He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – Rub Rub

Xu Jian is now a dead duck with his mouth closed tightly,[1]stubborn, unwilling to admit to his mistakehe even kicked the door closed with his legs and didn’t admit that he was angry just now.

Qin Chen didn’t expose him either, held him out of the quilt, and rubbed him.

Xu Jian expressed his struggle first, and finally succumbed to Qin Chen’s skillful massage techniques, squinting so comfortably that he almost let out a small groan.

Seeing the enjoyment on his face, Qin Chen mischievously blew up his hair, rubbed his stomach with one hand, and rolled his tail from the tip to the root extremely quickly with the other hand.

Xu Jian, who was rubbed off, instantly sobered up, “Meow—!”

The tail was already sensitive to cats; Xu Jian couldn’t stand it being rubbed along let alone the other way around.

After meowing, Xu Jian reflexively twisted his body and rescued his tail from Qin Chen’s hand.

Qin Chen teased him and ran away. Before his fur blow up, he left with a ‘Go to bed early, get up early tomorrow’ and ran away, leaving Xu Jian Cat stunned in bed.

Turning his head to look at his tail like a reef flower, Xu Jian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Accepting his fate, he held his tail and smoothed his fur. Xu Jian didn’t go after Qin Chen. He did have to get up early tomorrow.

<The Slayer> was finished, but Qin Chen’s work was far from over. He still has to cooperate with the film’s promotion, including interviews, material shooting, and participating in special press conferences and ending ceremonies.

Xu Jian, as Xu Feng’s actor, was just signed by Leyu. The promotion period of the movie was a good opportunity for exposure, so Pan Min told the director to bring Xu Jian to show his face during the promotion.

With Pan Min’s reputation, the director would definitely give it. He agreed to push the boat with the current,[2]to take advantage of the situation for one’s own benefitplus they’re already optimistic about Xu Jian and earned money for nothing.

What’s more, Xu Jian performed well in the movie. There was nothing wrong with bringing him along for promotion.

Qin Chen played the leading role in <The Slayer> which was not his first popular film, then Shen Xi joined to be the third male lead; the popularity has been high. After knowing that the movie was completed, Pan Min received interview invitations from a number of media outlets. They all want to be the first to keep up with the popularity of the film. Qin Chen will have an interview tomorrow morning.

Xu Jian doesn’t need to follow Qin Chen for tomorrow’s interview. He has to go to the company to go through other procedures after signing the contract. Pan Min also found a few assistant candidates for him from the company and asked him to pick a suitable one among them.

After all, Xiao Nan can’t be his temporary assistant all the time and can’t attend to other things at the same time.

Xu Jian originally felt that he didn’t need an assistant now, she stopped him back with the words:

“If you don’t choose a good run-in now, don’t tell me you’ll wait for the fire and find one after the work backlog accumulates together?”

Xu Jian was successfully persuaded.

The new assistant is called Zhu Liang, a fresh graduate who looks intelligent with glasses. Unlike Xiao Nan, who is enthusiastic and cheerful, Zhu Liang is somewhat introverted. When introducing himself, he always unconsciously pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose, which is just complementary to Xiao Nan’s.

Zhu Liang’s internship was in Leyu. After the internship period, he directly became a regular employee. Xu Jian was his first artist after becoming an employee. He wasn’t experienced enough so Pan Min gave him to Xiao Nan, letting her take Zhu Liang to familiarize himself with the work content.

After returning and finding that Xu Jian’s assistant was a fresh graduate and looked at the photo of the fair-looking boy, Qin Chen frowned a little:

“The company has so many experienced people who have worked for several years, why didn’t you choose them?”

Xu Jian said after hearing him, “I have nothing to do now. He has no experience and just follows Xiao Nan to learn.”

In fact, Pan Min found three alternatives for Xu Jian. Except for Zhu Liang, the remaining two were all girls. In the end, she chose Zhu Liang.

It’s not that Xu Jian thinks that female assistants aren’t good, it’s just that they’re all men and are about the same age. They usually have more topics to talk about and get along more naturally.

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression, Xu Jian explained:

“Sister Pan said that although Zhu Liang has no formal work experience, he has a meticulous mind and is careful in handling work. After he is familiar with the work process, he will be a good assistant.”

Since Xu Jian and Pan Min both thought it was good, Qin Chen couldn’t say much. He wasn’t so worried that he would be outclassed by the fresh graduate named Zhu Liang.

“That’s right.” Looking at Xu Jian, Qin Chen remembered an important thing, “Send me a copy of your height, weight, and other measurements.”

Xu Jian was taken aback. “What do you want this for?”

Looking at his nervous little expression, Qin Chen laughed. “Just need body measurements, what are you so nervous for? It’s Milk who gained 15 jin, not you.”

Qin Chen still can’t figure out why only the cat was fat and the human Xu Jian wasn’t fat at all.

The memorable ‘15 jin’ was embarrassing, Xu Jian’s face became hot, his eyes began to flash, and he had no confidence to refute it:

“Who’s nervous? I just asked casually.”

After admiring enough of Xu Jian’s expression at the moment, Qin Chen couldn’t help say slowly:

“You don’t have formal clothes now, so we need to make two sets.”

Make clothes?

Xu Jian suddenly let out a sigh of relief. “It turned out to be for making clothes ah.”

Qin Chen looked at his reaction and asked, “Otherwise, what else could I do?”

Xu Jian dryly laughed twice. After sending his sizes, he remembered to ask, “By the way, how much is it? I’ll transfer it to you.”

After taking a closer look at the numbers Xu Jian sent, Qin Chen forwarded them to the designer who specializes in making clothes for him and replied, “The company pays for it, you don’t have to pay.”

Xu Jian was surprised. “Our company still manages this?”

Qin Chen casually made it up as he went along, “Does Ancient have a clothing fee?”

“No.” Xu Jian shook his head first, then felt imprecise, and changed his words, “Maybe there is, but I can’t use it.”

After all, when he was in Ancient, except for the company’s annual meeting, he didn’t have the opportunity to go to any formal occasions.

Xu Jian thought to himself that it was worthy of being a big company and generous. Even the clothing fee and humanities are full marks.


Qin Chen’s royal designer was very reliable. After Xu Jian’s size was sent, several sets of ready-made clothes were sent in within a few days.

There are a total of six sets, with moderate solid colors and stripes as well as more lively prints.

Xu Jian was frightened, “Didn’t you say two sets? Why are there so many?”

Xu Jian was once again shocked by Leyu’s deep pockets.

Qin Chen picked up one of the sets and handed it to Xu Jian. “Anyway, the company pays. You can try whether it fits or not, so they can change if it doesn’t.”

What Qin Chen didn’t tell Xu Jian was that these six sets are only the first batch. There will be a second batch, a third batch… In addition to formal wear, there are also various private regular clothes.

It’s just that private regular clothes don’t need to be customized, they can be bought directly according to Xu Jian’s body type.

In addition to the clothes, there are also ties, cuffs, watches, rings, and other accessories.

Xu Jian tried the black suit first. Qin Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw him come out:

The black lining made Xu Jian’s already white skin even whiter, the buttons neatly buttoned, his waistline was unobstructed at a glance, and his legs became more straight and slender…

Looking at Xu Jian from top to bottom, Qin Chen’s gaze finally fell on his feet wearing light gray cotton slippers: “……”

Raising his head to meet Xu Jian’s gaze, Qin Chen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Why didn’t you change your shoes?”

Xu Jian said confidently[3]in the right and self-confident[idiom], “You only asked me to try on clothes, not shoes ah.”

Qin Chen held his forehead, “Blame me.”

It was only the shoes that were bought in the size that Xu Jian often wears, so there should be no problems.

Later, Xu Jian tried on six sets of clothes wearing cotton slippers. Every time he changed, he was greeted by Qin Chen’s searchlight-like gaze which made Xu Jian strangely embarrassed.

Why does he have the illusion of girls trying on clothes for their boyfriends to see?

Qin Chen finally realized why girls like to play dress-up games, and why his father is keen on buying clothes for his mother.

Every time Xu Jian changed a set of clothes, Qin Chen felt different, and the originally ordinary clothes became better-looking on Xu Jian.

In Qin Chen’s eyes, others are set off by clothes, but when it comes to Xu Jian, the person set off the clothes.[4]Really had a hard time phrasing, it just basically means others look good because of their clothes but XJ makes the clothes better.

After finally trying on the clothes, Qin Chen was more torn than Xu Jian. “Which one is better for you to wear the day after tomorrow?”

Xu Jian was fighting with his cuffs, he was stunned when he heard the words, “The day after tomorrow? Are there any events the day after tomorrow?”

Qin Chen was holding a set of pure white in his hand, and was a little surprised after hearing Qin Chen’s question:

“There will be a film festival the day after tomorrow, didn’t Sister Pan tell you?”

After searching in his mind, Xu Jian asked, “The Tianyu Film Festival?”

Qin Chen nodded.

Xu Jian: “Sister Pan mentioned it to me.”

But what does the film festival have to do with him? He wasn’t on the invitation list.

As if knowing what Xu Jian was thinking, Qin Chen raised his hand and poked him in the head:

“Then did Sister Pan tell you that you’re going too?”

Xu Jian’s hands moved with a start, unexpectedly, “I’m going too? What am I going to do?”

He doesn’t even have a film work, why would he go to a film festival?

Seeing Xu Jian’s surprised expression, Qin Chen seriously explained to him that although the value of Tianyu Film Festival wasn’t comparable to that of well-known film festivals, there will be many big-name celebrities and famous directors who would give face to the organizers. So going to this kind of occasion would be good for him.

It is because of the gathering of big names that it’s a good opportunity to let others remember him[5]but not necessarily to make friends with himand get acquainted[6]pull contacts/connections, thus, many companies will let their artists show their faces.

Qin Chen wasn’t lacking in resources or contacts, he doesn’t need to join in the excitement anymore. When Tianyu Film Festival sent him the invitation, they initially didn’t have any hope, but they didn’t expect him to agree.

The only condition was to bring one person.

Buy one get one free. It’s very common for old people to bring newcomers into the circle, so the film festival organizers didn’t hesitate to agree; it was just a matter of adding a seat.

However, it’s one thing to have someone remember his face, after that, it’s still up to their true ability.

Among so many popular actors, none of them said that they participated in a film festival or popular events. In the end, it still depends on their strength.

After listening to Qin Chen, Xu Jian wasn’t happy and frowned, “I’m not rubbing on your heat[7]popularity, right?

Qin Chen didn’t care. “What’s the matter? After you’re on fire, just let me rub it back again.”

Xu Jian was amused by Qin Chen, “Rub my heat?”

He had to check that there was no such person. Qin Chen’s redness penetrated half of the sky, and he might not have this chance to rub his heat until God knows when.[8]long time off; an unknown and long time

Qin Chen pretended to be serious and asked him, “What? Not for me to rub?”

Although he knew Qin Chen deliberately said this, Xu Jian couldn’t help but curved his eyes:

“Give, give, give.”

After receiving Xu Jian’s answer, Qin Chen gave him a meaningful look, “Don’t renege on the debt when the time comes.”

Xu Jian patted his chest, “Feel free to rub, rub the skin bald.”

Qin Chen raised his brow after hearing this, he lifted his hand and rubbed Xu Jian’s head, smiling:

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle and won’t make you bald.”

Be gentle?

Intuition told Xu Jian that there was something wrong with Qin Chen’s words, how come it reveals a whiff of impropriety? After thinking about it carefully, he found that there was nothing wrong.

Xu Jian was embarrassed by Qin Chen’s extraordinarily upright expression, and bowed his head in shame—

It seems that it’s not Qin Chen’s words that are improper, it’s his own thoughts that are improper and crooked.

In the evening, Pan Min also told Xu Jian about the film festival, so that he didn’t need to be nervous or even prepare anything, just to recognize his face.

Knowing that he was just a soy sauce[9]to be not involved in anyone’s businessand no one paid attention to him, Xu Jian felt more at ease.

In a flash, the day of the film festival came. Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen, who was sitting next to him, and was dumbfounded:

“What are you doing in the back instead of sitting in the front?”

The author has something to say:

Our Jian, with a straight man’s thinking who was taken advantage of verbally, wasn’t aware when the car pressed on his face.

XJ: Ok, rub me bald ah


1 stubborn, unwilling to admit to his mistake
2 to take advantage of the situation for one’s own benefit
3 in the right and self-confident[idiom]
4 Really had a hard time phrasing, it just basically means others look good because of their clothes but XJ makes the clothes better.
5 but not necessarily to make friends with him
6 pull contacts/connections
7 popularity
8 long time off; an unknown and long time
9 to be not involved in anyone’s business

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