He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Vinegar Jar[1]Jealousy
Qin Chen, who wanted to get close to his freshly baked junior, was mercilessly demolished by his own cousin. He wasn’t angry and said, “It’s not the same.”

As for what’s different, Qin Chen didn’t say, and the parties involved can imagine it.

Pan Min rolled her eyes: Yes, yes, yes, I know that you guys have a good relationship.

Pan Min isn’t stupid, she can naturally see that Qin Chen treats Xu Jian differently from others, but she’s quite relieved.

Qin Chen is Leyu’s real prince and future heir. He can see Xu Jian’s potential and find ways to get him to sign with Leyu, indicating that he can finally put Leyu’s development at ease.

Qin Chen finally knows his plans for his company. Pan Min thought this was a good thing, and looked at him with a satisfied, old motherly gaze.

In the past, Qin Chen didn’t say that he was helping newcomers not to mention know who his own company had signed.

Xu Jian didn’t know Pan Min’s inner thoughts, thinking —

In the past, those juniors wouldn’t change into cats for Qin Chen to pet, they were indeed different from himself…

Xu Jian’s makeup took longer than Qin Chen, the male lead. The stylist sprayed his hair into a dark brown with disposable dyes, and constantly adjusted his eye makeup, trying to make him visually look more in line with the villain’s image.

Xu Jian had just signed a contract and hadn’t had time to assign him an assistant, so Xiao Nan volunteered to be his temporary assistant during this time.

Thus, before the new assistant came, Xiao Nan had to be responsible for both Qin Chen and Xu Jian alone, and Qin Chen promised to raise her salary.

Hearing the ‘salary increase’, Xiao Nan bowed excitedly to the two. “I promise to complete the task!”

And now, looking at Xu Jian in the mirror, four words suddenly popped up in Xiao Nan’s mind — sick beauty.[2][病娇美男] four words in the raw which literally translates to sick beautiful/charming man

The crew’s make-up artist is very skilled coupled with Xu Jian having a good foundation, so Xu Jian, whose hair was dyed and eyes had make-up, not only didn’t have an outrageously avant-garde hairstyle but also gave people a kind of sick beauty paranoia feeling.

The temporary assistant Xiao Nan looked in the mirror for a while, then remembered the burden on her shoulders, and hurriedly took out her phone to wildly take pictures of Xu Jian and Qin Chen.

These photos will become material for Xu Jian’s Weibo post in the future.

Qin Chen didn’t make a sound when Xiao Nan took the photos. Only when she was done did he reach out his hand to her, “Let me see.”

Facing Qin Chen’s outstretched hand, Xiao Nan handed him the phone like a treasure, winked at him, then smiled, “Brother Chen, don’t worry my photography skills are one of the best.”

Xiao Nan’s photography skills are indeed good. Qin Chen flipped through them which mostly were photos of him and Xu Jian together.

She’s very good at finding angles. Qin Chen and Xu Jian clearly had a normal conversation just now, but what appeared under her lens was that the two of them looked at each other tenderly.

There is also a borrowed shot taken by Xiao Nan standing next to Qin Chen. At first glance, it looked as though Qin Chen and Xu Jian kissed.

Looking at the misaligned picture, Qin Chen raised an eyebrow and looked at Xiao Nan silently. The latter smiled at him laughingly, with the meaning in her eyes—

My skills are good, right? Quickly praise me!

Seeing Xiao Nan’s ‘you don’t have to say it, I understand’ expression, Qin Chen understood. This girl was like a monkey spirit, she should’ve seen something.

The slender finger on Xiao Nan’s phone screen made a few clicks and sent the misaligned picture and a few photos that he thought were good to him. After saving them, Qin Chen deleted the misaligned picture from Xiao Nan’s phone and also the chat history.

When doing all this, Qin Chen’s expression was calm and unhurried, his face wasn’t blushing, his heart wasn’t jumping, and his movements were extremely natural.

Xiao Nan watched from the side, not daring to be angry or say anything about Qin Chen’s behavior.

While being rubbed on Qin Chen’s handsome face, Xiao Nan scolded her boss for being a mensao[3]cold on the outside but warm/passionate on the insidein her heart.

When she got her phone again, the misaligned picture that Xiao Nan was proud of was gone. She flattened her mouth and was about to bb[4]to complain/talk rubbisha few words, but in the next second, she received a money transfer message from her mensao boss.

Xiao Nan was taken aback at first, then her eyes lit up. After clicking receive, she raised her hand and stood straight to Qin Chen with a non-standard salute, and said righteously, “I will never fail the organization’s training of me and I will continue to work hard!”

Qin Chen looked at the naughty Xiao Nan, nodded lightly with a ‘hmm’.

Xu Jian, who was next to him, looked at the startled Xiao Nan with some doubts, not knowing what happened.

Xiao Nan ‘hehe-ed’ at Xu Jian and walked away holding her phone.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Nan made 500 yuan of extra money. She felt as if she had inadvertently found a way to get rich.


After Xu Jian put on his make-up and changed his clothes, the director on the side clicked his tongue and nodded while sizing him up, “Yes, it has Xu Feng’s meaning.”

Shen Xi next to him also joked, “When he went it, he was Xu Jian and when he came out, he is Xu Feng, refreshing.”[5]can also mean: a pleasant change/a breath of fresh air

After listening to what the two said, Xu Jian touched his neck, his expression embarrassed. “Teacher Xue’s make-up is good.”

The teacher who gave Xu Jian make-up surnamed Xue was a man. He is one of the crew’s rare male makeup artists, but his skills are not to be nitpicked.

Time was tight; everyone didn’t chat. The assistant director sent someone to call Xu Jian, asked him to go over and get ready to start shooting.

Qin Chen and Xu Jian aren’t in the same studio, which means they’ll hardly see each other this afternoon.

Xu Jian followed the staff and when Qin Chen passed by mistake, the other party raised his hand and patted his shoulder, lowered his head, and said softly, “Jiayou, on your work.”

Xu Jian nodded solemnly to Qin Chen and waited until he entered another studio before raising his hand to touch his hot ears.

When Qin Chen spoke just now, wasn’t he too close…

Xu Jian doesn’t have an assistant. Pan Min watched him attentively on the side while filming and Xiao Nan watched Qin Chen at the same time.

Regarding Xu Jian, Pan Min became more and more satisfied with him. While wholeheartedly keeping an eye on him with a dual purpose, she began to plan his future development route in her notebook.

Xu Jian has strength and face value, and he is still young. In fact, he is very suitable to take the idol traffic route, perform acting, appear in variety shows, and then set up a special and memorable persona; buy manuscripts to repeatedly step on the created persona…[6]it is usually buying manuscripts to promote the artist’s likability, but in this context, it is the contrary. They try to buy bad press to promote the artist to get more exposure. Idk how to … Continue reading When the exposure is enough, Xu Jian’s popularity will naturally increase.

This path is the easiest for Xu Jian and is the most commonly used method of promoting people in the entertainment industry.

If you want to become popular faster, there are ways to stir up CP, buy water armies to step on, self-hacking from anti-fans, and then refute rumors and other means.

But after understanding Xu Jian’s strength, Pan Min felt that he didn’t need these messy marketing methods at all, as long as he had a good script.

When the time comes, the company’s public relations and the crew’s publicity will put effort into it, and Xu Jian’s gold will always shine.

Pan Min also doesn’t intend to let Xu Jian take on the traffic route. She plans to develop him into a powerful actor just like Qin Chen.

When signing the contract, Pan Min told Xu Jian that she didn’t require much from him:

It’s enough to comply with the company’s rules and regulations and shoot every film conscientiously.

Xu Jian has a very good memory. Although he was ordered in a critical moment,[7]to take on a leadership role at a time of crisis[idiom] he remembered his lines very well and took the script to study as soon as he had time.

During the interval in rest time, the assistant director approached Pan Min with a bright smile in his eyes. “Xu Jian is a good seedling with good acting skills, modest, and hardworking.”

The assistant director’s implication — Your company has picked up a treasure.

Pan Min also smiled. “If the director has an opportunity in the future, think more about our family’s Xu Jian ah.”

Hearing Pan Min’s words, the assistant director was a bit surprised, “You took Xu Jian?”

Pan Min nodded, “Yes ah.”

The assistant director gave an ‘hai[8]oh, alas! and said half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Since he’s an artist under your hand, where will I lack these trivial things.”[9]Three melons and two dates refer to small/trivial things not worth mentioning.

The connections in Pan Min’s hands are known to be extensive.

Pan Min: “The director jests again. How many people want to seek a role from you? Where are the melons and dates?”

The assistant director was happy. “Then before Xu Jian’s status[10]can also mean his net worth/pricedoubles, I’ll pay attention to it. If there’s a suitable one, I’ll definitely be the first one to find you.”

The two of them boast about each other in business, and finally, the assistant director left happily.

The afternoon shoot went well. Qin Chen took advantage of the rest time and ran to Xu Jian’s studio to take a look. When he saw him filming seriously, he didn’t even notice him. After watching silently for a few minutes, he quietly left.

Xiao Nan, who was following behind him, marveled in her heart and tsk­-ed, she even felt that her teeth were a bit sour —

People are still so uneasy when they are in the same crew. What to do if the two of them are in different places and are in a different filming crew in the future?

Xiao Nan can already imagine Qin Chen’s lovesickness in the future.

During the meal in the evening, Xu Jian told Chen Doudou about signing to Leyu. After the other party brushed the screen with exclamation marks to express their shock, he finally found his own words:

[F**#$! Erjian, you’re doing big things quietly ah! I can’t believe you’re telling me such an important thing just now?!]

[Luckily… I was worried that you were cheated into MLM day and night, but I didn’t expect you to cheat yourself into Leyu!]

[You’re so ungrateful wuwu. How dare you go behind my back and hug Leyu’s thigh.]

[Where is the promise to go home to farm and wait for me to come (seek shelter) to you?]

Then Chen Doudou ended his one-sided lemon with a classic saying:

[Don’t forget your friends when you become rich!]

Finally followed by a blessing: [Congratulations, Erjian ah! You finally made it through![11]to break clear of all troubles and hardshipsSomeone finally has the discerning eye to see your talent and hard work!]

Chen Doudou also sent a red packet to Xu Jian, congratulating him for signing with Leyu.

Xu Jian was touched but he didn’t forget to explain:

[I didn’t mean to hide it from you, but I only found out about the signing of the contract today.]

Qin Chen mentioned it a few times before, but Xu Jian only took it as a joke. He only listened to it and let it pass and didn’t take it to heart.

Chen Doudou: [Were you discovered by a talent scout while walking down the street? Don’t tell me that Leyu values your face?]

Xu Jian: [No, a lot of things have happened here and I can’t explain it clearly for a while.]

Chen Doudou sent a nodding emoji and didn’t ask more:

[Okay. When you’re free, we’ll meet for a meal as a celebration for you, my treat! You will tell me then.]

After saying that, Chen Doudou asked again:

[Since you signed with Leyu, are you in their company now? Have they arranged a staff dormitory for you? Are the conditions good?]

Xu Jian casually photographed the surrounding environment: [No, I’m filming in the crew.]

Chen Doudou was shocked: [A drama on the first day of signing? What kind of immortal company is Leyu?!]

After listening to Xu Jian say the name of the film, Chen Doudou sent another exclamation point:

[WTF. Is it the movie ‘The Slayer’ I know? The Slayer with my idol and Qin Chen?]

After receiving Xu Jian’s affirmation, Chen Doudou:

[I finally know why you have autographed photos of my idol. I’m sour, I’m really sour. Erjian, please help me ask. Is there still a shortage of people in your company? Is it too late for me to change jobs now?]

[Is Leyu’s treatment so good?]

Xu Jian knew that Chen Doudou was just joking about changing jobs, so he replied:

[My role isn’t much. It was because the previous actor had some problems and couldn’t act like the one above me. It was just an accident.]

Chen Doudou sighed: [What a beautiful accident, I also want this kind of accident.]

Chen Doudou: [Then who is your agent? Are you sure? Male or Female?]

After He Jia was withdrawn, there were gradually some rumors within the Ancient company. Chen Doudou also heard some news and learned about the nasty things that He Jia and Xu Jian’s former agent, Sister Shang, had done before.

After knowing the news at that time, Chen Doudou was so angry that the little villain who had been stuck in the dormitory all day, scolded He Jia and Sister Shang in his heart that they were really a f&*$*%g good-for-nothing.

Those colluding villainous cheating dogs![12]villains colluding together(idiom) and cheating couple Dare to bully my family’s Erjian! I’ll stab you to death!

Just because of the experience from the past, Chen Doudou is now extra concerned about who Xu Jian’s new agent is, they shouldn’t be another black-hearted trash again.

Xu Jian: [This is the second good news I want to tell you. Qin Chen and I have the same agent, my agent is also Sister Pan!]

Chen Doudou: [!!! I’m really emotionally jealous!]

Chen Doudou knew too much news in one day, so he slowed down for a while before he continued:

[I have decided. The next time I meet you, it will be your treat and I’ll kick your a*#$!]

Seeing Chen Doudou’s message, Xu Jian unconsciously smiled and replied: [Good, I’ll treat you to a big meal.]

Qin Chen, who was on the side, saw Xu Jian smiling happily with his phone. He paused and asked calmly, “Who are you chatting with?”

After Xiao Nan heard this, her nose twitched, thinking —

Puff. Whose vinegar jar overturned this time? What a great smell of vinegar.

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Sorry, it was my family’s vinegar jar that turned over.

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1 Jealousy
2 [病娇美男] four words in the raw which literally translates to sick beautiful/charming man
3 cold on the outside but warm/passionate on the inside
4 to complain/talk rubbish
5 can also mean: a pleasant change/a breath of fresh air
6 it is usually buying manuscripts to promote the artist’s likability, but in this context, it is the contrary. They try to buy bad press to promote the artist to get more exposure. Idk how to phrase it properly in the text so I provided an explanation given to me~
7 to take on a leadership role at a time of crisis[idiom]
8 oh, alas!
9 Three melons and two dates refer to small/trivial things not worth mentioning.
10 can also mean his net worth/price
11 to break clear of all troubles and hardships
12 villains colluding together(idiom) and cheating couple

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