He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – Safe

It’s probably because every man can’t accept that their skills in this area is questioned and said to be poor, and the same goes with Xu Jian.

Thus, listening to Qin Chen dislike his poor kissing skills, Xu Jian was unhappy. He forgot to be embarrassed and his first reaction was to retort. “How could that be?”

Xu Jian, although inexperienced, felt good about himself and thought his performance just now was pretty good:

Not staying like a wooden fish but also responded!

Xu Jian considers himself a genius without a teacher.

Facing Xu Jian’s unconvinced expression, Qin Chen laughed, “You seemed to be making a face at me just now.”

Under Xu Jian’s puzzled gaze, Qin Chen opened his mouth, “lüè lüè lüè.[1]Internet buzzword that originated on Weibo. Netizens said that this word is used when they tease each other. It’s a mischievous tone referring to the sound of sticking your tongue out. QC so … Continue reading

Looking at Qin Chen who suddenly said ‘lüè lüè lüè’ to him, Xu Jian: “! ! !”

Just talk if you want to say something, what are you selling meng for!

Looking at Qin Chen, the slow Xu Jian finally reacted—

This person is saying that he just kissed like lüè lüè lüè, sticking his tongue out. (T/N: Omg)

After understanding what Qin Chen meant, Xu Jian’s face flushed instantly. He pushed himself away on Qin Chen, sat up, and angrily said with a 囧,[2]emoticon signifying embarrassment, shock, helplessness, etc…“I don’t have the ability.”

Qin Chen conveniently turned over and lay on the sofa, looked at Xu Jian, and smiled. “It’s okay, I don’t dislike you.”

Xu Jian’s neck is now red, and he is so embarrassed that he doesn’t even know where to put his hands and feet.

Even if he was ridiculed about his poor kissing skills, he was also said to be lüè lüè lüè. The point is that Xu Jian repeated a lüè lüè lüè movement with his back to Qin Chen, and found that might have been like this just now.

Comparing his ‘lüè’ kissing skills and Qin Chen’s, Xu Jian was suddenly depressed.

His kissing skills are inexperienced. Moreover, with whom did Qin Chen practice his kissing skills that he was so experienced[3]lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy; a task that is so familiar one can do it with one’s hand tied behind one’s back. Idk if it’s fine to use this … Continue readingjust now? That President Du?

Thinking of this, Xu Jian felt disheartened, his heart was sour and a little angry at the same time.

Keenly aware of Xu Jian’s emotional changes, Qin Chen propped himself up with his elbow and touched him with his other hand, “Blew up?”

The ticklish Xu Jian was poked in the waist by Qin Chen; he shrank a bit and suddenly turned around.

After meeting Qin Chen’s smiling eyes, Xu Jian, who was suffocating with anger, as if he gave birth to his evil guts, he threw himself on Qin Chen like he had just been pushed down, and opened his mouth without saying a word—

Qin Chen, who was counterattacked, once again experienced Xu Jian’s ‘lüè’ kiss.

Xu Jian didn’t master his strength well. Qin Chen’s lips were knocked by his teeth when he was kissed, he could sense a very faint smell of blood which should’ve been knocked broken.

Qin Chen didn’t even frown, his hand holding Xu Jian’s waist to prevent him from rolling off the sofa because of too much excitement.

When it was over again, Qin Chen held back a smile and said to Xu Jian, “It’s better than before.”

Xu Jian knew from his expression that these words were comforting him, and he became very angry.

But when his gaze swept to Qin Chen’s broken lips, Xu Jian felt he was in the wrong and dared not to speak.

Just when Xu Jian wanted to say something to save his precarious face, Qin Chen suddenly said, “Kissed twice, I don’t know how long it will last.”

Qin Chen’s topic jumped too much that Xu Jian, who had forgotten the crossing the Yang on the back of his head, his mind almost didn’t turn, “Huh?”

After being stunned, Xu Jian finally remembered the business, hurriedly climbed up from Qin Chen, touched his neck, and smiled somewhat embarrassedly, “This ah… won’t know until tonight.”

The atmosphere instantly became serious, and Xu Jian’s heartbeat gradually calmed down:

Qin Chen did this just to cross the Yang, what are you so nervous about?

Thinking of this, Xu Jian’s complexion slowly changed from red to white, and finally returned to normal.

Although it’s clear that Qin Chen had made a great sacrifice in this matter, Xu Jian’s heart still felt quite upset.

Even a little embarrassed.

It’s like agreeing to sing on the same stage, and after the ending, the other party clapped their hands and left the stage, while he was still engrossed in it.

Insatiable. Xu Jian felt that he was quite shameful. Qin Chen helped others for the sake of Milk, but he himself couldn’t figure it out…

Secretly taking a deep breath, Xu Jian took out his acting skills and smiled at Qin Chen. “How long it will last will be known tonight. Thank you just now.”

The smile on Qin Chen’s face, who was thanked, condensed. He stared at him for a few seconds before asking, “Thank me for what?”

Xu Jian pretended to be relaxed, “If it weren’t for your help, I really don’t know what to do with the night scene.”

The smile on his face slowly disappeared, Qin Chen got up from the sofa without saying a word, a pair of eyes deeply looked at Xu Jian, and finally went to wash up without saying anything.

Qin Chen’s pace was faster than usual. He was afraid that if he slowed down a little, he wouldn’t be able to resist knocking Xu Jian’s head open to see what he was thinking.

I just kissed him, but he said that it was just to help?

Qin Chen was almost mad at Xu Jian, but he couldn’t say it because he brought up the matter of crossing the Yang himself.

Xu Jian stared at Qin Chen’s back and curled his lips, muttering in a low voice, “You’re still unhappy…”

In the car, heading to the set, Xiao Nan looked at this then looked at that, obviously feeling that the atmosphere between Xu Jian and Qin Chen today wasn’t quite right.

Xiao Nan thought, a lover’s quarrel and conflict?

Thinking like this in her heart, she glanced at Qin Chen’s cracked lips, and Xiao Nan denied herself again:

Brother Chen’s mouth was completely gnawed by Brother Xu. The battle is so intense, it doesn’t look like a quarrel ah?

Not only Xiao Nan, but Xu Jian was also secretly glancing at the low pressure around Qin Chen. He didn’t quite understand why Qin Chen was angry.

Could it be that after Qin Chen calmed down and found that he was losing out on this crossing the Yang, he regretted it?

But it’s still his first kiss…
Before Xu Jian frowned and thought of a reason, Qin Chen suddenly raised his hand and knocked on the dining table in the RV. “What are you thinking? Concentrate on eating.”

Xu Jian instantly returned to his senses, met Qin Chen’s gaze, and after saying ‘Oh’, he picked up the still untouched milk next to him and took a big sip.

Qin Chen pushed the still steaming fried egg in front of him. “The work for the day will be finished late, eat another one.”

After saying that, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and added, “You’re already such an adult, how can you not take every meal seriously?”

Thinking of the previous incident when he got his paw scalded by hot water, Xu Jian knew that he was in the wrong and obediently took another bite of the fried egg, thinking: Angry again?

Looking at Xu Jian’s cheeks moving as he chewed, Qin Chen sighed in his heart as he accepted his fate:

Forget it. What’s the point of getting angry with a stupid cat who doesn’t understand?

Qin Chen knew from Xu Jian’s inexperienced kissing skills that the little ancestor’s romantic experience was almost zero.

Otherwise, when kissing, he won’t just know how to open his mouth then lüè lüè lüè.

Recalling Xu Jian’s ‘lüè’ kissing just now, Qin Chen still wanted to laugh a little. But because it wasn’t appropriate in this situation, he held back.

On the side, Xiao Nan watched their every move, biting the straw and looking at the car roof —

Well, I was worried for nothing, this isn’t a quarrel, this is obviously a couple flirting.

She, a single dog, doesn’t understand the fun between lovers.


After crossing the Yang with Qin Chen twice, Xu Jian didn’t turn back into a cat until 11:43 that night.

Looking at the fluffy Xu Jian, then at the wall clock. Qin Chen’s tone was full of regret, “It took two kisses to extend for 13 minutes.”

Looking up at the bright smile on Qin Chen’s face, Xu Jian: “……”

So are you sorry or are you happy?

Raising his hand to smooth along long fur on Xu Jian’s back, Qin Chen looked down at him. “This should also have something to do with the length of the kiss, right?”

Xu Jian: “… Meow.”

Xu Jian didn’t know how to answer Qin Chen’s words, he could only respond with a polite meow.

Pinching Xu Jian’s round face and gently pulling on both sides, Qin Chen said, “I’m asking you something, don’t try to muddle through with meng.”

Xu Jian Cat, who was pinched, frowned, looked at him dissatisfied, and opened his mouth: “Meow ao~”

That means: Don’t pull my face so much, it’s rounded by you!

Qin Chen bent his fingers and flicked Xu Jian’s cat ears, “Keep your voice down. I told Xiao Nan and the others that I sent you to a friend’s house. If you make such a loud sound and they hear it, they’ll think that I have a little wildcat here; I can’t explain it.”

Although he believes in the soundproofing of the hotel rooms, Wildcat Xu still closed his mouth, and before shutting up, he raised his legs to step on Qin Chen’s jio to express his opinion.

Xu Jian is now more and more rounded. The force of stepping on his foot isn’t much for Qin Chen, but his flesh and snow-white fur trembled with it.

Qin Chen held his two rebellious front legs and looked at him with a smile. “Mr. Xu, does Milk’s body grow when you eat every day?”

If it weren’t for Xu Jian’s white fur, Qin Chen would’ve wondered if his breed was an orange cat.

The orange cat’s reputation was killed again.

But it’s not that Qin Chen discriminates against a certain orange, it’s just that as everyone knows, the ‘orange pig’ statement is not a joke.

Hearing that Qin Chen was beating around the bush to say he was fat, Xu Jian glared at him: I’m a long-haired cat that just looks fat, OK?

One person and one cat made a scene for a while. Qin Chen deliberately made Xu Jian jump up and down, and only when the little ancestor was tired did he speak slowly, “Tomorrow, we’ll kiss a few more times to see if we can find the delay pattern.”

Qin Chen said it in a tone of what to eat tomorrow, that he would take a few more kisses which made Xu Jian embarrassed to refuse. Finally, he glanced at him and silently turned away.

Looking at Xu Jian, who was facing him with his plump butt, Qin Chen silently hooked the corner of his lips, but his tone was serious as if he was giving a speech, “Then it’s settled.”

Qin Chen felt that it wasn’t bad to let Xu Jian misunderstand, and he have an excuse to kiss him fair and square. [4]I think this was mentioned in the previous chap like kissing him was justified in a way, when it’s just Qin Chen taking advantage of this opportunity xD

The main point is that Xu Jian most likely won’t refuse.

Milk Xu Jian meowed in a milky and angry voice.

Qin Chen: “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as you agree.”

Milk Xu: “……”

I also want to be able to talk ah!

Qin Chen rubbed the cat two more times with his itchy hands, and finally said, “Then you rest early and stop browsing small videos.”

The answer to Qin Chen was Xu Jian’s tail wagging that means: Go quickly ba.

So two days before the start of his final scene, Qin Chen tried every means to pull Xu Jian to cross the Yang as soon as he was free. In just two days, Xu Jian’s ‘lüè’ kissing skills improved a lot.

With the joint efforts of the two, Xu Jian turning into a cat time has been extended to midnight. As for the delay pattern, the parties involved says that—

Who still counts the times when kissing?

Unable to find the pattern, Qin Chen pulled people to blatantly kiss several times early in the morning on the day of his final scene.

Originally, Xu Jian thought that kissing so many times should be enough, but after a meal, he was once again blocked by Qin Chen in the RV.

Looking at Qin Chen, who was pulling his arm with a serious expression, Xu Jian: “?”

Pressing the remote control to close the car windows, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and spoke in a low voice, “I don’t think it’s safe enough.”

Xu Jian was taken aback. Not waiting for him to react, Qin Chen took him into his arms the next second, lowered his head, and kissed him.

Xu Jian has been used to Qin Chen’s surprise attack a lot in the past two days. Before he could catch his breath after a kiss, Qin Chen pecked the corner of his mouth, speaking quickly, “It’s safer to kiss several times.”

Xu Jian, whose mouth was blocked again, widened his eyes and patted Qin Chen’s back. “Mm…mm—

Kissing is fine, but can you let me breathe?

Is this kissing or murder ah?

Just when Xu Jian was about to be suffocated to death, he heard Qin Chen’s smiling voice:

“Can’t you breathe through your nose?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat suddenly realized: Yes oh, I still have a nose when my mouth is blocked!

Qin poop scooping officer: It seems that more practice is needed.

A certain orange cat whose reputation was killed again: Even if you guys show public display of affection, you still say that I’m fat?? Let’s settle the appearance fee, okay? 

XJ, lüè lüè lüè:

I saw this one first when I looked it up. Hahaha I’m dead


1 Internet buzzword that originated on Weibo. Netizens said that this word is used when they tease each other. It’s a mischievous tone referring to the sound of sticking your tongue out. QC so childish lmao
2 emoticon signifying embarrassment, shock, helplessness, etc…
3 lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy; a task that is so familiar one can do it with one’s hand tied behind one’s back. Idk if it’s fine to use this one word over these ones. Let me know if you have a better term!
4 I think this was mentioned in the previous chap like kissing him was justified in a way, when it’s just Qin Chen taking advantage of this opportunity xD

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