He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Ringing

Xu Jian wasn’t paying attention when eating and got his paw scalded. Fortunately, Qin Chen didn’t pour boiled water for him, otherwise, he’d jump on the spot when stepping on the water bowl.

Carrying Xu Jian to the kitchen, he turned on the faucet to rinse him with cold water to cool him down. After rinsing, Qin Chen took a closer look and found that it was scalded red, but fortunately, it wasn’t serious.

There is a burns ointment at home. Qin Chen carefully applied medicine using a cotton swab to Xu Jian while frowning at him with a stern face, and the gist of his words was:

You’re already so old, but you dilly-dally like a child when you eat and you need to be supervised, isn’t that great?

Xu Jian knew that he was wrong and he didn’t dare to say a meow in front of Qin Chen’s broken berating. He raised his eyebrow and pretended to be weak and innocent.

Qin Chen scolded in return. He felt distressed when he saw Xu Jian’s pitiful appearance and his hand movements were a bit lighter.

The place where Xu Jian got scalded was originally hot and painful but after being applied with a cool ointment, the burning sensation was instantly reduced a lot.

After applying the ointment, Xu Jian saw Qin Chen turn around and take out the fine gauze from the household medical kit. He took a step back:

“Meow meow.”

Xu Jian: Just apply the medicine, wrapping a gauze is too much of a big deal, right?

If it weren’t for Qin Chen’s terrible face, Xu Jian felt that this step of applying medicine could have been omitted.

Xu Jian’s refusal was too obvious. Qin Chen took the gauze, looked at him, and said without leaving any room for discussion, “If you don’t wrap a gauze, you will rub off the ointment soon.”

Imagining the sofa sheet full of ointment rubbed by him, Xu Jian hesitated.

But he is a big man, and is wrapped with gauze after being scalded…

Before Xu Jian hesitated to come up with a result, Qin Chen made the last killer jian,[1]homonym for the Jian in Xu Jian’s name which meant a Chinese sword breaker“If you won’t wrap a gauze, you can only sleep on the cat nest by yourself tonight.”

Bed: Big space, soft, warm, comfortable, and there’s even human warmth.
Cat’s nest: Small space, moving around is inconvenient, and it’s even cold. 

In the past two days, the temperature in Nanfeng City has dropped sharply. Comparing the cat’s nest and the bed together, only a fool would choose the former to give up the latter.

Thus, after listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian only hesitated for a second and honestly stretched out his paw.

Qin Chen wasn’t proficient in bandaging, let alone bandaging a cat. Thus, he appeared clumsy.

For fear of hurting Xu Jian, Qin Chen moved very gently. His brows wrinkled as he cautiously wrap the gauze around him with a solemn expression as if the one in his hands is not a cat’s paw, but a rare treasure that would shatter at the touch.

Qin Chen pursed his lips tightly with a serious face. Looking at him, Xu Jian was unconsciously somewhat lost.

No matter how long he has known Qin Chen, as long as he stared at his face, Xu Jian will unconsciously be fascinated by his beauty.

In the past, Xu Jian thought that Qin Chen’s face would bring calamity to a large number of girls, but gradually he discovered that even men could hardly resist the hormones emanating from this person…


Not knowing how long it took, just as Xu Jian stared at Qin Chen as if entranced, the other party had already let go of his leg.

Xu Jian suddenly returned to his senses. He retracted his gaze glued on Qin Chen, looked down at his paw, and then: “……”

Looking at his right paw, which is two circles larger than the other three paws, wrapped as if it’s a zongzi,[2]zongzi: a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leavesand then looked up at Qin Chen, Xu Jian:

“… Meow meow?”

Qin Chen put the gauze back into the medical kit, holding back a smile, “I’m not proficient with the service and the wrapping doesn’t look particularly good; you can take a look.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian looked at the bowknot on his leg and fell into contemplation.

Not to mention how Qin Chen’s bandaging technique is, Xu Jian believes that the large and standard bowknot on his leg is his evil hobby.

Is this Qin Chen’s maiden heart?[3]similar to otomegokoro – feelings & emotions of a young girl [pure, delicate, with feelings of innocent love]

Putting the medical kit back, Qin Chen came back to see Xu Jian still maintaining his walking posture, and staring down at the bowknot without blinking.

Qin Chen’s mind moved. He took out his phone and took a picture of him.

Xu Jian was thinking about the possibility of removing the bowknot, but if the bow was removed, Qin Chen’s wrapped gauze would definitely come loose.

Xu Jian raised his leg and shook it, and the bowknot also shook twice following his movement.

Before Xu Jian could think of a reason, his sharp ears heard a ‘click’. He looked up to see Qin Chen holding his phone towards him.

Xu Jian’s eyes widened slightly, looking at Qin Chen with some disbelief: “Meow—”

That means: It turns out that you tied this bow for me to take pictures and leave a black history!

Facing Xu Jian’s gaze, Qin Chen calmly retracted his phone and said, “Our dinner is already cold, do you still want to eat it? If you want to eat, I’ll take it to the microwave to heat it up or have a snack if you don’t.”

After speaking, Qin Chen paused and added, “Just meow twice if you want to eat snacks.”

Xu Jian: “… Meow meow.”

Qin Chen smiled then went to get him small dried fish, while Xu Jian stared at his back and comforted himself.

Those who let themselves be guided by the current course of events are real heroes,[4]Whoever understand the times is a great man; a wise man submits to circumstancesand if they can’t beat them, bows will be bows and black history will be black history.

Xu Jian once again dragged out the optimistic rhetoric before—

Anyway, the one who is tied with a bow is Milk, what does it have to do with him, Xu Jian?

Besides, as long as he doesn’t say, Qin Chen won’t say. Who knows if he now has a maiden’s heart exploding bow on the meat pad?

Xu Jian, who was frantically comforting himself in his heart, doesn’t know that once Qin Chen turned, he went over to ‘Milk is Super Cute’ Weibo account and posted a message:

Milk is Super Cute: I didn’t take my meal seriously today, jiojio got scalded [pitiful]

The accompanying picture is a photo of Xu Jian staring at the bowknot just now.

Now the fans know that to catch Qin Chen himself, it’s basically impossible to catch Qin Chen on his Weibo, you have to come to Milk’s Weibo.

Thus, this Milk account is gaining fans every day. It now has 230,000 fans and the Milk super talk square is also very active.

After the Weibo was posted, the comment section was refreshed quickly:

[How can you burn your jiojio? Your Dad wasn’t careful, right? Come here and Mom will blow, blow, blow it for you. Blow and it won’t hurt anymore.]

[But if there is a grain of peanut to drink, the sister upstairs wouldn’t be drunk like this.][5]means persuading them to sober up and stop dreaming.

[Wu wu wu, poor thing, is it badly hurt? Sister is upset to death.]

[I also feel sorry for Milk but… Am I the only one who noticed the bow on Milk’s foot? Was it tied by Brother Chen?]

[Milk’s leg was wrapped in gauze and turned into a zongzi and I guess it also looked completely dumbstruck hahahahaha…]

[I can’t. If you guys didn’t say it, I wouldn’t have noticed. Now I really want to laugh hahaha. Milk: Where’s my leg? What the hell is this thing?]

[Imagining the scene where Milk is scalded and nestled in Brother Chen’s arms, whining and acting spoiled while Brother Chen is coaxing him gently… Sorry, I’m sour again [lemon sour]]

[It’s a bad habit to not take eating seriously, Brother Chen has to ‘train’ him well ah. [dog head]]

[Milk’s back reveals pity and helplessness.]

[Wah. I just found out that Milk actually wore a cat bell, it looks soo cute ba!]


Qin Chen roughly scrolled through the comments. Apart from those who expressed distress, most of them were laughing at Xu Jian cat whose paw was actually scalded. 

Sweeping a glance at Xu Jian, who was eating small dried fish on the sofa and watching TV, Qin Chen changed the account to log in to his account and forwarded Milk’s Weibo:

Qin Chen V: Don’t laugh at him, he holds a grudge. //Milk is Super Cute: I didn’t take my meal seriously today…

Before going to bed that night, Xu Jian saw Qin Chen brushing up on his Weibo, glanced at him casually, and saw the Weibo he had posted earlier.

Xu Jian: “!!!”

Xu Jian gave a dissatisfied ‘ao’ towards Qin Chen, which means:

Who holds a grudge? You’re tarnishing my reputation on Weibo again!

Hearing Xu Jian’s voice, Qin Chen hugged him closer and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Feeling Qin Chen’s body temperature through the cat’s fur, Xu Jian’s body stiffened. In the end, he shook his head helplessly.

It wasn’t serious in the first place. After applying the medicine, it doesn’t hurt that much now. If you don’t touch it deliberately, you won’t even feel the pain.

While shaking his head, Xu Jian scorned himself in his heart on the other:

Xu Jian ah, Xu Jian. How did you go weak as soon as you met Qin Chen? Where is your momentum?!

Qin Chen didn’t know what was on Xu Jian’s mind. He came over and ‘mwah‘ kissed him on his forehead with a smile, “Since it doesn’t hurt then go to bed, it’s getting late.”

In Xu Jian’s memory, since knowing that he was essentially a human being, Qin Chen hadn’t kissed him as he did before. At most, he just rubbed his face twice.

Thus, when Qin Chen suddenly came to take a bite, the dumbfounded Xu Jian who was kissed made his mind blank for a few seconds.

When Xu Jian reacted and raised his eyes to look at Qin Chen, the other party had already closed his eyes. He didn’t know whether he really wanted to sleep or pretended to be.

After staring at Qin Chen for a few seconds, Xu Jian finally decided to pretend that nothing had happened just now.

After all, it was impossible to wake up Qin Chen with a paw and then meow and ask the other party why he kissed him.

They’re two big men, that would be too embarrassing.

Maybe Qin Chen just thought of him as an ordinary cat just now…

Thinking of this possibility, Xu Jian’s heart inexplicably felt somewhat blocked. He twisted uneasily in Qin Chen’s arms.

Now, he suddenly couldn’t figure out whether he hoped Qin Chen to see him as a cat or a person when he kissed him just now.

Xu Jian was torn in his heart. He didn’t know how long it took to fall asleep but after he made a cat-specific, slight snoring sound, Qin Chen, who had been closing his eyes, slowly opened them.

Taking advantage of the faint light in the room, Qin Chen carefully examined Xu Jian for a while, and finally, gently held him into his embrace, helped him tuck in the corner of the quilt, and after confirming that it wasn’t airtight, he kissed his nose.

Seeing the sleeping Xu Jian’s nose twitching, Qin Chen smiled silently and said in his heart:

Good night, Mr. Xu.


Xu Jian had a dream that couldn’t be said to be good or bad.

In the dream, he was standing on top of a ruin that had been burned by fire, with the scorching sun above his head. There was an occasional ringing of a bell or two in the distance, but no matter how much he walked, the ringing was always far away from him, and never reaching the source of the bell.

When he got tired of walking and wanted to stop, a very distant voice came into his ears, telling him to follow the ringing of the bell and telling him that the only way he wouldn’t get lost was to follow it.

Xu Jian didn’t know how long he had been walking but as soon as he stopped, the strange and somewhat familiar voice would ring in his ears.

Xu Jian followed the ringing of the bell and kept walking on the ruins with unknown small white flowers and kept walking…

Then he woke up tired.

Opening his eyes and looking at the ceiling, Xu Jian’s mind was filled with the ringing of the bell and the small white flowers in his dream.

In Xu Jian’s last dream, the small white flowers were blooming everywhere and it was white as far as the eye could see. There was no path under his feet. Thus, if it weren’t for the ringing of the bell guiding, he wouldn’t even know where to step.

The dream that seemed to never come to an end was too depressing, and even after waking up, Xu Jian felt that something was wrong all over his body.

In the end, he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“Mr. Xu, since you’ve woken up, please move out a little. My arm has been pressed by you all night and I can’t feel it anymore.”

Xu Jian was wondering what was wrong when Qin Chen’s voice suddenly rang in his ear.

Xu Jian, who was immersed in his own thoughts, was startled and then subconsciously turned over outside.

When he turned over, Xu Jian was still thinking about how heavy a cat he could be that he could press Qin Chen’s arm so much that it turned numb.

However, when he finished turning over, Xu Jian realized that something was wrong.

Looking at the calm and composed[6]being calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time[idiom]Qin Chen again, who had an expression of watching a good show, Xu Jian’s eyes abruptly opened wide, and didn’t hold back from blurting out the phrase ‘what the f*@^’.

How did he turn back into a human again?!!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I must be dreaming…

Qin poop scooping officer who feasted his eyes first thing in the morning: Tsk.

Can’t find many gifs as described, so here~ uwu

I also found this one|ハ`∀´ノ Muhahaha



1 homonym for the Jian in Xu Jian’s name which meant a Chinese sword breaker
2 zongzi: a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves
3 similar to otomegokoro – feelings & emotions of a young girl [pure, delicate, with feelings of innocent love]
4 Whoever understand the times is a great man; a wise man submits to circumstances
5 means persuading them to sober up and stop dreaming.
6 being calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time[idiom]

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