He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – Mint

When Xu Jian was still in Ancient, every time he went out for a late-night supper with Chen Doudou, he would choose the street behind the company.

The back street is very lively at night. With a few tables and chairs, they are late-night supper stalls. After ordering crayfish, they can eat and chat. Chen Doudou and Xu Jian can eat several catties, lobster shells are piled into a small mountain every time they paid the bill.

Although Xu Jian doesn’t drink alcohol, beer lobster is his most favorite flavor among all crayfish.

But since becoming a cat, Xu Jian hasn’t eaten crayfish and hadn’t mentioned it. So even Qin Chen didn’t know he liked to eat this.

Jiang Linxie looked at the surprised Xu Jian and smiled, “This isn’t a secret matter, isn’t it normal for me to know?”

After hearing this, Xu Jian felt that it made sense and said, “That’s true, too.”

After a few words, Shen Xi had already peeled a small plate of crayfish meat and sent the plate towards Jiang Linxie. “Linxie, you eat this.”

Jiang Linxie glanced down at the crayfish meat soaked with spicy oil, which was very appetizing at a glance; but he slowly shook his head, “You eat it yourself, I’ll peel it with myself.”

Xu Jian, who was peeling crayfish with his gloves on expertly, took a furtive look at the two people opposite him and secretly guessed in his heart—Idol still hasn’t caught President Jiang?

As he was distracted, Xu Jian saw flowers in front of him. When he looked again, he saw that there were a few more already peeled crayfish in the bowl in front of him.

Xu Jian turned his head to look at Qin Chen, “You won’t eat?”

Qin Chen: “I don’t really like to eat these.”

Qin Chen seemed to be slow, but the movements in his hands were very distinct. He pinched the crayfish with his slender fingers, and its meat came out with a twist; he could peel it in a few seconds. Xu Jian was amazed when he saw it.

Over the years, Xu Jian and Chen Doudou have suffered together. He didn’t know how many crayfish he had. He thought that his peeling skills have been perfected and he’s an expert. But he didn’t expect that a mountain is higher than another, and Qin Chen’s movements are more nimble than his.

Looking at Qin Chen’s movements, Xu Jian couldn’t help but ask, “Why are your movements so skilled?”

Shen Xi and Jiang Linxie also looked at him when they heard the sound. Putting the freshly peeled crayfish in a bowl, Qin Chen explained, “Practiced before filming.”

A long time ago, Qin Chen filmed a TV series. In there, there was a scene where the male lead peeled crayfish for the female lead. Qin Chen specifically practiced how to peel them quickly for this purpose.

Jiang Linxie was taken aback when he heard this, “You have to learn this for filming?”

Qin Chen said lightly, “The camera needs it.”

Jiang Linxie had an ‘awesome’ expression, and Shen Xi next to him curled his lips and didn’t say anything.

With Qin Chen present, Xu Jian had more and more meat in his bowl during the chat. His eyes swept at Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi, somewhat embarrassed. He touched Qin Chen’s elbow with his and whispered openly, “I have enough, no need to peel them. It won’t taste good when it’s cold.”

Qin Chen nodded after he heard this, “Okay, eat before talking.”

Seeing Qin Chen’s and Xu Jian’s small movements clearly,[1]being clear about something [idiom] Jiang Linxie raised his eyebrow, turned his gaze to the bracelet on Xu Jian’s wrist, and suddenly said, “Do you still like the bracelet?”

Xu Jian subconsciously glanced down at the silver bell, then bent his eyes. “I like it. Thank you, President Jiang.”

Jiang Linxie nodded. “It’s good if you like it.”

Picking a spicy crayfish, Jiang Linxie peeled it while saying to Xu Jian, “I also brought a few scripts here this time, see if you like them later.”

Hearing his words, the remaining three people looked at him. Qin Chen took off his disposable gloves and looked at him while wiping his hands with a tissue. “President Jiang, Xu Jian is now a member of our company.”

Jiang Linxie raised a brow with his words. “Although Xu Jian is signed in Leyu, it isn’t too much to give resources to my benefactor’s son, right?”

It’s reasonable. But as soon as this news broke out, those who don’t know the inside story will think that Xu Jian and the former boss didn’t break cleanly, causing people to criticize.

Shen Xi also thought of this and said to Jiang Linxie, “Leyu is such a big company, can it still treat Xu Jian badly? You can rest assured ba.”

Xu Jian didn’t think that far ahead, he just felt that since he was no longer an artist of Ancient, he shouldn’t take advantage of the company’s resources, so he waved his hand, “No need, President Jiang.”

But since the words have already been said here, in line with not letting opportunities go over with others,[2]lit. don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field; fig. keep the goodies within the family [proverb]Xu Jian looked at Jiang Linxie, “President Jiang, do you know Chen Doudou?”

Hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen next to him glanced at him.

Seeing Xu Jian’s expression, Jiang Linxie instantly understood what he meant. “Do you want me to give these resources to your roommate?”

Xu Jian wasn’t embarrassed to have his thoughts exposed. He nodded with a serious look to fight for his best friend, “His acting skills are very good, and has good conditions in all aspects, it’s just he never has enough exposure.”

Shen Xi thought about it and asked, “Chen Doudou, is it the one you helped to ask for an autograph before?”

Xu Jian hurriedly nodded, “It’s him.”

Jiang Linxie didn’t say yes or no, but just said, “His baby-faced appearance is a bit of a disadvantage, many roles aren’t suitable for him.”

Chen Doudou’s baby face makes him look a few years younger than his actual age. He is suitable for acting in school dramas. In contrast with tall, powerful, and serious roles are very difficult for him.

For example, a president, high-ranking military officer, and so on.

Xu Jian naturally knows this. “If President Jiang has the right resources and can give him a chance to audition, he will certainly not let you down.”

Jiang Linxie nodded with a smile. “Okay, I’ll have someone to pay attention to it. Since it’s your friend, I won’t naturally treat him badly.”

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “Thank you, President Jiang.”

Jiang Linxie waved his hand, “What are you being polite to me for.”

Next, Xu Jian and Jiang Linxie started discussing Chen Doudou’s acting path. Qin Chen and Shen Xi didn’t know Chen Doudou so they couldn’t intervene.

The two looked at each other and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Perhaps it was because he was too engaged in chatting with Xu Jian, the multi-tasking Jiang Linxie didn’t notice that his finger was cut by the crayfish shell. The shell went through the disposable transparent glove, leaving a small bloodstain on his right thumb.

It’s painful to be scratched by the crayfish shells full of spicy oil on the surface. Jiang Linxie inhaled a breath of cold air. As soon as he took off his glove, Shen Xi handed over the wet wipes and band-aid.

Jiang Linxie reached out to take it and looked up at Shen Xi, “Why do you still carry these things with you?”

Shen Xi smiled. “It’s good to be prepared.”

He often bumped and knocked during filming. Xiao Nan also carries band-aids, cotton swabs, and alcohol in her bag.

But it was just a small wound, and it would heal in a few days. While Jiang Linxie was putting on the band-aid, Xu Jian frowned, moved his nose, and turned his head to ask Qin Chen in a low voice, “Do you smell something?”

Qin Chen also sniffed after hearing him, then said, “I smelled spicy oil and garlic.”

Xu Jian glanced at the table full of crayfish. “… I’m not talking about this.”

Xu Jian naturally wasn’t referring to the smell of lobster, he smelled a faint, other smell in the air.

But now the private room is full of all kinds of lobster, spicy, garlic flavor, beer scent, and other kinds of stimulating flavors mixed together. In the end, he can’t remember what the smell was just now.

Xu Jian couldn’t recall what the smell was until after supper, but after the four of them came out of the room, their clothes smelled of spicy crayfish flavor.

The evening meal ended earlier than Xu Jian expected. Considering that he and Qin Chen had been filming for a day, Jiang Linxie and Shen Xi let them go back to the hotel to rest early.

Thus, Xu Jian had enough Yang and didn’t become a cat. Qin Chen didn’t find an opportunity to take advantage.

After arriving in the room, Xu Jian went to take a shower first. After taking off his shirt, his eyes inadvertently swept at the bell on his wrist. With a flash of inspiration, he slapped his forehead, “I remember!”

Qin Chen outside heard his voice and casually asked, “What did you remember?”

Xu Jian in the bathroom raised his voice, “Mint, I smelled mint when I was eating crayfish just now.”

At that time, the smell of lobster in the room was too heavy. The faint mint flavor mixed in, causing Xu Jian to not smell it for a while. Now he remembered when he saw the bracelet.

He said that the smell was a bit familiar, it turned out to be mint.

Qin Chen paused while typing, “Do they use mint to make lobsters?”

Xu Jian felt that what he smelled just now should be the smell on his bracelet, so he said, “It’s okay.”

It was just an episode, Qin Chen also didn’t worry about it, and reminded him, “It’s almost half-past twelve, wash up quickly or you’ll turn into a cat while washing later.”

Xu Jian didn’t want to become a cat in soup. After listening to Qin Chen’s words, he couldn’t help but speed up his movements and replied, “Right away.”

Hearing the sound of rushing water in the bathroom, Qin Chen could imagine an extremely urgent look inside. He raised the corner of his lips.

In the small group chat of three people, Tang Li was calling for Qin Chen to send a picture of his boyfriend again. Qin Chen’s slender fingers tapped a few times on the screen and replied:


Tang Li sent an expression package of gnashing teeth and stamping feet: [If you don’t send it, I will go to Weibo with my real name to expose that you’re in love!]

Du Zezhou: [+1]

Qin Chen wasn’t threatened at all: [I don’t care, but as a friendly reminder, I still have photos of you wearing skirts when you were little in my album.]

Tang Li: [! ! !]

After dropping these words, Qin Chen happily got on Weibo and used Milk’s account to post 2 cat pictures with the words:

@Qin Chen said that today is also a lovely day with full marks ~

That night, Xu Jian was nestled on the bad, struggling with his cat’s paw to brush Weibo. After seeing this Weibo posted by Qin Chen with Milk’s tone: “……”

It’s too shameful to have a full score of loveliness and a tilde[3]~ this symbolon the back!

Xu Jian, who was thinking this way in his heart, silently raised his meat pad and gave this post a like.


Although Xu Jian’s part was finished, he has no other work now. So he continued to stay on the set, waiting for Qin Chen to return to Nanfeng City together after he finish filming.

Six days later, <The Slayer> which took more than three months, was finally completed. After eating the finale banquet, Qin Chen, Xu Jian, and his group flew back to Nanfeng City. When they arrived, it was already past seven o’clock in the evening.

Everyone was very tired. For convenience, the driver who came to pick them up first sent Pan Min home. After Xiao Nan also got off the car, the driver turned his head to ask Xu Jian where he lives.

Before Xu Jian could answer, Qin Chen spoke first. “He lives with me, just directly go back to where I live.”

The driver froze at the words and gave a dull ‘oh’ before restarting the car.

Xu Jian, who didn’t have time to speak, observed the driver and found that the other party’s expression became a little unnatural.

After a pause, Xu Jian pulled Qin Chen’s clothes to get his attention, leaned over to speak in a low voice that only the two of them could hear. “You said that just now, the driver seems to have misunderstood.”

Qin Chen looked at him with an innocent face when he heard the words, “What’s the misunderstanding?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian struggled for a few seconds and didn’t know how to tell Qin Chen that the driver might’ve misunderstood their relationship, and finally had to give up. “Forget it, it’s nothing.”

Xu Jian didn’t say, Qin Chen, who knew exactly what he was referring to, naturally skipped this topic and asked, “What are we going to eat later? Go home to eat or outside?”

Hearing the words ‘go home’, the driver’s expression in front was even more incomprehensible. He also carefully glanced at the two of them from the rearview mirror.

Raising his eyes to sweep at the driver’s gaze, Xu Jian: “……”

Now I can’t be washed clean even if I jump into the Yellow River.

The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: Don’t know what to say.

Qin poop scooping officer: Don’t say, just acquiesce is good.

Xu Jian after a meal:


1 being clear about something [idiom]
2 lit. don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field; fig. keep the goodies within the family [proverb]
3 ~ this symbol

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