He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Heartbeat

Chen Doudou and Xu Jian have been friends for many years. Qin Chen had nothing to say when they chatted. Only Xiao Nan ears fluttered, thinking:

Who is Chen Doudou? Male or Female?

Curious, Xiao Nan asked. She was somewhat surprised after listening to Xu Jian’s explanation. “Chen Doudou turned out to be a famous name. I thought it was a nickname.”

Xu Jian laughed, “It’s not just you, many people have misunderstood.”

When they met for the first time, he listened to Chen Doudou introduce himself and Xu Jian also asked, “Is this your stage name?”

Hearing Xu Jian say that Chen Doudou is a good friend in Ancient before, Xiao Nan glanced at the silent Qin Chen next to her, her eyes dripping, “Brother Xu, you guys have such a good relationship. How long have you known each other ah? Is he also an actor? Does he have a girlfriend ah?”

Faced with Xiao Nan’s three consecutive questions, Qin Chen, who knew she was scheming in her mind, looked at her angrily and spoke before Xu Jian, “Asking so many questions, are you checking his household registry ah?

Lowering her head and curling her lips, Xiao Nan muttered in a low voice, “Who am I checking this household registry for?”

Xiao Nan was determined to escort her Brother Chen’s relationship path.

Qin Chen’s sharp ears heard it and deliberately said, “What did you say? Your voice is too small, didn’t hear it.”

Xiao Nan wisely shut up and didn’t speak, silently eating her meal while saying inwardly—

Brother Chen, continue being mensao, you deserve to carry the vinegar jar!

Qin Chen was so interrupted and missed the best time to answer Xiao Nan’s question just now. Xu Jian looked at Xiao Nan then looked at Qin Chen, he always felt that the two of them were strange.

After eating, Pan Min asked Xu Jian if the company would re-apply for a Weibo account for him or just use his previous one. Xu Jian thought nothing of it and said directly, “Let’s just use my current one.”

It’s too much trouble to reapply for a verified account and bind your cell phone number and so on.

Pan Min nodded and asked again, “Some fans will consider looking through your old Weibo posts before, is there anything inconvenient for people to know about your current account?”

Pan Min asked tactfully, but Xu Jian instantly understood what she meant, asking if there was any black history or inappropriate remarks on his Weibo.

Nowadays, netizens possess remarkable abilities. After many celebrity artists become popular, netizens will go through their Weibo to find out their old background.[1]like going through the bottom of things, hence with the statement below.Even things that happened more than ten years ago can be turned up.

There’s not even a pair of underpants left.

When celebrities are still amateurs, their statements that let their hair down[2]放飞means to “let fly,” and自我means “oneself.” Originally means “take off all disguise and let people see one’s true self.”screenshots were forwarded by the majority of netizens, either because it was too funny and ushered in ‘hahas’ or because they were so wretched that they were disgusting.

The former is in contrast to the cute persona to get passers-by fans, while the latter is set to collapse the persona and get countless black fans (antis), going directly from a big hit to a has-been.

There was nothing shameful about Xu Jian. He shook his head at Pan Min, “No.”

As a result, Xu Jian’s Weibo verification was quietly changed and became ‘Leyu’s signed artist’.

Xu Jian wasn’t popular, no one paid attention to the small change in his Weibo. Only Chen Doudou happily took a screenshot, saying that Xu Jian was their ‘601’s’ pride.

‘601’ is Xu Jian’s and Chen Doudou’s room number in their previous dormitory.

When Chen Doudou reminded him of this, 601’s pride remembered that he hadn’t told his uncle about this, so he called uncle Liu Dingxiang again.

Xu Jian dialed and called his number. Not long after the phone was hung up, he changed back to Milk.

After a few days of observation, Qin Chen has determined that Xu Jian turns into a cat at every 11:30 pm and changes back to human at 5:30 am. The cat’s body is kept for six hours, which is not bad at all.

So when he came out of the shower and saw the cat on the sofa, Qin Chen’s expression didn’t change, and said, “Still not sleeping?”

Xu Jian was lying on the sofa with the script under his meat pad. After hearing Qin Chen’s words, he said while staring at the script without raising his head, “Meow~”

I’ll sleep after reading this point.

Although Xu Feng doesn’t have many roles, his character design is perverted, neurotic, moody, and changeable. One second he’s talking to you with a smile, and in the next second, the bullet will go through your chest.

The ruthless and crazy Xu Feng tests the actor’s acting skills. It’s not easy for actors to grasp the details of characters’ movements and micro-expressions, so it’s not easy to act this role well.

Xu Jian now does his homework in advance every night before going to bed, looking at the scenes to be filmed tomorrow, and figuring out what Xu Feng’s psychological emotions are like at that time.

Qin Chen had read Xu Jian’s script before, and Xu Jian’s script was full of his understanding notes.

A round cat was lying on the sofa studying the script with a serious face. The scene was too inspirational. Qin Chen’s mind moved and subconsciously prepared to take pictures but ended up looking around and didn’t find his phone.

Raising his hand and pushing a certain cat, Qin Chen tilted his head to look underneath him, “Did you lie on my phone?”

Stretching out his hind leg and stepping on Qin Chen’s hand, Xu Jian opened his mouth, “Meow meow.”

That means: I didn’t.

Whenever things like cell phones or remote controls disappear, the basic trust between people is gone, as is the case with people and cats.

Qin Chen held Xu Jian’s hind leg upward, “Get up and let me see.”

Xu Jian, who was studying the script, couldn’t bear to be disturbed. After pulling back his leg, he moved to the side, and flicked his tail on Qin Chen’s wrist:

I said I didn’t. If his phone is pressed on his freshman year, he’ll also panic ah.

Seeing Xu Jian move like a tangyuan for half a day and only moved half an inch away, Qin Chen looked at his fluffy body and thought:

Is he too fat to move?[3]QC is saying that XJ is having difficulties when moving lol

Of course, Qin Chen did say this sentence in his heart, for fear that a certain cat, who wanted face, would blow up his fur.

In the end, Qin Chen did it himself, picked Xu Jian up, took a look(on the sofa), and looked at him to make sure he really didn’t lay on his phone.

Putting down Xu Jian, who gave a dissatisfied meow, and rubbing him twice in passing, Qin Chen frowned, “Where’s my phone?”

He swept at Xu Jian’s phone out of the corner of his eyes and poked his ear again. “I’ll borrow your phone and give my phone a call, just meow if you agree.”

Xu Jian, who was engrossed in the script, twitched his two cat ears and wagged his tail: “Meow~”

Xu Jian thought to himself: As long as you don’t bother me, you can do whatever you want.

After receiving his approval, Qin Chen picked up his phone without a lock screen password. But as soon as the phone was lit, the contents of the screen came into view.

Looking at the search results page that Xu Jian didn’t exit, Qin Chen was taken aback at first, then he couldn’t help holding back a laugh.

In the search box, Xu Jian entered: Can hugging increase Yang Qi?

Looking at the shooting task list, Xu Feng’s final scene will be filmed in two days, which is also the night scene.

There were too many uncertainties during the filming process. As the date approached, Qin Chen can feel Xu Jian’s impatience.

Taking a silent look at Xu Jian next to him, Qin Chen paused along with his finger, clicked on the search history, and then found that Xu Jian had search for a various content in the past two days:

Is there really such a thing as Yang Qi?

How can I increase Yang Qi?

What will happen if there is a lack of Yang Qi?

Will frequent exercise increase Yang Qi?

What can you eat to increase Yang Qi?

Can kissing a man really cross the Yang Qi?


In addition to the various search terms for increasing the Yang Qi, Qin Chen also saw two different ones:

Is it true that one essence worth ten blood?

How does two men do it? Will it hurt?

Looking at the changes and compromises in the search history, Qin Chen could almost imagine Xu Jian’s tangled, nervous, and embarrassed expression as he typed these words.

It has been several days since he met Mustache, and Xu Jian hasn’t mentioned the crossing of Yang Qi. Knowing that he has a thin face, Qin Chen thought he had given up on this solution, but he didn’t expect this person to secretly search online.

Qin Chen doesn’t know if Xu Jian likes men. He made insinuating questions before and the only sure thing was that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Now that he found that he searched for ‘how does two men do it’, Qin Chen was actually very happy.

Whether Xu Jian is serious or just curious to search casually, at least it shows that he is aware of this aspect.

Qin Chen was born with a golden spoon and his food was all good. His identity treatment since little made him look higher than the sky when it came to finding his marriage partner.

Qin Chen has seen a lot of all kinds of handsome men and beautiful women over the years, but he isn’t interested in anyone.

Because he had no idea and no favorable impression, Qin Chen didn’t think deeply about what kind of person he was looking for.

After meeting Xu Jian, Qin Chen clearly understood that Xu Jian is different from others to him. As for how special he was, he has no accurate concept in his heart.

Until the appearance of Mustache and said that crossing the Yang could solve Xu Jian’s lack of Yang Qi.

After returning, Qin Chen thought about it seriously and carefully, and found that he simply couldn’t accept Xu Jian with others being lovey-dovey.

Assumptions won’t do.

Up until now, Qin Chen, who had been single for 26 years and had no idea about anyone, finally determined that he didn’t know when he fell.

He likes Xu Jian.

He intentionally or unintentionally teased before because he liked it.

Seeing Xu Jian with Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi getting too close makes him feel annoyed. It was also because of like that the matter of crossing the Yang Qi, Xu Jian can only do it with him.

Whether it’s hugging or kissing or even making love, he’s willing and even has full of expectations…

And now, thinking that Xu Jian may have a tangled face and wrinkled brows searching for ‘can hugging increase Yang Qi’, Qin Chen felt as if his heart was slightly pierced by a sugar needle, and he seemed to be swept by his fluffy tail.

Staring at Xu Jian’s face before, Qin Chen sometimes thought of the fluffy and soft Milk. But now looking at the plump Milk and that feels good (to touch), Qin Chen thought more of Xu Jian bending his eyes and looking at him with a smile.

After fixatedly looking at Xu Jian for a few seconds, Qin Chen exited the page without finding anything and dialed his mobile phone.

Seeing Qin Chen took out the ‘ringing’ mobile phone from under the pillow, Xu Jian raised his eyes to look at him, “Meow ao~”

I told you I didn’t lay on your phone!

It was getting late. After meowing to Qin Chen, he was a little sleepy from reading the script. Xu Jian turned his head and opened his mouth to yawn, preparing to read it for a while longer before going to bed.

Before the yawning Xu Jian’s mouth closed, Qin Chen’s voice suddenly sounded in the quiet room, “You will be finished in a few days. How are you considering about what Mustache said?”

Xu Jian’s yawning paused, his neck stiffened and turned his head to look at him.

Why, why did you suddenly ask this?

As if he didn’t notice Xu Jian’s stiffness, Qin Chen reminded him, “The matter of crossing the Yang Qi.”

Xu Jian naturally knew that it was the matter of crossing the Yang. In fact, when he read the script and saw the final scene and thought of the night scene, he was still thinking about it in his mind.

Xu Jian was also anxious, but the solution of crossing the Yang was too embarrassing and too improper, so he didn’t have the courage to mention it to Qin Chen.

His mouth slowly closed, Xu Jian’s pair of cat eyes were full of discomfort.

Raising his meat pad to scratch his chin, Xu Jian was so panicked that he was embarrassed to look up. But he saw Qin Chen looking at him with a serious face, without any hint of frivolity and teasing.

Comparing a serious person with a panicked cat, it seems that the cat with a crooked mind is particularly indecent.

So Xu Jian steadied his mind, abandoned the messy wastes in his head, and raised his meat pad to type on his laptop:

[I don’t know…]

Xu Jian really didn’t know what to do.

Seeing this, Qin Chen asked knowingly, “You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

Xu Jian nodded his head.

Qin Chen: “There are too many uncertainties in the night scene. The schedule says that work can be completed at almost 10 pm, but that’s the best result.”

Xu Jian continued to nod his head, this is exactly what he was worried about these days.

If there is an accident in the shooting that day or there is too much NG making the work finish too late, he can’t afford to delay.

He can’t change into a cat in public, he will certainly be treated as a monster by others.

Qin Chen could clearly see his melancholy from Xu Jian’s furry cat face. He paused and said, “In order to avoid accidents, I think we should prepare with both hands.”

Xu Jian nodded, he couldn’t agree more.

Seeing Xu Jian nod, Qin Chen secretly took a deep breath and tried to make his tone as calm as possible, “About crossing the Yang Qi, I think we can try.”

Xu Jian looked up at him: “Meow meow~”

Didn’t you just bring the issue back?

Of course Xu Jian knows that he can try, but the question is… Who to find?

He has no partner.

Staring firmly into Xu Jian’s icy blue eyes, Qin Chen lowered his voice and spoke slowly, “The candidate for trying it, what do you think of me?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: !!!

Qin poop scooping officer: What do you think of me? [Lifts the quilt and pats the pillow.jpg]

They’re finally going to kiss tomorrow! [sprinkle flowers]

XJ studying his script:

*imagine it’s a script xD


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1 like going through the bottom of things, hence with the statement below.
2 放飞means to “let fly,” and自我means “oneself.” Originally means “take off all disguise and let people see one’s true self.”
3 QC is saying that XJ is having difficulties when moving lol

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