He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Bright Show

In the end, Xu Jian still failed to take the large bottle of coke home. Qin Chen gave him two small bottles instead, and the reason was very good:

The large bottle will go flat[1]Fixed! Thank you to Sadie Woods’s help in the comment! <3 after drinking it all at once, and it will be no different from sugar water after drinking it.

He was successfully persuaded, but Xu Jian took another can of pineapple beer on the shelf.

During the check-out, Xu Jian quickly took out his mobile phone to pay. As a result, Qin Chen stretched out his arm from his side, and the card held in his fingertips was gently touched on the machine next to him—

Di,[2]sfx payment successful, hope to see you again.’

Xu Jian jerked his head, looking at the green magnetic card in his hand: “?”

Holding the coke and chips out of the supermarket, Xu Jian had the expression ‘poverty limits my imagination’.

“Your community even has a special card!”

The green magnetic card that Qin Chen just swiped is their special recharge card for this community. With this card, you can pay property fees, and can also be used for shopping, etc.

Nowadays, online payments are becoming more and more developed. Recharge cards are convenient for the elderly who are not good at using cell phone payments at home. Just swipe it, which is very convenient.

Qin Chen looked at him, “Isn’t this similar to a school meal card?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Okay, seems right oh!

Putting the special card and the meal card together instantly lowered the class is what happened?

It didn’t mean the meal card was bad.

After arriving home, Xu Jian put a large bag of snacks on the coffee table, and said to Qin Chen, “That man just now, I thought he would rush up and ask you for an autograph.”

Taking off his jacket, Qin Chen turned his head, “Who?”

Xu Jian: “Just sitting there in the pavilion, the man wearing gray clothes ah, he has been looking at you.”

On the way back, Xu Jian saw the man he run into when he went to the supermarket again. The man still stole glances from time to time to look at Qin Chen, and his eyes were itching to have a go.

Xu Jian thought he should be Qin Chen’s fan.

After searching in his mind, Qin Chen had no impression of the man Xu Jian was talking about. Just as he was about to shake his head, he saw Xu Jian’s hand had already touched the coke.

With a raised eyebrow, Qin Chen couldn’t help laughing, “You just had breakfast.”

Because he doesn’t like the feeling of bubbles exploding in his mouth, Qin Chen rarely touched carbonated drinks.

Xu Jian, whose small action was discovered, was calm, “Enjoy happiness, no matter how early or late.”

Qin Chen wasn’t cruel enough to deprive him of his happiness, so he let him go, and went to study how to make crayfish by himself.

The #Qin Chen Xu Jian# popularity of this topic didn’t drop until noon. Just when a new round of people who didn’t know the truth of the melon-eating masses was wondering who Xu Jian was, last night in the backstage of the film festival, the media met Qin Chen and Xu Jian and they put out the short interview:

The #Qin Chen Xu Jian# case has been solved. It turns out that you were looking for the staff last night for Gu Zhi’s ring ah [facepalm] .

Because of Xu Jian’s ‘not very convenient’, the interview took less than two minutes. The netizens who watched the video laughed wildly, the comment section had ‘ha’s:

[Not very convenient hahaha. I’m TM[3]expletive such as f&^@ng laughing to death.]

[Reporter: I’m afraid you won’t believe it when I say it. This is the shortest interview I’ve ever done in my career. It ended before it even started.]

[Xu Jian is really a baby, this is too straightforward ba, my God.]

[I could feel the reporter’s confusion across the screen hahahaha.]

[Little Sister: Who am I? Where am I?]

[This reaction is too real, there is no right word[4]rehearsed line for the interview answer at a glance.]

[Reporter: The current artists are hard to deal with oh, it’s too hard for me.]

[When the camera was pointed at Xu Jian, his bewildered expression was too soft ba!]

In addition to those who mercilessly ridiculed the reporter lady, there are also keen-eyed netizens with a different focus:

[Speaking with the lid on the pot, when Qin Chen was facing Xu Jian, his tone and expression were inexplicably pampering?]

[Commenter above,[5]It should be: lit. Layer master/owner or Lz, but I changed it which also means the same. It is a person who posted a reply to a thread, they’re replying to the person above you’re not alone. I found out from the return picture on the scene, Qin Chen’s expression looking at Xu’s was very good, bump!][6]commenting this to move the post on the top

[This is not inexplicable pampering, this is TM shining pampering ah. When did Qin Chen show this expression to others?]

[The on-the-scene HD pictures are here! Sisters, take a careful look, tidying up the hair and whispering, I died[gif]x2]

[You group of devils, I originally came in hahahaha, but you guys brought me to the end and bump on the CP?]

[This CP, I will bump first to show respect!]

[If you guys say so, when Qin Chen sat in the back row unusually last night, should also be because of Xu Jian? Wow, kinda sweet.]

[Finally, some sisters who think the same as me. If these two people are CP, then they should be called ‘QingJian’[7]means invitation card/written invitation CP?]

[QingJian CPszd!][8]szd 是真的 (shī zhēn de) means “it’s real”


Xiao Nan didn’t expect to be able to eat her Brother Chen and Brother Xu’s melons on the homepage by swiping Weibo. She clicked on the interview video comments section and when she saw someone saying ‘QingJian’ CP, she thought:

Sure enough, what’s coming is still coming.

Regarding the way Qin Chen and Xu Jian get along, Xiao Nan has known for a long time that the CP fans of the two had arrived late.

Although they are late, they will never be absent.

Moreover, this organization will flourish and grow day by day.

For fear of falling off the horse, although Xiao Nan wanted to give a like to the discerning-eyed netizens, she had to hold back. But she sent her Brother Chen a screenshot of the comments on the ‘QingJian’ CP.

At this time, Qin Chen and Xu Jian were struggling against the crayfish in the sink in the kitchen. Xu Jian was peeling garlic in his hands, but his eyes were on the crayfish.

“What to do before you put it in the pot?”

Qin Chen wrinkled his brow and looked at his phone to flip through the recipe, his tone had a rare hesitation, “It says to wash and clean directly into the pot.”

The garlic cloves in Xu Jian’s hands were almost scared off. “Cook it directly alive ah?”

Qin Chen couldn’t quite accept the directly cooking it alive either, so he clicked on another one, then raised his eyes to Xu Jian, “Eh, you have to remove the shrimp lines[9]removing the digestive tract/dark line running down its back, which can be removed when cleaning it before cooking.”

After speaking, Qin Chen squinted again and sized up the lively crayfish inside the sink, muttering to himself, “How to remove the shrimp line?”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian was silent. He suddenly remembered the shrimp meat and chicken breast cat food that the man in front of him had made for himself(XJ).

The cat food was too hard to explain because of the taste, and finally, the soul returned to the trash…

He seemed to foresee the final destination of these crayfish.

Xu Jian regretted it, two novice kitchen guys, what kind of difficult challenge do crayfish give!

Looking at Qin Chen, who was holding a crayfish and began to study how to remove the shrimp line, Xu Jian felt that there was nothing difficult in this world as long as he was willing to give up Qin Chen and let go.

Putting down the garlic in his hand, Xu Jian raised his hand to press Qin Chen’s arm with a serious expression on his face, “Forget it, brother, let them go.”

Xu Jian’s ‘brother’ made Qin Chen’s movements pause, and he was suddenly more serious with a cold expression on his face, “No, I will definitely let you eat the crayfish I personally made today.”

In the face of gourmet food, Xu Jian was originally unprincipled. When he heard Qin Chen’s ambitious words, his mind became immediately cheerful, he sold his slyness and smiled at him obediently, “Leader brother, what other ingredients do you[10]courteous/formal need? I’ll do as you instructed.”

Looking at Xu Jian with a dimple on his smiling face, Qin Chen deliberately didn’t hold back his stern expression, “Don’t be glib, go call the supermarket.”

Xu Jian quickly nodded and casually asked, “Call for what?” Didn’t you buy all the seasonings?

The hand holding the crayfish shook in front of Xu Jian, and Qin Chen calmly said, “Let them help us deal with the shrimp lines.”

Xu Jian: “?”

Xu Jian: “Eh.”

Xu Jian went outside to make a call, Qin Chen threw the crayfish in his hand back into the sink, giving them one last time to say their last word together. Finally, he remembered to click on the message Xiao Nan sent to him just now.

After seeing the ‘QingJian’ CP, Qin Chen frowned and sent a question mark over, which means—What’s this?

Xiao Nan over there was waiting for him, typing quickly:

[This is the CP name that the netizens thought of for Brother Chen and Brother Xu.]

Seeing Xiao Nan’s message, Qin Chen reacted. The QingJian was equal to Qin Jian, taking the homonym of his surname and Xu Jian’s first name.

QingJian CP. Qin Chen silently recited it twice in his heart, thinking that the name is quite auspicious. It was like sending invitations for all happy events such as marriage and childbirth.

So Qin Chen gave his comment:

[It sounds pretty good.]

Xiao Nan: [The single dog has retired.]

Complimenting yourself for having a nice CP name or something, tsk, sour.

After Xu Jian called, within two minutes, the enthusiastic supermarket staff came to the door with tools. They were very proficient in their operation. It didn’t take long for all the crayfish to be processed, they also helped carry out the kitchen garbage on the way when leaving.

The service can be said to be very thoughtful.

With the help of the staff, Qin Chen finally followed the recipe step by step to make the crayfish taste surprisingly good, brilliant red, looking very appetizing.

Xu Jian has a new understanding of Qin Chen’s cooking skills—a player who is unstable.

Seeing that Xu Jian was satisfied, Qin Chen was also happy, so he took a photo and sent it to the small group chat of three people.

Qin Chen: [Picture]

Qin Chen: [I made it, he was very happy to eat it.]

Tang Li was shocked: [You made it? Washed your hands and made soup for love?][11]It describes a woman’s willingness to give up her living conditions for the man and her desperate behavior for love. By Zhuo Wenjun.

Looking at the hand in the picture that obviously doesn’t belong to Qin Chen, Du Zezhou: [Tsk, secretly showing off your bright culinary skills and the hand of his handsome future partner.]

Tang Li: [Brother Chen, you can make crayfish for love, the soup in my hand isn’t suddenly appetizing.]

Du Zezhou: [Upstairs +1]

Qin Chen: [I’m not secretly showing off brightly, I’m brightly showing it.]

After sending this sentence, Qin Chen sent another photo. To say that just now the crayfish still accounted for half of the picture, this time the crayfish completely reduced to Xu Jian’s hand’s background.

Tang Li kicked over the bowl of dog food and said:

[F&^2 off!]

[Didn’t you go back to Nanfeng City? Bring people out when you have time, let us see ah ah.]

Du Zezhou added his ID number at the back: [Knowing that you haven’t caught him yet, we have a sense of measure, we won’t spoil your business.]

Qin Chen’s show of twice in three days made Tang Li and Du Zezhou’s hearts itch, scratching their hearts and livers, wondering which warrior had taken him(QC) down.

Seeing Tang Li and Du Zezhou begin to flood the screen in the group on this issue, Qin Chen raised his eyes to look at Xu Jian. The other party lowered his head to eat crayfish, just in time to see the hair whorl on his head.

He looked at Xu Jian for two seconds, and finally, Qin Chen said: [Okay, wait for me to ask him, I’ll see you if he agrees to meet.]

Tang Li: [Tsk tsk, I did not expect Brother Chen to be henpecked by his wife.]

Qin Chen: [F&*@k you.]

Ignoring Tang Li, who started to run his mouth,[12]to talk big; to have a glib tongue[idiom] Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian’s lips that were unusually red and moist because of the spicy oil. His eyes flashed, and he poured him a glass of warm water.

“Eat slowly, no one will fight over you.”

Xu Jian, who was feeling spicy, thanked him. He raised his head and drank a few mouthfuls before reacting, looking at Qin Chen dumbfoundedly:

“This is… your cup?”

Qin Chen glanced at the cup in his hand and nodded calmly, “Eh, seems like I took the wrong one.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Isn’t, isn’t this an indirect kiss?

Xu Jian’s face was a little hot, but seeing Qin Chen’s indifferent expression, he pretended to be calm and put down his cup with a dry laugh, thinking to himself:

There should be no such thing as indirect kissing between two real men?

Besides, in order to cross the Yang, he and Qin Chen didn’t kiss too much…

Thinking of this, Xu Jian instantly calmed down, the heat on his face gradually decreased—

My mouth was kissed swollen before, but indirect kissing is just a small scene, nothing more.

The author has something to say:

Covering his wildly beating chest, Jian Cat said: Small scene, do not panic.

Qin poop scooping officer: Then let’s have a big scene?

XJ: *heart beating fast*

Tom And Jerry Pain GIF by Boomerang Official - Find & Share on GIPHY
Jerry Heart GIF - Jerry Heart Panic - Discover & Share GIFs

Jie Jie: I really can’t find a good gif for this, so here’s Tom and Jerry XD

Edit: I made an error with placing footnotes so the next sentences got along with it, I hope you refreshed it. Sorry about that and thanks for understanding! QAQ


1 Fixed! Thank you to Sadie Woods’s help in the comment! <3
2 sfx
3 expletive such as f&^@ng
4 rehearsed line for the interview answer
5 It should be: lit. Layer master/owner or Lz, but I changed it which also means the same. It is a person who posted a reply to a thread, they’re replying to the person above
6 commenting this to move the post on the top
7 means invitation card/written invitation
8 szd 是真的 (shī zhēn de) means “it’s real”
9 removing the digestive tract/dark line running down its back, which can be removed when cleaning it
10 courteous/formal
11 It describes a woman’s willingness to give up her living conditions for the man and her desperate behavior for love. By Zhuo Wenjun.
12 to talk big; to have a glib tongue[idiom]

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