He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Baffled

Shen Xi took out two small white velvet square boxes from his pocket.

After hearing his words, Qin Chen stretched out his hand to take them.

It’s understandable that Jiang Linxie has brought a gift to Xu Jian but why does Milk have one, too?

Xu Jian was also stunned, tilting his head — Both are mine?

Shen Xi’s hand in mid-air paused for a moment. Seeing Qin Chen’s reaction, he raised an eyebrow. “Although you don’t have your share, at least your cat has.”

As he spoke, Shen Xi put the two boxes on the makeup table in front of Qin Chen.

Xu Jian’s eyes followed his movements, looking at the velvet box on the table, subconsciously raising his paw to pull it.

He was curious about what was inside.

Before Xu Jian’s meat pad touched the box, Qin Chen raised his hand and held his leg.

Pressing Xu Jian’s tentatively short legs and ignoring his puzzled gaze, Qin Chen looked at Shen Xi, “President Jiang gave Xu Jian a gift, what would it do giving it to me?”

Shen Xi smiled, “I can’t see anyone else. Linxie said you and Xu Jian have a good relationship and giving you this is the same for you.”

Rubbing the cat’s head, Qin Chen asked again, “How did President Jiang know that I have a cat?”

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian suddenly thought — Oh, yes, President Jiang should have never seen him as a cat.

The last time Jiang Linxie came, Xu Jian happened to change into a human. Jiang Linxie hadn’t seen Milk before, so how did he still specially prepare a meeting gift?

Shen Xi looked at Qin Chen with a peculiar gaze, then looked at Xu Jian on his lap. He was silent for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Not to mention Linxie, now the whole network probably knows that you have a pet cat named Milk.”

Shen Xi’s words were exaggerated but they made sense.

After this period of showing off the cat by sharing on Weibo and even bringing the cat to the crew, Qin Chen’s image of cat control has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Jiang Linxie knows.

Looking down at the well-behaved Xu Jian, Qin Chen raised his eyes to look at Shen Xi. “Yesterday, you said that you have something to tell him in person, is this it?”

Yet, Shen Xi shook his head. “No.”

As for what Shen Xi actually wanted to say to Xu Jian, Qin Chen didn’t continue to ask. 
Because he wouldn’t say it even if he asked clearly.

The dressing room was silent for a few seconds. Shen Xi swept a glance at the two boxes and asked, “Don’t you want to open it and have a look?”

Since it’s a gift for Xu Jian and Milk, Shen Xi didn’t open it without permission. He was curious about what was inside.

Xu Jian opened his mouth at the right time and gave a ‘meow’ that means —

Quickly open it to have a look.

In the past, Xu Jian didn’t understand the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but now he understands that the curiosity of cats is much heavier than people’s.

Staring at the two boxes, Xu Jian felt that there was a cat teasing stick sweeping his heart and he couldn’t wait to know what was inside.

After understanding Xu Jian’s urging, Qin Chen picked up the two boxes. When he opened them, Xu Jian and Shen Xi both craned their necks to look.

Two boxes, where one contains a thin handmade collar made of soft leather with a silver bell on it, obviously a cat collar for Milk. While the other one contains a bracelet. In addition to the silver bell, there are also two dark green beads that don’t look cheap at first glance.

The two silver bells are exactly the same, except that the cat bell is several times larger than the bell on the bracelet.

Seeing the cat bell, Pan Min casually asked on the side, “Putting a bell on the cat that rings as soon as he moves, won’t it affect the cat’s hearing? Won’t Milk be also annoyed?”

Qin Chen took out the collar and shook it and found that it was a hollow bell with no sound.

Looking at the bracelet then at the collar, Shen Xi curled the corners of his lips. “It’s a heartfelt thing for you guys.”

Xu Jian’s nose twitched slightly and raised his paw to reach the collar in Qin Chen’s hand.

Now, Xu Jian is sure that these two things are given by Jiang Linxie because the smell on them is the same as that on Jiang Linxie when he came before, which has a faint scent of mint.

Qin Chen raised his hand and Xu Jian’s paws pounced on the air.

Xu Jian tilted his head to look at him, “Meow?”

Qin Chen: “Want it?”

Xu Jian: “Meow ao~”


After staring at Xu Jian for a few seconds, Qin Chen paused and finally unbuttoned it and put the collar on him.

The moment he put on the collar, Xu Jian felt that the mint flavor between his nose wing was a bit stronger, which was invigorating.

Seeing Xu Jian lowered his head to study the hollow bell, Qin Chen put the bracelet away and said to Shen Xi, “I’ll accept Xu Jian’s gift for him first, many thanks to President Jiang for his kindness.”

Yet, Shen Xi waved his hand. “You can let Xu Jian tell him himself if you want to thank him.”

He didn’t want to be a messenger for the two.

“By the way,” Shen Xi thought of one more thing and looked at Qin Chen. “Can you forward Xu Jian’s WeChat to me? I’ll add him.”

Because of the need for filming, the crew pulled a group. Later, Shen Xi was also pulled in, then he and Qin Chen also added each other.

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up: Good ah, good ah.

Being able to add his idol’s WeChat, it’s naturally what he’s been wanting to get but never got.

Before Xu Jian could get excited for a few seconds, Qin Chen calmly refused, “I’m afraid this won’t work.”

Shen Xi: “Why?”

Xu Jian also tilted his head to look at Qin Chen: “Meow—”

Why? Don’t you have my WeChat?

When Qin Chen was helping Xu Jian to sign up for WeChat previously, the two added each other in the process.

Qin Chen rubbed the restless Xu Jian and said unhurriedly, “His phone is broken, so he can’t use WeChat for the time being.”

Shen Xi smiled. “It’s okay, I’ll add him first, then accept when his phone is repaired.”

Xu Jian thought this solution is good but Qin Chen still refused, “When you see him next time, ask him yourself ba.”

Shen Xi: “……”

After two seconds of silence, Shen Xi nodded. “Okay.”

After a short while, a staff member came knocking on the door, saying that the filming would start in 15 minutes, and asked the two Teachers if they were ready.

Qin Chen and Shen Xi’s makeup are done, they just need to change clothes.

Although there was a cubicle for changing clothes, Xu Jian still consciously followed behind Xiao Nan out of the dressing room.

After all, he doesn’t have a hobby of guarding people changing clothes.


Xu Jian’s life in the crew is orderly. Even though the crew often stays up late to catch up on work, it has nothing to do with him, a cat. It’s the actors and crew who are tired.

After half a month of peace, the director with a golden voice had finished two boxes, and the scenes that Shen Xi had left behind were finally almost caught up.

Before it snows, the director gave everyone a two-day vacation, after which the whole crew will change location and go to another city to film.

Before the vacation, the director happily told everyone that if it went well, he will be able to finish filming all the scenes in about 20 days.

Qin Chen was preparing to go back to Nanfeng City first and then transfer. When he left to pack his things, he asked Xu Jian, who was wandering around the room, “Check to see if there’s anything else you forgot to bring.”

He raised his paw and touched the bell on his neck, then Xu Jian shook his head that means: No more.

Xu Jian quite like the collar that Jiang Linxie gave, he flicks the bell with his paws when he had nothing to do.

The collar is very thin. Xu Jian’s fur is long, so he can only see the bell on his chest when he wears it around his neck.

Seeing Xu Jian’s action, Qin Chen was amused and angry. “Do you only have bells to bring?”

Qin Chen has also been very depressed for the past half month. This little heartless love the bell so much that his paws couldn’t let go. How many things has he bought one after another? He has never seen him like this before.

Qin Chen was depressed and regretful. If he had known Xu Jian liked bells so much, he would’ve bought them for him a long time ago.

Xu Jian, who didn’t know what Qin Chen was thinking, heard his words, he thought about it carefully, and finally shook his head again: 
“Meow meow…”

There’s really no more.

Qin Chen packed everything he could think of.

Qin Chen: “……”

Qin Chen has never lost his temper to Xu Jian. After staring at him for a few seconds, he sighed in his heart, put him inside the backpack specifically for cats, and carried the little heartless out of the room.

When he run into Shen Xi, who was also preparing to go to the airport, at the hotel doors, Xu Jian, who was originally lying inside the backpack, stood up and gleefully waved his short little legs to Shen Xi.

Shen Xi saw it and said to Qin Chen, “Qin Chen, your family’s Milk is scratching the backpack.”

Xu Jian, who greeted Shen Xi, stiffened: ……

I’m not that bored to scratch the backpack.

Over the past half month, Qin Chen and Shen Xi have also become familiar with each other, and they talk a lot more casually.

Qin Chen didn’t need to look to know what Xu Jian’s reaction was when he saw Shen Xi and said, “Maybe he’s greeting you.”

Amused by Qin Chen’s words, Shen Xi’s eyes bent. “Then, he’s quite enthusiastic to me.”

After hearing Shen Xi’s words, Qin Chen didn’t speak, and thought to himself — he’s willing to let you hold him, he’s more enthusiastic about you.

Shen Xi didn’t mind either. He bent his finger and tapped on the backpack, then bent over slightly and said to Xu Jian, “Milk is really obedient. The next time we meet, Uncle will bring you delicious food.”

Xu Jian: “Meow…”

Can I apply to exchange the delicious food for autographs?

Due to the trip being rushed, neither of them chatted, and when the car arrived, they got on each of their cars.

The crew sent someone to send them to the airport, so Xiao Nan didn’t have to drive and she sat in the backseat with Qin Chen.

Xiao Nan lowered her voice to ask Qin Chen, “Brother Chen, won’t Brother Xu come back with us?”

Although she hadn’t seen Xu Jian for a long time, Xiao Nan had always believed that he is still here, and in order to avoid suspicion, he didn’t often come to find Qin Chen.

Maybe Brother Xu only came to find Brother Chen at night and left during the day, so they never meet.

This just explains why the both times she saw Brother Xu was in Brother Chen’s room in the morning.

When Xiao Nan’s words fell, Pan Min spoke before Qin Chen in a puzzled tone, “Why is he coming back with us?”

Facing Pan Min’s gaze, Xiao Nan pursed her lips and didn’t dare to say the truth ‘because Brother Chen and Brother Xu have a leg’.[1]to secretly have an affairShe just said, “I thought Brother Xu was still here. Since he is Brother Chen’s friend, of course, it’s better to go back together.” 

Pan Min turned her face to look at Qin Chen, “That said, when did you know Xu Jian? Why didn’t I know?”

Xu Jian turned out to be an artist in the same company as He Jia but his contract was terminated by the company just because he wasn’t popular. Through Li Cheng’s words, now everyone in the crew knows.

It’s just that now, He Jia has been withdrawn without a word and Shen Xi, who hasn’t taken supporting roles for many years, has stepped up. Everyone doesn’t know what happened, so they all usually avoid the words ‘He Jia’ in the crew, for fear of making Shen Xi upset.

As for Xu Jian, who was in the same company as He Jia, everyone saw that he had a good relationship with Qin Chen, so they didn’t dare talk about him openly.

After glancing at Xu Jian without batting an eyelid, Qin Chen spoke calmly, “We’ve known each other before.”

Regarding Qin Chen’s words, Pan Min is as convinced as Xiao Nan and only said, “I didn’t hear you mention it before. You’re not from the same company and have never worked together, so it’s somewhat surprising.”

Qin Chen laughed after hearing this. “Why can’t I see your surprise at all?”

Over the years, Pan Min was used to seeing strong winds and waves, and even with Mt. Tai collapsing in front of her, her complexion remains unchanged. She had long developed the habit of not spilling her thoughts and revealing her emotions.

Therefore, after listening to Qin Chen’s words, Pan Min calmly spoke, “When you suddenly tell me you’re in love, you’ll be able to see the surprise on my face.”

Every time an artist fall in love, their agent will be like confronting a formidable enemy.[2]to be on one’s guard against all possible dangers

Since too many artists within the circle become out-of-date because they announce their relationships or marriages.

Especially idols and aidou,[3]both means idol = Ǒuxiàng (偶像) & àidòu (爱豆): the latter is a Chinese transliterationonce they announce their relationship, it will be a fatal blow to their careers.

For actors like Qin Chen and Shen Xi, who have the strength and acting skills and don’t rely solely on their face to make a living, announcing a relationship isn’t fatal but there are also implications.

After all, Qin Chen has countless girlfriend fans and wife fans who are attracted by his face.

In addition, Pan Min is also Qin Chen’s cousin carrying Father Qin’s special instructions. Therefore, she is even more concerned about his emotions.

Qin Chen: “Don’t worry. If I fall in love, I will definitely tell you as soon as possible.”

Pan Min wasn’t happy to hear this and cautiously stared at him. “What? Do you have a goal?”

Qin Chen paused, his eyes swept over the backpack containing the cat, and then met Pan Min’s gaze, “Why do you ask?”

Pan Min frowned. “When the issue of love was mentioned before, you would’ve already said there isn’t.”

But this time, Qin Chen’s answer is different; something is obviously wrong.

Pan Min’s heart had a vague sense of foreboding —

This person didn’t really fall in love secretly without her knowledge, right?

When Qin Chen and Pan Min exchanged questions and answers, Xiao Nan on the side didn’t dare come out in their atmosphere, thinking:

It’s over. Brother Xu, you’re about to be exposed.

Xu Jian, who was being talked about on his back by Xiao Nan, sneezed. The movement wasn’t big but it still drew Qin Chen’s attention.

The originally drowsy Xu Jian was awakened by his sneeze. Shaking his head awake, he saw Qin Chen, Pan Min, and Xiao Nan staring at him intently.

Caught off guard by the three people’s gaze, Xu Jian felt a hair[4]can also mean become panicked, nervous, or scaredin his heart: ???

What’s going on? What did I do for them to look at me? Can’t cats sneeze?

Amused by Xu Jian’s baffled look, Qin Chen hook the corners of his mouth and said to Pan Min with a smile, “Sister Pan, don’t worry. If I really fall in love, I’ll tell you.”

Hearing the words ‘fall in love’ from Qin Chen, Xu Jian was taken aback at first, then his heart jumped, and two pointed ears instantly stood up.

Qin Shen wants to fall in love? With whom?

He just took a nap so how did the topic jump to Qin Chen falling in love?

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: What did I miss?

Qin poop scooping officer: You didn’t miss anything.

Pan Min: … When you guys are like this, I’m a little panicked.

XJ: *sneezes* Wachu lookin’ at?

Re-using this confused cat gif again, lol


1 to secretly have an affair
2 to be on one’s guard against all possible dangers
3 both means idol = Ǒuxiàng (偶像) & àidòu (爱豆): the latter is a Chinese transliteration
4 can also mean become panicked, nervous, or scared

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