He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – Cure

Perhaps he felt that Qin Chen’s attitude was too frivolous, the thin bamboo pole’s temper was unhappy. He rolled up his two sleeves and took two steps to make a gesture to pull people.

Xu Jian, who was nestled in Qin Chen’s arms, saw this with an apprehensive expression, revealing his claws and fangs hidden in the meat pad, ready to pounce, bite, and scratch at any time.

And Qin Chen’s action was faster than Xu Jian’s. He side-stepped backwards to avoid the hand stretched out by the thin bamboo pole. While holding the cat with one hand, he grabbed the thin bamboo pole’s lower arm, then suddenly slammed it back hard—

“Ah—” The thin bamboo pole’s hand was twisted and he screamed. He clenched his fist with his left hand and swung it towards Qin Chen’s face with a hideous expression. Qin Chen’s expression remained the same and he didn’t dodge. He directly raised his leg and kicked him on the knee.

As soon as the thin bamboo pole’s leg softened, his left hand loosened its strength. He knelt down with a muffled groan, his knee hit the ground, and issued a ‘bang’ sound.

Listening to this sound in his ears, Xu Jian sucked in a breath of cold air. Don’t break the kneecap, okay? I felt pain for him when I heard it.

What Xu Jian did not expect even more was that Qin Chen’s skills were so good that it didn’t affect his performance with fifteen catties in his arms.

Xu Jian always knew that Qin Chen was good at fighting scenes. When he was filming <The Slayer>, the director often gives him more fighting scenes outside the script, but he didn’t expect that this person’s skills were really good.

Although he was sighing in his heart, Xu Jian also didn’t forget to profit from somebody’s misfortune. He quickly raised his claws to leave three blood marks on the back of the thin bamboo pole’s hand.

The thin bamboo pole that was caught by Xu Jian screamed again.

It happened too suddenly, and when the man in an overcoat reacted, he saw that his companion had been knocked down by Qin Chen, and didn’t even see Qin Chen’s movements clearly just now.

Looking at the thin bamboo pole howling and holding his knees, the man in an overcoat panicked and subconsciously took a step forward, a little anxious:

“Mr. Qin, you misunderstood, we…”

Before he finished, Qin Chen, who was holding the cat, slowly turned around and said calmly, “Do you also want to try?”

The thin bamboo pole was lying down at Qin Chen’s feet, but he himself was calmly holding the white cat as if nothing happened. Compared with the two, the man in an overcoat panicked for no reason. After hearing his words, he quickly waved his hands.

“No-no, you[1]italicized = formal/courteous you mis-misunderstood, we’re not here to tro-trouble you.”

Listening to him stammering, Xu Jian’s cat eyes narrowed, and squinting at him, thinking he was talking nonsense in his heart:

Staring at Qin Chen in the community for several days, and was still squatting in the parking lot so late today, sneaking around, saying you’re not bad people. Who’d believe it ah?

At this time, the thin bamboo pole also recovered from the severe pain. After getting up from the ground, he limped and approach the man in an overcoat. While looking at Qin Chen fearfully, he whispered to him, “Brother Ling, did you find the wrong one? This kid has a lot of strength, very much unlike a doctor ah…”

The thin bamboo pole’s voice was very low, but Xu Jian, who was a cat, now has a sensitive hearing. After hearing the word ‘doctor’, he was stunned: “Meow?”

Doctor? What doctor?

Just when Xu Jian was wondering when Qin Chen was linked to the word doctor, the man in an overcoat frowned, looked at Qin Chen, and slowly shook his head.

“I’ve been watching him for days, it’s him.”

After whispering these words to the thin bamboo pole, the man in an overcoat was heartbroken. He took a step forward and said to Qin Chen with a sincere expression:

“Mr. Qin, you really misunderstood. We came to you just to ask you to see a patient. It won’t delay you for too long.”

See a patient?

Hearing the man in an overcoat’s words, not only Xu Jian was dumbfounded, but even Qin Chen who was holding him was also stunned.

“Are you looking for me to see a doctor?”

The man in an overcoat hurriedly nodded, “Yes.”

Qin Chen looked down at Xu Jian in his arms when he heard the words. One person and one cat looked at each other, both saw confusion in each other’s eyes.

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression, the man in an overcoat thought he was reluctant and quickly spoke out, “Just say how much you want.”

After saying this, the man in an overcoat raised his hand and pulled the thin bamboo pole’s clothes. The latter covered the back of his hand that was scratched by Xu Jian. After curling his lips, he said reluctantly, “If you are willing to see my sister, I will apologize to you.”

After speaking, the thin bamboo pole added extremely seriously, “If you can cure my sister, let alone apologize to you, I’ve no problem working as a cow or horse for you.”

Qin Chen wasn’t interested in others being a cow or a horse. He frowned and looked at the two, “I’m not a doctor, so I won’t see her.”

The more Xu Jian heard, the more confused he became. He tilted his head to look at the man in an overcoat and the thin bamboo pole. Did these two take Qin Chen as a doctor?

When the man in an overcoat heard Qin Chen’s words, he got anxious. He couldn’t help but take a few steps forward, “No, how can you not be a doctor? Aren’t you a famous oncologist?”[2]Doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.

Qin Chen held the cat and took a few steps back to pull away, watching the excited man in an overcoat slowly shaking his head.

“You’re mistaken, I’m not a doctor, much less an oncologist.”

Seeing that Qin Chen’s expression didn’t seem to be joking, the man in an overcoat was dumbfounded, “You… are not a doctor?”

Qin Chen nodded, “No.”

Looking at the man in an overcoat who had been struck, connecting Qin Chen with the oncologist, Xu Jian suddenly had a flash of light in his head—

Benevolent Knife?!

<Benevolent Knife> is a medical drama starring Qin Chen three years ago. The actor he played in it was the male lead, an oncologist!

The thin bamboo pole saw that the atmosphere wasn’t right, he walked to the side of the man in an overcoat, still a little confused about the situation.

“Brother Ling, you’re really mistaken?”

The man in an overcoat was called back to his senses by thin bamboo pole and muttered to himself while looking at Qin Chen and shaking his head, “Impossible, I’m not mistaken. You’re obviously a doctor and you’ve admitted that you’re Qin Chen.”

The man in an overcoat refused to accept this fact. Qin Chen now also remembered <Benevolent Knife>[3]Author used “人[rén]” in this part which means Human/Person but in the previous/other parts “仁[rén]” was used which means benevolent/humane/compassionate. I just stick with the one … Continue reading he acted, and understood that there was a misunderstanding and said, “I’m an actor. I’ve only acted as a doctor before, you guys should’ve remembered it wrong.”

The man in an overcoat opened his mouth, his lips trembled, and it took a long time before he said with difficulty, “Act…or?”

The thin bamboo pole finally reacted, staring at Qin Chen with disbelief.

“So you’re not a doctor? Good medical skills or something is a TV show?”

Qin Chen nodded his head.

The thin bamboo pole didn’t know what to say for a while and turned to look at the man in an overcoat.

And since the man in an overcoat knew that Qin Chen was not a doctor, he had been in a state of confusion. After a while, he gave a smile that was even uglier than crying, and said with difficulty, “I’m really sorry, I misunderstood…”

Ten minutes later, after listening to the man in an overcoat and thin bamboo pole, Xu Jian finally understood that it was all a misunderstanding.

The man in an overcoat’s name is Wu Ling, and the thin bamboo pole is his brother-in-law, Sun Liyu.

Wu Ling and his wife, Sun Xiang, have been living in the countryside. However, in June this year, Sun Xiang suddenly said that she had stomach pain. At first, everyone didn’t care. They just went to the pharmacy to buy painkillers.

After taking the medicine, Sun Xiang felt pain again within two days, accompanied by dizziness and diarrhea; and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said it was a bad digestive system, so he prescribed some medicine.

However, the medicine prescribed by the doctor this time wasn’t very useful. Her diarrhea didn’t improve, not to mention that her limbs were sore and weak again, and she couldn’t eat.

Seeing that Sun Xiang’s situation was getting worse and worse, Wu Ling finally noticed that something was wrong. He took his wife by car to the big hospital in the country town and waited in line for more than half an hour to register. After the doctor learned about Sun Xiang’s situation, he asked them to have an X-ray with a grim face.

Sun Xiang felt distressed for money and felt that it was a minor problem and didn’t need to take an X-ray, but Wu Ling persuaded her to go.

After waiting for more than an hour, the results of the examination came out, saying that Sun Xiang’s stomach had grown a lump.

Wu Ling and Sun Xiang didn’t react at first. When the doctor frowned and told them that it was a tumor[4]“肿块[zhǒng kuài]” means lump/growth/tumor. They were confused with the doctor’s term at first. So the doctor directly said “肿瘤[zhǒng liú]” which means tumor., and it was already in the middle and late stages, only then did the two felt that the sky was falling.

The medical conditions in the country town are limited. The doctor recommended that they go to a big hospital to receive treatment for stomach cancer, which has a better chance, so Wu Ling brought his wife to Nanfeng City.

Sun Xiang’s younger brother, Sun Liyu is in Nanfeng City and is doing well. When he heard that his sister, Sun Xiang, was sick, he immediately drove to his hometown to pick him up without any objections.

In the past few months, the two took Sun Xiang to all the major hospitals in the city, and the results weren’t optimistic.

Seeing Sun Xiang rapidly losing weight, her 1.62meter figure didn’t even have 90 catties[5]54kg, and her whole person was about to lose weight. Sun Liyu was anxious like a headless fly.

However, just two days ago, Wu Ling suddenly rushed back excitedly, saying that never give up hope, and he met the famous tumor doctor Qin Chen downstairs in the community.

Then, the next thing happened…

It was just a misunderstanding. After listening to it, Xu Jian felt a little uncomfortable watching Wu Ling suddenly lose his expression.

Wu Ling has always lived in the countryside, the Internet is not so developed. It should be when he accidentally watched the TV show <Benevolent Knife> because Qin Chen’s good acting skills left a deep impression on him, he subconsciously took the TV show seriously and thought he was really an oncologist.

And Sun Liyu doesn’t pay much attention to entertainment news, so he didn’t know Qin Chen.

In Wu Ling’s case, a typical actor disengaged from the performance, but the audience did not.

Xu Jian also knows this situation, because he had encountered a similar thing himself.

A few years ago, a veteran actor played a character who was weak and coughed up blood in three steps. Because his acting was too good, his sickly image in the drama was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Now that the TV series has been broadcasted for a few years, Xu Jian’s first impression of him is still in bad health.

Not only does Xu Jian feel the same way, but there are also many people on the internet who also think so. Before, there was news of the veteran actor going rock climbing, the first popular comment was—

You’re not in good health and still go rock climbing, you should be careful ah.

At that time, this matter was still on the hot search. Ultimately, the veteran actor reluctantly issued a clarification: I’m only 43, and I’m in good health.

The fact that the audience did not disengage in the play can be used as a joke to the veteran actor, but it’s a heavy mood to put Wu Ling here.

It was a misunderstanding. After clarifying the situation, Wu Ling and Sun Liyu were embarrassed, especially Sun Liyu. He took out his business card and handed it to Qin Chen, apologizing with an apologetic expression.

“I’m really sorry, just take it as I owe you a favor. We live in the same community. If you need my help in the future, you can just call me.”

It was past twelve o’clock, after such a toss, Wu Ling and Sun Liyu explained that they would go to the door to apologize again tomorrow, then left dejectedly.

Seeing Sun Liyu’s limping back, Xu Jian regretted scratching him just now.


With the episode of Sun Liyu and Wu Ling, Xu Jian also forgot about Qin Chen and his friends returning late from drinking, and he was in an unusually heavy mood.

What happened tonight was just a frightening misunderstanding[6]to be more scared than hurt[idiom] for them, but for Wu Ling and them, it was the despair that finally ignited hope but shattered.

Thinking to Wu Ling finally leaving with a lost back[7]Like his departing back was looking like he’s at a loss. Sorry, my phrasing sucks here XD Xu Jian began to spread cat cakes on the bed again, turned over, and fried one side after another, and finally simply turned over on all four legs to brush his circle of friends. Then he saw Jiang Linxie sent a post more than two hours ago. It was a screenshot of a phone calendar that said—

Appropriate: Decoration, coffin[8]put a corpse in the coffin, remove clothes, moving the coffin; Taboo: Traveling, treating disease, building houses, cooking stove.[9]Cooking stove: Feng shui word that usually appears in the old Yellow Calendar/Imperial Calendar, which refers to the installation of kitchen stoves and the placement of new ones.

Seeing the travel and treatment behind taboo, Xu Jian was taken aback and thought to himself: What a coincidence?

The author has something to say:

I have read all the comments, President Jiang’s matter is solved, it will be President Du soon! Believe me [big eyes]

XJ: *shocked*

Cat Shocked GIF - Cat Shocked Stunned - Discover & Share GIFs

Jie Jie: Not sure if I already said before, updates will be every weekend (I’ll try to update a chapter at least a week). I apologize in advance if I ever missed a weekly update. I’m quite busy these days, finishing up requirements and sometimes going to our uni to pass or get some things done QAQ. Thank you for understanding! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)


1 italicized = formal/courteous you
2 Doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.
3 Author used “人[rén]” in this part which means Human/Person but in the previous/other parts “仁[rén]” was used which means benevolent/humane/compassionate. I just stick with the one author mostly used.
4 “肿块[zhǒng kuài]” means lump/growth/tumor. They were confused with the doctor’s term at first. So the doctor directly said “肿瘤[zhǒng liú]” which means tumor.
5 54kg
6 to be more scared than hurt[idiom]
7 Like his departing back was looking like he’s at a loss. Sorry, my phrasing sucks here XD
8 put a corpse in the coffin
9 Cooking stove: Feng shui word that usually appears in the old Yellow Calendar/Imperial Calendar, which refers to the installation of kitchen stoves and the placement of new ones.

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