He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 83

Chapter 83 –  Confrontation

Pressing the burst of panic, Xu Jian briskly walked toward Qin Chen’s parking space. However, the parking space was empty and Qin Chen’s shadow wasn’t seen.

It was already past eleven o’clock in the evening now, less than twenty minutes before Xu Jian turns back into a cat.

Xu Jian dialed Qin Chen’s phone again but it was still turned off.

There are surveillance cameras all over the community and on the streets. Xu Jian didn’t dare risk becoming a cat outside. After weighing up, he decided to go back first. If Qin Chen hasn’t come back at 11:30, he would come out to look.

Qin Chen’s phone can’t be reached. Although he knew that nothing would happen to him since he’s such a big person, Xu Jian still couldn’t control letting his imagination run wild.

It’s not like something happened to him on the way back from driving, right?

After going upstairs and turning on the TV, Xu Jian’s attention had been on the door and the phone.

“Ring ring ring—”

Just as Xu Jian’s imagination become more and more frightening, the sudden ringing brought him back to reality. Thinking that it was Qin Chen calling back, he hurriedly grabbed to phone on his side.

When he saw that the caller was Xiao Nan, Xu Jian was disappointed for a moment, but the movements in his hand didn’t stop. He picked up the phone and asked, “Have you heard from him?”

The background sound on Xiao Nan’s side was no longer noisy, she said to Xu Jian, “Brother Xu, don’t worry. Brother Chen is fine. I called Sister Pan and she said that Brother Chen went to meet a friend after the event. His phone was turned off because the battery was dead. He’s on his way home now.”

After receiving the call from Xu Jian, Xiao Nan was not at ease. She ran to the bathroom and called Qin Chen. After knowing that the other party was off, she dialed Pan Min’s phone.

After hearing Xiao Nan’s words, Xu Jian was stunned for a moment first, then let out a long breath.

“That’s good.”

The person is all right.

Xiao Nan didn’t say who Qin Chen went to see in the evening, but his intuition told Xu Jian that Qin Chen most likely went to see Du Zezhou.

Sitting on the sofa watching TV, Xu Jian didn’t know what was on it. His mind was chaotic, and his heart was very upset.

Although he refused to meet with Du Zezhou, he still can’t stop Qin Chen from meeting him.

At half-past eleven, Xu Jian turned back into a cat, and Qin Chen hasn’t returned.

Xu Jian raised his paw and turned off the TV, jumped off the sofa, and walked towards the door. When he went out, he didn’t forget to turn around and close the door with his paw hooked at the edge of the door.

He jumped on his hind legs and pressed the elevator. Xu Jian’s ice-blue eyes stared at the elevator door, thinking:

I’ll just take a look and won’t do anything.

Pan Min said that Qin Chen went to find a friend for a drink, and he couldn’t drive after drinking. Someone should have sent him back.

And the person who sent Qin Chen back was probably Du Zezhou.

Xu Jian wanted to see what Du Zezhou actually looks like.

No one uses the elevator at night, so Xu Jian Cat took the elevator to the underground parking lot very smoothly. At the same time, Tang Li lay on the back window and asked Qin Chen, “Really don’t need to send you upstairs?”

After tonight’s event, Qin Chen originally drove home directly, but halfway through, he received a call from Du Zezhou, saying that he hadn’t seen him for so long. Thus, he asked him to go to the old place for a drink, and the three of them got together.

So, Qin Chen changed the route to the bar where Tang Li opened. The three of them forgot the time while drinking and chatting. When Pan Min called Du Zezhou, Qin Chen realized that his phone was out of battery and turned off.

There was still Xu Jian at home. Fearing that he would be worried, Qin Chen saw that it was already past eleven o’clock. He tilted his head and finished the last sip of wine in his glass, and told Tang Li and Du Zezhou that that would be all for today.

In the end, Tang Li asked his driver to take a detour to send Qin Chen back. Du Zezhou drank too much and fell asleep directly in the room upstairs of the bar.

And now, Qin Chen, who hadn’t had two glasses, waved his hand to Tang Li, indicating that he didn’t need to.

“I can go up by myself, you go back.”

Tang Li: “That’s fine, I’ll have someone drive the car back for you tomorrow.”

Qin Chen nodded, “Okay.”

Knowing Qin Chen’s drinking capacity, he wasn’t drunk enough to the point of going to the wrong door today, so Tang Li assured the driver to drive home.

When Xu Jian came out of the elevator and turned the corner, he happened to see the back of Tang Li’s car, and his tail lights flashed in his(XJ) eyes.

Glancing at Qin Chen standing not far away, Xu Jian later realized that the car just now was the one that sent Qin Chen back.

Xu Jian wanted to chase, but in the blink of an eye, even the car’s tail lights were gone.

The car has four wheels, and he has now four legs. But Xu Jian was very self-aware, knowing that he certainly can’t run to the car, he thus retracted his subconsciously raised leg.

Qin Chen stood in place for a while, watching Tang Li leave before stepping forward. He hadn’t taken two steps when he noticed a certain cat at the corner.

After a pause, Qin Chen was stunned for a moment, and quickly walked toward Xu Jian as he said, “Milk? Why are you here?’

Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen and didn’t make a sound, and felt annoyed in his heart: It would be nice if he had come down a few seconds earlier.

Looking at Qin Chen walking towards him, Xu Jian lowered the corner of his mouth, and the long cat whiskers on his face hung down listlessly, “Meow…”

Xu Jian: You’ve been strolling outside until now, why can’t I be here?

After meowing, Xu Jian was shocked by his mentality of a resentful woman like ‘waiting at home late at night for a husband who hasn’t returned home for a long time’, and hurriedly shook his cat head to get this terrible idea out of his mind.

However, it was through this shaking of his head that Xu Jian moved his ears, and suddenly realized that something was wrong. He abruptly raised his head to look in the direction of Qin Chen—

The doors of the black car[1]can also mean unlicensed or unofficial car on Qin Chen’s right opened from both sides, and two big men came down from above.

Two men, one tall and thin like a bamboo pole and the other wearing a gray overcoat and slightly short and stout. After the two got out of the car, they glanced at each other. The man in the overcoat pointed to Qin Chen at the thin bamboo pole, and then the two walked directly towards Qin Chen.

Seeing the chunky man in an overcoat, Xu Jian froze for a moment, then remembered:

It’s Qin Chen’s fan who met him many times by chance!

Looking at the sneaky two, Xu Jian immediately thought of the words ‘sisheng fans’[2]‘private-life fans’ similar to the Korean term, sasaeng fans. They are people who cross the lines and go to extremes to invade their idol’s private life. but he didn’t have the time to think about it carefully. He arched his back and bared his teeth at the two men and howled fiercely. At the same time, he pulled out his legs and shot in the direction of Qin Chen like an arrow shot from a string.

Qin Chen, who had drunk a little wine and was now full of Xu Jian in his heart, didn’t notice the abnormality on his side. After seeing him screaming and rushing straight towards him, his first thought was:

Could it be that the little ancestor was angry when he came home late?

Xu Jian was very fast and rushed to Qin Chen’s side in a blink of an eye. He couldn’t manage to explain. Standing between him and the two men, his fur exploded, his tail cocked high, and he revealed his sharp fangs to the two of them. His throat also issued a threatening hūlūhūlū growl.

The man in the overcoat and the thin bamboo pole were taken aback by Xu Jian who suddenly sprang out, especially the thin bamboo pole, his hand reaching for Qin Chen suddenly retracted. After cursing a ‘F*#@K’, he looked down at him in horror.

Qin Chen followed Xu Jian and turned around, then noticed the two behind him, and frowned.

While Xu Jian, who was confronting the two of them, cursed himself for being careless at this time.

In the past few days, he often saw the man in the overcoat. Every time he met him, the man seized up Qin Chen without exception. Xu Jian had always thought he was a fan of Qin Chen because the man in an overcoat had no other actions except to look at Qin Chen a few times more, so Xu Jian also didn’t take it to heart.

Staring at the two people whom he had been fooled for a while, the more Xu Jian looked at them now, the more he felt that they weren’t good people.

Thinking of the actions of the man in an overcoat from the beginning to end, Xu Jian even felt that even if he is a fan, he is a sisheng fan that can do anything and make everyone afraid.

Xu Jian quickly calculated the current situation in his heart. Although the thin bamboo pole looked thin and weak, his spirit looks quite good, a look that was very able to fight. What’s more, Qin Chen’s two fists were difficult to beat four hands. Even if added with his own chance of winning, it wasn’t too big, so the only plan for now is…

Among the Thirty-six Stratagems, running away is the best plan!

Xu Jian kept a high-alert posture and stared at the two men, while on one side, he stepped back. After taking a few steps, there was nowhere to retreat. Xu Jian’s paws had already stepped back on Qin Chen’s instep.

After a pause, Xu Jian raised his meat pad and stepped on Qin Chen twice, meaning—What are you doing in a daze? Run ah!

However, Qin Chen doesn’t seem to have received Xu Jian’s hint, not moving at all. Xu Jian was so anxious in his heart ah: How can someone who usually seems to be very smart, screw up at a critical moment?

He kicked Qin Chen’s calf with his hind legs. Seeing that he still hadn’t reacted yet, Xu Jian hated the iron for not being steel and turned to look at him, just in time to meet his calm and collected expression.

Xu Jian: “Meow?”

Brother, people have come to the door and they’re obviously not good, can you[3]formal/courteous you was used here have a little sense of urgency!

Before Xu Jian could make another sound after the meow, Qin Chen suddenly bent down, stretched out his hand to hold him in his arms, and rub his fur along the way.

Xu Jian: “? ? ?”

At this time, you still don’t forget to huff a cat?

Just when Xu Jian’s cat face was confused, the man in an overcoat and thin bamboo pole also finally recovered from the fright. The thin bamboo pole turned to look at the man in an overcoat, and he couldn’t make up his mind for a while.


When the man in an overcoat heard the words, his eyes moved away from Xu Jian’s body to Qin Chen’s face. His lips moved, then said, “You are Qin Chen, Mr. Qin, right?”

The man looked only in his forties, but his voice was very hoarse and mature, sounding like a sixty-year-old man.

Qin Chen was soothing the blown-up Xu Jian’s hair. After hearing this, he looked up and didn’t answer, but asked, “Who are you guys?”

Seeing Qin Chen’s careless attitude, Xu Jian in his arms was stunned. He couldn’t help but lift his meat pad and patted his arm which meant:

Brother, we are now at a disadvantage.

Unlike Xu Jian, the man in an overcoat and the thin bamboo pole were not surprised by Qin Chen’s attitude at all. The man in an overcoat looked a little nervous while rubbing his hands.

“Mr. Qin, don’t worry. We don’t mean any harm, we just want to ask you a favor.”

After hearing this, Xu Jian turned his head to look at him, his big ice-blue eyes full of distrust: “Meow—”

Nowadays, bad guys all say they are good guys and don’t stick the words ‘bad intentions’ on their foreheads.

As if knowing what Xu Jian was thinking in his heart, Qin Chen suddenly smiled.

Xu Jian felt that Qin Chen smiled very handsomely, but in such a tense atmosphere, his smile seemed a little out of place.

Seeing Qin Chen’s smile, not only Xu Jian in his arms was dumbfounded, but even the thin bamboo pole was dumbfounded and he couldn’t help but say, “What are you smiling at?”

Qin Chen half raised his eyelids to look at him, answering evasively, “Since you know me, you also naturally know that it’s impossible for me to go with you.”

His appearance fee isn’t low.

The man in an overcoat nodded his head after hearing his words, but the thin bamboo pole next to him was a grumpy man, and with a raised brow:

“That’s not possible, whether you like it or not today, you must come with us.”

The man in an overcoat next to him even pulled the thin bamboo pole’s clothes. He saw Qin Chen staring at him with interest, but he didn’t have the slightest smile in his eyes. His(overcoat man) expression was a little tense. He opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but before he could, he listened to him(QC) holding the cat as he said slowly:

“What if I don’t go with you?”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: I’m so panicked now, is there going to be a fight?

Qin poop scooping officer: I’m here, it’s okay.

XJ: u wanna fight?!

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1 can also mean unlicensed or unofficial car
2 ‘private-life fans’ similar to the Korean term, sasaeng fans. They are people who cross the lines and go to extremes to invade their idol’s private life.
3 formal/courteous you was used here

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