He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Backpack

Knowing that Xu Jian could understand, Qin Chen stopped the topic of love.

Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen, then at Pan Min who was silent and wrinkling her brow and felt that the atmosphere between the two was a bit strange.

Connecting the two sentences he heard just now, Xu Jian thought to himself —

Could it be that Qin Chen has a lover?

All of a sudden, Xu Jian felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, his chest was clogged with panic.

When he was put into the airline box, Xu Jian’s face was filled with sadness. His thoughts were all over the place, thinking:

If Qin Chen has a lover, what would President Du do?

In this way, his heart was blocked[1]fig. choked up with anxiety or stressall the way to Nanfeng City. When he left the airport, Qin Chen saw Xu Jian was in a low mood and thought that the check-in was uncomfortable.

When eating lunch outside, Xu Jian also didn’t take a few bites. Xiao Nan touched her chin and asked seriously, “Has it been too long since we’ve returned to Nanfeng City that Milk became unaccustomed(to the place)?”

Pan Min looked at her. “Will you be unaccustomed when you return to your home?”

Xiao Nan looked serious. “If I stay at home for a long time, my mother will be unaccustomed when she sees me.”

Qin Chen was also worried about Xu Jian, but because Xiao Nan and Pan Min are here, he couldn’t say much.

After sending Qin Chen home, Xiao Nan and Pan Min left. After closing the door, Qin Chen took off his mask and sunglasses and put them on the entrance cabinet.

Sweeping his gaze randomly at the entrance, Qin Chen just wanted to ask Xu Jian what happened to him today but his gaze suddenly freeze on a certain place.

There was an extra black backpack on the cabinet that doesn’t belong to him.

Xu Jian, who was rubbing his four meat pads on the doormat saw that Qin Chen wasn’t moving, so he looked up at him with a wan expression. “Meow?”

Why aren’t you walking?

Xu Jian was too short to see the backpack at all with his height. Qin Chen looked down at him, then bent down to hold him in his arms, and said with a solemn tone, “We didn’t have this bag when we left, did we?”

Regarding the backpack that inexplicably appeared in his home, Qin Chen didn’t act rashly. He didn’t know what was inside.

These years, there has been a lot of news about sisheng fans[2]obsessive fans; similar to sasaeng fansor black fans[3]anti-fansgoing to the home address of celebrity artists and then giving some strange ‘gifts’. Qin Chen is worried that his own address has also been leaked without his knowledge.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen held Xu Jian away from that bag a little.

Unlike the cautious and guarded Qin Chen, Xu Jian was taken aback when he saw the black backpack. The next second, his eyes lit up and he was about to pounce on the backpack with a meow.

Xu Jian reacted violently making Qin Chen’s hands shake and almost unable to hold him.

Frightened, he held the cat in his arms to prevent him from falling. Qin Chen lifted Xu Jian before his eyes, stared at him, and asked, “Do you know this backpack?”

Xu Jian’s four short legs in the air stirred and nodded repeatedly at the words.

Seeing that he was so excited, Qin Chen had a bold guess in his heart. “This bag… is yours?”

Xu Jian continued to nod and opened his mouth, “Meow~”

This is my bag!


Half an hour later, Qin Chen and Xu Jian, one person and one cat sat on the sofa with Xu Jian’s black backpack on the coffee table.

The bag has been opened by Qin Chen; there was a black wallet, a cardholder, and a cellphone lying next to it.

The folding wallet was opened which contains several pieces of cash in varying denominations, Xu Jian’s ID card, medical insurance card, and other documents. While inside the cardholder are several bank cards.

There are also cable chargers, keys, bookmarks, and other miscellaneous things in the backpack, all of which are Xu Jian’s belongings.

This bag was carried by Xu Jian on the day of the car accident. After Xu Jian became a cat, he thought that he had lost these things a long time ago or was destroyed by the car accident.

And now, these things are intact, and all of them appeared in Qin Chen’s home…

Staring at his backpack, it was clear that it was broad daylight but Xu Jian was frightened in his heart —

It’s so weird.

Qin Chen hung up the phone, turned his head, and said to Xu Jian with a frown, “I called and asked the cleaning aunt and the bag was there the last time she came over.”

“The property management called just now. There were no suspicious people here while we were away. They also checked the surveillance and said there was nothing unusual.”

“However, on the morning of the 21st of last month, the community surveillance camera network failed, the surveillance fell on the snowflakes, and it took about 10 minutes to recover.”

Ten minutes. Even if a person is running, it’s not enough to go back and forth from the entrance of the community to the building where Qin Chen lives.

Not to mention, the security measures in the community are very good, it’s impossible for someone to slip through the door after picking the lock, put the backpack, and can still return with his whole body under such circumstances.

This means that Xu Jian’s backpack most likely appeared in Qin Chen’s home out of thin air.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s paws were trembling as he typed on his laptop:

[Supernatural event?]

Qin Chen also felt that his backpack appeared very mysteriously but when he saw Xu Jian like that, he was amused. “You’ve changed from a human to a cat yet you’re still afraid of supernatural events?”

Qin Chen’s mental capability has always been very strong and when Xu Jian was both a person and a cat, he calmly accepted it, let alone this bag that he didn’t know whether it’s a supernatural event.

Xu Jian’s heart was in a mess by his bag that he didn’t have the mood to joke with Qin Chen. He shook his tail and looked at him with the meaning in his eyes —

Normal people will think it’s creepy, okay?

The bag was delivered at home, Xu Jian didn’t know why Qin Chen could still make a relaxed expression even now.

Seeing Xu Jian’s serious cat face, it wasn’t good for Qin Chen to tease him either. He looked at the things on the coffee table, thought for a while, and said as he didn’t dwell much on the matter, “Regardless of whether the one who sent the bag is a person or a ghost, being able to send your things means that the other party has an 80% chance of knowing your details.”

From the perspective of outsiders, Xu Jian is a small actor who is a flop that has no edge while Qin Chen, the popular double god Film Emperor, simply doesn’t touch the edge. Although everyone in the crew of <The Slayer> knows that the two have a good relationship when all is said and done, the news hasn’t spread out, and it’s impossible for anyone in the crew to have Xu Jian’s backpack.

Xu Jian only showed up once in this community as a human and even the security guard at the gate couldn’t remember his face, let alone someone sending his bag as a result.

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s body shuddered involuntarily and suddenly felt like he was being watched.

Besides Qin Chen, is there a second person who knows that he was originally a human being?

The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became heavy, Xu Jian was terrified and subconsciously leaned towards Qin Chen.

Qin Chen patted Xu Jian’s back gently to show comfort and softly said, “It’s okay. Since the other party can send your things over, it proves that the other party is not a bad person and has no intention to harm us. Don’t worry.”

Knowing that Qin Chen was comforting him, Xu Jian glanced at him and nodded his head as he try to figure it out in his heart.

Smoothing his hair again, Qin Chen said, “Since everything has been delivered, it saves you the need to re-issue them. I’ll put them away for you.”

Except for the mobile phone and cable charger, Qin Chen put everything else back into the backpack, and then placed the backpack in the guest room.

While Qin Chen did all this, Xu Jian was afraid, and followed him like a small tail, for fear that he would be left alone.

When he put away his backpack and was ready to go out, Qin Chen’s eyes swept at the air conditioner on the wall, and his footsteps stopped.

He suddenly remembered in the beginning that in order to convince him, Xu Jian took the initiative to confess that he had hidden a temporary ID card on top of the air conditioner.

Although Qin Chen had long believed Xu Jian, now that he had seen it, there was no reason for him not to take it off the air conditioner.

Two minutes later, Qin Chen took down a piece of paper and two pebbles from it.

Looking at the pebbles in his hands, Qin Chen was amused and looked down at Xu Jian. “Afraid of the wind blowing it away so you used this to press the paper ah? Where did you find the pebbles?”

When he ran into Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian was still a little embarrassed, and only after a long time did he open his mouth. “Meow…”

When he went for a walk before, he took advantage of Qin Chen’s inattention and looked in the flowerbed downstairs.

Xu Jian himself knew that his behavior was too stupid but he couldn’t think of a better way at that time. It was a technical and physical task to climb so high while holding the curtains.

Since Xu Jian’s ID card has been sent, this temporary ID card is useless. After obtaining Xu Jian’s consent, Qin Chen used a lighter to burn the piece of paper.

Xu Jian’s phone has long been out of battery. After Qin Chen helped him plugged the phone and turned it on, the phone prompted a face recognition error, so he turned to him and asked, “What is the unlock password?”

Xu Jian used a paw to press the keyboard — 159357.

While pressing the password, Qin Chen wondered inwardly what the meaning of these six numbers are. When he finished pressing the six digits, he realized that Xu Jian’s unlock password happened to be an ‘x’.

Qin Chen: “……”

It seems that he thought too much. It’s estimated the password was set by Xu Jian casually and the ‘x’ was set up in order to easily remember it.

After unlocking it, Qin Chen saw that Xu Jian’s phone had more than 20 missed calls, as well as text messages that prompted the phone bill was stopped.

After asking Xu Jian’s number, Qin Chen helped him pay the phone bill and left each other’s phone numbers.

Finally, Qin Chen canceled Xu Jian’s password lock, and then said to him, “You’re in a special situation and your phone can only be used at home. For your convenience, I canceled the password and you can use it by pressing the power button afterwards.”

Xu Jian’s meat pad is big, so it’s difficult for him to unlock it by pressing six digits on the screen.

The mobile phone, ID card, bank card, and so on were recovered. Although Xu Jian felt it was mysterious, after the nervousness apprehension passed, he was left happy and excited.

It wasn’t easy to see his phone, Xu Jian didn’t care about the password lock. After listening to Qin Chen’s words, he nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice.

The phone was given to Xu Jian and let him fiddle with it. Qin Chen went to his room to change bedsheets and covers.

Not having been back for so long, although the family’s aunt will regularly come over to clean, she has been instructed for Qin Chen’s personal belongings not to be moved. The bedsheets, pillowcases, and so on are to be changed by Qin Chen himself.

Just as he changed and put them into the washing machine, the personnel from the lock-changing company contacted by the property management came to the door.

He came up to check and said that Qin Chen’s door locks have no traces of being pried and the security was very good. In fact, there was no need to change it.

Xu Jian’s backpack could be sent to his home unnoticed. Qin Chen thought about it and still changed it to a fingerprint lock with better confidentiality and security.

While entering fingerprints, Qin Chen suddenly asked the personnel a sentence, “Can the cat’s fingerprints be entered?”

The smile on the personnel’s face froze, suspecting that he had heard wrong. “Cat?”

Cats… also have fingerprints?

Even if the cat has fingerprints, it’s not human enough to open the smart lock, right? Can cats become demons(as if possessed)?

The accompanying property management also looked at Qin Chen blankly.

Perhaps knowing that his question was too embarrassing, Qin Chen directly shook his head without waiting for the personnel and property management to answer. “Forget it, I just asked casually.”

Hearing his words, the property management and staff breathed a sigh of relief at the same time —

It turned out to be a joke.

On the other hand, Qin Chen thought in his heart that when Xu Jian becomes a human again, he has to remember to let him save his fingerprints…

During dinner, Xu Jian, who multitasks, is eating and staring at his phone at the same time.

Qin Chen glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes and found that he was browsing on short videos.

When Qin Chen was almost finished eating, Xu Jian’s plate in front of him was restored to its original state.

Still an internet addict cat.

Qin Chen frowned, poured him some water, then bent his fingers, and knocked on the dining table.

Hearing Qin Chen’s movements, Xu Jian whose gaze was nearly stuck on his phone finally moved. He looked up at him, “Meow?”

Qin Chen pointed to the almost untouched dinner plate in front of him. “Mr. Xu, your dinner is getting cold. Eat first, and then look at your phone after eating.”

Looking at the bowl in front of Qin Chen then looking at his own, Xu Jian knew he was wrong. He raised his paw to pause the video and began to focus on eating.

Seeing Xu Jian eating seriously, Qin Chen nodded in satisfaction. However, before he lowered his head and before he sent a spoonful of egg custard into his mouth, there was a sudden short cat cry across him.

Qin Chen’s hand paused, then abruptly looked up, and saw Xu Jian holding his right front paw to his mouth blowing it, with a few drops of water stains on his foot.

Looking at his wet cat paw, Qin Chen instantly understood that the cat’s paw had stepped on the water bowl next to him.

The water in the bowl was just poured by Qin Chen. Seeing him eat inattentively, he was afraid that he would have a bad stomach after drinking cold water ultimately, thus, Qin Chen specifically poured hot water for him.

Seeing that Xu Jian was scalded, Qin Chen couldn’t care about eating anymore. He rushed forward to check and found that the whole meat pad is scalded red.

Qin Chen was both distressed and angry. “That’s what you get for not eating attentively, you got scalded, no?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Hurts……

Qin poop scooping officer: That’s what you get for not being attentive [blow blow]

After reading the comments on the last chapter and looking at the outline, the relationship line is fast! There are still a few chapters where Jian Cat will have to turn into a human during the day to film and engage in business, and at night when he turns into a cat, it will be being scooped by the poop scooping officer rubbing ‘hard’ days.

The days of filming are coming, will falling in love still be far away? [cat head]

jio jio hurts 。·゚(゚ω゚)゚·。


1 fig. choked up with anxiety or stress
2 obsessive fans; similar to sasaeng fans
3 anti-fans

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