He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 72.2

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Chapter 72.2 – Finale

Xu Jian: “……”

Turning his head to look at Qin Chen resentfully, Xu Jian comforted himself in his heart that Teacher Xu’s makeup was very good, not that he was scary looking.

With great difficulty, the filming officially started, but it didn’t go well in the second half because Little Jasmine’s body was shaking all the time. Knowing that she was really scared, Xu Jian also didn’t dare to push hard, for fear of making the child cry in fright and causing emotional breakdown.

Taking his sister’s child as a hostage was to highlight Xu Feng’s ruthlessness and madness. Xu Jian had concerns in his heart, and the effect shown under the camera wasn’t quite satisfactory, and he NG-ed several times in a row.

As soon as Qin Chen saw the director’s call to stop, Xu Jian quickly let go of the arm that was resting on the little girl’s neck and at the same time took a few steps back.

With that appearance, is not an exaggeration to say that he’s hiding from an enormous disaster.[1]lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom); something that causes enormous damage

Qin Chen was amused, he had time to watch the scene calmly in the midst of chaos—there are also people who this little ancestor is afraid of ah.

In the end, there was really nothing they could do. Not knowing where the director found a bunch of snacks to stuff in Xu Jian’s arms, he asked him to go and cultivate feelings with Little Jasmine, at least let the little girl not be so afraid.

Because in the movie, Little Jasmine has been close to Xu Feng since she was little and fully trusted him. Since she couldn’t see clearly[2]like she didn’t understand things yet bc she was young]because she was young, she thought her uncle was playing games with her again.

After leaving a bunch of snacks, the director took the other actors to shoot other scenes, leaving Qin Chen and Xu Jian, two people, to stare at Little Jasmine with big eyes and small eyes.

Looking at Little Jasmine then looking at Qin Chen, the helpless Xu Jian asked Qin Chen seriously, “Do you know how to coax children?”

Qin Chen shook his head, “Never coaxed.”

Xu Jian fell into deep thought and finally looked for help at Xiao Nan and Pan Min next to him.

Pan Min has never brought a child, so she shook her head hurriedly that means—neither can I, don’t count on me.

At the critical moment, only Xiao Nan stepped forward and took a piece of chocolate to coax Little Jasmine. After more than ten minutes, Little Jasmine finally gathered her courage and raised her hand to take the cheese stick handed over by Xu Jian, and said in a small voice like a mosquito humming a thank you.

Hearing Little Jasmine’s words, Xu Jian’s eyes lit up and said you’re welcome, he still has a lot of snacks here. Just say directly what you want to eat.

Seeing Xu Jian excited like that if he didn’t know, he would also think that his(XJ) own child finally opened their mouth and called out dad. Qin Chen smiled and said in his heart:

Silly cat.

After cultivating feelings for more than half an hour, Little Jasmine cooperated more. She still had a lollipop in her mouth when the shooting started.

The assistant originally wanted to help remove the lollipop, but when the director saw it, he felt that it was more in line with Little Jasmine’s personality, so he let her keep it.

Following that, everything went well. When Xu Jian hooked the corners of his mouth evilly and called Qin Chen “Dear[3]can also mean Beloved Officer Yu” softly and tenderly. Xiao Nan couldn’t help raising her hand to cover her mouth, with an expression on her face as if she’s high—

Brother Chen and Brother Xu are invincible immortals together!

They are obviously opposing sides, why did Xu Feng say ‘Dear Officer Yu’ with a face after exiting!

Xiao Nan can already imagine the scene where fans frantically formed CP to produce food scenes[4]probably like some dog food-like scenarios/fanfics lol after the movie was released.

With an awe-inspiring police officer and an evil and paranoid villain, Xiao Nan, who has been in the circle for many years, has a feeling that this evil cult CP will catch fire…[5]be popular

The finale scene was originally expected to end at 10 pm, but by the time the director raised his hand and yelled ‘pass’, the time exceeded half an hour.

Xu Jian was finished. When the people around him smiled and applauded to congratulate him for his finale, they didn’t know where Qin Chen had conjured a bouquet of flowers and handed it to him. The director smiled and gave him a red envelope.

Looking at Xu Jian’s sorry figure, Qin Chen smiled and said, “Congratulations on the finale, it’s very great.”

After saying that, Qin Chen leaned close to Xu Jian’s ear and whispered at a volume that only the two of them could hear, “Fortunately, we prepared with both hands.”

Knowing that Qin Chen was referring to the early crossing of the Yang, Xu Jian’s face became hot. But fortunately, his face was now ‘bloody’ and ashen, and his original complexion couldn’t be seen.

In fact, Xu Jian was also thankful to be filmed later, but when Qin Chen said it so clearly, he was a little embarrassed.

He didn’t forget what Teacher Xue, the teacher who put on his makeup casually said—your lips are quite bright, you have to be pale. Did you eat any stimulating food for dinner?

At that time, after hearing this, Xu Jian couldn’t wait to find a crack to crawl into, so he had to go along and give a hollow laugh twice and said that he had eaten spicy food.

If you get a bargain, don’t sell it, lest you don’t have the bargain to take advantage of in the future. Qin Chen knows this very well, so he will accept it after teasing in order to not make a certain someone with thin skin turn into a cat in place by him.

Xu Jian’s scene was finished, the crew also finished work today. Before arriving at the hotel, Xu Jian received a message from Shen Xi, asking him if he wanted to go out for a late-night supper to celebrate his successful completion.

It’s past 11 pm now. Facing his idol’s invitation, although Xu Jian was heartbroken, he was afraid of becoming a cat in front of his idol. Thus, he was tangled for a few seconds, ready to refuse.

As a result, before his refusal was sent, Shen Xi’s message came again:

[It’s right next to the hotel, things have already been ordered, and Linxie is also here. Knowing that it’s your finale today, he especially rushed over. Remember to call Qin Chen to go together.]

Shen Xi’s words have all come to this point, and the location was next to the hotel. Xu Jian hesitated and finally threw the question to Qin Chen, “Go or not?”

Qin Chen glanced at his phone, his eyes flashed. Not knowing what he was thinking of, he said, “President Jiang is also there, let’s go ba.”

Jiang Linxie especially rushed over and also chose a restaurant next to the hotel, it would be very disgraceful not to go.

Xu Jian nodded after hearing this and thought to himself after replying to Shen Xi: After crossing the Yang many times today, he should be able to last until after midnight.

On the other hand, what Qin Chen thought in his heart was—

If the Yang isn’t enough, we can cross it now. The opportunity to take advantage of a fair chance has come again.

Navigated to the address sent by Shen Xi, after getting off the car, Xu Jian saw that the place they chose was a restaurant with fairly good privacy. He saw the signboard featured crayfish.

Anyway, they were all next to the hotel. Pan Min and Xiao Nan didn’t accompany the two of them in. Pan Min was humane to them. “Come back early, try not to drink, call if there’s something.”

There are a lot of paparazzi squatting around the hotel. If they are photographed drinking, they wouldn’t know how much messy news will come out the next morning.

Qin Chen said to the uneasy Pan Min, “I’m here, don’t worry.”

Pan Min looked at him, “It’s because you’re here that I’m not at ease, okay? Xu Jian is much more worry-free[6]like she doesn’t worry much about XJ bc she knows he wouldn’t cause troublethan you.”

Pan Min’s greatest fear is that Qin Chen encounters a paparazzi who secretly filmed and followed him, fearing that if they clashed verbally, he would fight the other.

Hearing Pan Min’s words, Xu Jian couldn’t hold back a laugh. Qin Chen turned to look at him and deliberately said, “You still laugh, do you think you’re very worry-free ah?”

Xu Jian immediately shook his head with a blank face that means, I didn’t laugh.

After a few more instructions, Pan Min and Xiao Nan left. Qin Chen and Xu Jian entered and were led by the staff to the private room Shen Xi said.

As soon as he opened the door, Xu Jian heard Jiang Linxie’s voice with a smile, “You’re finally here.”

When he suddenly heard Jiang Linxie’s voice, Xu Jian’s footsteps paused. He inexplicably felt that his voice sounded familiar, and he had the illusion that he had only heard it not long ago.

But in fact, it’s been quite a while since they last met.

There was a large table in the box which was filled with various flavors of crayfish and light side dishes. Shen Xi, who was sitting next to Jiang Linxie, greeted Qin Chen and Xu Jian and clapped his hands after sitting down. “We can finally start!”

Taking a glance at Shen Xi, who began to wear disposable gloves to start with the crayfish, Xu Jian turned his eyes to Jiang Linxie, “When did you come, President Jiang?”

Jiang Linxie smiled, “Just got off the plane not long ago.”

After listening to his words, Xu Jian understood—no wonder he didn’t see Teacher Shen after the scene was filmed. It turned out he went to the airport to pick up President Jiang.

Xu Jian was chatting with Jiang Linxie about what happened during filming, while Qin Chen, who had suspected that something was wrong with Jiang Linxie, was quietly looking at the other party the moment he entered the box, trying to see any clues from him.

However, Jiang Linxie, who was talking and laughing with Xu Jian, had a natural expression and demeanor. He turned the table a little while talking and said to Xu Jian with a smile, “Your favorite, beer crayfish. This place has good craftmanship, try it.”
Xu Jian looked at the large plate of tempting crayfish in front of him and was a little surprised, “How does President Jiang know that I like to eat this?”

Qin Chen raised his eyebrow slightly when he heard this and turned his head to look at Xu Jian. “You like crayfish?”

XJ be like: Look at me, I not scawy( 人·ω·)


1 lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom); something that causes enormous damage
2 like she didn’t understand things yet bc she was young]
3 can also mean Beloved
4 probably like some dog food-like scenarios/fanfics lol
5 be popular
6 like she doesn’t worry much about XJ bc she knows he wouldn’t cause trouble

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    Is the voice familiar because he is the same voice as that master that told him to sleep with Qin Chen in so many words? That mysterious knowing is similar and Jiang who was not around MC knowing these things is just suspicious. Urgh now I am just pulling ideas out the air I am so curious!


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