He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – Love aperture[1]lit. love aperture; fig. interest in love matters. Meaning: the occurrence of affection or the sprouting of love between people

Thinking that Qin Chen shouldn’t have paid attention to taking the wrong cup, two big men also didn’t need to care about these details. After doing a good psychological construction, Xu Jian returned the cup to Qin Chen.

Qin Chen also didn’t say anything else, his expression looked natural, and the two tacitly avoided mentioning the indirect kiss.

After eating and tidying up the kitchen, Xu Jian received a phone call from Chen Doudou before he could sit down. He excitedly said that his agent had given him an audition for the second male lead in a TV series.

Xu Jian was also happy for him, “Doudou, jiayou ah, strive to win the first second male lead in your life!”

“Definitely ah.” Chen Doudou’s tone was uncontrollably excited, “I’ll treat you to dinner after passing the audition!”

Walking to the balcony with his phone, overlooking the still somewhat shimmering sky, Xu Jian’s eyes were full of smiles, “Congratulations in advance.”

Chen Doudou: “The agent called me out of the blue. There was no sign before, I finally understood what you said, the feeling of pie falling from the sky. If it weren’t for the call record, I would’ve suspect I was dreaming.”

After hearing Chen Doudou’s words, Xu Jian was happy and guessed that his audition opportunity should have been arranged by Jiang Linxie.

Xu Jian also didn’t say anything about his relationship with Jiang Linxie, and said with a smile, “It should be that the company has finally seen your strength. You have to take this opportunity well.”

Chen Doudou: “Of course, I will definitely make the casting director bow down to my acting skills!”

Xu Jian joked, “I thought you were going to make the other party fall under your jeans.”

“How is that possible,” Chen Doudou didn’t hesitate to retort, “I’m a straight man, big chest and fair-skinned young lady will always be my true love!”

Straight man?

Xu Jian paused and asked, “Are you homophobic?”

Chen Doudou was taken aback after hearing this, then shook his head, “I’m not homophobic ah.”

Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, “That’s fine.”

Noticing the change in Xu Jian’s tone, Chen Doudou also froze, “Why do you ask that? Could it be—”

Chen Doudou didn’t say the next words. Listening to Xu Jian’s serious tone, he suddenly had a bold guess and hesitated to speak, “Erjian, you…”

Hearing Chen Doudou ‘you’ for a long time, not giving a reason, knowing what he wanted to ask, Xu Jian thoughtfully snatched the answer, “I’m not, don’t misunderstand.”

Chen Doudou was relieved after hearing this.

But before Chen Doudou over there finished breathing a sigh of relief, Xu Jian glanced at Qin Chen in the living room, and his tone suddenly became less certain again:

“But… I don’t think I’m that straight either?”

Chen Doudou: “???”

Recalling his usual relationship with Qin Chen in his mind, Xu Jian despondently stretched out his finger to poke the succulent on the balcony and lowered his voice:

“It always feels like I’ve been jumping across the bent and straight paths repeatedly lately.”

Chen Doudou: “!!!”

Regardless of Xu Jian’s faint sense of loss, Chen Doudou who has been lying on the bed directly sat up with a carp, “F&^^K! Really, you were bent by someone? Who is the other party?”

Owing to Xu Jian’s misfortunes and who was incessantly touching the succulent, naturally couldn’t say Qin Chen’s name, but just said, “I’m also not sure now…”

Chen Doudou has now thrown the second male lead audition to the back of his mind. There was nothing more important than his brother’s sexual orientation and lifelong happiness:

“Do you like[2]Like have a good impression/good opinion a man?”

Xu Jian didn’t deny this point and responded in a low voice.

Chen Doudou was stunned, “Do you like each other?”

Isn’t this f&%#!ng bent into a mosquito coil? Still not sure?

Xu Jian frowned after hearing this, “If you have a good impression, you just like?”

Xu Jian admitted that he had a good impression of Qin Chen, but to say like… he wasn’t sure.

He wasn’t sure whether the good feeling for Qin Chen was the kind of good feeling that adults like each other, or because he was grateful that Qin Chen gave a helping hand in his most difficult time.

Unlike Xu Jian, Chen Doudou had two girlfriends when he was a student, so his way of determining questions was simple and rough:

“Does he like you?”

Xu Jian frowned, “No… ba?”

What Qin Chen likes should be Milk cat, not him.

Hearing the hesitation in Xu Jian’s tone, he knew that he was terribly slow in this regard. After asking some questions in vain, Chen Doudou changed his direction again:

“Have you guys ever kissed?”

Stiffened by Chen Doudou’s bluntness, Xu Jian’s eyes flashed, with a force in his hand, he didn’t notice pulling a leaf off the succulent.

Looking at the innocent succulent in his hand, Xu Jian glanced at Qin Chen in the room with a guilty conscience. Seeing that he didn’t pay attention, he put the torn leaf back in place, trying to make a false impression that nothing happened.

Familiar with his character and didn’t hear his answer, Chen Doudou thought he acquiesced, he gasped in shock[3]can also be: to feel a chill run down his spine and asked again:

“Did you guys sleep together?”

Xu Jian’s ears heat up, and hurriedly waved his hand, “Of course not!”

Because he was too excited and forgot to control his volume, Qin Chen couldn’t help but cast a sidelong glance at Xu Jian when he heard his embarrassed and annoyed voice.

The eyes of the two collided in mid-air. Xu Jian, who was still discussing kissing and sleeping together with Chen Doudou, felt a little embarrassed. His eyes flashed, and he looked away without confidence.

Seeing him nervous like that, Qin Chen frowned slightly—

What is this person… guilty of?

Xu Jian, this person, when he was nervous, apart from being easy to swindle, his hands weren’t also honest, his hand had to pinch something. So after harming the succulent plant, he turned his treacherous hand to the agave plant next to him, and said vaguely on the phone:

“Not that, just kissed a few times.”

It’s still because of crossing the Yang.

However, Xu Jian couldn’t tell Chen Doudou about crossing the Yang, for fear that the other side would think that he hadn’t only bent, but also had a problem with his brain.

Chen Doudou was completely convinced, “Just kissed a few times?”

Xu Jian touched his neck, blushing, “I can’t remember exactly how many times.

“I didn’t ask you how many times,” Chen Doudou was about to roll his eyes.

“Erjian, are you stupid? You’ve kissed, you’re still not sure whether the person likes you or not? What do you do if you don’t like people kissing you? Do you have nothing to do in your spare time? Unless that person himself is a scumbag.”

Xu Jian hurriedly explained when he heard this, “He’s not that kind of person.”

Chen Doudou really rolled his eyes this time, and said angrily, “I just assumed, you don’t have to protect him so much.”

Xu Jian’s old face was red, “I’m not protecting him, he’s—”

“Stop!” Chen Doudou interrupted him, “I don’t really want to hear your show, so I’ll just ask you. You have progressed to the kissing stage, what else are you still unsure of?”

After listening to Chen Doudou’s words, Xu Jian was silent for two seconds, touched the tip of the agave leaf twice with his index finger. After a slight tingling, he sighed almost imperceptibly:

“He… has someone.”[4]object/partner

When all is said and done, President Du [5]Apologies, his name was also written as President Du, and I kept using Mr. Du QAQ. So Xu Jian didn’t know if “Du” was a male or female. Blind me ah. I’ll edit the previous chapters once I got … Continue reading is the source of Xu Jian’s uncertainty.

Moreover, Xu Jian couldn’t tell Chen Doudou clearly about Qin Chen and President Du, so he changed his approach.

Chen Doudou’s pupils had a second earthquake tonight.

“What? He’s got a boyfriend?”

Xu Jian frowned for a moment and added, “It could also be a girlfriend.”

He still doesn’t know whether President Du is a man or a woman.

This time it was Chen Doudou’s turn to be speechless, and it took a long while before holding out a sentence:

“He has someone and still teases you, you still say he’s not a scumbag?”

Do people play like this now?

For fear that Xu Jian, whose emotional experience was blank as a sheet, would be deceived by others, and in the end, lose his wealth[6]lose his life and property, so after sighing in his heart, Chen Doudou’s first reaction was to advise him:

“Erjian, although I often say you are two, I also don’t want you to progress into Sanjian[7]three/third, he’s telling Xu Jian not to be a third party XD. The person has someone, so let’s not get involved.”

“There are plenty more fish in the sea. We need to have a stature and face value, still afraid of not finding someone? We don’t need to hang ourselves on a tree to die.”

Before Xu Jian could speak, Chen Doudou said with disdain, “That scumbag obviously wants to tread on two boats[8]have two lovers at the same time. Is he Qin Chen or Shen Xi ah? It’s so beautiful to think about.”

Xu Jian: “……”

You may not believe it, but the other party is really Qin Chen.

In the end, Chen Doudou told Xu Jian a lot of heart-to-heart and persuade patiently, but the more Xu Jian listened, the more depressed he became.

Because after talking with Chen Doudou, Xu Jian finally found that he probably, maybe, maybe, he really liked Qin Chen.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Jian was full of sorrow as he looked at the already dark sky.

When facing Qin Chen, the old deer in Xu Jian’s heart always jumped a few times from time to time to show his existence. So now when he came to the conclusion that he really harbor something bad for Qin Chen, he didn’t feel much surprise or shock.

There was even a subtle mood of ‘sure enough’.

Xu Jian didn’t intend to be a third party, but he knew that the relationship between Qin Chen and President Du were not lovers, but an unhealthy and distorted relationship of unspoken rules of being kept. There is no situation where Erjian becomes Sanjian.

But according to the current situation, if he wanted to be with Qin Chen, he had to dig President Du’s corner.[9]It means when the person you want is already in a relationship, you’ll continue to pursue that person and find ways to break them up, thus, achieving your purpose of being together with that person.

When he thought about Qin Chen’s worth, Xu Jian’s whole person crumbled, he was powerless.

Qin Chen was much richer than him, and it was almost the same for the other party to support him in turn.

This makes it very difficult…


When lying on the bed before going to sleep, Xu Jian was still lost for his first love, which had already folded before it bloomed, and he felt very unpleasant—

No matter if you have a secret love or open love, after all, they have been in love. They have just clarified their relationship line in one second, and they are lovelorn in the next second because of poverty.

Xu Jian, who had changed back into a cat, nestled under the covers thinking of Qin Chen, holding his tail, so worried that his cat’s fur fell off.

The twenty-four-year-old Xu Jian who had his first awakening of love, was distracted and his thoughts in turmoil, and had no intention of sleeping. He took the quilted pillow to vent his anger and pawed the quilt with the pillow to bite it, and tossed until past twelve o’clock. He didn’t feel sleepy, and he was so energetic that he could immediately get out of bed and parkour.

Finally, Xu Jian sprawled out on his back, the whole cat was lying on the quilt in the shape of ‘太’, looking at the chandelier in the ceiling with wounded spring and autumn, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the cat was wronged.

It’s so easy for others to fall in love, how can it be so difficult for him?

Love is not easy, the cat sighs.

Separated by the wall, Qin Chen didn’t fall asleep either. After Xu Jian finished the call, he naturally noticed that something was wrong with his mood. But when he asked, Xu Jian looked at him deeply, then shook his head and said it was nothing.

At that time, regardless of Xu Jian’s tone or demeanor, he gave people the impression of capitalized and bolded word ‘COLLAPSED’.

Qin Chen has never seen Xu Jian looks so dejected, his intuition tells him that something must have happened.

While thinking in his heart, Qin Chen heard a ‘da da da’ sound outside the door. He turned his head to look at the door.

Qin Chen was familiar with this sound. It was the sound of Xu Jian’s paws colliding with the floor when walking on his short legs. The movement was very light, but it was very clear in the silence of the night.

He took his phone and looked at the time, it was almost one o’clock.

Qin Chen frowned—the little ancestor really had something to hide from him.

Thus, Qin Chen got up lightly, and slowly approached the living room, wanting to see what Xu Jian was trying to do by staying awake at night.

When he got to the door, and ‘pa’ pressed on the living room light. After clearly seeing what Xu Jian was doing, Qin Chen:

“… Xu Milk, what are you doing?”

Xu Milk, who was caught in the middle of the night, was shocked: “!”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m too poor to dig a corner wuwuwu.

Qin poop scooping officer: I will lower my worth!

Distressed and sad XJ:

Worried Cat GIFs | Tenor

Jie Jie is also sorry regarding Mr. Du President Du’s error: QAQ

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1 lit. love aperture; fig. interest in love matters. Meaning: the occurrence of affection or the sprouting of love between people
2 Like have a good impression/good opinion
3 can also be: to feel a chill run down his spine
4 object/partner
5 Apologies, his name was also written as President Du, and I kept using Mr. Du QAQ. So Xu Jian didn’t know if “Du” was a male or female. Blind me ah. I’ll edit the previous chapters once I got the chance. TVT Please forgive me.
6 lose his life and property
7 three/third, he’s telling Xu Jian not to be a third party XD
8 have two lovers at the same time
9 It means when the person you want is already in a relationship, you’ll continue to pursue that person and find ways to break them up, thus, achieving your purpose of being together with that person.

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