He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Teased

Without any warning, Xu Jian opened his eyes and found that he had turned back into a human.

After reacting and meeting Qin Chen’s eyes, Xu Jian bounced up directly from the bed like a spring.

Xu Jian didn’t expect that the incident of waking up naked on Qin Chen’s bed would happen again. But this time, he didn’t care about the embarrassment and hurriedly turned his head to ask Qin Chen, “What’s the date today? “

If he remembered correctly, it has only been almost half a month since he last changed into a human.

Qin Chen also got up, leaned against the headboard, looked at his panicked expression, and calmly said, “Sixth.”

As if he knew what he was thinking, Qin Chen thoughtfully calculated for him, “14 days before the 20th.”

Xu Jian was sitting while Qin Chen leaned back. From Qin Chen’s angle, Xu Jian’s back was visible:

His shoulders and neckline are fine and smooth. His shoulders are soft and damp, and the shoulder sockets are slightly sunken. Because of the sideways position of the other party, half of his collarbone can still be seen. The slightly protruding shoulder blades on both sides are like a butterfly spreading its wings wanting to fly, and there’s not a trace of excess fat around the waist.

Qin Chen found that Xu Jian even had dimples on the back of his waist and went further down…

His eyes darkened. In line with the good moral of not seeing evil, Qin Chen retracted his gaze after only glancing twice.

Generally speaking, Xu Jian is thin, his skin is quite white and his figure has a sense of immaturity between a teenager and a young man.

This isn’t the first time Qin Chen saw Xu Jian naked, but when he saw him for the first time, he simply didn’t have the heart to observe. The second time he saw Xu Jian was when he was lying on the sofa before dawn, so he can only vaguely see an outline.

Only today did Qin Chen have time to take a closer look. If not for Xu Jian turning his head, he could have stared a flower out of Xu Jian’s back

Qin Chen woke up about an hour or so earlier than Xu Jian, he was awakened by itchiness.

In the dimness of his consciousness, he felt something furry sweeping around his neck. He originally thought it was the cat, but the touch was harder than a cat’s hair. His brows wrinkled with his eyes closed. He stretched out his hand for a hug his palm happened to be on Xu Jian’s shoulder.

Feeling a piece of smoothness and coolness and not at all the feeling of the cat, Qin Chen’s mind instantly cleared up. He abruptly opened his eyes and faced Xu Jian’s quietly sleeping face with his eyes closed.

The main culprit that made him feel itchy was Xu Jian’s hair.

When he opened his eyes and found that the cat in his arms had turned into a human, Qin Chen blinked slowly. After staring at Xu Jian for a few seconds, his first reaction wasn’t to wake the other party but to pull the quilt upwards to cover his bare shoulders.

Later, for some unknown reasons, Qin Chen still didn’t wake Xu Jian up, letting him sleep on his shoulders until he woke up naturally…

And after Xu Jian listened to Qin Chen’s words, he pinched his arm with force —

It hurts, he’s not dreaming.

He really turned back into a human half a month early.

Xu Jian was bewildered, “How did I change back?”

Xu Jian’s skin is originally white, his strength was strong when he pinched his arm. Thus, when he let go, a red mark immediately appeared.

Looking at the red mark on Xu Jian’s arm, Qin Chen frowned silently, then shook his head with a solemn expression on his face, “Although I don’t why you suddenly changed back, I know that no matter how you pinch your arm, it’s an unchangeable fact that you made my arm numb.”

At the same time, Qin Chen also deliberately pinched his arm.

Looking at Qin Chen’s action and thinking of his current dilemma, Xu Jian’s face was hot and the tips of his ears were red. He knew that the more embarrassed he felt about this kind of thing, the more embarrassed he became, so he pretended to be calm and said, “I didn’t expect to suddenly change back, I didn’t mean to.”

Xu Jian also silently added a sentence in his heart:

Last night, it was you who had to hug me to sleep.

Xu Jian completely forgot that in order not to sleep in the cat’s nest last night, he would rather have his paws tied into a zongzi by Qin Chen but be also tied with a bow.

Looking at Xu Jian, who was pretending to be calm, Qin Chen raised an eyebrow and asked, “Listening to what Mr. Xu meant, you’re not going to be responsible for me?”

Sleep and run, scum cat!

Xu Jian instinctively denied after hearing this, “Who isn’t responsible?”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Jian met Qin Chen’s teasing eyes and he realized in hindsight that the sentence just now was too easy to arouse people’s imagination.

It’s just that his arms went numb, what is responsible or not responsible? It’s not like you slept with someone.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian’s neck became even red. He touched his hot ears and looked at Qin Chen, and tentatively opened his mouth, “Why don’t… I rub it for you?”

Looking at Xu Jian, whose ears are entirely red, Qin Chen couldn’t help but smile and didn’t answer his rhetorical question. “Are you sure you want to rub my arm for me naked like this?”

Qin Chen thought about the scene; early in the morning, it was too exciting.

Xu Jian was taken aback for a moment when he heard the words, looked down at himself who had restored the factory settings, and then, “……”

It’s really not quite appropriate now.

Pulling the blanket next to him to wrap himself, Xu Jian smiled dryly at Qin Chen, somewhat embarrassed, “That, can you…”

Before Xu Jian, who had wrapped himself into a cicada chrysalis, finished speaking, Qin Chen smiled and got up. He walked into the wardrobe under his watchful gaze and took out a set of clothes in less than two minutes.

Qin Chen: “There are currently no clothes for you at home. The two cabinets in the innermost closet are my previous clothes. They are too small for me to wear, so they should fit you.”

Xu Jian stretched out his hand from the cicada chrysalis, took the clothes Qin Chen gave him, looked at them, then raised his head and asked, “But this looks very new?”

Looking down at Xu Jian, who wrapped himself in a pile of quilt and only showed his head looking obedient, Qin Chen refrained from rubbing his head and explained, “Several brands will usually send clothes, but I can’t wear them all alone.”

In Qin Chen’s cloakroom, many clothes still even had tags on them.

Hearing his words, Xu Jian nodded with envy and whispered to himself:

“This is perhaps the worry of being a popular Film Emperor ba.”

You have so many clothes that you can’t wear them all, and many of them can only be hung in the closet to gather dust.

Not hearing what he was muttering, Qin Chen leaned forward slightly, “What did you just say?”

“Nothing.” Xu Jian hurriedly shook his head, put the clothes in his arms, and got out of bed wrapped in a quilt, “I’ll get dressed first!”

Looking at Xu Jian, who was wrapped in a quilt and was about to go to the bathroom with his bare feet on the floor, Qin Chen frowned and stopped him, “Where are you going?”

Xu Jian: “Get dressed ah.”

Qin Chen: “Get dressed on the bed, I’ll go out.”

Xu Jian hurriedly shook his head, “No need, I’ll go to the bathroom as well.”

How can he let Qin Chen make room for him?

After speaking, Xu Jian turned around and was about to leave again, but was stopped by Qin Chen again.

Xu Jian turned back to look at him, which means — Is there anything else?

Qin Chen went to his side and took off the cotton slippers under his feet, giving them to him. “The bathroom is not carpeted, it’s cold. You can wear mine.”

Xu Jian lowered his eyes to look at the cotton slippers and then look at the barefoot Qin Chen, a little embarrassed, “This isn’t very good, right…”

I’m already wearing the person’s clothes, so it doesn’t make sense to snatch the person’s slippers, right?

Qin Chen glanced at him, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Looking at each other, Xu Jian finally compromised and wore Qin Chen’s shoes, thinking — Anyway, I owe the person so much, it wouldn’t lack for another pair of slippers.

Putting on the slippers, he swiftly got into the bathroom. When closing the door, Xu Jian heard Qin Chen remind behind him, “The new toiletries are in the second drawer.”

Xu Jian paused after hearing this, and then returned in a muffled voice, “I know.”

In any case, after staying at Qin Chen’s house for so long, Xu Jian had known the placement of the basic items clearly.

Hearing Xu Jian’s answer, Qin Chen shook his head and smiled:

This little unscrupulous is still not happy after being kindly reminded.

Xu Jian dressed in the bathroom while Qin Chen took off his pajamas and changed into his home clothes in the bedroom. After washing up in the other bathroom, he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for two.

Qin Chen opened the refrigerator and saw that it was completely full. There were several sealed glass boxes containing all kinds of food as well as dumplings which were made by his mother at a glance.

It should be that she knew he was coming back and the family’s aunt came over in advance to replenish the ingredients.

Qin Chen began to take out a box of dumplings, but then thought of a certain someone in the bathroom and took another box.

When Qin Chen’s mother packed the food, she divided it according to Qin Chen’s food intake. One box was just enough for him to eat at once, but now that there is an additional Xu Jian, one box is certainly not enough.

Each glass box is labeled with a sticky note to indicate what kind of stuffing it has. After he started to heat up the water, Qin Chen walked back to the bedroom, leaned on the doorframe, and asked, “Shiitake mushroom pork and fresh shrimp and carrots, what kind of stuffing do you like?”

Hearing the sound, Xu Jian, who was brushing his teeth, opened the bathroom door and gave a vague ‘Uh?’.

Looking at Xu Jian, whose mouth was full of toothpaste foam and his eyes opened looking at him, Qin Chen bent the corners of his mouth, “We’ll have dumplings today, shiitake mushroom pork and shrimp and carrots, you can choose the same.”

Xu Jian: “… Y%#%¥.”

With toothpaste foam in his mouth, Xu Jian grunted a lot, but Qin Chen had no idea what he was talking about.

Finally, Qin Chen was ready to use the most primitive and useful method. “Meow once for pork, meow twice for shrimp.”

Looking at the serious Qin Chen, Xu Jian brushing his teeth paused: “……”

He’s not Milk now, meow what meow?!

Facing Xu Jian’s gaze, Qin Chen turned a blind eye to his helplessness and urged, “The water in the pot is almost boiling, what kind of stuffing will you eat?”

Xu Jian: “… Meow.”

Finally, Xu Jian gave an indistinct meow with a mosquito-like volume. After he meowed, Qin Chen ‘pfft’ and burst out laughing.

Qin Chen didn’t expect Xu Jian to really meow.

Surprisingly cute.

At this time, Xu Jian finally understood that Qin Chen was deliberately teasing him to learn the cat’s meow. He glared at him in shame and anger and closed the door again after he ‘wu wu wu’ at him.

Xu Jian whimpered a lot just now but Qin Chen didn’t hear a word clearly. Yet this didn’t prevent him from being in a good mood at this time.

Qin Chen, who had successfully teased people, hummed a song and went to the kitchen to cook dumplings. Meanwhile, the red-faced Xu Jian brushed his teeth harshly as if they were Qin Chen himself.


When Qin Chen’s dumplings were cooked, Xu Jian also finally finished washing up. He slowly moved to the kitchen door with an unnatural expression, pulling the doorframe with both hands, and probing inside.

In the kitchen, Qin Chen skillfully held a plate in one hand and a ladle on the other to serve dumplings with a casual posture and full marks for his manner.

Xu Jian silently thought in his heart —

Sure enough, as long as a person is handsome, they can be handsome in everything they do.

Qin Chen stood there so casually that Xu Jian felt that the scene was harmonious as if it were a painting.

Staring at Qin Chen’s back for a while, Xu Jian felt overwhelmed with his conscience, and hesitated to ask in a low voice, “What can I do?”

Hearing Xu Jian’s voice, Qin Chen looked back at him and saw him poking his head around the doorframe and not entering. He laughed, “Didn’t you want to help? Why are you so far away? Afraid that I will eat you?”

Xu Jian rubbed his neck and smiled in embarrassment walking towards him while silently cursing inside:

Isn’t it afraid of you lying to me and having me meow if I don’t say a word…

Xu Jian volunteered to help and Qin Chen did not shy away with him. He asked him to take the bowls and chopsticks for two to the table, and that dinner would be ready soon.

After nodding in response, Xu Jian went to get the bowls and chopsticks familiarly.

When washing the bowls and chopsticks, Xu Jian suddenly had a thought as if demons and gods were at work —

How is it different from the daily lives of other couples where he and Qin Chen,one person cooks and one person wash the dishes? 

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Isn’t there something wrong?

Qin poop scooping officer: None, it’s very right.

Shy Xu Jian, poking his head on the doorframe:

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