He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Care

If it weren’t for knowing Qin Chen’s personality, Xu Jian would’ve thought he was deliberately saying such imaginative things.

The driver was used to seeing strong winds and waves. Although he was shocked after listening to Qin Chen’s words, he didn’t say anything and sent the two of them downstairs to Qin Chen’s house steadily along the way.

Xu Jian went to the trunk to get his luggage. The driver looked like he had something to say but was hesitating. Finally, Qin Chen couldn’t watch it anymore.

“Uncle Li, if you have something to say, just say it.”

The driver named Uncle Li glanced at Xu Jian, his voice was a little hesitant, “Young Master, this…”

Uncle Li instantly understood the look on Qin Chen’s eyes and stopped asking in silence.

When Xu Jian came over with his suitcase in tow, he heard the driver tell Qin Chen to return home when he have time, Mother Qin missed him.

After Uncle Li left, Xu Jian looked at the back of the car, “Just heard you call Uncle Li, you know each other very well ah?”

Qin Chen nodded. “Uncle Li used to be my father’s assistant.”

Uncle Li originally followed Qin Chen and his father. Later, after Qin Chen debuted, he often run about and needed a driver to transport him, so his father transferred Uncle Li to him.

After knowing each other for so long, he haven’t heard Qin Chen talk about his family, and Xu Jian didn’t think much about it.

“I thought he was sent by the company to pick you up but it turns out he wasn’t ah.”

In the elevator, Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s side face with the intention of confessing his identity to him. But after thinking about it, according to Xu Jian’s character, if he knew that Leyu was owned by his family, he’ll definitely split his hairs[1]become paranoidagain thinking that he could sign in Leyu by relying on his relationship with him, not by strength.

With this in thought, Qin Chen stopped thinking about playing cards with Xu Jian again and prepared to wait until the time was right.

The dinner was takeout. Before it was delivered, Qin Chen removed the sheets and replaced them with new ones. When he put on the quilt, he saw Xu Jian out of the corner of his eyes wandering around the doorway wearing slippers and holding a cup. Qin Chen slightly raised his voice:

“If you have nothing to do, come and help.”

Xu Jian let out an ‘Oh’ when he heard the words, took a sip of water, put the cup on the table, and ran to help pull the corner of the quilt.

After changing the two sets of bedsheets, Qin Chen changed the toiletries in the bathroom again, and Xu Jian followed him like a tail.

“Didn’t you change the towel and toothbrush last time you came back?”

Removing the towel, Qin Chen said, “The bathroom isn’t ventilated. These things will reproduce a lot of bacteria after a long time, can’t be used directly.”

Qin Chen threw the toothbrush directly, and a few towels were waiting for auntie to take them for sterilization and disinfection.

After hearing this, Xu Jian shook his head and sighed, “Compared with you, I’m not too particular about it.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Qin Chen put on the gloves and mask, ready to sterilize the toilet and bathtub, and raised a hand pointed to the kitchen for Xu Jian:

“Open the refrigerator, see if there’s anything that has expired and cannot be eaten.”

At this moment, Qin Chen was wearing plastic gloves, standing in the bathroom with a scrub. He looks particularly homely, and he still has the halo of the celebrity Film Emperor.

But Qin Chen’s temperament and attractiveness are here. Even if he only shows half of his face and still a scrub in his hand, he is handsome. Just take a random picture and he’s a good man at home.

Xu Jian nodded in response, and before leaving, he couldn’t help but turned around and pulled the door frame to ask:

“Taking the liberty to ask, Mr. Qin, are you a neat freak?”

Before they came back, the aunt had already cleaned the house, but now Qin Chen wants to clean the bathroom himself.

Xu Jian wondered how he(QC) put up with him(XJ), who was shedding cat hair every now and then.

Qin Chen’s exposed eyebrows were raised, he asked rhetorically, “What do you think?”

Xu Jian didn’t ask anymore, scratched his hair, and obediently went to organize the refrigerator.

While looking at the refrigerator to see if the ingredients expired, Xu Jian thought to himself, Why am I so obedient?


When it was almost tidied, dinner also happened to be delivered. After the meal, Xu Jian and Qin Chen sat side by side on the sofa watching <Tom and Jerry>.

Eating to one’s fill until paralyzed is too sinful. Qin Chen gently kicked Xu Jian with his foot and suggested, “Go out for a walk?”

Xu Jian listened to the background sound of the TV while playing with his phone, and refused without raising his head, “I don’t want to move.”

Qin Chen ‘puffed’, “After a meal, walk a hundred steps to live until ninety-nine.”

Xu Jian was unmoved, “I’m not greedy, it’s enough to live until ninety-eight.”

Qin Chen: “……”

Unable to move Xu Jian, Qin Chen didn’t want to go for a walk alone, so he went to the gym.

Without Qin Chen’s Yang Qi, Xu Jian changed into a cat at half past eleven on time.

After circling around the cat slumped on the sofa, Qin Chen sank into contemplation:

“Sure enough, the meat has grown on the cat. Xu Milk, if you go and look in the mirror, your face is at least a circle rounder than before.”

Xu Milk was unhappy: “Meow~”

I’m tired of saying the words puffy and long hair.

Qin Chen felt that Xu Jian had to be made aware of the benefits of exercise, so he brought the scale over:

“When I met you, you were four jin and three liang,[2]4.3 = around 2.5kgtake a look again now.”

Firmly believing that he was just puffy, Xu Jian swallowed the small dried fish in his mouth, looked at the world with disdain as he stepped on the scale with his four short legs in a fearless manner.

After Xu Jian stood still, the number on the display continued to rise and finally stopped at ‘7.31’.

Seeing this number, Xu Jian Cat raised his head and gave Qin Chen an ‘ao’ that means:

Look ba, I gained three jin in a few months, just over seven jin, a normal weight.

From Xu Jian’s furry cat face, Qin Chen felt his pride.

Gazing at Xu Jian with a furry face, Qin Chen’s eyes were complicated. “Mr. Xu, although I don’t want to hit you…”

Xu Jian, who was half-squatting on the scale, tilted his head to look at him when he heard the words, “Meow?”

Qin Chen coughed dryly, stifled a laugh, and continued, “This is a kilogram scale. Your real weight now rounded is equal to… fifteen jin.”[3]9kg 

When it came to the ‘Fifteen’, Qin Chen deliberately increased his tone of emphasis.

Every time Qin Chen said a word, Xu Jian’s icy-blue cat eyes widened. When he heard the words ‘Fifteen jin’, he blinked, then quickly raised his right forepaw on the scale’s display, covering the ‘7.31’ with a meat pad.

Looking at Xu Jian, who was trying to deceive himself, Qin Chen was amused by him; completely unable to control himself, he shook his phone:

“You only remembered to cover it now, isn’t it a bit late.”

While Xu Jian didn’t react just now, Qin Chen had already taken pictures to preserve the evidence.

Hit by the number of fifteen jin, Xu Jian finally admitted in his heart—

I may not be puffy, I’m really fat…

This news really made the cat sad.

Before Xu Jian finished digesting the fact that he had really rounded up, Qin Chen bent down and picked him up, turned off the TV, and carried him to the cat climbing frame:

“For the sake of a healthy body, Mr. Xu, just work a bit harder.”

Looking at the tall cat climbing frame, Xu Jian: “……”

Meow wuwuwuwu.[4]XJ cries in cat lmao

Before 11:30, Xu Jian, who was 181cm tall and weigh less than 135(lb), was lying on the sofa leisurely watching TV and playing with his phone. After 11:30, Xu Milk, who weighs 7.3 jin, was struggling to climb the cat climbing frame.

There is also a gloating Qin Chen taking pictures next to him:

“I already told you to walk and exercise with me, but you don’t listen.”

Although he is no longer a weak little cat now, Xu Jian still feels he(himself) is too difficult.

However, Xu Jian didn’t flutter for a few minutes when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Qin Chen put away his phone and looked at the door, “Who knocks on the door at this late hour?”

 Xu Jian was tired and paralyzed on the wooden board of the cat climbing frame, and meowed listlessly, meaning: I don’t know, don’t ask me.

Holding a certain cat in his arms, Qin Chen walked towards the door.

Putting the cat’s head on Qin Chen’s arms, Xu Jian, who hadn’t exercised for a long time, was already a waste cat.

Qin Chen didn’t directly open the door, he raised his hand, and pressed the video doorbell; and immediately after, a woman appeared on the display screen.

After seeing the woman’s face clearly, Qin Chen’s eyebrows twisted, and his originally smiling face was gone, leaving full of disgust and irritation.

Xu Jian Cat’s big eyes were full of light. After seeing the person on the display screen, he was stunned for a moment, and then he was full of energy the next second:

It’s her again!

Outside the door came the woman Xu Jian know. The daughter of Leyu’s executive, Liu Teng, and Qin Chen’s fanatical suitor—Liu Qianqian.

Seeing Liu Qianqian, Xu Jian subconsciously raised his head to look at Qin Chen. Unfortunately, from his perspective, he could only see Qin Chen’s cold, hard jawline.

As soon as he saw Liu Qianqian, the upward curve of Qin Chen’s lips disappeared, and he had no intention of opening the door.

“A’Chen, I know you’re home.”

Hearing the noise made by Liu Qianqian, the extremely annoyed[5]pestered beyond enduranceQin Chen put Xu Jian down and opened the door.

Seeing Qin Chen open the door, Liu Qianqian looked happy outside. She raised her hand to push the door but found that there was a safety bolt hanging.

Liu Qianqian: “……”

Liu Qianqian looked up at Qin Chen with extreme grievance, and softened her tone, “A’Chen, what are you doing?”

Listening to Liu Qianqian’s long drawn-out voice, Qin Chan wasn’t moved, and said with a cold face, “Liu Qianqian, for the sake of your father, I’ll talk to you nicely for the last time, scram.”

He said that he’d talk nicely, but Qin Chen’s tone wasn’t good. The expression on Liu Qianqian’s face stiffened, she wanted to cry when she looked up:

“A’Chen, I… ah—

Before Liu Qianqian finished her next words, Xu Jian, who was originally squatting quietly at Qin Chen’s feet with his head craned, suddenly sprang in place, pulled the safety bolt, and howled at Liu Qianqian: “Meow ao!”

Different from the milky, soft cry when facing Qin Chen, Xu Jian didn’t pretend to be vicious this time. He was really vicious, with a sharp and high tone.

Faced with Xu Jian’s sudden attack, Liu Qianqian screamed and hurriedly took a few steps back. Her face turned pale with fright when she saw Xu Jian with his bared fangs and brandished claws against her through the crack of the door, making her momentarily forget what she was going to say.

Not to mention Liu Qianqian, even Qin Chen was startled by Xu Jian’s voice. While looking down at him, he subconsciously reached out, trying to support his body hanging on the door.

However, Xu Jian didn’t give him this opportunity. He jumped down from the door with agile movements. After landing steadily, he stomped with his hind leg, and the door was slammed shut by him with a ‘bang’.

Frightening Liu Qianqian, falling on the ground after the door closed. Xu Jian’s series of actions were so direct without hesitation that Qin Chen didn’t even react.

After stomping the door, Xu Jian didn’t look back either, but looked up at Qin Chen: “Meow~”

Why talk to such a rubbish person?

Xu Jian had no feelings for Liu Qianqian before. But he also just disagreed with Xiao Nan after learning from her the fanatical event of chasing Qin Chen. He felt that she wasn’t sensible, far from the point of hating her.

And today she came to find Qin Chen in the middle of the night, Xu Jian felt awkward when he saw her. Then he also saw her still looked like a soft little flower in need of care. Xu Jian instantly became upset:

Qin Chen’s attitude of refusal was so obvious that it’s already too much for you to disturb people several times, and you still call A’Chen so affectionately, aren’t you sick?

A’Chen, A’Chen, listening to it is so annoying.

Besides, in the middle of the night, if a woman is photographed by paparazzi entering and leaving Qin Chen’s place late at night, she doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow morning. Within an hour, the news of “Qin Chen’s late-night rendezvous with a mysterious woman, suspected relationship exposed” will occupy the entertainment headlines.

Xu Jian felt that Liu Qianqian came here at this point in time, thinking she didn’t have any good intentions.

With this in thought, Xu Jian, who had been feeling vexed, moved faster than his brain. He jumped directly and howled at Liu Qianqian with his mouth opened like a threat to demonstrate.

After looking at the closed door, he glanced at himself and then da da da left; a certain cat leaving behind with a round and chic ass. Qin Chen stood there for a few seconds, then suddenly laughed.

The last time I saw Liu Qianqian, this person didn’t react like this.

Comparing Xu Jian’s reaction when he saw Liu Qianqian twice before and after. Qin Chen originally disappeared because Liu Qianqian didn’t count as gradually disappearing:

The abnormal behavior shows that the little heartless began to care about him.

Naturally, it was impossible for Liu Qianqian to give up after being frightened by Xu Jian. After slowly coming over and looking at the closed door, cursed ‘Damn cat’ in her heart, she rang the doorbell again.

But Qin Chen inside didn’t talk nonsense with Liu Qianqian and dialed the property’s phone, saying that there was a troublesome woman at the door of his house, and also asked the property in the end what was going on, why they let anyone in.

After hearing this, the property owner hurriedly apologized and said that someone would be sent to solve it immediately.

Handing over Liu Qianqian outside the door to the property security guard, Qin Chen walked to the door of the second bedroom, raised his hand, and gently knocked on the door twice, “Are you asleep?”

Xu Jian, who was nestled in the bed, wasn’t in a good mood at the moment. After hearing the knock on the door, his ears twitched, but he didn’t make a sound, thinking:

Asleep, not here, don’t disturb.

Knowing that he wasn’t asleep, Qin Chen held the doorknob in his hand, “Since you’re not asleep, I’ll come in?”

Qin Chen, who asked, didn’t wait for Xu Jian to answer and turned the doorknob slightly.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw a small bulge on the bed. Qin Chen silently hooked his lips and lifted his legs to approach the small bulge.

Before Qin Chen was next to the edge of the bed, Xu Jian abruptly stuck his head out from under the covers and stared at him:

“Meow meow!”

Qin Chen wasn’t frightened by Xu Jian’s sudden appearance, looked at him who was obviously upset, and didn’t ask him why, but simply said:

“Today is the last time.”

In fact, if it weren’t for Liu Qianqian’s sudden appearance today, Qin Chen would’ve forgotten that there was still her.

Qin Chen didn’t bother with Liu Qianqian before. One was because considering her father, Liu Teng’s face, and two because he didn’t like anyone at that time and didn’t care.

But now, he was afraid that Xu Jian will misunderstand.

So just now, Qin Chen asked someone to send a word to Liu Teng. If he doesn’t properly discipline and restrain his daughter, someone will discipline her for him and leak his whereabouts. There will be no next time.

As for how Liu Teng will deal with it later, it’s not Qin Chen’s concern, someone will take care of it.

Hearing Qin Chen’s brainless words, Xu Jian didn’t understand, so he said: “Meow?”

What last time?

Knowing that Xu Jian is slow as a blockhead in this regard, he estimated that he would have misunderstood and continued to sulk if he didn’t make it clear today. So Qin Chen rubbed his cat head and said softly:

“I didn’t handle Liu Qianqian’s matter well before. I have nothing to do with her. I promise you that this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.”

After hearing Qin Chen’s assurance, Xu Jian froze for a moment, then suddenly became a little embarrassed. His eyes staggered and didn’t look at him, thinking to himself:

This, this kind of thing, what are you promising to me for. I’m not your that…

Although he thought so in his heart, Xu Jian’s heart was beating very happily, as if it was about to pop out from his body that was rounded up to fifteen jin.

Xu Jian couldn’t figure out what he was thinking right now.

Strictly speaking, even if Liu Qianqian and Qin Chen really have something, it has nothing to do with him. So why was he so upset just now?

Looking at Xu Jian, who lowered his head and didn’t look at him, Qin Chen smiled extremely low, “Not angry anymore?”

After Qin Chen reminded like this, Xu Jian returned to his senses and found that he wasn’t really angry.

It felt a bit strange that he didn’t meow like this, and it seemed that he was now making trouble without reason and making things difficult, so Xu Jian hesitated for two seconds, opened his mouth, and meowed twice.

Listening to Xu Jian’s milky cat meow, the smile in Qin Chen’s eyes overflowed, and his bony fingers scratched his almost gone chin like a reward:

“That’s the way to be good. In the future, whether you’re happy or angry, you have to show it, don’t keep everything in your stomach.”

Xu Jian, whose fur was being smoothed, half-squinted comfortably, didn’t own up to his fault, his eyes meant:

Who said I was angry?

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Who saw me angry?

XJ: Who saw me angry?

Jie Jie: I was planning to make it into 2 parts because this chapter is quite long, but I was like, nevermind ꉂ (´∀`)ʱªʱªʱª

Anywaaaay, I guess almost everyone knows the situation by now. My update schedule will be the same sporadic/1x a week(I said every Sunday but I ended up not following it, lol. Sorry, can’t control the stuffs I have to do irl xD). Anyway, I’ll continue this until it’s possible, but there might be a chance this will be dropped depending on the situation. We’ll wait and see for now. Hence, the other reason for my slow updates.

Thanks for understanding!


1 become paranoid
2 4.3 = around 2.5kg
3 9kg
4 XJ cries in cat lmao
5 pestered beyond endurance

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