He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 72.1

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Chapter 72.1 – Finale

When Xu Jian and Qin Chen came out of the RV again, Xiao Nan keenly noticed that her Brother Xu’s mouth was much redder than just now.

Glancing at Qin Chen who came down after Xu Jian, Xiao Nan’s eyes meant:


He’s about to make a final scene soon. Can’t you do this kind of thing slowly after returning to the hotel? Now that his mouth is red like this, what would you do if people find out?

Turning a blind eye to Xiao Nan’s gaze, a contented Qin Chen and a head lowered Xu Jian went to put on makeup.

The camera needs it. In order to highlight Xu Feng’s sorry figure, the costume designer needs to tear Xu Jian’s clothes and then dye them with the props ‘blood’. The makeup artist was putting wounds on Xu Jian’s face. The already finished Qin Chen was playing with his phone next to him.

Qin Chen sent a selfie in a small group of only him, Tang Li, and Du Zezhou. Tang Li, who had just finished eating and was slumped on the sofa, received the notification and opened it. He glanced at it and blew rainbow farts[1]give irrational high praise. I might’ve forgotten to include it in a previous chap that Idk which anymore. Welp. Let me know if anyone still knows it.without hesitation:

[Look at our Brother Chen’s face, excellent!]

Du Zezhou reacted soullessly and followed along: [Excellent [thumbs up]]

Qin Chen didn’t say anything after sending it, but in the end, Du Zezhou looked at the photo carefully and found a problem: [Why is your mouth broken?]

After being reminded by Du Zezhou, Tang Li took a closer look and saw that Qin Chen’s mouth was indeed broken.

Tang Li: [The makeup is needed for filming or did you bite yourself by fighting with your teeth?]

Qin Chen raised his head and glanced at Xu Jian, who was surrounded by makeup artists, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he slowly replied:

[The little ancestor in the family didn’t bite lightly nor heavily.]

Du Zezhou suspected that his eyes were blurry: [F*$%*! Who bit it?]

Du Zezhou: [Are you dating behind our backs?]

Tan Li sent out an emoji that ‘scared off the bowl in his hand’. His thoughts were very different from Du Zezhou:

[Brother Chen, are you serious? Milk is just an innocent little cat ah!]

[You can’t kiss a cat no matter how much you like Milk ah!]

Tang Li went to visit the group before, and also became Xu Jian Cat’s Waterloo. Naturally, he knew who the little ancestor in Qin Chen’s family was.

Du Zezhou’s bowl was also scared off this time: [Bitten by a cat? Have you been vaccinated?]

Qin Chen: [……]

Qin Chen: [When did I say it was bitten by a cat?]

Tang Li: [?? Do you have another little ancestor besides Milk?]

Facing Tang Li’s question, Qin Chen sent another picture in the group as an answer. It was when Xu Jian changed into a human on his bed and he took it while he wasn’t awake.

Tang Li and Du Zezhou clicked on the picture and looked, they saw two bare arms. The one on the left was whiter and thinner than the one on the right.

It was obviously two people’s arms.

Judging from the background layout of the photo, it should’ve been taken in a hotel, but this is not the point—

The point is to know at a glance that when this photo was taken, the two people in it were lying on the bed side by side and they were both naked!

After seeing the photo clearly, Tang Li jumped from the sofa and blurted out ‘f%&#*’ without holding back, which scared the aunt who was cleaning the dishes in the dining room. She didn’t have time to dry the water on her hands as she hurriedly ran out and asked what happened.

[Who the f@*&*?]

[Not only do you have a girlfriend but you’re still so fast?!]

There are even bed photos!

Tang Li was stunned: [Is this the legendary doing great things in silence? Who is the other party? Do we know each other?]

Du Zezhou: [Yes, I’d like to see which immortal has actually taken you down.]

However, no matter how Du Zezhou and Tang Li asked and @, Qin Chen lurked and stopped chatting after dropping a bomb. The two of them were so anxious that they wanted to buy plane tickets to fly to him now, shake him by the shoulders, and ask him what was going on.

Qin Chen, who was called by the director to say a few words and came back, took a second look and saw that the two people in the group chat who couldn’t get an answer were already discussing. If the news that he already had a girlfriend was exposed, there would be a lot of blood[2]lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom); fig. reign of terror on the Internet.

Tang Li said that the majority of Qin Chen’s fans were estimated to go crazy.

When Tang Li and Du Zezhou were discussing hotly, Qin Chen’s message suddenly appeared:

[Who said I have a girlfriend?]

Seeing Qin Chen’s message, Tang Li and Du Zezhou were both stunned—not a girlfriend but still sleeping together?

However, before they could react, Qin Chen dropped another sentence lightly:

[It’s a boyfriend.]

After typing, Qin Chen added another sentence in his heart: Future boyfriend who I haven’t caught yet.

If what Qin Chen dropped just now was a bomb, the word ‘boyfriend’ was a missile, which made the brains of the other two buzz.

Tang Li: [????]

Du Zezhou: [???????]

The message that had been brushed quickly in the previous second suddenly stopped. After the group chat was strangely silent for a few seconds, Du Zezhou was the first to speak:

[Are you sure it’s a boyfriend, not a male friend?]

Du Zezhou suspected that Qin Chen had typed one word less.[3]The words for boyfriend is (男朋友) while male friend is (男性朋友吗) which clearly indicates that it’s a male and a friend. Idk if I need to add it but here~ Hehe~

Qin Chen: [Boyfriend.]

De Zezhou: [……]

The shocked Tang Li felt that he knew too much today: [No, is it what I understand? Brother Chen, when did you bend?]

When did you bend?

Qin Chen stared at Xu Jian’s side profile and seriously thought about this question, then typed: [When I met him.]

Seeing Qin Chen’s message, Tang Li and Du Zezhou, who were far away on both ends of the phone, shook their shoulders coincidentally at the same time, saying that they had been sour by him.

This news was too explosive. After repeatedly confirming that Qin Chen wasn’t joking, Tang Li and Du Zezhou quickly accepted this fact.

They’re all open-minded young men, and they had no other thoughts than surprise and shock about Qin Chen finding a boyfriend. Thus, soon, Tang Li began to heckle Qin Chen to send photos.

He wanted to see which brave person not only stole his Brother Chen’s soul but also easily bent him.

Faced with Tang Li’s heckling, Qin Chen was unmoved, saying that he would tell them who it was after chasing him down.

Du Zezhou was shocked when he saw it: [Is that right, Big Brother? Your bed photo is out and you tell me that you haven’t caught the person yet?]

Tang Li: [You guys… play so wild?]

Biting your mouth off without being officially together yet? How insane will it be after you get together?

Knowing that they thought wrong, Qin Chen replied ‘Soon’, then didn’t explain much, letting them guess for themselves.


The night scene started later than expected because the little girl, who played the hostage, Little Jasmine seemed to be frightened when she saw Xu Jian wearing makeup and suddenly cried without warning. They couldn’t coax her. She hid in the arms of her assistant sister and refused to show up.

Looking at the little girl who was so frightened and had an emotional breakdown, Xu Jian looked panicked and a little embarrassed at the same time. After being at a loss for a while, he turned his head to look at Qin Chen and said in a small voice, “Is it really that scary?”

Listening to Xu Jian’s aggrieved voice, Qin Chen’s heart softened. He shook his head without hesitation, “Not scary, very cute.”

Xiao Nan, who was listening to him, couldn’t help looking up at the sky and rolled her little eyes:

The sour smell of love ah, ze ze.

No eyes to see, no ears to hear.

Under the comfort of the assistant sister’s gentle low voice, Little Jasmine’s emotions finally calmed down, but she still held the assistant sister’s hand and couldn’t stop peeking at Xu Jian as if to see if he was a good person or not.

Facing the little girl’s timid gaze, Xu Jian smiled at her kindly, but with his current makeup, the scared little girl shrank behind the assistant lady again.

Qin Chen, who witnessed everything next to him, couldn’t hold back and laughed “pfft”.


1 give irrational high praise. I might’ve forgotten to include it in a previous chap that Idk which anymore. Welp. Let me know if anyone still knows it.
2 lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom); fig. reign of terror
3 The words for boyfriend is (男朋友) while male friend is (男性朋友吗) which clearly indicates that it’s a male and a friend. Idk if I need to add it but here~ Hehe~

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