s eyes, Qin Chen instantly understood that he had thought too much, but still corrected:

“I mean the character.”

It doesn’t mean the person.

Even Qin Chen also doesn’t know why he cares so much about such details.

Xu Jian also responded, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, “I just said she has a good personality.”

Qin Chen pursued, “Thinking it is good, doesn’t it mean you like to admire it?”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s mind became hot and asked without hesitation:

“I also think you’re a good person, so do I just like you?”

Xu Jian’s mouth was quick for a moment and he didn’t feel anything was wrong when he finished, but the person being asked stagnated and didn’t answer for a long time.

So do I just like you?

After recollecting Xu Jian’s words several times in his heart, thinking of this possibility, Qin Chen found that his heartbeat unexpectedly accelerated involuntarily.

Xu Jian didn’t wait for Qin Chen’s answer after he finished, but he was uncomfortable with the other party’s gaze.

The atmosphere gradually becomes more subtle. He secretly scolded himself in his heart for speaking without thinking. Xu Jian moved his neck unnaturally, pulled the corners of his mouth at Qin Chen, and then explained dryly:

“I was just making an analogy.”

I was just making an analogy; it doesn’t mean that I like you!

By thinking of this, Xu Jian added, “Don’t think too much.”

His heartbeat gradually became normal, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian for a few seconds, and finally averted his gaze calmly, speaking in a steady tone:

“You don’t need to explain, I know.”

As for whether he thought too much about it, he knew that Qin Chen knew it in his heart.


Xu Jian turned back into a human this time but didn’t turn into a cat until 6 pm.

Although he didn’t become a human being forever as he thought, Xu Jian was also very satisfied——

This time he maintained his human body for six hours, longer than last time!

What is the concept of six hours? Rounding it up is a whole day!

In order to record his changing patterns, Xu Jian couldn’t wait to jump down from Qin Chen’s arms as soon as he returned to the hotel room and went straight to his laptop.

When she saw Milk in Qin Chen’s arms after finishing work, Xiao Nan sighed at that time:

Brother Chen, your friend is really a ghost; I don’t even know when he brought Milk over.

Xiao Nan also complained that Xu Jian didn’t give her prior notice this time.

Qin Chen didn’t explain much. On the contrary, Xiao Nan herself got over it, and as far as the relationship between Brother Chen and Brother Xu was concerned, she would see him again anyway.

Xu Jian’s special laptop is charging on the sofa. Seeing him in a hurry using his paws to pull the laptop’s cover, Qin Chen walked over helplessly and amusedly after closing the door——

This cat destroyed the bridge after crossing the river and didn’t care about him as soon as he got to the room.

Helping Xu Jian open the laptop cover before turning it on, Qin Chen looked at him:

“What’s the hurry, the computer won’t run.”

Xu Jian meowed at him twice when he heard the words, that means——

The top priority is becoming a person or a cat; do you think I’m in a hurry?

Listening to Xu Jian’s two purring cat sounds, Qin Chen was satisfied and instantly felt that Xu Jian could be both a human and a cat.

Qin Chen seized the opportunity to pet the cat while sighing at the fluffiness in his heart at the same time not forgetting to speak to divert Xu Jian’s attention:

“Before I knew, how did you use my laptop and turn its power?”

Seeing Xu Jian’s strenuous effort to pull the laptop with his paws, Qin Chen couldn’t imagine how he opened the laptop at that time when he was a cat.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian put his two front paws on the laptop to show him while proudly lifting his chin, facing him with a round cat face like a plate, and opening his mouth:


With cat paws and a cat head!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m amazing [looks up]

Qin poop scooping officer: Yes, yes, you’re the best [rubbing the cat’s head]

excited cat

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