He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Terrified Cat

Qin Chen deliberately used the fluffy cat’s tail to sweep the tip of Xu Jian’s nose. Xu Jian was itchy and wanted to sneeze when he was swept by him. The body pressed under the pillow twisted frantically to avoid the other person’s suppression.

While hiding, Xu Jian meowed. As for Qin Chen’s question just now, he simply didn’t have time to answer.

Fortunately, Qin Chen also knew when to stop. He really teased the cat ‘till his fur exploded. In the end, it was he who tried his best to coax him.

Qin Chen let go of the pillow and took advantage of the time Xu Jian turned over, rubbed the tip with his tail twice.

Xu Jian, who was rubbed by the cat’s tail, felt an electric current directly from his tail up to his skull, making his scalp explode. He almost flopped on the sofa with weak legs when he stood up.

After standing firm while trembling, Xu Jian with exploded fur hid in the corner of the sofa. After confirming his direct safety, he gave a defensive— did you go crazy just now? —expression at Qin Chen.

In response to Xu Jian’s accusing and pitiful look, Qin Chen reflected in his heart whether he had just gone too far.

But once he remembered the docile way Xu Jian lay on Shen Xi’s lap during the day, Qin Chen felt he was right again and the look in his eyes towards Xu Jian instantly became justified.[1]in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one’s side.

One person and one cat silently stared at each other for a while. In the end, Xu Jian couldn’t resist Qin Chen’s gaze and tentatively stretched out his neck, “Meow?”

Qin Chen paused his operation just now and Xu Jian felt that his nose was still itchy. After meowing, he raised his meat pad and rubbed his nose.

Xu Jian’s cautious appearance looks cute but Qin Chen took out his Film Emperor acting skills to appear serious, “Am I not good to you? Do you like the new and hated the old so soon? Is it more comfortable on Shen Xi’s lap?”

In the face of Qin Chen’s three continuous questions, although Xu Jian was confused, his instinct made him shake his head quickly that means:

Seeing Xu Jian shake his head, Qin Chen looked a bit better. He brought over Xu Jian’s laptop to type and said, “If I have something to ask you, you need to answer.”

Fearing that Qin Chen will ‘go crazy’ once again, after hearing his words, Xu Jian quickly put his two front paws on the keyboard, then turned his head and looked at him with a serious face: “Meow~”

Xu Jian: You ask.

Qin Chen couldn’t restrain his smile. Realizing that it wasn’t the time to smile, he quickly flattened the corners of his mouth and asked solemnly, “You know Shen Xi before?”

Xu Jian didn’t even need to type with this question and directly shook his head which means— Don’t know.

Qin Chen frowned slightly. “Then why did you let him hold you today?”

Xu Jian’s head tilted, “Meow?”

What kind of question is this?

Xu Jian raised his paw to poke the keyboard: [Idol.]

Qin Chen raised his brows and understood his meaning in a second. “He’s your idol?”

Xu Jian nodded, “Meow.”

After two seconds of silence, Qin Chen asked, “You like Shen Xi’s type?”

Xu Jian was typing while thinking about what type Shen Xi is:

[He is very good at acting.]

Because it was strenuous to type, Xu Jian omitted the latter sentence— The person is also handsome.

Qin Chen looked at the four words ‘very good at acting’ on the screen and did not speak. Meanwhile, Xu Jian took advantage of this opportunity to ask in return:

[Just because of this?]

Xu Jian: Is this why you messed with me because of this little thing just now?

Qin Chen understood what Xu Jian means, and casually threw the pot,[2]shirk responsibility and shift the blame to others“Sister Pan said you’re going to climb the wall.”

Xu Jian: “Meow?”

Can the words climbing the wall be used like this?

Seeing Xu Jian’s dazed expression, Qin Chen was not at ease and asked again, “You and Shen Xi have no other relationship? Then why is he finding you for? There are even things he has to say to you personally.”

Xu Jian’s paws on the keyboard paused, then poke the keyboard:

[Because of President Jiang, right?]

“It’s possible.” Qin Chen nodded and said half-jokingly and half-seriously, “President can’t (come) so he (SX) also came to repay the favor.”

Xu Jian helplessly looked at Qin Chen: “……”

How can there be so many favors to repay under the heavens?


Although Xu Jian has clearly explained that he has no intention of climbing the wall and that Qin Chen’s backyard and roof are temporarily safe, in the end, Qin Chen still kept a straight face and told him not to let anyone hold him casually.

Qin Chen’s original words were: To be a cat, you have to be reserved. What is it like to pounce on an idol when you see one?

Xu Jian thought to himself when he heard the words— I have never let anyone else hold me ah, who is not reserved?

But looking at Qin Chen’s serious expression, Xu Jian wisely did not ask.

Xu Jian always felt that Qin Chen is too serious today and there was something vaguely wrong but he thought again:

As a plush control and animal dislike (physique), Qin Chen certainly doesn’t want his cat to stick to others. It is estimated that he is worried that the cat that wasn’t easy to have run away with someone else?

Thinking of this, Xu Jian instantly understood Qin Chen’s unusual behavior just now. Who hasn’t been a bit possessive yet?

“Right,” Qin Chen looked at the obviously distracted Xu Jian, remembered something, and said, “Do you still remember the expression package I told you about this morning? The requirements were sent over, I’ll show you.”

The other side moved quickly. Qin Chen had just agreed this morning and the contract and requirements were sent before noon, which was clearly prepared a long time ago.

Qin Chen let the lawyer read the contract and there were no problems. As for the requirements……

Probably because aware that a cat can’t be forced, the other side’s requirements are also very simple:

Try to shoot different movements as much as possible such as covering the face with a cat’s paw, licking the fur with their head down, looking at the camera cutely and things like that with eyes open movements are better.

Qin Chen used the tablet to show the other side’s requirements to Xu Jian, and then asked, “These actions aren’t difficult for you, right?”

Xu Jian looked at it carefully and found that there were no difficult movements such as a ‘cat backflip’ and so on, and then he secretly breathed a sigh of relief and nodded to Qin Chen, “Meow meow.”

No problem at all. 
Summing up the other side’s requirements, isn’t it just asking him to act cute? Piece of cake.

After being a cat for a few months, Xu Jian has already understood the essence of cats being coquettish and acting cute.

Despite this, he never thought that one day he would be able to make a living by selling meng.

Since Xu Jian had no problem, Qin Chen looked around and said, “The other side doesn’t have venue requirements, so let’s shoot in the room.”

Xu Jian naturally had no objection, but when Qin Chen found the SLR and the camera lens presentably pointed at him(XJ), he’s inexplicably a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Qin Chen quickly stepped into the role of a photographer and said to Xu Jian, “Roll on the sofa first.”

Xu Jian: “……”

What is this sudden sense of shame?

Despite the shame, he agreed to the matter with a meow. The actor’s professionalism doesn’t allow Xu Jian to back down, so he obediently rolled on the soft sofa.

Xu Jian also paid special attention when he rolled and didn’t let himself show his dew point.[3]to expose one of their intimate parts

However, Great Photographer Qin wasn’t satisfied with Model Xu’s performance just now. “Your limbs were too stiff just now, start again.”

Model Xu rolled again.

Photographer: “It pressed on the tail, come again.”

The cat model rolled again.

Photographer: “The pillow behind you is too eye-catching, push it away.”

The cat model accepted his fate and got up, used his head to push the pillow next to him aside, then he rolled again, thinking to himself:

It’s okay this time, right?

The photographer was still not satisfied and shook his head, “It still doesn’t work, it’s blocking your face.”

The cat model once again…

The cat model quit, stood up, and meowed at the photographer:

Aren’t your requirements for a cat too high!

Xu Jian suspected that Qin Chen did it on purpose but he had no evidence.

At the same time, not knowing whether Qin Chen really understand or pretend not to understand, looked like he was doing work-related matters, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Facing Qin Chen’s deadpan expression, Xu Jian, who was arrogant just now, was instantly discouraged. His head wilted, and he rolled around the sofa aggrieved,

“Meow ao~”

That means: Nothing, you continue.

He really has no backbone.

Of the 24 photos, Xu Jian originally thought that he could take them easily, and he could settle them in half an hour at most.

In the thousands of calculations, he didn’t expect Qin Chen to be so critical about his work. With a simple act of raising his two front legs to look at the camera begging for a hug, Qin Chen shot back and forth no less than twenty times.

One begging for a hug shot, Xu Jian’s four legs were softened— two hind legs were tired from standing and two front legs were sore from lifting.

Not to mention these ‘half of the cat’s head sticking out from behind the sofa’, ‘lifting the meat pad easily with closed eyes and mouth opened’, ‘look at the camera with wet eyes and act cute’…

Simple actions but Xu Jian was so tired after shooting as if he had just done ten or eight backflips.

Maybe the ‘cat backflip’ isn’t so tiring.

If he hadn’t known Qin Chen’s character, Xu Jian would have thought the other party is taking advantage of this opportunity to retaliate against him for letting Shen Xi hold him during the day.

Finally, it was two hours later after all the shooting was completed.

The model was so tired that he collapsed on the sofa and changed from a cat to a cat cake, while the photographer was excitedly looking through the photos he had just taken.

Looking at Qin Chen’s side profile, Xu Jian’s face gave birth to a thought that he had no love.

From the shooting process to the present, Xu Jian fully realized Qin Chen’s seriousness and responsibility for his work.

This person, even the direction and angle of his tail is adjusted over and over again!

This is simply ridiculous!

Regarding Qin Chen’s nitpicking attitude towards work, Xu Jian thought to himself it was no wonder that he was already a double gold Film Emperor at such a young age.


24 photos were selected from the hundreds of photos and sent to the partners. Qin Chen saved the rest whether they were blurred or not.

Turning his head to look at Xu Jian, who was lying on the sofa and was tormented by him, Qin Chen reached out his hand and rubbed his cat head, “Great. I’ll buy you something delicious tomorrow.”

Xu Jian, who was too tired that he didn’t want to talk anymore, listlessly lifted his eyelids to look at Qin Chen, with the meaning in his eyes—

Don’t make trouble, I’m tired.

Considering that Xu Jian still worked hard overtime in the evening as a model to earn money to support his family, Qin Chen called the hotel to send him some midnight snacks to reward him.

Xu Jian wasn’t polite with Qin Chen either. He ate so much that he had a round belly. Finally, he lay on the sofa contentedly touching his belly.

When the staff took away the dinner plates, Qin Chen came back and saw Uncle[4]referring him as arrogantCat Xu Jian lying on the sofa as if paralyzed, watching Tom and Jerry. When he passed by, he casually said, “Eating so much at night, you won’t exercise? Be careful, you’ll gain weight.”

Although the cat feels better holding it when it’s fat, Qin Chen is also worried that according to the current trend of horizontal development, Xu Jian will be round to a ball sooner or later.

He didn’t think that being rounded into a ball doesn’t look good, but he’s just worried that being too round would be bad for Xu Jian’s health.

Extreme obesity is not healthy.

Xu Jian’s patting belly stopped, then abruptly turned his head to look at Qin Chen, he opened his mouth resentfully, “Meow—”

I am not fat!

Xu Jian felt that those ignoring his long fur and saying he was fat are all being hooligans!

Qin Chen followed Xu Jian and ate some midnight snacks earlier. At this time, he was doing push-ups next to him to digest calories.

While doing push-ups, Qin Chen was also able to ask Xu Jian with ease, “Do you want to exercise together?”

After hearing this, Xu Jian thought: Exercise together? How to move?
Do you still expect a cat to do push-ups or what?

But thinking about it, Xu Jian suddenly remembered how they, one person and one cat, exercised in the gym at Qin Chen’s home in Nanfeng City—

Push-ups, he lay on Qin Chen’s back.

Sit-ups, Qin Chen kisses him every time he sits up…

Although this all happened when Qin Chen didn’t know he was human, Xu Jian’s cat face still blushed in retrospect:

Thinking about it now, it’s simply bursting with shame…

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Strange. It’s strange making the cat embarrassed [raise paws to cover face]

Qin poop scooping officer: We can do it again [serious face]

E/N: waiting for our model milk to catwalk hehe
T/N: My friend being pun-ny, sighs.


1 in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one’s side.
2 shirk responsibility and shift the blame to others
3 to expose one of their intimate parts
4 referring him as arrogant

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