He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 81

Chapter 81 – Eat secretly

Xu Jian didn’t do anything bad, he was just thinking about his first love that died prematurely, as he flicked the tip of his tail, calculating how many assets he had. As a result, the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became, and even made himself hungry.

So, a little near midnight, Xu Jian got out of bed as a cat, rolling around, thinking that Qin Chen must’ve fallen asleep at this time, and walked out with his short legs to find something to eat.

He finished eating the three bags of potato chips he bought during the day and there was one bottle of coke left in the refrigerator. There were dried fish and his favorite cookies inside.

Relying on his good night vision and his fear of waking Qin Chen, Xu Jian didn’t turn on the light. A pair of big cat eyes were like searchlights at night, walking towards the refrigerator with precision.

Xu Jian, who was fully engaged in opening the refrigerator, didn’t notice that Qin Chen got up. So, Qin Chen turned on the living room light with a ‘click’ and what he saw was the following scene:

A certain white cat only used his two hind legs to support his 15-catty body. His left front leg was standing upright on the edge of the refrigerator and his right leg was hooked on the refrigerator door handle, in a posture as if he was preparing to open the refrigerator.

Looking at Xu Jian, whose long tail was dragged on the ground and whose tip of his tail was wagging, Qin Chen hooked the corners of his lips, and slowly walked towards the cat with a confused face.

“Mr. Xu, are you going to eat secretly?”

Qin Chen’s sudden appearance startled Xu Jian, and the cat’s eyes reflexively turned into vertical pupils. Only after seeing him did they slowly return to normal.

Depressed, Xu Jian who got up in the middle of the night to get drunk with coke, dried fish, cookies, and so on, was caught on the spot before a crack in the refrigerator was opened. The whole cat’s face was 囧, and let go of his paw hooked to the handle.

Raising the meat pad and his ears, Xu Jian shook his cat head, trying to pretend that nothing happened, “Meow~”

Xu Jian thought in his heart, if he said that he wasn’t trying to eat secretly but just came to check if the refrigerator door was closed, he didn’t know if Qin Chen would believe it.

Just as Xu Jian was figuring out how to explain how he could save his image in Qin Chen’s heart, Qin Chen had already walked up to him and squatted down.

Pinching Xu Jian’s meat pad, Qin Chen sighed inwardly at the soft feeling, but his expression was serious, “Mr. Xu, in the end, are you a cat or a mouse?”

A certain Xu Cat, who was still originally ashamed, was unhappy, pulled out his paws from Qin Chen’s hands, and looked up at him, “Meow wu…”

I’m human, not a cat and mouse!

Listening to his milky cat cry, Qin Chen was happy and stretched out his hand to pick him up, “The cat’s cry to retort is ineffective.”

Xu Jian was held in Qin Chen’s arms with one hand. Before he could refute, the other party raised his hand and opened the refrigerator.

Looking at the refrigerator full of food, Xu Jian shut up and stared straight at the coke and small dried fish.

However, Qin Chen rubbed his cat’s head and pierced his dream, “It’s late. Don’t think about coke, think about your current double-digit weight.”

Xu Jian: “……”

If you mention double-digit again, I won’t like you!

Qin Chen, who didn’t know what Xu Jian was thinking, carefully looked at the refrigerator, and finally said, “Cookies and dried fish, what would you choose?”

Regarding Qin Chen, who mentions his weight from time to time and attacked him with the cat’s body, Xu Jian gave a dissatisfied ‘meow’ and deliberately turned his head away from the refrigerator.

Looking at Xu Jian with his face buried in his(QC) arms, Qin Chen thought he was throwing a tantrum. Just as he wanted to say a few words to coax him, he saw a certain cat slowly raise his right front leg.

Qin Chen turned his head in the direction of his leg and saw that the cat’s leg was pointing at the glass jar containing his cookies in the refrigerator.

Qin Chen laughed silently, deliberately holding his paw and moving it to the side, pointing to fresh broccoli.

After he arched his arms, Xu Jian stirred his hind legs, moved, then pointed to the cookie jar again accurately.

Being completely amused by him, Qin Chen held back his laughter and took out the cookie jar from the refrigerator before a certain cat died of shame and anger.

After putting Xu Jian on the table and thoughtfully unscrewing the lid of the cookie jar for him, Qin Chen smoothed his hair, “Wait a minute, I’ll get you some hot milk.”

Qin Chen felt thirsty for him for eating cookies at night.

Xu Jian felt too humiliated to be caught eating secretly in the middle of the night by the person he likes. Thus, he really didn’t want to talk to Qin Chen at this time and didn’t say a meow.

He used a milk pot to heat Xu Jian a glass of milk. When Qin Chen came out with the cup, he saw him sitting with his head half-tilted in front of the cookie jar, his paw was already poking into the surface of the jar.

Seeing the meat pad tightly attached to the glass jar with a cookie sandwiched between the meat pad and the glass, Qin Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? So hungry?”

Xu Jian’s paw that was concentrating on his work, let go of the cookie that finally hooked to the mouth of the jar with great difficulty and fell back again, Xu Jian: “……”

The paws aren’t as flexible as the hands. Xu Jian has lost his temper and honestly waited for Qin Chen to get him cookies.

Qin Chen propped his chin with his elbow on the dining table, staring at Xu Jian, ‘crunch crunch’, eating cookies for a while, then suddenly said, “So you were unhappy before because you weren’t full?”

Xu Jian’s cheeks bulged as he ate, he lowered his head and didn’t speak, but he was thinking in his heart—

Who would be unhappy because he wasn’t full, he’s not a child.

Looking at him solemnly, seeing that he was silent, Qin Chen helped him smooth his hair and didn’t continue to ask.

Everyone has their own privacy. Since Xu Jian doesn’t want to say, it was useless for him to keep asking.

Worried about Xu Jian cat here, Qin Chen guarded him to finish his midnight snack, and the hour hand had already slipped past one.

The cookies were put away, the cup was washed, and Qin Chen said to the wan-looking Xu Jian, “It’s late, go to sleep quickly ba. Call me in advance, it’s not convenient for you to move now.”

Qin Chen felt that if he hadn’t woken up today, both this person and the refrigerator would have to work harder.

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian meowed to show that he knew, but in his heart, he was thinking:

If you don’t like me but treat me so well, it’s easy for people to misunderstand ah!

After watching Xu Jian jump into bed and get under the covers, Qin Chen raised his hand and turned off the light for him, and said softly, “Good night, Mr. Xu.”

After hearing Qin Chen’s footsteps and confirming that he had left, Xu Jian, who had been lying under the covers with his ears quietly perked up, lowered his ears.

Qin Chen’s soft good night was playing in a loop in his mind. Xu Jian lay on the soft bed and kept turning over like a pancake. Finally, he stared at the wall and thought to himself:

No, his hard-earned first love can’t fail just like this.

Xu Jian thought, since he had been unknowingly bent by Qin Chen, he had to give it a try.

What if Qin Chen wants to have a try with him?

Giving up before trying hard is too inconsistent with his positive and optimistic character.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian subconsciously touched his stomach with his meat pad, and the cat’s face wrinkled:

Qin Chen repeatedly emphasized today that he was fat, should he lose weight?

After pushing his stomach with his paws a few times, he felt that the meat on his abdomen was shaking. Xu Jian was worried—

How could his figure be like this now? Even if it’s a cat’s body, is it too fat to feel if it’s no good? He began to regret drinking such a large bottle of coke today.

Xu Jian began to figure out how to lose weight, preparing to get up early tomorrow morning and climb the cat scratching board before he changed back to human form, and would never eat midnight snacks.

The small abacus in his heart was pa pa beating loudly. Xu Jian felt that as long as he eats less and exercises more, he would definitely lose ten catties within a month.

While thinking about how to lose weight and how he could successfully get over President Du’s wall and get Qin Chen, Xu Jian didn’t even know when he fell asleep.


Early the next morning, Xu Jian □□[1]Idk what it might be, it was just like this in the raws QAQ, whose human body has been restored, lay on the bed, thinking bitterly—

Tomorrow, tomorrow must wake up early!

While dressing up, Xu Jian pinched his waist, sighed, and said to himself, “It would be great if the cat body was this thin.”

A few months ago, he was still a kitty of only four catties, who would’ve imagined now…

The thought of fifteen catties Xu Jian rounded up in Qin Chen’s mouth made his heart crushed.

If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have eaten so much small dried fish!

I regret it now, regret it very much.

For breakfast, Qin Chen and Xu Jian went out to eat. Looking at the smiling Xu Jian, who ate steamed dumplings on the opposite side, Qin Chen raised his eyebrow silently.

Now, Xu Jian’s whole person looks refreshed, there’s not even half of the depressing look last night.

He seems to be in a good mood again.

Pushing the steamed dumplings in front of Xu Jian, Qin Chen looked at him, “Do you have an audition in the next two days?”

“Mm,” Swallowing what was in his mouth, Xu Jian nodded. “Sister Pan helped me win an audition for Qi Feng in <Chaotic Steps Flying Sword>.”[2]Not sure how to translate this <乱步飞剑> so I just used the literal translation. Feel free to help me~

Chaotic Steps Flying Sword?

Qin Chen: “Ancient drama?”

Xu Jian: “Ancient wuxia,

<Flying Sword> is an original script. Xu Jian wasn’t clear what it is exactly about. He will have to wait for the audition to pass before he can get the full script.

Pan Min told him that Qi Feng is the second male lead. Although it is a web drama, the production team is very good, the investors are very generous, and they are running for the trophy of the year’s high-quality web drama.

Qin Chen nodded at the words and asked, “When is the audition?”

Xu Jian: “The date is set for the day after tomorrow, and the specific time is still waiting for notice.”

Thinking that Tang Li and Du Zezhou were shouting in the group chat to see Xu Jian, Qin Chen asked him, “Then you don’t have anything to do with these two days?”

Xu Jian thought about it, except for his great undertaking of weight loss, there is really nothing to do. Not to mention, he doesn’t need to lose weight in his human body, only after he becomes a cat at night.

After taking a sip of soy milk, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen curiously, “You have work to go out these days?”

“No.” Qin Chen gently pressed his fingers on the table a few times, as if he was deliberating how to speak, and finally chose to say frankly, “I have two friends who want to see you.”

Xu Jian was taken aback when he heard his words and subconsciously asked in return, “Your friends?”

Qin Chen nodded slightly, “Mm, one of them is Tang Li. He came to visit the group before. You guys met before, so you should have an impression.”

For Tang Li, Xu Jian’s impression was too deep, it was his cat body Waterloo.

When he was in Xincheng, Xu Jian was so tossed by Tang Li that he even doubted the life of the cat.

Even now hearing Tang Li’s name, Xu Jian’s eyes were very complicated, and unsure of what to say, “He wants to see me or Milk?”

Xu Jian just wanted to ask why Tang Li suddenly wanted to see him but before he could say anything, he suddenly thought of another question and looked at Qin Chen cautiously, “Two friends?”

Tang Li, he knows. Then who is the other one?

Xu Jian had an ominous feeling in his heart, the other person wouldn’t be—

Qin Chen: “The other one is Du Zezhou, you guys haven’t met yet.”

With a ‘pā tà’, the chopsticks in Xu Jian’s hand fell out.

Staring at Qin Chen with wide eyes, Xu Jian’s face was full of disbelief, “Who are you talking about?”

Du Zezhou?

President Du?!!

The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: Mentality instantly collapsed.

Qin poop scooping officer: ? ?

Du Zezhou: I’m really tired of carrying this black pot,[3]Can also be: “I’m really tired of taking the blame” lmao, poor president du XD really QAQ

XJ *tries to open ref but fails* (Can’t really find accurate gif so here XD)

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1 Idk what it might be, it was just like this in the raws QAQ
2 Not sure how to translate this <乱步飞剑> so I just used the literal translation. Feel free to help me~
3 Can also be: “I’m really tired of taking the blame” lmao, poor president du XD

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