He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Hook the Soul

With Xu Jian’s previous cat food advertisement, which was a big hit, the advertisers reported that the sales were very good, and then specially sent some cat food and cat products to Qin Chen.

Xu Jian gained a lot of fans by relying on this advertisement. There were also a lot of collaborations that came to his door, all of which were rejected by Qin Chen.

But this time, Qin Chen thought he could take it.

This time is software that wants to launch an exclusive expression package for Milk online.

Nowadays, young people like to use emoticons no matter what they talk about. Among them are cute pets, cute doll-like babies, and funny expression packs are the most popular.

The software developer accidentally saw Milk’s Weibo and thought he looked cute and was very cooperative in the cat food advertisement video. In addition, it was Qin Chen’s cat that had its own popularity, so they came to the door.

At the end of the private message, the specific conditions and details of cooperation have been sent to the mailbox on the home page.

Qin Chen got up and took the tablet to open the mailbox. Sure enough, there was an unread email.

The expression package is much better than the cat food advertisement. The email attachment says that if he agrees to cooperate, they only need Qin Chen to send 24 photos of Milk with different expressions and actions. At that time, the people over there will specifically match the words.

The cat’s expressions aren’t as rich as someone’s, so they’ll use actions to make up for it. What kind of specifics is needed will be discussed later in detail.

Qin Chen thought that this is very suitable for Xu Jian. He only needs to take a good picture and send it over even without going to the studio.

Moreover, Xu Jian can understand human language so it’s very easy to take pictures.

But after all, it was a job for Xu Jian. Qin Chen replied to the other party that he would reconsider it. He’s also going to ask Xu Jian’s opinion after he woke up tomorrow.

After replying to the email, Qin Chen moved the sleeping Xu Jian carefully inside the bed, and then turned over and slept next to him.

This is the only cat-shaped heater.


Early the next morning, Qin Chen was awakened by the alarm clock. Xu Jian also poked out his furry cat’s head from the quilt.

Qin Chen said good morning and then got up to wash. Xu Jian lay on the quilt, stretching his limbs and moving his stiff little muscles for a while after sleeping all night. He jumped out of the bed, and da da da followed Qin Chen to the bathroom.

Qin Chen brushed his teeth with his right hand while holding Xu Jian’s cat toothbrush with his left hand, which already has cat toothpaste squeezed on it.

He glanced down at Xu Jian, who jumped on the sink, and Qin Chen silently handed him the cat toothbrush with his left hand.

Xu Jian took a sip of water from the cup next to him, after spitting it out, he familiarly moved to the toothbrush in Qin Chen’s hand, and then——

Shake his head left and right.

In the bathroom, Qin Chen was standing while Xu Jian was on the sink. Qin Chen brushed his teeth with one hand and helped fixedly hold the toothbrush to a certain cat with the other.

Looking at Xu Jian, who was shaking his head and wagging his tail with a toothbrush, Qin Chen spat out the toothpaste foam in his mouth and reminded him:

“Slow down; don’t poke your mouth again.”

Xu Jian lifted his eyelids to look at him and responded twice with a ‘hum’ from his throat.

When he first used the cat toothbrush, Xu Jian’s mouth was indeed poked twice because he didn’t get used to it. But now, he’s able to use the cat toothbrush proficiently.

Even the long sharp fangs can be brushed clean, almost reflective white!

While washing his face, Qin Chen suspected Xu Jian hadn’t washed his paws clean, so he used hot water to heat up the wet tissue and personally wiped his face.

Qin Chen cleaned them so thoroughly that even Xu Jian’s long cat whiskers on both sides were wiped one by one.

If it weren’t for the gentle movements of the other party, Xu Jian suspected that he was trying to pluck his whiskers.

A few minutes later, Qin Chen and the cat finished washing up. Qin Chen held the door frame and looked down at Xu Jian.

“You go first.”

However, Xu Jian jumped off the sink and didn’t move. After looking up at him, he raised his paw and pointed to the door, which means:

You go out first.

Qin Chen: “?”

Xu Jian waited for a while and found that Qin Chen didn’t understand what he meant, so he sighed in his heart, turned, and raised a leg, pointing to the toilet.

Xu Jian’s performance was so obvious; Qin Chen finally reacted when he saw this. The cat asked him to go out first because he needs to go to the toilet.

When he went out, Xu Jian turned his back on Qin Chen. From his round body, Qin Chen unexpectedly saw a hint of helplessness and embarrassment.

Thoughtfully closing the door for Xu Jian, Qin Chen suddenly remembered the matter of the cooperation expression package, so he went through the doorway again:

“By the way, there is work for you.”

Xu Jian, who was squatting and contemplating on the toilet, was startled by the sudden sound of Qin Chen. His foot slip and almost fell into the toilet.

After hurriedly stabilizing his body, Xu Jian meowed twice at the door with lingering fear.

Xu Jian: I’m listening, say it.

Qin Chen, who received a response, told him about the email he received last night.

“… Anyway, it’s just to take 24 photos of you to make expression packs. You have to have different expressions and gestures. Old rules; meow once if you agree, meow twice if you disagree.”

When Xu Jian heard this generous reward, he immediately opened his mouth: “Meow~”

He can’t use his original bank card now, and it’s the time when he’s short on money.

Xu Jian’s answer was within Qin Chen’s expectations.

“Okay, then I’ll take them for you. After the requirements are sent over, we’ll find a time to take the photos.”

Xu Jian meowed again to indicate he had no opinion.

Breakfast was a soup dumpling bought by Xiao Nan. Qin Chen saw the tip of Xu Jian’s whiskers are stained with soup, he thought——

Well, the cat’s face was washed in vain just now.


He Jia was withdrawn. All the previously filmed third male lead scenes had to be remade, and most of the actors’ filming plans had to be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, last night, when Qin Chen was sleeping soundly with his cat in his arms, the director team stayed up late to make a new filming schedule.

Modern dramas aren’t like Ancient Chinese dramas. Ancient costumes have to try on makeup and costumes to adjust the styling. Even the actors’ wigs and headgears have to be customized in advance.

Modern dramas are much simpler; with a good change of clothes and makeup and hair-blowing and styling of hair.

Even when there is a lack of funds, some actors will directly wear their own private clothes to shoot, saving a lot of money for the props team.

Therefore, it took less than two hours for Shen Xi, who replaced He Jia, from entering the group to finalizing the styling.

From the words of the makeup artist and stylist, it’s——Teacher Shen is handsome, he looks good on any hairstyle.

Knowing that Shen Xi had already arrived, Qin Chen didn’t see anyone when he arrived at the set.

Xiao Nan thoughtfully explained that Shen Xi’s schedule was tight and had to make up for the scenes that had fallen before him, so he was pulled away by the director as soon as he had changed his clothes.

Shen Xi arrived on the set earlier than Qin Chen. When Qin Chen’s car came, Shen Xi’s car had just driven away.

After listening to Xiao Nan’s words, Qin Chen still didn’t respond yet, but Xu Jian who was next to him with a withered head gave a whimpering meow.

Xu Jian was still quite disappointed when he failed to see Shen Xi.

Shen Xi is one of Xu Jian’s rare and favorite actors and is also Chen Doudou’s idol.

In fact, Xu Jian originally had no feelings for Shen Xi at first, but when he and Chen Doudou were doing impromptu performances, Chen Doudou always showed the film and television dramas that Shen Xi starred in.

Over time, Xu Jian was also conquered by Shen Xi’s acting skills, putting the other in the ‘favorite actors’ column.

Xu Jian had thought that if he could see Shen Xi, he might be able to ask for an autograph or something for Chen Doudou and himself.

Shen Xi’s acting skills are versatile and can bring life to characters with different personalities and identities, and he is extremely malleable. The directors he has worked with have praised him for his unlimited potential.

Qin Chen naturally noticed the change in Xu Jian’s mood. He reached out his hand and scratched the cat’s chin while thinking in his mind that the cat was almost too fat to have a neck, and asking at the same time:

“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Nan still thought Qin Chen was talking to her and looked bewildered:

“Hm? It’s nothing ah.”

One person and one cat looked up at her at the same time. Finally, it was Qin Chen who spoke:

“I’m not asking you.”

Xiao Nan was taken aback and followed his gaze, which finally landed on Xu Jian.

Xiao Nan: “……”

Are you asking about the cat’s feelings?

I’m sorry. I was too indulged in my thoughts. Excuse me.

Even Pan Min who was next to him, looked at Qin Chen with a “can’t stand it” look:

“Have you been obsessed with petting the cat lately?”

Qin Chen looked up at her and asked instead of answering:

“Do I look like I’m not normal to you?”

Xiao Nan and Pan Min nodded at the same time and said in unison:

“Nowhere normal.”

It’s just that Xiao Nan’s voice was slightly smaller because she is terrified while Pan Min is fearless and her voice almost covered Xiao Nan.

Qin Chen was helpless. Before he moved his lips to speak, Pan Min said again:

“Look at you now, in addition to going to the toilet during filming, you hold the cat all the time and often talk to yourself in front of Milk. Seeing it doesn’t look normal at all.” 

Xiao Nan added weakly on the side:

“I know Brother Chen, it’s normal to say that you’re a plush control. But who knows what little fairy Milk reincarnated as who hooked your soul away.”

Fortunately, after the founding of the country, it can’t be refined.[1]internet buzzword which originally meant: “animals aren’t allowed to be refined (demon/possessed) after the founding of PRC” which is often used to describe animals that show human-like … Continue readingOtherwise, Sister Pan would have to report that Milk, this little fairy, had hooked her Brother Chen’s soul.

After hearing the words of the two, Qin Chen looked down and Xu Jian glanced at the other. Xu-Little Fairy-Milk-Jian’s heart jumped fiercely, and a pair of cat’s eyes were full of innocence.

Xu Jian’s tail swayed frantically: I am not, I did not, don’t talk nonsense!

Who hooked Qin Chen’s soul? I’m a decent cat.

He can turn into a cat, not a fox, but still hooked the soul.

Too much, too much.

Reading the panic in Xu Jian’s eyes, Qin Chen couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth, pinching the other party’s Q[2]cute; can also mean something bouncy to touchmeat pad, and asked:

“So exaggerated?”

Looking at Qin Chen’s smiling face that can drown people, Xiao Nan and Pan Min looked at each other, and both saw helplessness in each other’s faces——

Look, it started again.

Tsk, smiling like that. If they didn’t know they will also think that what he is holding in his arms is not a cat, but his wife.

And Little Fairy Xu stared attentively at Qin Chen’s smiling face, his heart was seriously thinking about a question:

In the end, who is hooking whose soul now?


Shen Xi took an outdoor scene for a day and didn’t return until the evening. When he came back, Qin Chen was still filming.

Xiao Nan held Qin Chen’s jacket and water cup and waited next to him. Xu Jian half squatted on the chair next to her. With his round body, the big cat master occupied the whole chair.

Xu Jian stared intently at Qin Chen and was fascinated. Afterwards, he realized that the atmosphere around him wasn’t right.

The originally whispering discussion around is gone, and the silence is a bit strange.

Xu Jian turned his flexible neck and then found Shen Xi whom he didn’t know when was standing behind him, staring intently at Qin Chen, who was shooting a scene not far away.

Suddenly seeing Shen Xi, Xu Jian froze for a moment. Then instinctively stood up from his chair and looked at him somewhat nervously.

Unexpectedly seeing his favorite actor, Xu Jian, like other ordinary people, his brain was empty for two seconds.

Xu Jian thought, should he go up now to ask for an autograph or ask for a photo?

Or rather, should he give up a seat to Chen Doudou’s idol first?

Before Xu Jian made a decision, Xiao Nan also noticed Shen Xi and hurriedly greeted him:

“Teacher Shen.”

Shen Xi, who was originally looking at Qin Chen, turned his head to look at Xiao Nan and asked after a pause:

“Are you Qin Chen’s assistant?”

Xiao Nan nodded, and at the end, not knowing which of her muscles was wrong, she reached out and pointed to Xu Jian on the chair and said:

“This is Brother Chen’s cat called Milk.”

The abruptly cued Xu Jian stiffened all over. He propped his neck up slowly, and finally tilted his head:


The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: So nervous, don’t know what to say, let’s sell a cute meow first [nervously rubbing paws]

Qin poop scooping officer: ……this is not the first time you’ve seen it!

interesting entrance of teacher shen


1 internet buzzword which originally meant: “animals aren’t allowed to be refined (demon/possessed) after the founding of PRC” which is often used to describe animals that show human-like behaviors, saying that they seemed to be refined. Moreover, This rule forbids any demon, evil spirit, or any magical bad guy appear after PRC was established. Link Jie Jie: I might have forgotten to mention this note again in a previous chapter. I’ll find that again once I remember what chap :<
2 cute; can also mean something bouncy to touch

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