He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Kiss

Xu Jian, who insists that he is just a cat with long hair and not fat, refuses to exercise with Qin Chen, swinging his tail and watching the <Rainbow Cat & Blue Rabbit: Legend of the Seven Swordsmen> on the sofa.

The cat master is laid back like that, all he needs is a handful of melon seeds or a bag of potato chips.

Xu Jian didn’t want to move, Qin Chen couldn’t force him to be a cat that was no longer small. He just misses the time when he used to be able to kiss the cat as he liked when he worked out.

Qin Chen silently worked out and would occasionally hear movements on his side. Xu Jian’s eyes drifted uncontrollably from the TV screen to him.

The air conditioner is working tirelessly to send warm air to the room. The exercising Qin Chen wore sports pants and short sleeves. Every time Xu Jian turns his head, he ‘happens’ to see his ‘accidentally’ exposed abs and mermaid line.

Compared with Qin Chen, his originally four-pack abs that weren’t too obvious were simply weak.

Qin Chen’s abs seem to feel very good (to touch/feel).

He took a breath through his nose, realizing that he was actually coveting Qin Chen’s abs. Xu Jian felt guilty and hurriedly retracted his gaze.

He lowered his head, raised his meat pad, and touched his ear which seems to be a little hot…

The <Rainbow Cat> on the TV was at its critical moment to reveal Ma San Niang’s true nature but Xu Jian’s attention was not on the thrilling plot, his heart drifted away and he didn’t know where it had fallen.

By the time Xu Jian, who was on a mental journey came back to his senses, Qin Chen had already finished working out and went to the bathroom with his clothes to take a shower.

Listening to the sound of water in the bathroom, Xu Jian thought absent-mindedly, did Qin Chen take two baths today?

Coming out from the bathroom, Qin Chen saw Xu Jian’s eyes still staring fixedly at the TV so he approached and stretched out his hand to give him a push, “It’s so late and still watching? Want to be a night owl?”

Qin Chen didn’t exert much force but Xu Jian was unprepared so he was overturned and fell sideways on the sofa.


Looking down at Xu Jian, Qin Chen froze for a moment and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Want to touch porcelain ah?”[1]to stage a fake accident to claim for compensation

Xu Jian, who wasn’t just squatting steadily, originally didn’t mean this but Qin Chen’s words gave him inspiration.

Xu Jian simply maintained his sideways-lying posture and extended his meat pad to Qin Chen:

“Meow, meow meow.”

That means: You pushed me, you’re not allowed to leave without paying.

Small dried fish can also be considered to offset the debt.

In response to Xu Jian’s pretentious vicious eyes that were actually eager, Qin Chen smiled and raised his hand to pat his paw, “If you want money, I have none but if you want someone there is one.”

One person and one cat looked at each other. Finally, Xu Jian retracted his short legs to stand on his own, thinking about Qin Chen’s current net worth, he criticized silently:

Who can afford this person ah?

Anyway, he can’t afford it.

On the other hand, Qin Chen misunderstood Xu Jian’s meaning and raised his brow—

He only said someone wouldn’t touch porcelain but this little heartless even dislike him.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen was unhappy. He stretched out his hands to rub Xu Jian, rubbed his head, then rubbed his back and didn’t even let go of his belly.

Xu Jian was so ravaged by him that he meowed, so he had to block the crucial part in order not to be exposed (of his intimate part).

In the end, Xu Jian’s long, supple fur was rubbed by Qin Chen as if he had been struck by lightning. It was messy and stylish.

While lifting his paw to comb his fur, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen with dissatisfaction, and opened his mouth to make a sound, “Meow ao~”

Xu Jian: What are you doing!

Qin Chen is helping him comb his fur on his back where his short legs can’t reach. After hearing his exasperated meow, he said unapologetically with smiling eyes, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

Qin Chen felt that Xu Jian’s face was particularly small when covered with exploded fur but he didn’t dare say it.

Afraid that a certain cat would think that he was lying by saying he is round and then bite him twice furiously.

Xu Jian, who was rubbed and fried by Qin Chen, also lost the mood to watch TV. After smoothing his fur, he glared at the instigator, jumped off the sofa, and ran to the room.

When Qin Chen turned off the TV, a certain cat had already run away without a trace.

Walking calmly towards the bedroom, Qin Chen restrain the smile in his heart—

The cat’s four legs are a bit shorter but it’s quite fast.
I can’t even see a cat fur in the blink of an eye.

There was a small bulge on the bed. Qin Chen approached and raised it to see a cat lying on the bed, burying his face in the pillow, and not looking at him.

Xu Jian has rolled himself into a ball and it was obvious that he hasn’t cooled down yet.

Qin Chen tentatively reached out and poked the cat ball. The other party’s meat shook, and then stretched out a jio[2]footto kick in his direction twice, and then retracted. That means—

Don’t push me, don’t want to pay attention to you.

Qin Chen looked, he’s really angry.

Qin Chen pushed him again. “Show your face, don’t sleep like this.”

With Xu Jian’s posture, Qin Chen was afraid that he would suffocate himself to death.

Xu Jian didn’t respond.

With his eyes narrowed, Qin Chen just wanted to say something when he suddenly remembered a video he saw on Weibo today.

After a pause, Qin Chen ignored Xu Jian, who was sulking on his pillow, and instead picked up his phone and opened Weibo.


Just when Xu Jian thought that Qin Chen had lifted the quilt for him and didn’t cover him back, a melodious and milky meow suddenly rang out in the room.

Xu Jian was stunned, the two furry ears on top of his head twitched:

Where did that meow come from?

Xu Jian was still thinking about whether he had made the sound himself just now when another cat’s purr sounded, this time with a bit of hoarseness.

Now, Xu Jian was sure that the sound came from Qin Chen’s side, not from himself but the sound from two cats.

A cat purring sounded. Xu Jian’s tail shook. At last, he couldn’t help but slowly raise his head to look at Qin Chen.

Qin Chen was watching a video. Seeing Xu Jian’s action out of the corner of his eyes, the corners of his mouth raised. He naturally reached out and handed the phone to him and generously said, “You want to watch it too?”

Before Xu Jian could refuse, the phone was already in front of him where the unceasing meowing came from. He subconsciously looked down.

There are two shorthair cats in the video, one white and one gray. Although Xu Jian has been a cat for a few months, he still can’t tell what breed these two are.

The two cats were entangled together, the gray one pressed on top of the white one, the two cats were licking each other’s fur, and were both purring incessantly.

Xu Jian didn’t react at first. Only after taking a closer look did he notice what the two cats were doing in the video.

Xu Jian: “!!!”

Xu Jian’s cat’s eyes abruptly rounded. He instantly jumped a meter away from the phone, looking at it with a panicked expression.

Seeing the cat’s horrified face on the frightened Xu Jian, Qin Chen feigned confusion, “What’s wrong with you? Such a big reaction.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian snapped his head around to look at him and opened his mouth in a huff, “Meow—”

Xu Jian: You actually watch cat films!

I didn’t expect you to be such a Film Emperor! This behavior is too terrible!

It’s no surprise that Xu Jian reacted greatly because he found out later that in the video, the two cats were working hard to breed offspring.

With Xu Jian’s milky outraged voice, Qin Chen looked innocent, “These two cats are very cute ah, what are you so afraid of?”

Looking at Qin Chen who already knew why but still ask, Xu Jian only hated that he couldn’t speak:

What is the difference between watching a cat film in front of a cat and watching that kind of film in front of someone?

What the hell is your intention!

Xu Jian felt that his eyes had been hit, and the meowing on the phone hadn’t stopped yet. Seeing that Qin Chen doesn’t intend to turn off the video, Xu Jian’s heart swelled. He quickly approached the phone, and then patted the screen with a paw—

The drawn-out sound of the cat’s purring came to an abrupt end. Seeing that the video was paused by his meat pad, Xu Jian secretly sighed in relief.

On the other hand, Qin Chen couldn’t care less about the video that was turned off. He looked at Xu Jian in surprise, “Mr. Xu, you seemed to have walked like a shun guai[3]Idk the term for walking on the same hands and feetjust now.”

Xu Jian froze all over hearing the words.

When you are in a nervous or panicked situation, you may walk with the same hand and foot. Xu Jian has known about this small problem for a long time but he didn’t expect that he would also make this problem when he turned into a cat.

The point is, if Qin Chen hadn’t said it, he wouldn’t have noticed that he had just done a shun guai.

Compared to the relatively stiff Xu Jian, Qin Chen was as surprised as if he discovered a new world, “I just learned that cats can also shun guai?”

Qin Chen regretted that he didn’t record the scene just now.

Being interrupted by Qin Chen like this, Xu Jian had long forgotten that he was rubbed ‘till he was fried by him, and turned to look at him helplessly, “Meow…”

I’m afraid you won’t believe it when I say it, I also just learned that cats can walk with the same hands and feet.

In order to cover up his embarrassment of shun guai, Xu Jian raised his meat pad and stepped on Qin Chen’s phone which means:

Don’t change the subject, explain the cat film.

Qin Chen understood Xu Jian’s action again. After staring at him for a few seconds, his eyes were full of doubts, “Aren’t you human? Could it be that watching cats do this, a cat will also have a reaction?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Looking at Qin Chen, who had a pure expression, Xu Jian didn’t know how to answer for a while.

He suspected that Qin Chen was acting hooligan with him and he had evidence.

After thinking about it in his heart, Xu Jian felt that this kind of thing is getting darker and darker, so it was better to keep quiet.

Nevertheless, the matter of him and Qin Chen discussing in bed ‘whether there is a reaction’ is full of weirdness and troubling things.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian pulled Qin Chen’s phone away with his paws and then began to pretend to be an ostrich with his eyes closed.

Knowing that he is thin-skinned and that it was getting late, Qin Chen laughed silently and did not continue to tease him, pulling the quilt over and covering him.

Xu Jian was just pretending to sleep but he was tired for today, taking pictures of expression packs and also being tormented for two hours. Hence, he really fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian snoring from his throat and raised his hand to gently smooth the fur on his back.

Finally, staring at Xu Jian’s round face, Qin Chen couldn’t resist leaning over and kissing him on the forehead.

Although he only kissed the cat’s fur, Qin Chen was contented to hug the cat and closed his eyes to sleep.

Qin Chen slept well that night without dreams, but Xu Jian dreamed all night thanks to him. There were two cats in the dream, a white and gray one where the gray cat pressed the white cat so much that it meowed…

Xu Jian didn’t sleep well. When he woke up the next day, he saw a refreshed Qin Chen. He was so angry that he almost jumped up to bite him.

Too much!


Xu Jian arrived at the set, yawning, and was carried into the dressing room by Qin Chen.

When Xu Jian and Qin Chen went in, they already found that Shen Xi was already inside.

Seeing Shen Xi, Xu Jian’s eyes lit up and he instantly came to life: Idol!

Meanwhile, Qin Chen’s first reaction after seeing Shen Xi was to look at the cat in his arms. He became unhappy after seeing his excitement in an instant, so he pinched the cat’s paw neither heavily nor lightly where others couldn’t see.

Qin Chen: I’m still here, okay. You’re not allowed to climb the wall in front of me!

Of course, climbing the wall behind my back is also not allowed.

Shen Xi also looked like he wasn’t awake. After seeing Qin Chen in the mirror, he waved at him as a greeting and Qin Chen nodded to him.

Qin Chen sat down in the next seat. Xu Jian crouched on his lap, thinking:
I really want to ask for an autograph…

Chen Doudou has liked Shen Xi for several years. If he can get Shen Xi’s autograph, he will certainly be excited.

Just as Xu Jian’s thoughts of asking for an autograph grew wildly, Shen Xi on the side seemed to remember something. He reached out and fumbled in his jacket pocket for a while and finally pulled out two things and handed them to Qin Chen, saying, “I forgot yesterday. Linxie asked me to give this to you, saying it was a meeting gift for Xu Jian and Milk.”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I didn’t mean to see the film…

Qin poop scooping officer: So you can’t watch this yet? [thinking face]

Cat XJ when he realizes what the video is: *aggressively taps QC’s phone*


1 to stage a fake accident to claim for compensation
2 foot
3 Idk the term for walking on the same hands and feet

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