He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Scratch

Xu Jian’s proud little expression is too apparent. Qin Chen could see satisfaction and pride in his face through the fluffy cat fur.

Holding Xu Jian’s round face with both hands and rubbing it, Qin Chen turned his cat’s head toward the screen and said with a low laugh:

“Okay, it’s awesome to know that you can turn on the computer by yourself!”

The long tail wagged and Xu Jian gave another meow which meant:

That’s a must-have.

He has now chosen to forget the difficulty of holding the laptop with his head.

If it weren’t for the unsightly scruples, Xu Jian would have tilted his tail up to the sky.

Qin Chen watched Xu Jian skillfully use his cat’s paw to click on the record form, then got up and said:

“I’m going to wash up, take your time to remember.”

Xu Jian’s pair of ice-blue cat eyes were covered with a layer of cold light reflected on the computer screen. He heard Qin Chen’s words with his eyes glued to the computer and responded with a ‘meow’ without raising his head.

He didn’t even give Qin Chen a single look, which can be said to be quite perfunctory.

Little Heartless.

Qin Chen looked at the fluffy cat, smiled, and cursed in his heart. Then took his clothes into the bathroom.

As soon as the bathroom closed and opened again, Qin Chen raised his voice to ask Xu Jian:

“Isn’t time for you to take a bath, too?”

Xu Jian put both front paws on the laptop’s keyboard, busy with the ‘two paws typing’. He took the time to turn his head to Qin Chen:


Qin Chen was meng-ed by this scene but he also didn’t forget the business, “You haven’t bathed for a few days.”

Xu Jian raised his meat pad close to his nose and sniffed it, he thought: It doesn’t smell ah.

As if knowing what he was thinking, Qin Chen said:

“Even if it doesn’t smell, you have to wash it. When I’m done, I’ll get you.”

After speaking, Qin Chen closed the door with a soft ‘thud’ without giving Xu Jian a chance to retort.

The hotel room’s bathroom door is made of frosted glass. Xu Jian looked up and saw a fuzzy silhouette of Qin Chen on the door.

The figure on the door pulled his clothes up with both hands. It was Qin Chen taking off his T-shirt.

Well, after taking it off, the movements were very neat and tidy.

The T-shirt was placed on the side, and then the hands continued to move down and finally placed under the abdomen. Xu Jian thought briefly, Qin Chen should be unbuckling his belt.

The slender fingers moved. Xu Jian, who has excellent ears, heard a ‘click’ from such a distance.

It’s the sound of metal colliding.

The sound isn’t loud but very clear.

Seeing Qin Chen’s action, Xu Jian knew that the belt buckle has been unbuckled. In a blink of an eye, the silhouette slightly bent over, and the pants were thrown to the side in a few seconds.

The clothes are gone, the pants are off, that only leaves……

Xu Jian’s eyes fluttered as he looked at Qin Chen’s shadow, and his lowered gaze finally fell on a certain place.

He stared at it for a couple of seconds, and when Qin Chen’s hand was on his waist again, Xu Jian abruptly returned to his senses. He hurriedly turned his head and looked away as if he was scalded.

Blinking at the two words he had just typed on the form, Xu Jian’s heart skip a beat and suddenly felt guilty and cursed in his heart——

Xu Jian, do you have a cat disease? What are you staring directly at when people are bathing?

Aren’t you guilty?

Can Qin Chen also wash out a flower after taking a bath or something?

Regarding the fact that he peeked at Qin Chen’s back and looked absent-minded, Xu Jian deeply reflected in his heart for a while, and almost cursed at himself for having a problem with his style and cat character.

Raising his paws and patting his face with a meat pad to clear his mind, Xu Jian picked himself up and refocused his attention on the form in front of him. Rather than on a certain someone who was taking a bath.

There was a sound of ‘rushing’ water from the bathroom, Xu Jian forced himself not to listen to the sound and turned his head, took a deep breath, and continued to poke on the keyboard with his paws to type.

11.20, got up early and turned into a person, the specific time is unknown…….

From August to now, except for September, Xu Jian has changed three times.

In August and October, I changed back after noon while this month I changed into a cat at 6 pm.

Xu Jian looked at the table of records, and the cat’s face wrinkled into a ball——

There is no pattern to be found ah.

Looking at the blank September, Xu Jian’s thoughts began to drift:

Why is there no movement in September?

 When nine is associated with cats, he can only think of the saying that cats have nine lives……

Just when Xu Jian was at his wit’s end, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped. He subconsciously turned his head to look, thinking——

Washed so quickly?

Looking at the shadow on the glass door, Qin Chen was already wiping the water droplets on his body.

Xu Jian glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the laptop for a few seconds and found that unknowingly, he had been staring at the computer for more than half an hour.

Qin Chen blow-dried his hair a few times, opened the bathroom door, and called out with his head out:

“Xu Xiaomao,[1]xiao – small/little + mao – catcome and take a shower.”

Xu Xiaomao? What the hell is this name?

After saving the form, Xu Jian lifted his paw and closed his laptop with a ‘pa’, not forgetting to complain about Qin Chen’s new name for him.

Qin Chen, who was running hot water for Xu Jian, didn’t hear his response and raised his voice again:

“Xu Xiaomao? Xu Milk? Are you there? Xu Meow? Meow?”

Jumping off the sofa, for fear that Qin Chen would call out some messy names again, Xu Jian ran towards the bathroom with his short legs while opening his mouth:

“Meow ao~”

I hear you, I’m coming, stop calling!

He opened the slightly opened bathroom door with the tip of his head. A wave of hot air came on his face, and the steaming mist made Xu Jian squint slightly.

Looking down and seeing Xu Jian, Qin Chen turned off the shower and said to him:

“The bath water is ready, try to see if the temperature is right.”

No matter how fat Xu Jian grows, he is just a cat. The size of the sink is just enough to be his bathtub.

Qin Chen just took a bath, and now there is water everywhere, and the sink is high.

Afraid that a certain cat would slip and fall on his back once he jumped, and then meow at him in anger, Qin Chen bent over to hold him.

While Qin Chen bent over, Xu Jian shook his head and looked up, facing the other’s bare chest.

Xu Jian’s pair of cat’s eyes abruptly widened: “Meow!!!”

Why aren’t you wearing clothes!

To be precise, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?

Qin Chen’s pants are still on.

However, Qin Chen’s pants are quite carelessly worn that Xu Jian can see his mermaid line.

The moment the cat stiffened in the sink, seeing the other party staring straight at him without blinking, Qin Chen let out a low laugh, and took the initiative to virtuously explain it to the cat:

“I’m afraid I’ll get wet when I give you a bath, so I’ll put it on after I wash you.”

Xu Jian’s eyes have been staring at Qin Chen’s abs and didn’t know if he heard his explanation.

When Qin Chen poured water on him (XJ) with his hands, Xu Jian snapped back and hurriedly looked up at him:


You put your clothes on first!

Qin Chen didn’t know whether he really didn’t understand or pretended not to, his hands kept moving:

“I didn’t buy any shower gel used at home, I only bought this one for cats. You can use it.”

Xu Jian twisted around and lifted his meat pad, pressing it on Qin Chen’s hand: “Meow meow meow.”

Xu Jian: Go, get dressed. I’ll wash it myself.

Being pressed by the soft cat’s paw, Xu Jian’s strength wasn’t much, but Qin Chen really didn’t move.

Xu Jian waited for a while but Qin Chen still didn’t move, so he slowly pushed the other’s hand away from his back with his paws.

Looking at Xu Jian using his paws to take water on his body for a while, Qin Chen suddenly laughed and said in a relaxed manner:

“Mr. Xu, are you… shy?”

Xu Jian’s tail swaying in the water paused, and then quickly shook his head.

Who, who is shy…

Seeing Xu Jian shake his head, Qin Chen smiled. “Also, we’re all men, and it’s not like we haven’t seen it before. What’s there to be shy about?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian thought of his previous unintentional intrusion in the bathroom, but Qin Chen was taking a bath, as well as him waking up naked in Qin Chen’s bed……

Qin Chen had said everything for this purpose, and then he minced looking guilty once again, so Xu Jian was silent for a moment, moved his two hind legs in the water, and turned around silently.

Forget it, can’t speak human words neither can meow, so it’s better to be out of sight, out of mind.

With some abs dangling before his eyes, Xu Jian stared at the white and reflective sink, feeling much calmer.

Seeing Xu Jian who suddenly turned his back on him, Qin Chen held back a chuckle, and teased:

“Is this asking me to rub your back? My price isn’t cheap.”

Xu Jian paused, then turned his head and gave him a vicious meow which means:

This Grandfather Cat[2]referring to himself arrogantly (derogatory), I might’ve forgotten to say this on previous chaps. Sorry ehe~has no money!

Hearing Xu Jian’s fierce voice, the smile on Qin Chen’s face thickened a few more.

Fearing that a certain cat would blow up his fur, Qin Chen also didn’t deliberately tease him, and seriously bathed him.

When Qin Chen carried Xu Jian out after bathing and blow-drying his fur, he felt the strength in his hands, and said to himself——

It seems to be a little heavier again?

However, Qin Chen didn’t say these words, afraid that some cat holding a grudge would scratch him.

When passing by the living room, glancing at the LCD TV, Qin Chen looked down and asked Xu Jian who was slightly squinting in his arms:

“Do you want to watch TV for a while? You and the mouse?”

The hot air in the bathroom made him drowsy and was massaged by Qin Chen once again. Xu Jian was almost fast asleep, shaking his head at the words.

He lazily rolled over and buried his face on the crook of Qin Chen’s arm. Xu Jian gave a small whimper, and thought:

Who wants to watch Tom and Jerry at night?

The meaning of his rejection couldn’t be too obvious.

Seeing that he was so sleepy that his eyelids were fighting like this, Qin Chen didn’t force him and carried him back to the bedroom.

Xu Jian’s whole cat that had just taken a bath is emitting the fragrance of the shower gel. When he put the sleepy cat that became a long strip, like a boneless cat on the bed, Qin Chen couldn’t resist lowering his head to draw closer, rubbing his neck, and rubbing his face with the cat fur.

Today’s sucking cat (1/1).

Xu Jian was no stranger to Qin Chen’s actions. He lazily raised his eyelids and glanced at him, rolled over, and continued to sleep with his eyes closed.

Rub it, rub it ba. You won’t lose a piece of meat if you rub it twice.

As a cat, to understand a heavy plush control, Xu Jian clearly knows how much Qin Chen likes his cat fur.

The cat’s body is soft. When Xu Jian turned over, only his head and two front legs were twisted over while the latter half of his body remained the same.

Seeing Xu Jian’s twisted sleeping posture, Qin Chen lamented at the flexibility of the cat’s body while taking out his phone to take pictures.

After taking the photo, Qin Chen saw that the tip of Xu Jian’s cat’s tail was still swaying.

As we all know, the cat and the cat’s tail are two brains. The cat’s tail has its own ideas and can’t be controlled.

After holding his breath and recording a short video, Qin Chen gently straightened Xu Jian’s four legs, placing them in one direction, and pulled the quilt next to him to cover him.

After doing all this, Qin Chen boarded the ‘Milk is Super Cute’ Weibo and posted the short video:

Milk is Super Cute: The two-legged beast says early to bed and early to rise is good for the body, so I’ll go to bed first [cat head] .

There were comments from fans immediately after posting.

Cat cub, your two-legged beast is lying to you. I suggest you expose him. We’ll help you condemn him together. Preferably in nine grid HD and 360 degrees with no dead angle kind of exposure [looking forward] [looking forward]

The fans all know that the two-legged beast of Milk is Qin Chen, and soon someone replied to the original poster:

Sister, your entry point for answering questions is very witty. I support Milk to expose him!



Others howled that Milk is so cute, want to rub, and want to suck.

Wu wu[3]cryingwhat is this peerless cutie, sleeping so cutely, look at this lively pointed tail, ah I’m dead…

I started to think about what a strange sleeping position this is.

Am I the only one who is worried about Milk will twist his waist while sleeping like this?

Stealing cats group (1/1000)


Qin Chen refreshed the comment and seeing that the stealing cats group was gradually growing, he curled up the corner of his mouth; his slender fingers tapped on the screen and replied:

Mine, don’t steal it.

After replying, Qin Chen ignored the fans that were excited because of his reply and clicked back.

Two days without looking, the private messages accumulated to a terrible number.

Qin Chen flipped through them casually and finally stopped at a private message seeking cooperation.

After reading through the private message, Qin Chen didn’t rush to reply, but touched Xu Jian who had fallen asleep beside him, and said in a low voice:

“Xu Xiaomao ah, your chance to make money to support me has come again.”

The author has something to say:

Sleeping Jian Cat: Hmm?? What did you say?

Qin poop scooping officer: From now on, I will rely on you for support, with a loving gaze, lightly patting the cat’s head.]

e/n: for xu xiaomao and translator, let’s cool ourselves, shall we?t/n: I am cool. btw, our finals exam starts today. wish us luck *crie *crie


1 xiao – small/little + mao – cat
2 referring to himself arrogantly (derogatory), I might’ve forgotten to say this on previous chaps. Sorry ehe~
3 crying

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    Dont bathe your cat, you dont have to, they do it themselves all the time, you dont need to wipe their butt either they lick it clean, unless you get a stray cat you let a vet or a pet groomer do it.
    And if you really wanna bathe your cat do it once every 6 months or once every 3 months.

    This was lightly implied so im not really sure if he did it but um… Dont use shampoo, conditioner nor shower gel om your cat, its really bad for them and it could cause their skin to crack and dry out, and with how often it seems qin chen is bathing xu xiaomao, his skin would’ve cracked and bleed a really long time ago. Vets recommend buying cat shampoo or using plain dishsoap.

    Also your cat wont become bald from too much rubbing lololol
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